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The proof thaG > 

definitely idGiitifiGf^ I 
their mcthodslof:. 
opGration.aud pointi 
out the wayjqf, 
complGlG protection 
for those who l6>5 


Author of 




and otiier books 

1,250,000 Edition 



International Bible Students Association 
Brooklyn, N. Y., U. S. A. 


Loncldn, Toronto, Strathfield, Cape Town, 
Berne, Coiienliagcn, and in other countries. 


Made in the United States of America 

Dedicated to tha 

Most High God. 

^ "God, 1 
my rock, ^u 
in him will! 
I take refuge; \ 
my shield, and the I 
horn of my salvation\ 
my high tower, and '^' 
my refuge; my saviour,' 
thou savest me from 
/violence. I will call upon 
^^^j^.cJehovah,who is wori;hy 
%%^ to be praised: so shall 
■''^%'^*^ I bs saved from mine 


r^V^>^^^ 22:3,4 

.iT-i ; j". >. .^^ ".;. 

Hi, ; 



F e: A R 

"And tlie tree of the field shall yield his fniit, 
and the land shall yield her increase, and they 
shall remain on their ovm soil in security, so 
shall they know that I am Jehovah, wlien I have 
hrolccn tlie bary ol their yoke, and shall deliver 
them out of the hand of them who have heen 
using them as slaves."^Ezekiel 34 : 27, Rotherham. 

THE PKOrL]!]S of tlio nations of earth 
keenly feel tlieir insecurity. ';rhc men who 
rule are few in number, harali, arrogant, 
cruel and oppressive, while the people in gen- 
eral are liekl in slavery to fear and continu- 
ously in dread of what the future may bring. 
Sober-minded persons who love righteousness 
and desire to see justice prevail often in the 
hour of meditation have thoughts like these: 
"Tliere are so many calamities befalling the 
various nations of the earth and the peoples 
thereof that I am apprehensive, uneasy and 
fearful that some dreadful calamity will befall 
me and my little ones. Revolutions have rocked 
the nations to their very foundation, and no 
nation appears to be stable. All things in the 
earth seem to bo upside down; the trees drop 
their immature fruit, the lauds are swept by 
floods and dust storms, the posts destroy that 
which grows until the iields are barren, the 



people are shoved Eibout from one place to 
anotlicr nntil many find no d-welUiig place, and 
all persons seem to be unhappy. If only I could 
find a place of complete security v/here I could 
be entirely free from care, anxiety and fear, 
that woulrl !)e an ideal state. I wish that I might 
Icnow why tliis apprehensive and fearful condi- 
tion exists throughout the earth; why it has 
come so generally upon the peoples and nations, 
and whether or not there will ever be a time 
and place where honest, sincere, righteous per- 
sons may feel entirely secure in their homos 
and wiihoiit the fear of loss of their property, 
heallh and life." 'rhe purpose of what foHovrs 
is to aid sincere and honest persons to arrive 
at the just conclusion in the miUter. 

Twenty centuries ago the most righteous man 
that ever trod the earth, filled with the spirit 
of wisdom and with keen prophetic vision, in 
answer to a question propounded to him con- 
cerning the end oL' the world, gave utterance 
to these words: "There shall be . . . upon the 
earth distress of nations, with perplexity; . . . 
men's hearts failing them for fear." Those few 
words spoken by tliat Great Prophet exactly 
describe the condition that now exists through- 
out the eartli. His prophetic words of wisdom, 
taken together with the facts we now see about 
us, eaj'efully considered, enable one to learn 
why the present unhappy conditions exist, and 
lead to greater information concerning the im- 
mediate future. 

Even the ruling powers of every nation fear. 
They fear for themselves and for the positions 



tliey hold. Every nation fears every other na- 
tion, and the effect of their insecurity has in- 
duced all nations to spend a great amount of 
energy an<l money of the peoples to prepare 
for war. The preparations for war in 1914 were 
small compai'ed with the preparations now go- 
ing forward in almost every nation on earth. 
It is manifest that such unusual activity is in- 
duced by fear, l^lach nation is fearful tliat some 
other nation will come upon them with greater 
force and take away what they have. It api>ears 
to be a time in which every man's Jiand is against 
his neighbor. The few that rule employ coercive 
means to^comx^ol the people in general to bow- 
to their dictates, and an u!dia])py condition both 
for the rulers and for the ruled exists. In every 
land the people mourn, and on(i is reminded of 
the proverb: "When the wicked heareth rule, 
the people moi:rn." — Proverbs 29:2. 

Call to mind some of the tilings that have 
come to pass since 1914 and that are recorded 
on the pages of history and there stand as in- 
disputable facts. In that year, and with no ap- 
parently reasonable cause, tlie nations suddenly 
ruslied iuto war, and for four years that fol- 
lowed Continental Europe was drenclied wath 
the lifeblood of millions of men who did not 
know just why they were lighting each other. 
The rulers Imd commanded them to go to war, 
and they obeyed. Suddenly, in November, 1918, 
the war ceased, and no ruler could assign a 
sound reason wliy the conflict had suddenly 
stopped. Prior to that time the nations were 
ruled by aristocrats and imperialistic mon- 



arclis, "but which nations had a semhlance of 
democracy. Dnring the World War politicians 
and militarists, for the manifest pnrpose of 
JnlKioneing men to go to war, invented and i^ro- 
claimed the slogan : "The war will make tho 
world safe for democracy." The people were 
led to hope for a more liberal rule when the 
war came to an end. But their hopes were soon 
dashed to the earth. 

The war ending, ambitious men, void of con- 
science, seized the opportunity to promote rev- 
olutions in various countries, and then formed 
governments that for a time had the appear- 
ance and name of "democracies'*. Rabid politi- 
cians and military gangsters became the holders 
of public office, and the commercial giants sup- 
ported them in their positions. Fearing that 
they would be unable to keep the common x^eo- 
ple in subjection and hold their own public jobs, 
tliG ruling element created conditions of striTo 
that greatly alarmed the people, and which con- 
ditions were seized upon to set up an arbitrary 
government, ruled by a dictator. Such has been 
the result in many of the nations. For some 
time now human life in Kussia, Italy, Austria, 
Germany and other lil^e nations of Europe has 
been of little valno. Dictators trust no one. If 
it appears that the power of the dictator is cn- 
dan'-':ei'ed he hesitates not to murder his closest 
political associates. Always in fear of losing 
power or life, or both, dictators move about 
within their realm surrounded by a strong-arm 
guard, a veritable wall of bristling steel. The 
dictators usurp all other parts of the govern- 

F E A R 


ment until the people are bound to bow to the 
rule of one man. The chief mnbition of such 
is to seize power and stay in power regardless 
of the rights and privileges of others. Any part 
or branch of tiie government that seems" to be 
in Ms way the dictator proceeds to abolish. He 
and his associates take away from the ])eople 
the riglit of suffrage and of representation and 
destroy the courts of justice and set up instead 
tribunals of selfish men who are looking to self- 
ish interests and not to the common welfare. 
Instead of the great war's making the world 
safe for democracy the greater part of Europe 
is now ruled by dictators. )Stalin, who suc- 
ceeded Leiiin as dictator of Russia, was for 
some tiiue a student at a theological seminary, 
being trained for the religious priesthootl. ILe 
became a revolutionist and now rules Russia 
extravagantly, harshly and rutlilessly. Musso- 
lini, a bricklayer and political agitator, became 
a political gang chieftain. He led a march on 
Rome in 1922 and shortly thereafter became 
the prime minister or arbitrary ruler: a gang 
leader, who bluffed himself into office because 
the king was afraid of him and yielded to his 
bluffs. Concerning him it is recorded: "He 
assumed the chief portfolios, brought about 
changes in the electoral laws that insured his 
continued power, established a rigorous cen- 
sorship of the press, and prosecuted and drove 
into exile his chief opponents. He decreed the 
passage of laws which vitally affected tlie po- 
litical, social and economic lil'e of Italy." (The 
Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 19, page 655) 



It is said of Mussolini that lie trusts no one and 
has no real frieiids, and that he never forgives 
an enemy. Fearing to lose his control over the 
peoiDle, lie rules in an arrogant manner and 
with a ruthless hand. He is suspicious of all 
other nations and is very snperstitioiis. When 
he seized the rule of Italy he was an atheist, 
but has since become very religious. 

The World War was quicldy followed by rev- 
olution in Germany, and then a government 
having a semblance of a constitutional democ- 
racy was formed. Religionists and politicians 
conwjjircd together to overthrow that constitu- 
tional government, and did so, with the result 
that one Hitler, a fanatic, became the absolute 
dictator and leader of the Nazis. That horde 
of political gangsters burned tlie building of 
the German Roiclisiag on February 27, 1933, 
and then maliciouf-ly charged an opposing po- 
litical party with that crime of arson, and this 
was done to gain favor with the common and 
oppressed people. Within a few weeks there- 
after the Na?.is were swept into power and 
Hitler was put forward as the leader and be- 
came the dictator, and the democracy of Ger- 
many died. On June 30, 1934, Hitler, fearing 
his power and authority was in much danger 
of being taken fi'om him, caused sixty or more 
of his close jioUtical associates to be brutally 
murdered. In July thereafter the Nazis, under 
the leadership of said Hitler, caused DoUfuss, 
the dictator of Austria, to be foully murdered. 
Fearing loss of authority, the Nazis, under 
Hitler, continued to rule with a cruel hand and 



killed or imprisoned all who did not apparently 
support them. The people suffer, being robbed 
of their material wealth, put in fear of their 
liberty and life, and are in great distress and 

The foregoing is a sample of the conditions 
existing in Continental Europe. Other nations 
of the world are in a similar condition and are 
ruled by dictators, and the rulers are moved 
by fear. The British Empire is the only mon- 
archy that survived the World War, and Britain 
and France are the only nations of Europe now 
that have a semblance of democratic rule. But 
there is an abundance of evidence that the rul- 
ing classes of those nations greatly fear for 
their future existence. In Great Britain con- 
spiracy is at work both within and outside of 
the nation, looking to the overthrow of the 
Empire, and, moved by fear, that nation, each 
year since the World War, has continued to 
increase her war preparations. Sometime in 
the near future it will doubtless be seen that 
the recent abdication of Britain's king was not 
merely due to the influence of a woman, but 
due to a greater influence that is symbolized 
by a woman. 

The United States emerg-ed from the World 
War holding the bag, having lost a great num- 
ber of men, and expended millions of the peo- 
ple's money, and that without any gain or profit. 
Since then democracy lias rapidly degenerated, 
and today the tendency to rule by a dictator 
is growing rapidly. The element that rules now 
has not long been in the saddle of governmental 


n N E M 1 E S 

affairs, and, fearing the loss of authority that 
has been acquired, that ruling clement seeks to 
concentrate the power of tlie nation in the ex- 
ecutive of the government, this in utter disre- 
gard of state rights and the rights of the people, 
and looks forward to an early day when the 
whole nation may be ruled by a dictator, hehind 
whom is a more powerful force. A bold and 
daring effort is now being put forth to curtail 
the power of the highest court in the land and 
make it tlie tool of a one-man dictator and, that 
being accomplished, the Constitution, which has 
long been a safeguard to the people, will quickly 
become a mere scrap of paper. For 150 years 
the American people have obeyed the law of 
the land gladly and without any question of 
their allegiance to the Constitution and the 
laws of their nation. But now the oflicial ele- 
ment, that is, the few men that rule, fearing 
that they may not be able to keep the people 
in line, have adopted unusual and unreasonable 
methods to compel law-abiding citizens to con- 
stantly declare their allegiance to those who 
now rule. For j 50 years it has not been thought 
necessary to compel tlie people to salute the 
flag and to daily declare their allegiance, be- 
cause all persons are presumed to be obedient 
to the laws until there is evidence that they 
have violated the law. Quite recently, however, 
the governing element, and particularly those 
who are behind the throne, fearing that the 
authority and power may slip away from them, 
have adopted the unusual practice of compel- 
ling school children to daily salute the flag and 



sing so-called "patriotic songs", and which are 
supposed to make tliem more law-abiding. The 
governing element, in fear, are also greatly per- 
plexed as to how they can hold the people in 
subjection and hold their own jobs. Democracy 
is rapidly passing from the land. 

Added to all the political troubles of the 
world that have so greatly increased since 1918, 
the nations of the earth have been woefully 
afflicted by storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, 
famines, pestilences and other like calamities. 
Sit-down strikes and other senseless labor dis- 
turbances have greatly increased, and it is ap- 
parent that these disturbances are induced by 
a secret crowd that is conspiring to overthrow 
all rule of the people and to concentrate the 
rule in the hands of a dictator. The extremely 
radical element, which is unreasonable and 
cruel, such as the Nazis, grows rapidly in 
America, and thousands of spies are scattered 
amongst the people to undermine their faith 
and confidence in the form of government that 
has so long existed in this land. Added to 
these disturbing things, the gross crimes of 
kidnaping, robbery and murder are constantly 
on the increase and few if any of the people 
feel secure in their homes or their property 
or in their life. Both the governing element 
and the common people sense an approaching 
catastrophe and strictly in line with the pro- 
phetic words above recorded: 'Men's hearts 
failing them for fear of what seems to be ap- 






The common people Jifive no imderstancliHg 
of the constant intrigue oncl the political chi- 
canery that is going on witliin the nations and 
between the nations. 'JMie soliish ruling element 
adopt all mnnner of means to keep the people 
from learning the inBiclc workings of the politi- 
cal gang. The people see themselves being com- 
pletely deprived of their freedom of thought, 
freedom of speech, and freedoHi of action, and 
they are in distress and perplexity concerning 
what the future holds foi- them. They are in 
fear and perplexity of how they can protect 
thezTisolves against tlie criraitial element that 
is bearing down upon them, against the pov- 
erty chat surrounds them, and against the 
calamities that threaten tltem. O'hey have groat 
difficalty in iinding anyone wJiora they can 
trust. Each year their burdens of taxation are 
increased. Tliey sec little hope for their chil- 
dren, and their hearts fail them when they con- 
sider what t!ie future may hold. There has 
never been a time in the history of man in 
which fear has so completely seized upon the 
jioople as now. 

In viev/ of these facts, none of which can bo 
denied, sincere persons will here consider calmly 
the prophetic words of that great and wise 
man who, looking down upon the present time, 
paid: "There shall be . . . upon the earth dis- 
tress of nations, with perplexity; . . . men's 
hearts failing them for fear, and for looking 
after those things which are coming on the 
earth." (I.ukc '21 : 25, 26) There can be no doubt 
that the physical facts now present are com- 

pletely in harmony with and therefore in ful- 
iilhnent of the foregoing and prophetic word;-?. 
The sincere people of the world, who think 
soberly and without prejudice, those who de- 
sire righteousness and peace and who desire 
security for themselves and their loved ones 
in their home, property and life, are asking 
questions like the following, to wit: 

Why is there so much unrighteousnees and 
wickedness in the world today? Why have these 
perilous times come upon the world in this day, 
and particularly sinco the ending of the World 
War^ Why have the woes and'" calamities in- 
creased since the year 1918"^ Why does there 
now exist such a groat lack of confidence among 
the nations, among liolh the rulers and the peo- 
ples of tlie nations? Why is it that almost every- 
one is looked upon as an enemy? Is there a 
reason for the eisistence of such a dreadful con- 
dition! Can there bo found correct answers to 
thcf;e questions, answers upon which we can 
confidently rely'? Is there anything upon which 
we may base a hope for better conditions of 
the future? 

The same great man who gave utterance to 
the foregoing prophetic words, foretelling the 
time of peril coming upon the nations of the 
earth, also gave the true and correct answer 
to each and every one of the foregoing ques- 
tions and all questions related thereto. That 
great man v/as and is Christ Josus, the Son 
of the Almighty God. He is the One who spake 
as never man spake before or sinco. He it was 
who said coneermng the Word of the AlmigJity 



God, wliich is recorded in the Biblo : ''Thy word 
is truth." (John 17:17) The full, complete and 
satisfying answers to the foregoing and related 
qiiestions are found in the Bible, and nowhere 
else. Before attemx^t is made to locate the an- 
swers, let each reader ask himself these ques- 
tions and fully answer the same to the satis- 
faction of his o-wn conBcienee : Do I believe that 
the Almii^hty God, the Creator of heaven and 
earth, really exists, and that he is the Giver 
of life to mtm and the rewarder of all them 
that diligently seek himt Do I believe that the 
Bible is the Word of the Almighty God, and 
therefore the truth? Do I believe that Jesus 
Christ is the Son of Almighty God, and that 
he speaks the absolute truth and with authority, 
and upon his speech honest mon may confidently 


All tliose who can answer these questions m 
the aftirmative, who do believe on God and 
Christ JesuR, and that the Bible is the Word 
of truth, and who then, williout prej\idice, will 
carefully consider what is hereinafter written, 
will ilnd comijlcte and satisfactory answer to 
each of the foregoing questions concerning the 
time of peril, wliich now confronts tlie world, 
and will also see what the immediate future 


In the nations that claim to bo "Christian 
nations", and which collectively are called 
"Christendom", the preacnt-day distress and 
])orplexity is the greatest, when viewing the 
whole world. The sincere people of these na- 
tions, who desire to understand the truth and 



to know wliat the future holds, will study and 
give heed to what is written in the Word of 
truth, upon which Word of truth is founded 
that which ia herein stated. This does not at 
all mean that such sincere persons must join 
any organization under the sun. What the peo- 
ple need in this hour of distress is a knowledge 
of the truth, and then to be diligent to olxjy the 
truth. The meek of the eartli are those who are 
willing to be taught, and sueli are the onea that 
seek to understand the truth. 

Those who are anxious and sincerely desire 
to know_ the true ansv/crs to the foregoing ques- 
tions will lay aside all prejudice against the 
Bible, and all preconceived conclusions as to 
what the Biltle contains, and all prejudice 
created by religion or the religious practition- 
ers, and will carefully and honestly consider 
the facts now well known to all in the light 
of what is recorded in the Bible, because nOAv 
is the time when the Bible can be understood 
and harmonized. Never before in the history 
of man has there existed such a great neces- 
sity of knowing and understanding God's Word 
of truth as now. The indisputable facts are 
that the nations and the people are in great 
fear, wliich fear is induced by enemies, and 
therefore the people are in bondage. All such, 
then, should give careful heed to tlie words 
spoken by Jesus, to wit: "If ye continue in my 
word, then are ye my disciples [those who 
learn the truth] indeed; and ye shnll know the 
truth, and the truth shall maJtc yon free," (John 
8: 31, 32) All honest and sincere persons desire 





to be free. The truth can be learned only by 
ascertaining the source of trutli and then by 
following that true and safe guide. The opinion 
of imperfect man is of no vy.Ine iu learning the 
truth unless it is fully supported by what is 
known to be absolutely true as recorded in 
God's Word. Tradition by men is merely the 
exprG;-5sion of oi)ini(m ot' num, which opinion 
was first expressed long ago, and has been 
handed down from one generation to another. 
Tlie only perfect man ever on earth was Jesus, 
and he did not speak and teach his own opinion, 
l)ut declared only the things that ho had received 
from the Almighty God. TIte testimony of Jesus 
upon this point is this: "M^y doctrine is not 
mine, but his that sent me." (John 7:16) "He 
that sent nic is true; and I speak to the world 
those tilings which I have licard of him," (John 
8:26) "To this end was I liorn, and for this 
cause came I into the world, that I should bear 
witness unto the tnith." — John 18:37. 

A man is put in fear oC his enemies chiefly 
because of a lack of knowledge and therefore 
his inability to know the identity of his enemies. 
It is necessary for liim to identify his enemies, 
to learn of their methods of operation and what 
course he may take to protect liimself against 
such enemies. A man, therefore, must have a 
sure and correct guide in identifying his ene- 
mies and finding protection from them. Where 
wdll he find such a guide? The Almighty God 
gives this information, which he caused his 
prophet to write down, to wit: "Thy w^ord is 
a lamp uiito my feet, and a light unto my path," 


(Psalm 119: 105) Tlie meek man is the one who 
desires to learn the truth and is willing to be 
taught, and for his benefit this great truth is 
recorded in the Bilile. "The nieck will he guide 
in judgment, and tlie meek will ho leach his 
way." (Psalm 25:9) The man who has great 
fear and therefore docs not enjoy peace will 
find consolation in these words written in the 
Scriptures: "Great i^cace have they which love 
thy law; and nothing shall offend them." — 
Psalm 119:165. 

Every man has enemies, and for centuries 
men have suffered greatly at the liands of ene- 
mies. Since the year 1914, and particularly 
since 1918, enemies have beconio more vicious. 
Those who have considered the matter know 
that such is the truth. The Scriptures give a 
satisfactory reason. It is of very vital impor- 
tance to learn the source of such wickedness 
and the reason for the increased activity of 
encnnies in the past few years. If you read care- 
fully wlmt follows herein you will gain that 
much desired and profitable knowledge. 



"The way of the -wicked seduceth them." 
— Proverbs 12:26. 

ADVERSARY is one who opposes another 
without just cause or excuse, and is there- 
fore an enemy. The existence of creatures 
implies that there is a Creator. The Creator is 
the immortal One, from everlasting to everlast- 
ing, and his name is God. (Psalm 90: 2; 1 Tim- 
othy G: 15, IG) "God created the heaven and the 
earth." (Genesis 1 : 1) God means the Ahnighty. 
Ho rcvealy himself as, to wit: "Almighty God," 
which means the One whose power is unlimited; 
'Ijord," meaning supreme Ruler; "Jehovah," 
meaning his purpose toward his creatures; 
"Father," meaning the Giver of life ; and "Most 
High", He who is over and above all. 

For his pleasui-e God created all things. (Rev- 
elation 4: 11) The beginning of his creation was 
"the Logos", his Beloved One, and thereafter 
God used the Logos as his active agent in the 
creation of all things that are created. (John 
1:1-3; Froverhs 8 : 22-24; Revelation 3 : 14; Co- 
lossians 1 : 15-17} God the Almighty is that great 
Spirit which no man has seen and no human 
eyes can ever see. (1 Timothy 6: IG) He is the 
only Being, that is to say, the self-existing One, 
and is thfrefore properly spoken of as "The 
Spirit Being". 




God brought into existence many spirit crea- 
tures. A spirit creature is one that is invisible 
to human eyes. A spirit creature has a spirit 
body or organism: "Tliere is a natural body, 
and there is a spiritual body." (1 Corinthians 
15 : 44) AU of the host of heaven arc spirit crea- 
tures and are invisible to human eyes. Such 
spirit creatures are designated under the names 
of "cherubim", "seraphim," and "angels". Among 
the spirit or angelic creation was one whom God 
named Lucifer. The universal organization of 
Jehovah God from the beginning of creation con- 
sisted of Ids spirit creatures, and over which 
Jehovah God was and is Supreme Lord and 

In duo time it pleased God to create the 
earth, and ho created it for his creature man, 
who was thereafter created. "I have made the 
earth, and created man upon it: I, even my 
hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all 
their host have I commanded. For thus saith 
the Lord that created the heavens; God himself 
that formed the earth and made it; he hath 
established it, he created it not in vain, he 
formed it to be inliabited; I am the Lord, and 
there is none else." — Isaiah 45:12,18. 

God created man in his own due time and 
called his name Adam, and placed him in Eden, 
"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of 
the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the 
breath of life; and man became a living soul. 
And the Lord God took the man, and put him 
into the garden of Eden, to dress it and to keep 
it." (Genesis 2:7,15) God created the woman 



and gave her to Adam for his wife. (Genesis 
2: 22-24) Adam and liis wife Eve were made a 
part of God's organization, and the man :vas 
given dominion over the creation of earth which 
was of the lower order than himself. Lneifer, 
the spirit creature, was the overseer of man 
and a certain portion of the spirit creation, and 
was made so by Cod's appointment. He was an 
ofncer in the organization of Jehovah, which or- 
ganization of Johovali God is designated mider 
the symbol of "mountain". Concerning Lncifcr 
it is written in the Bible: "Thou hast been in 
Eden tlio garden of God; . . . Thou art the 
anointed ciierub tliat covereth; and I have set 
thee so; thou wast upon the holy mountain of 
God; th(ui liast walked up and down in the midst 
of the stones of fire."— Ezeldel 23:13,14. 

Lucifer, when made tiie overlord of man, was 
anointed or commissioned, receiving authority 
from God over man, and it was liis duty to see 
that man performed his obligation unto God 
according to Ilia law. 'I'ho universal organisa- 
tion of Jehovah Ood then consisted of the Logos, 
and all tlie angelic or spirit creatures, and man 
on the earth; and all of that organization was 
in harmony with and obedient to God the 
Creator. Everything in the universe was in 
complete harmony. 

The Almighty God Jehovah is the Unselfish 
One, and therefore, as it is written, "God is 
love." (1 John 4: IG) That means that God does 
nothing selfishly, but always for the good of his 
creatures. God is righteous and holy. "For right- 
eous is Jehovah, righteousness he loveth, the 



upright shall behold his face." (Psalm 11:7, 
Rotherham) "O Jehovah! in the heavens is thy 
lovingkindness, thy faithfulness as far as the 
ilcecy clouds: thy righteousness is like mighty- 
mountains, and thy just decrees are a great 
resounding doeiD, — man and beast thou savest, 
Jeliovah! How precious thy lovinglcindness, 
O God I therefore the sons of mon under tlie 
i.:l!adow of thy wings seek refuge." (Psalm 36: 
5-7, Roth.) ""Righteous art thou, Lord, and 
upright are thy judgments." (Psalm 119:137) 
"The Loan is righteous in all his ways, and holy 
in all his works." (Psalm 145:17) "Thy right- 
eou?;ness is like the great mountains; thy judg- 
ments are a great deep; T^ono, thou preservest 
man and beast," (Psalm 3G:6) "Thy righteous- 
ness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy 
law is the truth." (Psalm 119: 142) "God is light, 
and in liim is no darkness at all." (1 John 1:5) 
God can not and will not look with approval 
upon anything that is unrighteous. Necessarily 
all parts of Jehovah's orgnnization were in har- 
jnony with him, and anything or any creature 
that got out of harmony with God vrould be 
expelled from Ms organization. 


Every unrighteous or wicked creature is 
God's adversary or enemy. Lucifer saw that 
every creature in the universe gave honor and 
praise to the Almighty God. Lucifer coveted 
that honor and praise for lumself. To covet 
means to desire and to seek that which one has 
no right to have, Lucifer is called the covetous 



one. (Jeremiali 51: 13) Lucifer pro?;TimptiioTisly 
regarded liimself as equal to the Almighty God, 
and concernir-g that it is written: *'0 Lucifer, 
son of the morning [that is, of the early begin- 
ning of earth's creation, of vv'liieh he had been 
appointed overlord] ! how art thou cut down to 
the ground . . . ! For thou hast said in thine 
heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my 
throne above the stars of God: I vrill sit also 
upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides 
of the north: I will ascend above the heights 
of the clouds: I will be like the Most High." 
(Isaiah 14:12-14) Another translation of this 
text reads : "How hast thou fallen from heaven, 
Shining One, Son of the Dawn! Hewn down 
to the earth, crusher of nations! Yet thou 
didst say in thy heart, The heavens will I as- 
cend, above the stars of God will I lift up my 
thror.e, that I may sit in the Mount of Assembly, 
in the Recesses of the North : I will mount on 
the hiUs of the clouds, I wdil match the Most 
High \"—Hotherliam. 

Lucifer had meditated in his heart, that is to 
say, his motive was, to gain for himself the 
honor and prait'e of creatures to which he was 
not entitled. To accomplish his covetous design 
Lucifer did this: He approached the Avoman 
Eve and spoke to her deceitfully, and is likened 
unto the serpent, a beast that was in Eden. Any 
transgression of God's law is sin, and God had 
fixed 'death as the penalty for the commission 
of willful sin. Adam and Eve had been so in- 
structed by the Lord, that sin would result in 




their death. (Genesis 2 : 17 ; Romans 6 : 23) Luci- 
fer must have Jmown this law of God and the 
penalty for its violation. It was liis duty to know, 
but apparently he did not believe it, and that 
belief was due to his own improper heart con- 
dition. He should have been governed by the 
Word of God, but, regarding himself as equal 
to the Most High and considering tliat he could 
with impunity induce man to violate God's law, 
he proceeded to do so. To Eve he said,. in sub- 
stance: TVhy do you not eat this fruit in the 
midst of the garden of Eden f and Eve replied 
that God permitted them to eat of the fruit of 
any of the trees except the one fruit mentioned, 
and that God had said to them: "Te shall not 
eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die." 

Beginning of 



Eve yielded to the seductive infloenee of the 
wily Devil and did cat and gave to Adam, and 
ho did eat; therofore both were lawbreakers. 
(Genesis 3:1-G) The eating of the forbidden 
fruit may ai^pear to some to have been a small 
things; to call forth the death penalty, but it 
should be remembered that the offense consisted 
in the violation of Cfod's law and in doing so 
after having been informed that the penalty 
for such violation is death. Adam was not de- 
ceived. (1 Timothy 2:14) For this violation of 
God's law man Avas sentenGod to death and ex- 
pelled from Eden. (Genesis 3:3.9-24) Thus is 
stated in brief the beginning of the activity of 
God's adversary or enemy. 

Lucifer was sentenced to death, but for good 
reason rTchovah God gave him a suspended sen- 
tence, or, rather, delayed the execution of the 
death penalty, as will hereinafter be seen. Luci- 
fer had now become the avowed enemy of God. 
Every creature from that day to the present 
tune that has willingly taken the side of Lucifer 
and willfully engaged in the violation of God's 
law is the enemy of God. At the time of enter- 
ing his judgment against tiie enemy Jehovah 
changed the name of Lucifer and assigned to 
him four seimrate and distinct names, each of 
which signifies a particular element of his wick- 
edness. Since that time Lucifer has been named 
by the names of Satan, which means adversary 
or opposer of God; 7)evil, which means slan- 
derer of God, willfully bringing reproach upon 
God's name; Serpent, which means deceiver; 
and Dragon, which means devourer ; and there- 



fore he is designated in the Scriptures as "the 
dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, 
and Satan". (Revelation 20 : 2) He is the adver- 
sary or wilifnl oi^poser of God, and therefore 
God's chief enemy and the enemy of man. While 
Satan is the arch enemy, there are many other 
enemies, as will be seen in the progress of this 

J'iVery thing with God, and that proceeds fi'om 
him, is light and ti'uth. God is the giver of life 
everlasting. Everything with Satan, and that 
j)roceeds from him, is darkness, and the end 
thereof is death. In the final analysis it will 
be seen that each and every creature that gets 
life everlasting in happiness is and must be 
and remain on tlie side of the Almighty God, 
and that every creature that remains on the side 
of Satan sludl be comx)letely destroyed. 

In the consideration of all matters herein- 
after discussed keep in mind this great truth, 
to wit: That the purpose of Satan the Devil 
is to reproacli and mock Jehovah God, and to 
turn all creation against God, and to ultimately 
plunge all the creation into destruction. Should 
he be able to do tliis, he would regard himself 
as the victor; and that is his ambition. Satan 
the Devil is the groat wicked one, and all who 
are with him and who contiimo with him are 
wicked; and the decree of iha Almighty Creator 
is that all the wicked shall be destroyed: "The 
Lord preserveth all them that love him: but 
all the wicked will he destroy." {Psalm 145: 20) 
This truth coming to the attention of each and 
every creature, a choice must be made between 




the Almighty God and Satan, and tliiis each 
creature has to do with his own doatiny. 

From the very beginning of his wicked course 
it aiipears that Satan's purpose was and is to 
kill all who are on the side of God, the Almighty. 
Adam and his wife, by authority from Jehovah, 
began to have cliildren, and their first son was 
named Cain; and then they had a son whom 
they named Abel. Cain yielded to the influence 
of the Devil and murdered his brother Abel. 
(Genesis 4:1-8) Satan the enemy of God told 
the first lie, which brought about the death of 
Adam and Eve; and from the very beginning 
he was a liar and a murderer, and it is so re- 
corded of him in the Bible. (John 8:44) Every 
murder that has ever been committed has been 
and is due to the wicked influence and power 
exercised by Satan over other creatures, and 
every mur- 
derer is the 
agent or in 
strument of 
Satan the 
Devil; and it 
is written, 
that no mur- 
derer shall 
ever gain 

eternal life. _ 

-i ^ oim d . 10. . ...^^m...^^.. ^j. j-ejjgioj-t 




Lucifer, now l^nown as Satan, is otherwise 
properly called the great rebel. God appointed 
him to the high ofhce in His organization and 
gave him authority over certain angels as he 
has authority over man. It was the bounden 
duty of Satan to be entirely loyal and faithful 
to God and to exercise the authority of his 
otHce toward angels and men in liarmony with 
God's law. Addressing the Devil, Jehovah said: 
"TJiou art the anointed cherub that covereth; 
and I have set thee so: thon wast upon the 
holy mountain [universal organization] of God." 
(Eii^oldel 28 : 14) Anointed means that he was ap- 
pointed and duly commissioned by the Almighty 
God to fill that very important position in God's 
organisation. Gheruh means one who is assigned 
to a position of trust to guard the interests com- 
mitted to his care. (Genesis 3:24) Therefore 
that Lucifer was called the "cherub that cov- 
ereth" means that he was over other creatures 
whose interests he must safegnard in harmony 
with God's law. lie willfully put him^self in op- 
position to God's law and thereafter became a 
rebel and the permanent adversary of God. One 
of his methods of deception is to induce certain 
creatures to conclude that the Devil does not 
exist. By this means he deceives them and blinds 
theui to the truth, wdiile others of his creatures 
"work with him knowingly and willingly. 


Every creature and organization that Satan 
has employed and continues to employ to carry 
on his rebellious and wicked work is the enemy 


E N E M I I; S 

of God and the enemy of all creatures who obey 
and serve God. The proof following set forth 
liorein sliows beyond all donbt that Satan the 
Devil is the chief enemy of man and that 
all creatures, instruments or organizations em- 
ployed by him are man's enemies. The purpose 
of this publication is to enable honest and sin- 
cere p(irsons to see and appreciate who are 
their enemies, that such enemies may be avoided 
and that honest and sincere persons may iind 
the only place of real security. 

To carry forward his wicked work Satan em- 
ploys and uses wicked angels, and wicked men, 
formed into organizations, that work unright- 
eousness. Satan is a spirit creature, therefore 
in^dsihle to human eyes; and also angels are 
spirit creatures and invisi!)le to human eyes. 
AVic'ked angels and wicked men, organized and 
unorganized, carry on wickedness under Satan's 
command. The earthly or visible primary ele- 
ments tliat are employed by Satan to carry for- 
v;ard his fraudulent, deceptive and wicked work, 
are those, to wit: religion and politics and com- 
merce. Religious, political and commercial or- 
ganizations for centuries havG been employed 
by Satan the Devil to defame and reproach the 
name of Almighty God and his beloved Son, 
C'lirist Jesus, and to deceive the people and to 
rob them and to turn them into the way of un- 
righteousness and destruction. Keep in mind, as 
the evidence here considered unfolds, the ele- 
ments named as enemies of God and man, and 
you beiug thus able to identify them, there will 
appear the way of safety and security. 





''The world" is the organisation of creatures 
under the control of an overlord. As that term 
world relates to man, "the world" is the organi- 
zation of men into tribes or governments oper- 
ating under the influence and controlling power 
of an invisible overlord. Satan the Devil is the 
"god", mighty one or controlling power of the 
present-day wicked world, and his angels oper- 
ate witli him. (2 Corinthians 4:4) He having 
been appointed as overlord of man before his 
rebellion, God did not take away that overlord- 
ship when he sentenced Satan to death; and the 
reason tliereforo will appear as we progress. 

At the time God pronounced judgment against 
Adam he used these words eoucerning the Devit: 
"And I will put enmity between thco and the 
woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it 
shall bruise thy head, and thou slialt bruise his 
heel." (Genesis 3:15) These words have both 
a literal and a symbolic application. The word 
"woman", as used in this text, symbolically re- 
fers to God*s organization; and the words "her 
seed" symbolically refer to those creatures who 
devote themselves wholly to God and become a 
part of his holy, righteous organization. "The 
serpent," meaning deceiver, and one of the 
names of Satan the Devil, is here used sym- 
bolically, and his "seed" means, in symbolic 
phrase, all the creatures that become a part of 
Satan's organization. Every creature in the uni- 
verse must Jieoome cither a part of the organi- 
zation of God or a part of the organization 
under the control of Satan. Satan and his seed 



are the enemies of God and the enemies of the 
seed of God's organization. Between the two 
there is bitter enmity, and in due time one 
nuist triumph. Every sincere creature should 
desire to know in advance how this triimiph 
will bo brouj^ht aj^out. 

Lucifer, now called Satan, originally was a 
beautiful creature, llo eonclufled that he was 
worthy of adoration of other creatures, and by 
reason thereof ho departed from the coui'se of 
wisdom, and by taking that unwise course he 
corrupted himself; and to him the Almighty 
Clod says: "Thine heart was lifted up because 
of thy beauty; thou hast corrupted thy wisdom 
by reason of thy brightness; I will cast thee 
to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that 
they may behold thee.''— Kzokiel 28:17. 

l''romi that time ttntil now a great number of 
wicked angels have opei-ated with Satan, and 
they are all included in (Jod's judgment wliioh 
is written against them. (Matthew 25:41) Sa- 
tan's chief deputy in his wicked organization 
is called '"Gog", and the place of habitation of 
the crowd of v/icked angels is "the land of 
Mago_g". (Ezekiel 3S:2-G) All of such wicked 
angelic host are enemies oT Almighty God, and 
the enemies of every creature that serves God. 
When on earth, Jesus testiiied before men and 
said that Satan is the prince of devils, the in- 
vi.sil)le ruler of this wicked world. (John 14 : 30) 
Satan is also called "Beelzebub", which means 
(■liief of devils or wicked spirit creatures, and 
it therefore follows tliat there are many other 
devils or wicked ones who slander the Almighty 


God, deceive mankind and attempt to destroy 
all who serve God. (Matthew 10:2r3; 12:24; 
Luke 11:15,18,19) All of those wdcked ones 
are creatures of darkness, that is to say, wick- 
edness, and they are the most effective enemies 
against those who serve the Almighty God, and 
that fight againf^t God's servants; as it is writ- 
ten, to wit: "For we wrestle not against flesh 
and blood, but against principalities, against 
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of 
this world, against spiritual wickedness in high 
places." (Ephosians 6:12) The entire organi- 
zation of Satan is arrayed against all right- 
eousness, but in tho end all are doomed to 
certain destruction. The reason why God has 
permitted their existence for so long a time 
will clearly appear to your satisfaction as this 
study progresses. 

It is certain tliat in times past angels had 
the power to materialize, that is to say, to 
appear in human form or organism. That ^vaM 
true of the good angels, some of whom appeared 
to Abraham and others. (Genesis ]8:1-irj; 19: 
1, 15) Ang((ls of the Lord appeared to other men 
who served Almightv God. (Judges 2:1; G: 12- 
16; 13:1-20) Those' good and i'aitliful angels 
were sent by the Almighty God to cornnuuiicate 
his message to men on the earth. Tlie wicked 
angels that operated from the time of the rebel- 
lion of Satan also had power to materialize, 
and they did so. Those wdeked angels operated 
contrary to God's will, because they were agaiiist 
God and on the side of the Devil. They appeared 
in the earth as giants, and in the Scriptures 



they are called "nephilim". Those angels are 
also called "fallen cues" or "fallen angels" be- 
ca^ise they had fallen entirely away from right- 
eousness and operated entirely in wickedness 
or iniquity. (Psalin 3G;12) For the same rea- 
son it is written eoneeming Satan : "Tiow hast 
Ihon fallen!" (Isaiah 14:1.2, Roth.) For many 
long centuries that host of wicked angels have 
indulged in assaults upon others, and for that 
reason are called "fellers", that is to say, ones 
who fall upon and ill-treat others. The word 
nephiUm means "fellers", that is, "those who fall 
upon others and cause them to fall." (Strongs 
Concordance) To be sure, Gog is one of those 
fallen ones. That M'icked host, under Satan's 
.supervision, are totally depraved and completely 
devoid of righteousness. 

h^rom the time of the expulsion of Adam from 
Kden and over a period of approximately 1500 
ycai's the human i-aee nmltiplicd and increased 
in the earth. All being the inmiediate descend- 
ants of Adam, who in tlie beginning was perfect, 
the females thereof would necessarily be very 
i'air; and so it is written, that they were fair, 
that is, they were pleasing to look upon. "And 
it came to pass, when men began to multiply 
on the face of the earth, and daughters Avere 
lioni unto them, that the sons of God saw the 
daughters of men that tliey were fair ; and they 
took them Avives of all which they chose." — Gen- 
esis G : 1, 2. 

Wlio were those creatures mentioned in this 
text as "the sons of God"? Manifestly they 
were creatures of God, whom lie created angels, 



and who had power to materialize and did 
materialize and appear in human form. All the 
faithful angels are called "sons of God", be- 
cause all such receive life tlirough the Almighty 
God. {Job 38:7} Those sons of God who thus 
materialized were not a part of Satan's crowd 
at that time, because they were not the ones 
who joined Satan in his rebellion. 

Bear in mind that, Satan being the adversary 
of God, his objective at all times is to turn all 
creatures, botli men and angels, against God 
and cause tliem to curse God and bring reproach 
upon his name. (Job 2:1-5) Tlie wicked angela 
work witli Satan and are also deceivers. Fraud 
and deceit, used to entrap Eve, have ever been 
used to entrap others; and so liis crowd of 
wicked angels resorted to fraud and deceit to 
mislead the angels above designated "the sons 
of God". The opportunity now appeared for 
Satan to entrap those sons of God who materi- 
alized and appeared as men. It is entirely prob- 
able that Satan iiegan to work his fraud before 
those sojis of God ai:)peared in human form. As 
above stated, "the sons of God saw the (laugh- 
ters of men that they were fair," that is, pleas- 
ing to the vision, yet they were imperfect. As 
Satan had used Eve to entrap Adam, so Satan 
pursued a similar course to use other women 
to deceive and defraud the "sons of God" above 
mentioned. Those materialized "sons of God", 
having themselves followed a righteous course 
up to that time, manifestly appeared as very 
handsome and attractive men and they would 
appear well in the eyes of these beautifnl 


E N n M I E S 

women. Satan, Oop; and others of his wieked 
crowd, asEuminfc a rif^ditcoiis aMiliulc nitliongh 
extremely liypocrificiil, now i'i'|in':*('nl(Ml and 
made the anrniiiciit to llic liaiHlsorac iiumi that 
they could do ;i, ^rcnt and go(td deed Uy marry- 
ing those hcanlil'iil luiman ereatnreK and pro- 
ducing a race of liaiid: tnni' rnr-ii ami worneu 
iliat might grow to ii('rl\'c(ioii. Tin' rn'iiliilini or 
giants, working with Salan, would nro a sim- 
ilar argmncni upon thoiie "daughterH" or heau- 
tilnl women, and induce tliein to \h\ willing to 
the union. 

Another purpose of Satan and his allii'S in 
practicing tliat fraud would he to cauHc lo he 
linrn and hrought up a rac(; of creatures that 
Avould nppear superior lo the natural descenfl- 
nnts ol" Adam, and (hat of ilsi'll' would he a 
J'urtlicr mockery and repi'oach upon Almighty 
God. That the nephilim or giants were pn^sent 
iu the earth at the time is certain, when the 
marriages took place I)etween the sons of (lod 
and those women: "There were gianls in Ihe 
earth in those days; an<l also al'ler that, when 
the sons of God came in unto the daughier.s 
of men, and they hare children (o them, the 
same became mighty men, wliicli wcrt^ of (tid, 
men of renown." — Genesis G;4, 

Here the scripture discloses the clear ])ic'ture, 
to wit: Beautiful women were on the earth, who 
were the direct descendants of Adnm; Satan 
saw his opportunity to praclice a, rurfher fraud 
and deceit, and to furtlior re|)roa(Oi the name 
of Almighty God; he seduced the "son.s of God", 
that is, turned thena away from the path of 



righteousness, and by fraud and deceit induced 
them to believe that they could do great good 
to the human race by marrying those beautiful 
women. Satan and his coconspirators, the neph- 
ilim or giants, probably found it an easy mat- 
ter to induce those handsome men to many the 
beautiful women, and the result of those mar- 
riages was, children were born, which became 
"mighty men", "men of renown'' for physical 
strength and appearance. 

Up to that time, to wit, approximately 1500 
years after the expulsion from Eden, there ap- 
pear to have been only three men who had re- 
mained true and faitlil'ul to the Almighty God, 
and those men were, to wit, Al)el, Enoch and 
Noah. (Hebrews 11 : 4-7) Adam, Cain, and others 
who were their descendants, were wicked men, 
and the result of the marriage of materialized 
spirit creatures witli the women above men- 
tioned was that all the o(f .spring became wicked 
and reproached the name of God. It ai^peared, 
therefore, that Satan and his crowd were suc- 
ceeding in turning men away from God. Only 
three men on the side of God and all others on 
the side of the Devil, it was a wicked and grossly 
rebellious generation and their every imagina- 
tion was wickedness. Why should the Almighty 
God permit that wicked crowd to continue on 
earth ^ "And God saw that the wickedness of 
man was great in the earth, and that every 
imagination of the thoughts of his heart was 
only evil continually." — Genesis 6:5. 

Jehovah God is that great Spirit, and the 
creatures on the earth are flesh and, as it is 


E N E ;>■; i 12 s 

wi'itton, "all flesh is f^rass." (Isaiah 31 : 3; d-0: C) 
CreainrGS are wholly dependent upon God for 
life, and only those who remain in harmony 
with God will ever have life everlasting. "The- 
grass withereth, the flower fadeth; because the 
spirit of the Lord Moweth upon it: surely the 
people is grasn. The grass withereth, the flower 
fadeth; but the word of our God shall stand 
for ever."— Isaiah 40:7,8. 

The generation then upon the earth, aside 
from the tliree men above named, were fit only 
for destruction. Therefore God said of that 
^\'iekod generation : "And the Ijord said, ^iy 
spii'it siiall not always strive with man, for 
that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an 
hundred and twenty years." — Genesis 6:3. 

Why should God, the great Spirit, the holy, 
righteous One, continue to strive with man and 
permit him to reproach His holy name! He 
could instantly blot man out completely and 
si art another race, but God declared his pur- 
]:'ose to delay the execution of the wicked crowd 
that then inhabited the earth, for a period of 
3.20 years. That wickedness on the earth grieved 
Jehovah God in his heart, and it is written: 
"And it vejionted the Lord that he had made 
man on the earth, and it grieved hira at his 
heart." (Genesis G:6) The word ''repented" 
there used does not mean that God had made a 
great mistake. The word repent means a change 
in the course of his dealing witii his creatures. 
God therefore determined that he would 'ease 
himstdf of liis adversaries' by destroying them. 
(Isaiah 1 : 24) His announced purpose was, how- 


ever, to delay the execution of that judgment 
for 120 years. "And the Lord said, I will de- 
stroy man, whom I have created, from the face 
of the earth; both man, and beast, and tiie 
creeping thing, and the fowls of tlie air; for 
it repenteth nie that I have made them. But 
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." 
(Genesis 6:7,8) The word "created" employed 
in this text and the word "destroyed" are in 
complete contrast with each other and disclose 
the meaning of the words "it repenteth me". 
God the Creator had extended his loving-kind- 
ness to his creatures and had been long-suiTering 
with them, and now he wouh:l destroy them be- 
cause of their wickedness. 

In the foregoing text (Genesis 6: 3) "an hun- 
dred and twenty years" are mentioned. Cut that 
period of time has no reference to the age limit 
of man thereafter. It ajjpears from the record 
of God that the declaration concerning the 120 
years was before the three sons of Noah, to wit, 
Shem, ]Iara and Japhoth, were l)oni, and that 
Noah lived on the earth for more than 400 years 
after that declaration was made. "And Noah 
lived after the flood three hundred and fifty 
years. And all the days of Noah were nine hun- 
dred and fifty years: and he died." (Genesis 
9:28,29) What' was the purpose in extending 
the time of destruction for 120 years longer in- 
stoafi of destroying the peoples of earth at that 
time? Within tliat 120 years Jehovah God caused 
to be delivered a witness to the peoples of earth, 
giving them full warning of his purpose to de- 
stroy the wicked. God never takes snap judg- 



mcnt of anyone, but gives full and fair notice 
of his purpose. His rigliteous servant Nonli, by 
the course of action wliich he took and by Iiis 
verbal preaching witliin the hearing of the peo- 
ple, gave warning to all of God's purpose to 
destroy the living creatures of earth, all of 
which had turned to wickedness. (I Foier 'S : 20; 
2 Peter 2: 5) What Jehovah God here did fore- 
shadowed another great event, wliich is now 
in course of fulfilhnent. 

God informed Noah of his purpose to destroy 
the earth, and directed Noah to build an ark' 
wherein Noah and his family and certain boasts 
should be taken, saved and carried over the 
flood. '"The eartli also was cori-upt before (Jod, 
and the earth was fdled witli violence. And God 
looked upon the eartii, and, behold, it was cor- 
rui^t; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon 
the earth. And God said unto Noah, The end 
of all fiosh is come before mo; for the earth is 
filled with violence tlirough them: and, behold, 
I will destroy them with the cnrtJi. Make thee 
an ark of gopher wood: rooms slialt thou make 
in the ark, and shalt i)it('!i it witliin and without 
with pitch. "^Genesit! 0:11-14. 

Within that period of 120 years Noah built 
the ark and, while so doing, continued to give 
warning to the people of the coming execution 
of the judgment of Jehovah (iod, but tin; ])eo- 
ple gave no heed to that warning. Under the 
supervi^don of the wicked one they continued 
to reproach God's name. The act of Noah in 
building the ark was a testimony to the men 
on the earth and a complete testimony of Noah's 



faith in God, and hence Ms course of action was 
a condemnation of all wickedness. "By faith 
Noah, being warned of God concerning things 
uot seen as yet [such things as rain, water- 
spouts, great storms, floods; and which things 
came with the deluge], moved with godly fear, 
prepared an ark to the saving of his house; 
through which he condemned the world, and be- 
came heir of the righteousness which is accord- 
ing to faith. "-Hebrews 11 : 7, American Revised 

Of course, the action taken by Noah, as well 
as his words, would be a witness to men and 
to angels, and thus he preached to both, even 
as the true followers of Chidst have since done. 
(1 Corinthians 4:9) In addition to giving full 
and fair warning to those flesh creatures then 
on earth the Almighty God was making a pro- 
phetic picture showing the destruction of the 
entire organization of Satan, that is, all His 
enemies, at tlie end of the world, and this is 
shown by the words of Jesus Christ, who said: 
"But as the days of No'e w-ere, so shall also the 
coming of the Son of man he. For as in the days 
that were before the flood, they were eating and 
drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, un- 
til the day that No'o entered into the ark, and 
knew not, until the flood came, and took them 
all away; so shall also the coming of the Son 
of man 'he."— Matthew 24:37-39. 

As Noah gave warning at the command of 
God, so also tlie Ivord God commands his faith- 
ful ones on the earth, at the second coming of 
Christ, to give full warning by preaching 'this 


E ti n M 1 c s 



gospel of Ill's Idrif^dom' as a witness to the world, 
and to do lliis jii^t i^roccding tlio tiino oF tiie 
coniplole destruction oi' the world at Arinagod- 
don.— JMatthow 24: 14, 21. 


The JT!d'?:mcnts of Jehovah God aro nhvays 
executed as written. Note that his judtrtiiont 
written eoncerninj; the wickedness in the days 
of Noah says this : "And God saw that the wick- 
ethioi-js of man was p;reat in the earth, . . , And 
the Lord said, I will destroy man . . . The end 
of all flesh is come." "Both man, and lieast, 
. . . and, hc'hold, I will destroy tliem." (Genesis 
G:5, 7, l.T) All flesh crealnros upon the earth, 
except Ahol, Knoch and Noah, at the time this 
judgment v."as written, had bron^'ht reproach 
upon God's name. The offspring of the dau.^h- 
ters of men and the materialized sons of God 
wore flcsli, all of which were an abomination to 
God and grossly wicked. The men of that union 
between the dau^diters above mentioned and 
"the sons of G'od*' were called "ini;;hly men" 
(Uebrow: Gibhor, that is, "powerful"), "men of 
renown." Thoy were mi/ddy or imwerfnl liefore 
other Imman creatures, but not liefore Mmifchty 
God. Before him they were an abomination. The 
judji;nient of God was a£!;ainst them, and they 
were destroyed in the flood. There would hv. no 
rcnson why they should be kept alive; because 
it is written : "The v/icked shall perish/' ( L'salm 
o7:20) Tlic mighty flood of waters came, and 

concerning the result thereof it is written : "And 
all llesh died that moved upon the earth, both 
of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every 
creeping thing that crcepetli upon the earth, 
and every man. An<I every living substance 
v/as destroyed which was upon the face of the 
ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping 
things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they 
wore destroyed from the earth: and Noah only 
remained alive, and they that were with him in 
the ark."— Genesis 7:21,23. 


Religion causes world destruclion 

"What became of the "sons of God" that ma- 
terialized as men and then married women? 
TJiose angels called "sons of God" were orig- 
inally a part of God's organization, and it was 
their duty to be faithful to God and serve him 
continuously. They yielded to the wiles or in- 
fluence of the Uevil and his associates in wicked- 
ness. They permitted themselves to be led into 

n N E M I s 



a course entirelj' out of harmony with the Al- 
mighty God. Thoy were therot'oro no longer 
shielded nor had God's protection, but became 
subject to what the Devil might do to them. 
TMs rule is clearly shown by the record np- 
pearint^ in God's Word.-Hosca 11 : 8; Jeremiah 
12:7; Isaiah 47:6. 

What, then, did the Devil do with those sons 
of God, if anything;? The Scriptures show that 
those spirit creatures were inipriflonod. Where 
were they imprisoned, and wJio imprisoned 
them? Manifestly Satan and his bullies, the 
nepliilim, imprisoned them, and their place of 
imprisomncnt is somewhere in Magog. Later 
Jesus preached to those imprisoned s^^irits con- 
cerning God's purpose; as it is written: "By 
which also he wont and preaclicd unto the spirits 
in prison; which sometime [aforetime {Ueinsed 
Version)] were disobedient, when once the long- 
suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, 
while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, 
that is, eight souls, were saved by water." 
— 1 Peter 3; 19, 20. 

Those creatures woi-e not destroyed in the 
flood ; for the reason that ihoy were not included 
in the judgment concerning all (If.',sli, and long 
after the flood Jesus preacluid to tliem. ]")ur- 
ing the 120 years aforementioned Noah, the 
"preacher of righteousness", liad preaclu^l to 
them and they had not heeded his preaciiing, 
and for that reason they remained under the 
power and influence of the Devil and, v/hen the 
flood hroke upon the earth, they found no pro- 
tection given to them by the Lord God, and the 


Devil imprisoned them in the expectation of 
keeping them always away from God. They 
had heard the ijreaching of Noah; and the fact 
that he preached to them and that Jesus later 
Ijreached to them shows that there is a possi- 
bility of tlieir receiving forgiveness and return- 
ing to God*s favor, and Satan would imprison 
them in order to prevent them from returning 
to God; and it appears that their imprisonment 
is in the hm*l of Magog. (Ezekiel 38:2; 39:6) 
Satan and his bnllies would hold those crea- 
tures in restraint so they could not again pre- 
sent themselves unto God. The record shov.'s 
that thereafter Satan presented himself before 
the Lord God, but his angels did not appear. 
"Again there was a day when the sons of God 
came to present themselves before the Lord, 
and Satan came also among them to present 
himself before tlie Lord." — Job 2 : 1. 

Since one of the purposes of preaching the 
truth is to afford creatures an opportunity to 
repent and come into liarmony with God, the 
fact that Jesus preached to those spirits in 
prison supports the conclusion that there may 
be an opportunity for them to be recovered and 
come back into liarmoiiy with God. Being held 
in prison by Satan would not necessarily mean 
that they are 'the seed of Satan', but tliat those 
v;ho rei^ont and reform according to God's law 
might be tlms saved. That would mean that in 
due time they would have to take a positive 
and determined stand against Satan and Gog 
and all the wicked crowd and declare themselves 
wholly on God's side. (For a fuller statement 




of this matter, and as to how Jesus preached 
to tliem, see the small book entitled Angels.) 


AVhat became of the nepliilim or f>;iantR, tlie 
willfully wicked angels that appeared on earth 
prior to the flood, and where arc they now? 
The Scriptures, when carefully examined, give 
ansv^-er to this question. Those wicked an/^els 
joined Satan in his rebellion and materialized 
prior to the Hood as p:iants in the earth. They 
were not included in the judgment of God con- 
cerning those who should be destroyed in the 
flood; for the reason, they had, together with 
Satan, been previously sentenced to death, and 
their execution deferred to a later date, as will 
be seen as progress is made in this study. The 
judgment of complete destruction was long ago 
entered against Satan and those other willfully 
wicked ones, and states that, when it is executed 
against Satan, "never shalt thou be any more." 
(Ezekiel 28:] 9) Thorio angols are spirit crea- 
tures that willingly joined Snlan in the rebel- 
lion, are likewise maliciously wicked, and are 
lieid there for everlasting destruction, together 
with Satan. (Maltlicw 25:41) At tliat time aU 
the wicked shall perisli. (Psalm 87 : 20) Concern- 
ing those wicked angels it is written: 'TVliose 
judgment of old [now from of old {A.R.V.)'} 
does not linger, and their destruction does not 
slumber." (2 Peter 2:3, EmphaMc Diafflntt) 
The apostle who wrote those words directs bis 
speech to the time of the end of the world; and 
now that time has come, and for that reason 


the judgment of those willfully wicked angels 
does not linger, but will be executed at Arma- 
geddon, which is in the near future. 

Furthermore, it is written concerning those 
willfully wicked angels: "P'or if God spared not 
the aiigols that siimed, but east them down to 
hell, and delivered thorn into chains of dark- 
ness, to be reserved unto judgment." {2 Peter 
2:4:) According to another translator of this 
text it reads: "For if God did not spare the 
angels who sinned, but having confmcd them 
in Tartarus with chains of thick darkness, de- 
livered them over into custody for judgment." 
(2 Peter 2:4, DiagloU) The record shows that 
those angels were sonicnccd to death long be- 
fore the Hood. The word "hell", in this text, 
is from tlie Greek iarianifi, and that word means 
or signifies great debasement of degradation. 
It is the same de))asement to which Lucifer was 
reduced when he became the Devil. Those wicked 
angels were a part of Satan's original organiza- 
tion when he was Lucifer, and they joined him 
in his rebellion. "Chains of darkness" does net 
mean literally iron chains, but moans that which 
restrains them in darkness concerning the un- 
derstanding of Jehovah and bis purpose and 
for ever excludes them from his favor, which 
favor is light, and the contrary of which is thick 
darkness. It is v^ritten that in the light of God 
there is life; and therefore the "chains of dark- 
ness" is the very opposite and would mean 
complete death or destruction. Those angels be- 
fore the rebellion wore a part of God's universal 
organizationj and when tliey joined the rebel- 





lion they cut theinselves off for ever from Ins 
favor. Such clearly appears to be God's right- 
eous rule conceriiiug all who give themselves 
over to the Devil in wickcdneRS. The Lord de- 
clares that he will gather out the workers of 
lawlessness and cast thcra "into outer dark- 
ness".— Matthew 25 : 30. 

Satan is the chief of devilf?, and that means 
that there are many other devils; and they all 
are designated in the Scriptures under these 
terms, to wit: "prineiiialitics/' "powers," "rulers 
of the darkness," 'a host of wicked ones in un- 
seen places.' (Ephesians G:12, margin) All of 
such are enemies of God and are all the enemies 
of those who serve the Alniighty God. 

Those wicked angels are alive and continue 
to carry on their devilish work within their re- 
strained realm, and particularly among those 
who Ivuow not and who do not serve the Almighty 
God. The original estate or place of habitation 
of such was God's organization with Lucifer, 
and when they, together with TAieifer, rebelled 
against Gotl, they were degraded, which degra- 
dation is called ''chains of darkness". "And the 
angels whicli kept not their lirst estate, but left 
their own halutation, he hath reserved in ever- 
lasting chains, under darkness, unto the judg- 
ment of the great day." (Judo 6) This is in 
harmony with the folloAving scripture: "The 
Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of 
temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the 
day of judgment to he punished." — 2 Peter 2 : 9. 

The great day of judgment is tlie period of 
time within which Christ Jesus, the Executive 


Officer of Jehovah, executes judgment, and which 
will be considered in another chapter of this 
book. The "chains" have no reference to literal 
chains, but do mean that those who are thus re- 
strained are removed from God's light and favor 
and are in the darkness concerning his purpose, 
except that they know that they are judged for 
destruction; but doubtless the Devil tries to con- 
vince them otherwise. When Jesus was on the 
earth, and when he found those wicked spirit 
creatures afflicting men, he rebuked them, and 
they cried out: "AVhat have we to do with thee, 
Jesus, thouSon of God? art thou come hither 
to torment us before four] time?" — MatthcAv 
8:29; Luke 4:34. 


The Devil and his angels have been active 
from the time of the rebellion at I'klen until 
nov,', and will continue active until their de- 
struction at Armageddon. As Satan "that old 
Serpent" is the arch deceiver, alwo all his wicked 
angels are deceivers, and the undisputed evi- 
dence shows that they continue to deceive men. 
They operate by gaining control of the mind 
of man and thereby compel or lead man to com- 
mit wrongful acts. When one undertakes to 
serve Almighty God and thereafter becomes 
unfaithful, he is easily a victim for those wicked 
spirit creatures. A striking example is that re- 
corded concerning Saul, who was selected as 
the first king of Israel. The Israelites asked to 
have a king, and God yielded to their demands 
and permitted them to have Saul. The Almighty 




God gave a specific command to Sard that he 
must perform a certain duty, and Saxil, although 
attempting it, deliberately failed, and because 
thereol' he fell into the snare of the Devil and 
his -wicked angels. It is written in God's Word: 
"The fear of man hringeth a snare: but whoso 
putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." 
—Proverbs 29:25. 

"When Saul the Idiig was confronted by God's 
faithful prophet Samuel, Saul said: 'i have 
transgressed the commandment of the Lord, . . . 
because 1 feared the people, and obeyed their 
voice." (1 Sanuiel 15: 24) Such is the nnbreak- 
alile rule with men wli.o fear other men; and 
for tluit i-enson they disobey God and fall into 
Satan's snare. The Lord God withdrew his fuvor 
and protection f]-om Sanl; then the Devil and 
liis angers got complete control of Saul's mind 
and caused him to make numerous attempts 
tliereafter to commit murder. Saul then sought 
out the witcli of Endor, a medium through whom 
tlie wicked .sjiirits connnimicated ■\\itli hmnan 
creatures, and Sanl consulted that wicked one, 
"Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a 
woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may 
go to her, and inquire of lior. And his servants 
said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath 
a familiar spirit at En-dor." (1 Samuel 28:7) 
This is proof that witches and familiar spirits 
were and are enemies of God and man and 
that they giiin control of the mind of man and 
turn men away from God. On that occasion the 
wicked spirit farther deceived Saul by induc- 
ing him to believe that Samuel, who had lived 


previous to that time and died, was Ptill alive. 
Samuel, being dead, could not communicate with 
anyone alive, but tbeM'ieked spirits induced Sanl 
so to believe. (Keclosiastes 9: 5, 10) In due time 
Saul died the enemy of God because lie had 
feared man and had become unfaithful to God 
and fallen away entirely to the Devil. (1 Sanmel 
28 : 7-20; 31 : 4,'5) Witchcraft has been practiced 
from the time of Saul oven to the present day. 


Witches are those creatures who yield them- 
selves as instruments for use by the Devil and 
his angels and permit them^^elves to be employed 
as mediums for communication between wicked 
spirits and men en the earth. Witchcraft is of 
the Devil and is tlie fruit of rebellion. Satan the 
rel)e! invented witchcraft, and he and his wicked 
spiritual allies employ and practice witchcraft 
to deceive human creatures. When Saul had dis- 
obeyed God, the prophet of the Lord said to 
Sanl: "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, 
and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. 
Because thou hast rejected tlie word of the Lord, 
he hath also rejected thee from being king." 
— 1 Samuel 15:23. 

Saul had followed Satan's course and had re- 
belled against God's commandment and commit- 
ted the sin of ^\dtc]lGraft. Furthermore, God's 
law expressly prohibited the practice of witch- 
craft because it is of the Devil : "Thou shalt not 
suffer a witch to live." (Exodus 22: 18) "There 
shall not be found among you any one that mak- 
cth bis son or his daughter to pass through the 



fire, or that -uGoth divination, or an observer of 
times, or an enclianter, or a witch. "—Deuteron- 
omy 18 : 10. 

The Devil and Ms associate wicked angels 
fraudulently induce men to believe that the dead 
are not dead at all, but alive. Such was Satan's 
first lie when ho said to Eve, 'There is no such 
thing as death.' For this reason Jesus said oi" 
Satan the Devil: ^lo is a liar and the father 
of lies"; that is, the one who originates lies. 
(John 8:44) Practically all religious organiza- 
tions in the eai-th teach that the dead are alive; 
and that shows that such organizations have 
fallen under the Devil's deception. God has spe- 
cifically declared in his Word: "For the living 
know that they shall die; but the dead know 
not any thing, neither have they any more a 
reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. 
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with 
thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor 
knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither 
thou goest" (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10) "The dead 
praise not the Lord, neither any that go down 
into silence/'~Psalm 115:17. 

In the face of this and many corroborating 
scriptures (Psahns 0:5; KG: 4; Isaiah 53:12; 
Ezekiel 18: 4, 20) many a religions organization 
insists that the dead are alive in "purgatory" 
or in holl or somewhere else, and they base their 
"proof" upon Satan's lie and upon the fact that 
thoy claim to be able to comnumicato with the 
dead by si.gns, hy rappings and by hearing of 
voices. Such persons go to a spirit medium and 
have what is called a "seance", and have the 



medium to get into communication, as they sup- 
pose, with their dead friends, who the medium 
claims arc alive. Such deceived persons hear 
voices wliich purport to conio from those who 
have died, but in fact the voices that arc heard 
are the voices of wicked spirits who joined 
Satan originally in his rebellion and who are 
the degraded ones in darkness, and who con- 
tinue to practice fraud upon unsuspectiTig per- 
sons that do not trust in Jehovah God ; and they 
continue to reproach God's name by keeping 
alive Satan's lie, to wit, 'There is no death.' 

It is an absolute fact, not subject to disputa- 
tion, that none of the wicked angels can com- 
municate with any man who is wholly devoted 
to God and who continiies faithful unto the 
Lord God. That of itself is proof that all sup- 
posed communication with the dead is the op- 
eration of tiie enemies of God and man for the 
purpose of deceiving man and reproaching God's 
name. The imrpose of those enemies is to turn 
men away from God by inducing them to believe 
the Devil's lie and the associated lies ol' "pur- 
gatory" and eternal torment, which arc built 
solely upon Satan's lie. It is apparent, there- 
fore, that the religious organizations that teach 
the doctrines of purgatory and eternal torture, 
and that the dead are alive, are operating under 
the powerful and deeex)tive influence of the Devil 
and his wicked angels. 

The practice of witchcraft has been carried 
on for ages and is practiced to tlais very day. 
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centui'ies a 
great wave of witchcraft Bwei)t over Europe 




and America. Jlany persons were tormented 
by llio witclics, wJio represented and acted for 
tlio wicked sjiirits, and particnlarly in England 
and Scotland there were many hideous scenes 
or witch torture and extermination. {The Ency- 
clopedia Americana, Volume 29, page 431) In 
the early days ol' the American colonies stren- 
uous laws were enacted against the practice of 
witchcraft. Every American familiar with his- 
tory knows of the Salem (Massaciinsetts) witch- 
craft. The witches, under the influence and con- 
trol of the Devil and the wicked angels afore- 
mentioned, claimed that they were able to ride 
through thin air on broomsticks, on pokers or 
on animals, which, of course, is a physical im- 
poyhiibility. Deluded persons yielded themselves 
to tlie Devil and his angels and convinced them- 
selves, no doul)t, that they could do such things. 
As another striking exami^le, in this very year 
(1037) in Russia there have been a number of 
men tried, convicted and executed for the crime 
of treason after having confessed to the com- 
mission of crime and the performance of acts 
of which they could not possibly have been 
guilty. Those men came into court and pleaded 
guilty, knowing that their punislmient would be 
death. They recited before the court acts per- 
formed by them in accomplishing tlie alleged 
crime that they could not under any circum- 
stances have performed. They claimed to have 
traveled, for instance, from Moscow to Oslo, 
Norway, by airplanes, the number and descrip- 
tion of which they gave, and which airplanes 
never were in existence. The confession a.nd 



testimony of those men, and their pleas of guilt 
and their execution upon their own statements, 
have greatly mystified people all over the world, 
and the public press and radio speakers have 
repeatedly been asked to state the reason there- 
for, and all have failed to state the reason be- 
cause they have either deliberately ignored or 
are totally ignorant of the Word of God. Those 
men of Kussia, who thus pleaded guilty and 
were executed, were, without a ciuestion of doubt, 
victims wlio had fallen under the control pf the 
wiclted angels, and had pursued a course similar 
to that followed by King Saul when he fell under 
tlie wicked one's influence. Those -wicked angels 
injected into the minds of those poor men the 
delusion that they were guilty, and induced them 
to confess crimes of -which they were entirely 

Another instance of the operation of those 
wicked spirits is this, to wit: On the night of 
February 27, 1933, the building of the German 
Keichstag was Imrned, and that could open tlie 
way for Hitler and his crowd to gain complete 
control of Germany, wluch they gained imme- 
diately theroaL'ter. That crime of arson brought 
about exactly what the Nazis desired. The Nazis 
themselves burned the building and then laid 
the crime at the door of political foes, many of 
whom v;erc arrested. A Hollander named Van 
der Lubbe, described by the press as a half-wit, 
was arrested, together with several Connnu- 
nists, and charged with the crime of burning the 
Reichstag. John Guntlier, an American jo\ir- 
nalist, was present at and reported the trial 





of this man. In liis book Inside E-urope are piib- 
lislicd the facts, and from "wliieh the following 
is quoted, to wit : 

''Van der Lnhbe, a typical enougli unfortu- 
nate by-product of modern civilization, was not 
only weak-minded; he had a deep grievance 
against society and anthority, which his feeble 
brain sought to remedy by pyromania. He was 
a gerAiine arsonist. A homeless vagrant, wan- 
dering in the Berlin slnms, he set several fires, 
and in his thick manner boasted about them. 
And Nazis hoard him. The further facts re- 
vealed are that the Nazis had arranged for 
Van der Lnbbc to be in the building with fire 
material so that they could make him appear 
as the guilty one. The fire that destroyed the 
building was the chemical fire set by the Nazis, 
who carried their material through the Goering 
tunnel, and timed it to go oft' at just that mo- 
ment Van der Lubbe thought he set the fire. 
Lubbe retreated from the building in proud 
triumph and was arrested by the police, and 
that was what the Nazis had planned. Lubbe 
was an obvious victim of maniacal dej)ressivc 
psychosis." Furthermore the authority above 
cited says : "The court was terrified every time 
Lubbe opened his mouth." Lubbo was put on 
the witness stand and admitted that he fired 
the building. He confessed to physical facts im- 
possible for him to have coimnitted. "He was 
proud of his fire. He resented it deeply when 
anyone was put forward to share the credit 
of it." The public has been mystified about that 
fire since. "What is the real explanation? With- 


out any question of doubt Van der Lubbe was 
the victim of the wicked spirits described afore- 
said, which wicked spirits had gained control 
of his mind and made liim believe that he was 
the one who burned the building. Those wicked 
spirits produce insanity in anyone who yields 
to their infiuence. 

There are numerous other instances of the 
operation of these wicked spirits in their at- 
tempt to seize control of the minds of man and 
plunge them into a desperate condition leading 
to destruction. Recently there has come an afflic- 
tion upon the laboring element of the nations, 
and which is expressed in what is called "sit- 
doAvn strikes". Such has been a mystery to many 
persons, and is yet. The fact is that the same 
devilish crowd that operated the Nazis in Ger- 
many and conspired to have a weak-minded man 
to confess to their crime likewise is operating 
upon the minds of men to produce a situation 
mystifying to the people and in an endeavor 
to bring about a destruction of the nations and 
the people. 

From the time of the flood until now the 
Devil and his associated wicked sjurits have 
been actively exercising power over men and 
nations. Just now, in the year 1937, that crowd 
of wicked spirits have gained a greater control 
over rulers and the people of the various nations 
than at any other time since the flood, and this 
will appear from the undisxmtcd and unimpeach- 
able evidence as the examination of the facts 
concerning tlie enemies progresses. "Without any 
question of doubt the dictators in the various 


E N n M 1 E S 

nations of the world today arc under tlie in- 
flnoneo of tliose wicked spirits. The object or 
}mrpose of those wicked ones is to carry out 
the Devil's purpose from tlio beginning, which 
is to try to defame or reproach the name of 
Almighty God, and to turn the people away 
from Almighty God and to plunge them into 
destruction. To appreciate the great crisis in 
the afl'airs of the nations, which is now upon 
all the nations, it is necessary to consider the 
evi<lenee of the activity of those wicked sx^irits 
from the time of the Ilood to the present tune, 
and particularly as the same relates to the gov- 
erning powers of the nations of the earth. As 
this evidence is examined the reason for the 
present-day perils will readily appear to all sin- 
cere, unprejudiced and honest persons. 



"The way of the wicked is an abommation unto the Lord." 
^Proverbs 15 : 9. 

THE ALMIGHTY GOD brought the first 
world to an end by the great deluge, which 
destroyed all flesh upon the earth, includ- 
ing the offspring of the union of the "sons of 
God" with the "daughters of men". The only 
survivors wore those in the ark: "And [God] 
spared not the old world, but saved Noah, the 
eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, 
bringing in the flood upon the world of the 
ungodly." (2 Peter 2:5) Those who were de- 
stroyed were wicked and an abomination in the 
sight of Jehovah God. There were left on earth 
Noah and his three sons and four other persons 
of Noah's family. The "sons of God" that mar- 
ried human wives were 'imprisoned' by Satan, 
and the wicked angels that joined Satan orig- 
inally in his rebellion were remanded to a de- 
graded condition and habitation. The Devil had 
not been deprived of his power, and the reason 
will be seen as progress is made in this study. 
Another world came into existence imme- 
diately following the flood, and that world per- 
sists to this day ; and most persons believe that 
it will continue for ever; but in this they err. 
The world consists of heaven and earth, the 






heaven being that part which is invisible to 
human eyes, and the earth that part of the 
world which is visible to Ininian eyes. Angels 
were not included in the .)ud;3:ment executed at 
the time of the Hood, but the tlieii existing rela- 
tionship between the visible and the invisible 
was destroyed by the flood. It is written : ""By 
the word of God tlie beavens were of old, and 
the earth, standing out of the v.-ater and in the 
■water [within the water-ring or canopy round 
about the earth] : whereby the world that then 
■was, being ovLTllowed with water, perished." 
—2 Peter 3:5,0. 

The world that is now, that is to say, the 
invisible and the visil)le, will that abide for 
ever? The scrijiture answers that question in 
these words: "But the heavens and the earth 
■which are now, by llie same word are kept in 
store, reserved nnto lire against the day of judg- 
ment and perdition of ungodly men." (2 Peter 
3:7) The world no>v in existence is designated 
by the Lord as "this present e-vil world" (Gala- 
tians 1:4), and such is the one that he has de- 
creed be destroyed and pass aw^ay. "Fire" 
is a symbol of complete destruction, which will 
befall the present w^orld. Satan tlie De-vil is the 
prince or invisible ruler in control of the present 
•wicked world, which shall pass away. (2 Corin- 
thians 4:4) With its passing away there shall 
appear a new world, and concerning which the 
scripture says: "We, according to his promise, 
look for new heavens and a now earth, wherein 
dwelleth righteousness." (2 Peter 3:13) Fol- 
lovv-ing the flood the population of the earth con- 


sisted of Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham 
and Japheth, and the other members of NoaVs 
household. "And God blessed Noah and his sons, 
and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiiDly, 
and replenish the earth." (Genesis 9:1) "Now 
these are the generations of the sons of Noah: 
Shem, Ham, and Japheth ; and unto them were 
sons born after the flood." (Genesis 10: 1) The 
human race then began to multiply. 


Immediately after Noah left the ark Jehovah 
God made known his covenant concerning the 
sanctity of life. (Genesis 9:9-11) A covenant 
is a solemn and unbreakable declaration of God's 
purpose. God would have all creation to know 
that life is a gift from him and that no one can 
properly take or destroy life without the per- 
mission of God. The beasts of the field and the 
fowls of the air God has provided for man that 
he may use them for food as he may require. 
(Genesis 9:2-4) If any man, contrary to the 
law of God, kills another man, tlie killer is guilty 
of murder and must suffer death. (Genesis 9:6) 
Also the wanton and needless slaying of ani- 
mals is a violation of God's everlasting cove- 
nant. (Genesis 9: 4, 5) If a man kills beasts for 
his necessary food, such is lawful; but if he 
kills them merely to satisfy a selfish desire to 
slay or to gratify his desire for sport, that is 
a violation of the everlasting covenant concern- 
ing the sanctity of life. 

The covenant having been announced, the 
Devil saw an opportunity to further reproach 



the name of God by causing man to violate that 
everlasting covenant concerning the sanctity of 
life. This violation began to be manifested par- 
ticularly in Nimrod. The man Nimrod was a 
descendant of Noah's son Ham. "Nimrod ... be- 
gan to bo a mighty [man] in the earth." The 
word translated "mighty" in tliis text (Genesis 
1 : 8) is the same word translated "mighty" re- 
lating to the offspring of the marriage of the 
spirit creatures with the daughters of men. 
(Genesis 6:4) "lie was a mighty hunter before 
the Lord : wherefore it is said, Kven as Nimrod 
the mighty hunter before the Lord." (Genesis 
] : 9) Nimrod was ambitious, Avarlike and blood- 
thirsty, and reveled in wicked deeds, and was 
undoubtedly indnced to do so by reason of the 
inlluence of the Onvil and his associate demons. 
Nimrod hunted and killed wild beasts merely 
to satisfy his wicked desires, and he armed and 
trained young men to follow him in the killing 
business, and in the eyes of the people Nimrod 
became one greatly admired and worshiped be- 
cause of his prowess. No doubt the Devil put 
that into the minds of the people, that they 
would show their devotion to a creature rather 
than to the Creator. It is written of Nimrod 
that he was "a mighty hunter before [that is, 
superior to or greater than]" the Almighty God. 
The honor, plaudits and adoration bestowed 
upon Nimrod was worship, and there began 
the practice of religion following the flood. 

Religion is a form of worship bestowed by 
creatures upon another, the one worshiped being 
regarded by euch creatures as superior to them- 





selves and worthy of adoration and worship. 
The Devil had gained control of tJie mind of 
Cush, the father of Nimrod, and had used Cush, 
the son of Ham, as a ringleader in turning 
the increasing population away from Jehovah 
God. Nimrod, his son, together with others, was 
trained to violate God's everlasting covenant 
and to establish creature worship, and this was 
for the purpose of diverting the minds of crea- 
tures away from the Almighty (^)d. IJy this 
moans Satan and his associate deviLri defied the 
Almighty God and reproached his name, and 
thereby set up the practice of religion in the 
earth. Let this be remembered and kept in mind 
henceforth: Religion has ever been the chief 
instrument employed by the Devil to reproach 
the name of Almighty God and turn the people 
away from the Most High. 

Polities is the means and art of organizing 
and governing the people in order to control 
organizations of men. Religion, having been or- 
gani'/ed and put into operation to turn the peo- 
ple away from God and to the worship of crea- 
tures, was quickly followed by politics, that is, 
an organization amongst men to control and 
rule the people. Nimrod, the religionist, took 
the lead in politics, he being made the ruler or 
king. "And the beginning of liis kingdom was 
Babol." (Genesis 10:10) Nimrod and his reli- 
gious and political associates built cities, into 
which the people were gathered, and that was 
the beginning of trade or commerce, trafficking 
amongst each other. From that day to this, reli- 
gion, politics and commerce have been operated 



jointly by the Devil and his assistants for the 
purpose of controlling and ruling the nations 
of the earth and keeping them away from a 

knowledge and 

service of 



Religion organized 

Further carrying out his wicked scheme to 
turn the people away from God and to cause 
them to worsliip creatures, the Devil and his 
\%icked angels injected into the minds of men 
that their salvation depended upon the acts and 
power of themselves and other creatures. "And 
they said, Go to, let us build us a city, and a 
tov\^er whose top may reach unto heaven; and 
let us make us a name, lest we be scattered 
abroad upon the face of the whole earth." — Gen- 
esis 11 : 4. 

By religion the Devil moved the people who 
were dwelling in the land of Shinar to build 

R E L I G I M 


the lower of Babel, which means "the gate to 
God"; therefore a religion of the Devil was at 
that ]')oint bronglit forward to defy tbe Almighty 
Cod. Doubtless because of that organized move- 
ment in setting up a religion God interfered and 
brouglit about a confuf-iion of the language of 
the people, and hence the llel)rew word for 
Bahcl means "confusion". From the very begin- 
ning God expressed his indignation against reli- 
gion, showing that it is an abomination in his 
sight because formulated, brought into exist- 
ence and practiced by the Devil. Nothing else 
has brought about so much conl'u.sion among 
the people as the many kinds of religions tliat 
are practiced among them. From and after the 
flood until now religion has been the chief means 
of confusing, deceiving and misleading the peo- 
ple and has resulted in turning them away from 
the knowledge of and worship of the true and 
almighty God. This of itself is proof conclusive 
that religion is the product of tlie Devil, em- 
ployed specifically to deceive the people and to 
turn them away from Jehovah. Religion causes 
the people to be very superstitious and to yield 
to the influence of their religious leaders, and 
that opens clearly the way for politicians to 
gain control of and rule the people, and for 
the use of commerce or traflic by which the peo- 
ple are robbed of their just rights and earnings. 
Bab-el and Babylon mean the same thing. 
Babylon is the name of the Devil's organisa- 
tion, which combines three elements, religion, 
politics and commerce, to control the peoples 
of the earth. Religion is employed for selfish 



gain to tlie Devil's crowd, and tlion'forc God 
said to the Devil: "By the inuUiiudo of thy 
merchandise they have filled tlie nu(l;:5t of tliee 
with violence, and thon hast sinned: tliereFore 
I will cast thee as profane out of the niouiitnin 
of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering 
cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. 
Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by tlie mul- 
titude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of Ihy 
traffic; therefore will I bring forth a tire from 
the midst of thee, it shall devour thee; and I 
will bring thee to ashes upon the earth, in the 
sight of all them that behold thee." — E/.oldel 
28 : IG, 18. 

Satan's ambitious and covetous desire to get 
gain for himself induced liim to rebel against 
the Almighty God, and therocil'ter he has em- 
ployed religion, politics and commerce to fur- 
ther feed his insatiable and covetous desire. In 
liarmony with this it is written : "For the love 
of money is the root of all evil; which while 
some coveted after, they have erred from the 
faith, and pierced themselves through with nuiny 
sorrows." — 1 Timothy 6: TO. 

"Money," as here used, means anything by 
which gain is measured. The evil is not in the 
circulating medium which is called "money", but 
the wrong results from loving or desiring that 
which enables one to reap selfish gain. Many 
men wlm have at first liad faith in Jehovah God, 
and who began to servo him, have been led 
to eovetousness, and tliat unsatisfied desire for 
gain has brought about their complete down- 
fall. Such was the course of Satan and has ever 




been that of those who serve him. Religion is 
used for tlmt purpose, that is, that the Devil 
might gain the devotion of creatures to any- 
thing, particularly to himself, and thereby turn 
them away from God. 

Following the organization of Babylon other 
organized nations came into existence, to wit: 
E,gypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, and 
others. All of such great world powers and 
all subdivisions thereof, or nations which have 
formed and do form any part thereof, have had 
and practiced and do have and practice reli,gion, 
Babylon is the mother of all religions, and the 
Devil is the father thereof. All religions prop- 
erly take the name of Babylon. The Devilis the 
great enemy or adversary of God, and his reli- 
gion therefore is an enemy of tlie Almighty God. 
The Devil is man's worst enemy, and his reli- 
gion is likewise a deadly enemy to man. The 
Devil's organization is symbolized by an un- 
chaste or impure woman, which is called "Baby- 
lon". Therefore all religions are of Babylon, 
and particularly the leading religion known in 
the lands called "Christendom". 

All tiie nations, kindreds and j^eoples on the 
earth since the flood have had and practiced, 
and do continue to have and practice, some 
form of religion, and each and every one has 
been made so to do by the wily influence of that 
wicked one, the Devil, and his associate wicked 
spirits. It is therefore written in the Bible of 
and concerning Babylon that 'she has made all 
the nations drunk with the wine of her forni- 
cation'. (Revelation 14:8) "And upon her fore- 


E N E Al 1 E S 

head was a name written, MYSTEUY, BABY- 
EARTH." (ReveLation 17 : 5) All of wliich rIiows 
that religion is tlic instrunii'jit oi' tlio l)(fvil cm- 
ployed to ox^pose, to defy, to mock and to re- 
proach the Ahnis^hty God and to deceive men 
and turn them away from the true Almighty 
God, whose name is Jehovah. (For i'urthcr con- 
sideration see the book PropliGcy, chapter six.) 

All religions organizations on the earth are 
formed and carried on by men who are sub- 
jected to wrongful infnienee and rnled by the 
great enemy Satan the Devil; and this is true 
whether any of them know it or not, because 
the Bible so states. AVliat is here written or 
said is not an ast^aiilt upon men. There would 
be no reason or excuse for that, and no good 
cou'd be . accomplished by holding up men to 
ridicule. The purpose is to set the facts plainly 
before the people that all sincere ones may see 
wlio constitutes their real enemies. 

There are two great organizations in exist- 
ence, to wit: the organization of the Almighty 
God, which is wholly rigliteous, pure and true, 
and the organization of the Devil, the mimic 
god, which is unholy, wicked and entirely false. 
The people of earth are subjected to one or the 
other of these two organizations. The Devil and 
liis wicked angels and other supporters at all 
times fight against God to defnnie his name 
and to turn the people away from God and 
into destruction. That wicked organization is 
attempting to destroy everyone who is on the 



side of Jehovah God and who therefore tries 
to do right. The Lord Jesus Christ and his 
true followers are entirely on the side of Jeho- 
vah God, even as the prophets of old were on 
the side of and served Jehovah God. The faith- 
ful servant of the Lord God, speaking by in- 
spiration and authority from the Most High, 
points out that there is a great warfare waged 
by those who are on the side of tlie Devil against 
those who axe devoted to Jehovali God, and em- 
ploys these words, to wit : "For we wrestle not 
against flesh and blood, but against princix)al- 
ities, against powers, against the rulers of the 
darkness of this world, against spiritual wicked- 
ness in high places." — Ephesians 6: 12. 

It is therefore seen that Satan and his wicked 
associates that joined him in the rebellion orig- 
inally, constitute the powers, principalities and 
invisible rulers of this wicked world which op- 
erate in darkness as tlie enemies of man. Those 
in the organization of the Almighty God make 
war upon that devilish rule and power, and 
therefore must tell the truth concerning reli- 
gion, because religionists fight against God and 
religion is the chief instrument by which the 
people are deceived. In that warfare, however, 
the faithful servants of God do not use Vv'eapons 
to injure any human creatures in their bodies. 
The 'weapons of their warfare' are just one, 
and that one is the "sword of the spirit, which 
is the word of God". (Ephesians 6:13,17) To 
those who are on the side of Jehovah, and who 
are serving him in this warfare, Jehovah says : 
Te are my witnesses to tell the people about 



my name and kingdom and purpose/ (Isaiali 
43 : 10, 12) Snch witnesses of God arc men, walk- 
ing in the flesli, but using only the weapons of 
the truth with which Jehovah has annctl them. 
"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war 
after the Ilesh; (for the weapons of our war- 
fare are not carnal, but mighty through (lod to 
the pulling down of strong holds)."— 2 Corin- 
thians 10:3,4. 

Let it be clearly understood, therefore, that 
the true servants of the Almighty God and fol- 
lowers of Christ Jesus have no fight to wage 
against any human creature, be that person Jew, 
Gentile, Catholic, Protestant or infidel. They 
have no disposition to do injury to any man, 
but to tell the truth for the good of those who 
want to know the right way. Men of all nations 
have fallen under the wily influence and power 
of Satan and his wicked angelic associates, but 
such men are the objects of compassion. It is 
the privilege and duty of Jehovah's witnesses 
to tell them the truth as God has commanded, 
in order that those who are among them and 
who are of good will toward God may find the 
only place of security and safety from their 
enemies. The truth of God's Word is therefore 
a warning given that those of good will may 
heed the warning and flee to the place of safety. 


Abel, Enoch and Noah were faithful and true 
to Jehovah and maintained their integrity to- 
ward God. They were witnesses to the name of 
the Almighty. It was 350 years after the flood 



dried up that Noah died (Genesis 9: 28, 29), and 
during that time tlie descendants of Noah in- 
creased rapidly. Ahnost all the people had by 
that time fallen uneier the infkienee and control 
of Satan and the other devils. Two years after 
the death of Noah Abraham was born. Abra- 
ham was then residing in the land of Ur of the 
C'haldees. He loved and served the Almighty 
God. When he was seventy-five years old, at 
the conmiand of Almighty God he moved into 
Canaan : "Now the Lord had said unto Abram, 
Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kin- 
dred, and from thy father's house, unto a land 
that I will shew theej and I will make of thee 
a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make 
thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: 
and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse 
him that curseth tliee; and in thee shall all fam- 
ilies of the earth be blessed. So Abram departed, 
as the Ivord had spoken unto him; and Lot went 
with him : and Abram was seventy and five years 
old when he departed out of Haran." — Genesis 

Ho went there to be a witness for Jehovah. 
Since the rebellion at Eden God has had some 
faithful witnesses on the earth, although very 
few in number, coujpared to earth's population. 
God began to make known that no man would 
have his blessing unless that man had faith in 
God and obeyed his connnandments, and so He 
began to preach or proclaim the gospel unto 
Abrahaju. "And the scripture, foreseeing that 
God would Justify the heathen through faith, 
preached before the gospel unto Abraham, say- 



ing, In tlicc sliall all nations be blessed. So tlieii 
they which be of I'aith are blossed with faithful 
Abraham."— Galatians 3: 8, 9. 

jAbralinm was a preacher of the truth, and 
hence a witness for Jehovah God. In duo time 
there was born to Abraham and his wife Sarah 
a son named Isaac. With Abraham and Isaac 
God began to reveal by means of pro])heiic pic- 
tures his purpose to send to the earth his own 
beloved Son Jesus, who is the real heir of prom- 
ise and he who would prove to be the faithful 
and true witness of Jehovah, an<l wlio would 
be orfered up as a sacrifice to provide tlie price 
of redemption for man, to the end that tiiose 
who would have faith in God and Christ Jesus 
mif^ht escape the wiles of the Devil and (ind 
everlasting life. (Genesis 22:1-18) God has de- 
veloped and carried out his purpose according 
to his sovereign will, and his purpose is certain 
to be accomplished even as he has declared it. 
(Isaiah 46:11) It will be observed from this 
point forward that at every stage of man's his- 
tory religion has been used to oppose God, and 
particularly to deceive mankind. 

The nation of Rgypt was, in the days of Abra- 
ham, a powerful nation. That nation practiced 
the Devil religion the same as did the i)eoples 
of Babylon. Egypt was a great, commercial and 
military nation and was ruled by a king the title 
of whom was Pharaoh, meaning "Great House". 

Jacob was a grandson of Abraham, a true 
servant of God, one of the faithful patriarchs, 
and under the command and direction of the 
Almighty God he moved with his descendants 





into Egypt and resided there for some years. 
God changed the name of Jacob to Israel, and 
thereafter the descendants of Jacob were known 
as Israelites or Hobi-ews. (Genesis 32 : 28 ; 40 : 15) 
The Egyptians, who practiced the Devil religion, 
in time, under the rule of a harsh Pharaoh, made 
the Hebrews their slaves and greatly oppressed 
them. (Exodus 1: 11-14) Pharaoh, the ruler and 
official representative of the Devil on earth, or- 
deretl all the male children of the Hebrews to 
be killed. J\loses was born, and his parents hid 
him, and llie bahe was found by the daughter 
of Pharaoh and was reared in the royal house. 
"Exodus 2 : G-IO ; Hebrews 11 : 23-28 ; Acts 7 : 22, 
Because of his zeal for Jehovah and his peo- 
ple, Moses, when ho grow to manhood's estate, 
was compelled to flee from Egypt in order to 
remain faithful to God, and he went and dwelt 
in the land of Midian. While in that land God 
selected Moses and sent him into Egypt as the 
deliverer of his people. The Hebrews had re- 
fused to yield to the Devil religion practiced 
in Egypt, and held to the promise made to their 
father Abraham, and therefore the Egyptians, 
under tlie direction of tlie Devil and his angels, 
continued to increase the burden and oppres- 
sion upon the Israelites. Their burdens grew 
in severity, and God heard their cries, and he 
sent Moses down to Egypt to act as their leader 
and deliverer from the hand of the oppressor. 
It was while in Midian, and when Moses was 
selected, that God revealed himself to Moses 
as the "I AM", that is, the self-existing One, 
not the one who was or will be, but the One 



who is, I AM, without beginning and without 
end. He revealed himself to Moses by His name 
JEIiOVAH, which means his purpose toward 
those who love and serve him. — Exodus 6:3. 

AVhen Moses appeared before Pharaoh he 
told him that Jehovah God had commanded 
that Pharaoh should let the Hebrews leave 
En5T^j ^"d Pharaoh replied: ''Who is [Jeho- 
vah], that I should obey his voicef (Exodus 
5:2) This is cited as a further proof that 
Pharaoh was the official representative of the 
Devil and the enemy of Jehovah God. Then fol- 
lowed the afflictions upon Egypt, which God 
sent in the way of plagues, that the Egyi:)tian3 
might be fully warned of bis power and his 
purpose; and time and again, because of these 
plagues, Pharaoh agreed to let the people go, 
but refused when the time came for them to go. 
Then God sent the last plague, that is, the 
plague of the slaying of the firstborn of Egypt. 
When the firstborn died, then Pharaoh permit- 
ted the Israelites to leave Egypt. Moses led the 
Israelites out of Egypt and by God's grace took 
them dry-shod over the Ked sea, and when 
Pharaoh's army attempted to follow and to 
destroy the Hebrews they were drowned in 
the sea. (Exodus 14: 21-31) Thus Jehovah God 
there made a prophetic picture forotolling his 
purpose in his own due time to completely over- 
throw the Devil and all of liis forces. These 
historical ti*uths are here recited in order that 
we may get a proper view of the operation of 
the enemy against the people. 




How may it be known for a certainty that 
what is cited in the foregoing is true and wholly 
trustworthy? The answer is, because those facts 
are recorded in the Bible, whicli is the Word 
of God, and which is the truth. Did the people 
who lived on the earth prior to the time of Moses 
have the Bible'/ No; because Moses himself 
wrote the first five books of the Bible at the 
dictation of Jehovah God. Prior to that time 
God had eommunieated with his faithful men 
on earth by and through his angels. (Genesis 
18 : 1-33 ; 19 : 1, 15) God spoke to Moses and gave 
him instruction what he should do when he 
went into Egypt. God made a covenant with 
the Hebrews just before they left Egypt, and 
he used Moses as spokesman and mediator for 
that purpose. When the Hebrews or Israelites 
reached Mount Sinai after leaving Egypt, God 
there confinned his covenant with them, giving 
to them his fundamental law. (Exodus 19: 1-20) 
Ho also delivered to them through Moses his 
divers statutes. God commanded Moses what to 
write, and he wrote as he was commanded, and 
thus came into existence the first five books of 
the Bible. 

The record of Jehovah shows that God created 
man in his own image and likeness and that he 
made the earth for the habitation of man (Isaiah 
45: 12, IS) and that he instructed the first man 
what he should do in order to maintain his in- 
tegrity and proper standing before the Lord. 
The Devil rebelled, together with a horde of 
wicked angels, whicJi crowd of wicked ones as- 





sanlted mankind to turn them aAvay from God 
and to destroy them. It is only reasonable that 
God would give to the obedient men who had 
withstood the Devil his own word, that they 
might be guided in the right way. This he did 
by bis angels or messengers for a time, and then 
in his own due time he caused his faithful serv- 
ants' to make and record his message to n^an- 
Idnd, which is called tlie Bible, and whioli God 
has x^reserved since for the benefit of those Avho 
desire to know what is right. Moses was wholly 
devoted to the Ijord God, and God chose him 
to write the books of the Bible that first appear. 
Thereafter other faithful servants of the Lord 
wrote portions of the IMble as God commanded 
them and dictated to thorn. One of tliose faith- 
ful sei*vants wrote; "The spirit of the Lord 
spake by me, and his word was in my tongue." 
{2 Samuel 23:2) Further testimony upon this 
point is: Holy men of God [men devoted to 
God] spoke as they were moved by the holy 
spirit.' (2 Peter 1:21) (For a more detailed 
consideration of liow we got and have the Bible, 
see Creation, chapter 5.) 

Some men say: "I do not believe there is an 
Almighty God, and hence do not believe the 
Bible." Such men cannot see and understand 
the truth and are wliolly ignorant of man's re- 
lationship to the Creator. The Devil has made 
men mentally blind, and this he has done lest 
the truth should shine into their minds. (2 Corin- 
thians 4:4) A snne and rens-:onable man, by 
merely looking al;)out him and observing the 
tilings that exist, must know that there is a 


great Creator, who made all tilings that are vis- 
ible, and that great Creator is revealed as the 
Almighty God. One who does not believe God 
could never understand the truth, but must re- 
main in darkness. It is written : "But without 
faith it is impossible to please him: for he that 
Cometh to God must believe that lie is, and that 
ho is a rewarder of them that diligonlly sock 
him." (Hebrews 11 : G) The man who says there 
is no Creator is a fool. (Psalm 14: 1) If a man 
puts himself in the fool class, that shows he is 
completely under the control of the Devil, who 
is his worst enemy. 

God does not force man to believe the truth. 
He puts the truth before man and permits man 
to exercise his own desire and to accept it or 
not, God is hght, and he it is who 'covers him- 
self with light'. (Psalm 104:2) His light of 
truth is not given to those who serve the Devil, 
and that is shown by the fact that the wicked 
angels are restrained in darkness, as stated 
hereinbefore. "Light is sown for the righteous." 
(Psalm 97:11) The man who delights himself 
in the law of God and strives to walk right- 
eously is a man who walks in the light and is 
bloEscd.— Psalm 1:1,2. 

The Bible was not written for fools, nor is 
this book published for the benefit of fools. The 
Bible was written and given to man for his aid 
and guidance, that such man of good will and 
purpose might be fully advised as to the right 
v/ay to go and that he might stay on the side 
of God and refuse to serve the Devil. "All scrip- 
ture is given by inspiration of God, and is prof- 


itable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, 
for instruction in righteousness; lliat the man 
of God may bo perfect, througlily furniKliod unto 
all good works." (2 Timothy 3 : IG, 17) This pub- 
lication attempts to put the Bible in n simple 
way before the people wlio want to know the 
truth. It is not expected it will be a])pi-eciated 
or used by others. The Scriptures contain the 
Word of God, and the same is true and is the 
l^roper p:nido for the man who wants to know 
and to do what is right. "Thy word is a lamp 
unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Tliy 
word is true from the beginning; and every one 
of thy righteous judgments endurotli for ever. 
I rejoice at tiiy word, as one that findetli great 
spoil. I hate and abhor lying; hut thy law do 
I love."— Psahn 119 : 105, IGO, 162, 1 (\X 

Jesus, the perfect One, testified concerning 
God's Word as written in the Bible, and said: 
"Thy word is truth." (Jolm 17: 17) Let no man 
conclude, however, that tlie mere possession of 
tbo Bible or an occasional reading over texts 
tliereof is sufficient to enable him to be wise. 
Many persons say: "I have the Bilile and know 
what it teaches"; and yet they are entirely igno- 
rant of what it contains, and of the meaning 
thereof. The Bible is the greatest storehouse of 
knowledge and wisdom. A man who desires to 
know the truth must study the Bible and thus 
study to show himself approved of God, and 
not be ashamed to acknowledge to all that all 
good things proceed from the Almighty God. 
(2 Timothy 2:15) A meek person is one who 
has an honest desire to learn; and if such a 



man apjjlics himself in God's appointed way 
he is certain to learn, as it is written: "The 
meek will he guide in judgment, and the meek 
will he teach his way. All the paths of the Lord 
are mercy and trutli unto such as keep his cove- 
nant and his testimonies." — Psalm 25 : 9, 10. 

Many religious clergymen deny the Bible. 
And why? Because they are not men of God, 
but are on the Devil's side. All higher critics 
are in this class. Such men are wise in their 
own conceits and desire to shine in the eyes of 
other men and have the honor and praise wliich 
properly belongs to the Almighty God, and thus 
show themselves in the Devil's company. They 
posi;ess worldly wisdom, as it is written: "For 
it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the 
wise, and will bring to nothing the understand- 
jrig of the prudent. Wliere is the wise? where 
is the scribe? where is the disputer of this 
world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom 
of this world? Because the foolishness of God 
IS wiser tlian men; and the weakness of God is 
stronger than men."— 1 Corinthians 1 : 19, 20, 25. 

The opinion of a man is of no value whatso- 
ever if that opinion expressed is contrary to 
the Word of God. If you follow the teachings 
of men you are certain to remain in darkness. 
AH men are by nature imperfect, and men grow 
in knowledge and wisdom only when they seek 
to know and to do the will of God; and for that 
reason the man who denies the Bible as the in- 
spired Word of God is a foolish person, whether 
that man be a clergyman or a hodearrier. To 
trust in the opinion of man ia folly and leads 



to eertain destruction. "Put not your trust in 
princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there 
is no help." (Psalm 14G: 3) But to learn of and 
trust in and follow God's direction leads lo life 
and happiness. "Trust in the Lord with nil lliino 
heart; and lean not unto thine own nndov.stniid- 
ing. In all thy ways acknowled.i^e him, and he 
Ehall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:5, (i) "And 
this is life eternal, that they mi^ht know thee 
the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou 
hast sent." (John 17:3) If a man desires to 
knov^ the trnth, then he must prove all thinj^s 
by the Word of God, which is true, and must 
hold fast that which is in harmony with the 
AVord of God. All thinf.-s else are on the side 
of man's enemy.— 1 ThcKsalonians 5:21. 

The Devil is the prince of darkness, and he 
puts forth his best endeavors to keep the people 
in ignorance of the trnUi and therefore to hold 
them in darkness. Why do religious leaders, the 
clergymen, try to keep the people from study- 
ing and understanding the Bible? Why have 
they instructed the people of their congrega- 
tions to refuse to read anything tliat explains 
the Bible'^ Why do they toll llie people to de- 
stroy books, sucli as this one, that presents only 
the Bible view? The answer is, because tliey 
are the agents of and representatives of the 
Devil, whether they are aware of that fact or 
not, because he who is not for the Lord is 
against him. (Matthew 12:30) For selfish rea- 
sons they desire to keep the peoi)le in ignorance 
so that the clergy may hold the jieople in sub- 
jection to themselves, receive the honor and 



plaudits of the people, and also ih& financial 
support that comes by reason of the influence 
they have over the x^eople. 


In that long period of time from Eden to 
Mount Sinai, when the Israelites gathered there 
at God's command, the Devil and his angels 
opposed God and oppressed and afilicted all men 
who had tried to do right and serve God, and 
the De^dl had sncceeded in turning most of the 
hnman race away from God. Even Moses and 
Aaron found themselves in a jam because of 
tlie influence exercised over the people by Satan 
and his angels. The Devil had inflicted great 
punishment upon the Israelites when in Egypt, 
and now God had delivered them and they stood 
at the foot of Monnt Sinai to receive the law 
■from God's hand, that they might be shielded 
from the Devil's attack. While Moses was in 
the mountain receiving the law at the hands of 
God, the Devil overreached the Israelites and 
caused them to turn to idolatry or religious 
worship. Many have asked, and still ask, Why 
did not God kill the Devil then or before that 
time and spare men from his oppressive hand 
and his wicked deception? The Devil and his 
wicked angels continue to operate even to this 
very day, falling the earth with violence, and 
the people with dread. Why docs the just and 
loving God permit the Devil to remain alive 
and carry on his wickedness? 

The answer is given in brief at this point, 
and then the proof will follow, to wit: Because 


E N B M I E S 

the Devil doclarcd his ability to turn all men 
away from God, and he challenged God to put 
a man on the earth who would remain true and 
faithful to Jehovah when put to the test by the 
Devil. That challcnj^-e put at issue the rii^hteons 
name and word of the Almighty (]od. The effect 
of the ehallenp-o was to declare that Jehovah 
God is not supreme, he is not all-powerful. God 
could have killed the Devil immediately. But 
suppose he had Idlled him and his wicked angels 
at the time of the rebellion or at the time of 
the flood, and before the Devil had been given 
a chance to oppress the Israelites, what would 
have been the result? It could have been easily 
said then that the Devil had not been given the 
opportunity to prove who is supreme. The ques- 
tion of supremacy would not have been settled 
in the minds of other creatures. If one creature 
could defeat God, then the foundation for faith 
and obedience in God would be for ever shaken. 
The Lord God would give the Devil a full oppor- 
tunity to prove his challenge before settling the 
question for ever. 

Pharaoh was the Devil's representative in 
Egypt and had defied Jehovah by raising the 
question : '*AVho is [Jeliovali], that I should obey 
ins voice?" The Devil himself had openly defied 
Jehovah. Then God caused Moses to write down 
in His sacred Book the reason why Jehovah God 
permitted the Devil and his angels to carry on 
their wickedness and why he has not yet de- 
stroyed them ; and that declaration, which is an 
answer to the foregoing question, is this: "But 
for this cause have I allowed tlree to remain, 




in order to show thee my power; and in order 
that thoy may proclaim my name throughout 
all the earth." (Exodus 9: 16, Leaser) The dec- 
laration applied to the Devil specifically and to 
his then representative on the earth, Pharaoh, 
the ruler of the chief world power. 

Stated in common phrase, the Almighty God 
declared he would permit Satan and his asso- 
ciated devils to have all the rope possible and 
a free hand to put forth their very strenuous 
efforts against Him; that in his own due time 
he would show his adversaries his supreme 
power by destroying them and all their su]3- 
porters, and their works of wickedness; that 
before destroying them he would cause his own 
name and his supremacy to bo declared through- 
out the earth, to the end that the enemies might 
have full warning and notice of their coming 
destruction, and that the people of good will 
toward God might be warned and flee from 
Satan, and take their stand on the side of 
Jehovah God, and find protection and security. 
That question at issue must be fuUy and com- 
pletely determined for ever in favor of Jeho- 
vah God in order that his name and word be 
vindicated. Such is the reason why God per- 
mitted the wicked ones to continue in the earth, 
and he gives his sure word that in due time he 
will completely destroy all of them. Now the 
time has come for his name to be declared 
throughout all the earth, and for that reason 
these great truths are now being brought to 
the attention of the people, by the Lord's grace. 


But why has God permitted thp 'DoYil to op- 
press and afflict those persons on earth who 
iiave a^^-eod to serve Him? Why lias ho not safe- 
gnirdod these faithful ones from all assaults 
of the Devil? The answer is that if God should 
do so, then the Devil would not have a free hand 
in his effort to prove his wicked challenge; aii<l, 
furthemiore, those who have agreed to K((rve 
God could prove their integrity and faltli ful- 
ness to God only by resisting the assaults of 
the Devil, and under all conditions of persecu- 
tion continuing to maintain their integrity to- 
ward God. For that reason God has repeatedly 
stated to those who serve him his promise to 
presei-ve them and give them everlasting life 
and that he will destroy all the wicked: "The 
Lord proserveth all them that love him; hut 
all the wicked will he destroy." (Psalm 145: 20) 
"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give 
thee the crown of lif e."-Iievelation 2 : 10^ AJi.V. 


The Scriptures specifically name some men 
who were faithful and true to Jehovah and wlio 
withstood the Devil. Thest; men named include 
Abel, Knoch, Notdi, Aliraliam, Job and Moses. 
God has used faithful men in times of old as 
eiisamples or types of greater things to come 
to pass. Among those who were so used was 
Job. The place of habitation of the Devil and 
his angels was and is, according to the Scrip- 
tures, in "the land of Magog". (Ezeldel 38:2) 
In the days of Job Satan had not been barred 
from heaven but had the privilege of appearing 



from time to time before the Almighty God. 
It appears that from time to time the faithful 
sons of God presented themselves before Jeho- 
vah: "Again there was a day when the sons of 
God came to present themselves before the 
Lord, and Satan came also among them to pre- 
sent himself Itcforc the Lord." — Job 2: 1. 

To be sure, Jehovah knew from whence Satan 
came, but he held communication with Satan 
manifestly for the purpose of making a picture 
foretelling how faithful men are tried and tested 
by the Devil: "And the Lord said unto Satan, 
From whence eomest thou? And Satan an- 
swered the Lord, and said. From going to and 
fro in the earth, and from walking up and 
down in it. And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast 
thou considered my servant Job, that there is 
none lilce him in the earth, a perfect and an 
upright man, one that fearoth God, and esehev/- 
eth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, 
although thou movedst me against him, to de- 
stroy him without cause. And Satan answered 
the Tiord, and said, Skin for skin; yea, all that 
a man hath will he give for his life. But put 
forth thine hand now, and touch his bone and 
his flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face. 
And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, he is 
in thine hand; but save his life. So went Satan 
forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote 
Job with sore boils, from the sole of his foot 
unto his crown." — Job 2:2-7. 

^ Doubtless Satan taunted Jehovah by calling 
his attention to the fact that only a few men 
since the time of the flood had stood by Jeho- 



vah, that most of them had gone with the T)(!vil, 
and that if the Devil had a chance ho could niak'e 
them all forsake God. That was a doliaiit chal- 
lenge to Jehovah God, and ho acce])lod iUf chal- 
lenge. Job was rich in earthly ^n)od!s and sur- 
rounded by a happy family and (nijoycd f!:ood 
health, peace and quietnosH. TIks Ih^vil doe!arod 
that if those things were taken away from hini 
he would curse God to his face. In answt-r to 
that challenge Jehovah said: ''Behold, lie Ih in 
thy hand''; that is, 'you are at liberty to niako 
him curse me if you can.' Thereafter Satan the 
Devil afflicted Job with a loathsome disease, 
from which he suffered so terribly that liiw own 
wife said to him: "Dost thou still retain lliiiie 
integrity? curse God, and die." (Job 2: J)) But 
Job stood firm amidst all this test nrul main- 
tained his integrity toward God. Then the Devil 
further afHicted Job by causing certain pious- 
faced religionists to torment him, and through 
it all Job maintained his integrity, remained 
firm and true to the Most High. 

That which is recorded concerning the experi- 
ences of Job is an ensample of thoai? who (iiidure 
suffering for righteousness' sake and wlio in llio 
face of all manner of persecution and punish- 
ment maintain their integrity toward (lod. dust 
■why God would permit the Devil to pro(;ced 
with a free hand in opposition to Ilim and in 
persecution of those who serve God was not re- 
vealed at the time to anyone, not even to the 
angels. That God had a fixed time in which to 
make known the reason is certain, however, and 
exactly on time God will bring the entire issue 




to a climax to his own glory. What followed 
shows that he has permitted the Devil to tempt 
men for centuries, and particularly through the 
operation of religion, using it as an instrument 
to carry out his wicked challenge. The day of 
reckoning is at hand, when the issue must be 
settled, and therefore it is God's due time to 
make known the reason to all those who are 
diligent to have a proper understanding. 


The descendants of Jacob, now called Israel, 
were organised into a nation and put under the 
leadership of Moses. It was after the Israelites 
had been miraculously delivered from Egypt, 
and while they were encamped at the base of 
Mount Sinai, that God gave to that people his 
fundamental law and his statutes. Ten is a sym- 
bolic number denoting completeness, and what 
is generally called "the ten commandments" 
really means all or the complete statement of 
God's fundamental law to man. His statutes 
speciiically define man's duty to be performed 
in harmony with the fundamental law. The na- 
tion of Israel was in direct contrast to all otlicr 
nations and peoples because Israel was the peo- 
ple chosen by the Lord God for himself, and 
by and through which people he would and did 
make prophetic pictures foreshadowing greater 
things to come to pass in the future. — 1 Corin- 
thians 10 : 11, 

Note here how God gave to that people the 
fundamental lav/, wMch fundamental law ap- 



plios to nil people who nndort.'iko to do the wiil 
of God: "In the third month, vvli{>n llio children 
of Israel were gone forth cnit oi' liio land of 
Egypt, the same day came they into the wilder- 
ness of Sinai. For they were departed from 
Eephidim, and were come to the desert of Sinai, 
and had pitched in the wildcnioas; and there 
Israel camped before the momit. And Mohcs 
■went np mito God, and the Lord caUed nnto 
him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt 
tliou yay to the house of Jacob, and toll the 
children of Israel: Ye have scon what I did 
nnto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on 
eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself. 
Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, 
and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a pecu- 
liar treasure unto me above all people: for all 
the earth is mine. And ye sliall be unto me a 
kingdom of jpriests, and an holy nation. These 
are the words which thou shalt speak unto the 
children of Israeh And Moses came, and called 
for tlic elders of the people, and laid before 
their faces all these words which the Lord com- 
manded him. And all the ])(!oplc answered to- 
gether, and said, All that the Lord hath spoken 
we will do. And Moses rfUnnied the words of 
tlie people unto the Lord."— lOxodus 19:1-8. 

Jehovah God eommunicated to Moses his law, 
which was written upon tables of stone: "And 
he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end 
of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two 
tables of testim.ony, tables of stone, written with 
the finger of God." (Exodus 31 : 18) The unlim- 
ited power of the Almighty God enables him to 



write upon stone as well as upon the sand. Every 
person who believes that the Almighty God 
exists and tliat he is the rewardor of them that 
serve him, can readily see how God made provi- 
sion for the Bible to be written and kept securely 
through all the centuries. No one has ever been 
able to destroy the Bible, although repeated at- 
tempts have been made to do so. It is certain 
that the Devil has made every possible effort 
to destroy the Bible, and in modern times par- 
ticularly he has used religionists, who are called 
'Tiigher critics", to discredit the I5iblG and cause 
the people to refuse to believe it. 


If every creature were perfect and obedient 
to Jehovah God there would be no need for a 
written law proscribing what is right and com- 
manding the people to refrain from what is 
wrong. Perfect ci^eatures are moved by unself- 
ishness to do that which is right. The human 
race was unperfcct from the time of the expul- 
sion of Adam from Eden, and by the time the 
Isz-aelites were delivered from Egypt mankind 
was much depraved because of his fall and 
the continued influence exercised upon man by 
Satan. Laws are necessary for imperfect men 
to have as a sure guide, that they may go the 
right way. The lav\'s are made for just such; 
as it is written : "Knowing this, that the law is 
not made for a righteous man, but for the law- 
less and disobedient, for the ungodly and for 
sinners, for xmhoiy and profane, for murderers 



of fathers and mnrdei'ers of motliers, for raan- 
elayors." — 1 Tiinotliy 1 : 9. 

Love, wlik'li is the perfect expression of im- 
solfishness, is the complete fullillinont of the 
law, therefore making the enforcement of law 
unnecessary. (Komans 13: 10) The very essence 
of the law is written in the heart of every crea- 
ture that is in full harmony with God and de- 
lights to do his will. At the time the Israelites 
M'ore nssemblod at I\lount Sinai the Devil had 
almost all of the jjeople on earth in his service, 
and therefore all were in the way of destruction. 
The Israelites God would safeguard from that 
destructive influence. The law which God gave 
to the Israelites was not for God's benefit, but 
entirely for the benefit of man. If a man walks 
with the Dovi! he is certain to die, biit if he 
maintains his integrity toward God he will live. 
Therefore God gave his law through Moses to 
the Israelites and winch applies to all who want 
to do right, and the first in order and first 
in importance of his commandments or funda- 
mental law is this, to wit: 

"And God spake all these words, saying, I am 
the Lord thy God, wliich liave brought thee out 
of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bond- 
age. Thou slialt have no other gods before me. 
Thou shalt not make unto thoc any graven 
image, or any likeness of any thing that is in 
heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, 
or that is in the water under the earth: thou 
ehalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve 
them : for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, 
visiting tho iniquity of the fathers upon the chil- 




dren unto the third and fourth generation of 
them that hate me; and shewing mercy unto 
thousands of them that love me, and keep my 
commandments." — Exodus 20: 1-6. 

The law of God never changes, because God 
never changes. (Malachi 3:6) His law points 
out the way to everlasting life. No creature 
will ever be given life everlasting who willfully, 
that is, intentionally, violates God's laAv. If man 
chooses another for his god, Jehovah will not 
grant to that man life. For a man to violate 
the fundamental law of God means that that 
man puts himself on the side of the Devil, who 
therefore leads him to destruction. For the 
benefit of man, then, God provided in his law 
that man should have no other god before Him, 
becauee God alone is the source of life. 

Within a short time after the giving of the 
law to Israel, and while Moses was in the moun- 
tain, the Israelites in violation of God's law 
made a golden calf as an image for worship, and 
in punisliment for their sin God caused 3,000 
of the Israelites to be killed in one day. 'And 
God plagued the people, because tiiey made the 
golden calf.' (Exodus 32:28-35) The worship- 
ing of the Israelites before the golden calf was 
the practice of religion, and they were therefore 
yielding to the influence of the Devil. For God 
to permit the i^eople, whom he had set aside 
for himself, to indulge in religion, which is of 
the Devil, would, to be sure, mean that he would 
permit them to align themselves with his enemy 
the Devil. The making of an image of anything 
in heaven, such as an image of the Lord himself, 



and bo"\ving do^vn or worshiping before that 
image, is a violation of God's fundamental law. 
To safeguard tliem from the Devil men are com- 
manded to worship the Lord Ood and refrain 
from worshiping before images. The use of any 
kind of image in connection with worshiping 
the Lord is a sin, as will be more fully consid- 
ered hereinafter. 

God gave his law to the people, therefore, 
to safeguard them from the influence and power 
of the l3evil, who, operating chiefly through reli- 
gion, endeavors to turn all people away from 
Ahnighty G-od. It is written in the Scriptures 
that Jehovah God gave his word of promise to 
Abraham that He would raise up a seed and in 
that seed the opportunity for blessings should 
come to all the peoples of the earth. Abraham 
pictured God himself, and his son or natural 
seed, Isaac, pictured Christ Jesus, the beloved 
Son of God. God's law looked forward to the 
coming of that promised seed, Christ Jesus, the 
Bedeemer of mankind, and He gave the law be- 
cause of sin, to safeguard his chosen people, the 
Israelites, that they might be in a proper con- 
dition to receive his promised seed Jesus when 
he did come. 

The situation was this: Adam had sinned, 
and by inheritance all maniiind came under the 
effect of that sin and condemnation, and in due 
time all men must perish by reason thereof un- 
less saved by and through God's provision for 
them: "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered 
into the world, and death by sin; and so death 





passed upon all men, for that all have sinned: 
therefore, as by the offence of one judgment 
came upon all men to condemnation; even so 
by the righteousness of one the free gift came 
upon all men unto justification of life." (Romans 
5:12,18) "'For the wages of sin is death; but 
the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesua 
Christ our Lord." — Komans 6 : 23. 

Jehovah God is the Giver of life, and his pro- 
vision is to give life through his beloved Son, 
Christ Jesus. God's gift of life is to those who 
have and exercise faith in God and in Christ 
Jesus, the promised Seed, and who therefore 
faithfully resist the Devil. God had selected 
the Israelites from amongst all the peoples of 
earth and would now give them an opportunity 
to maintain their integrity toward him by show- 
ing their faith in him and obedience to his lav/ ; 
and in order to safeguard them he put Ms law 
about them as a hedge or fence to keep them 
from serving the Devil. With the coming of 
Christ Jesus those who had then maintained 
their integrity toward God by obeying his law 
to tlie best of their ability, and who had and 
esei'cised faith in Christ Jesus, would be in line 
to be saved and receive the gift of life. There- 
fore it is written that the transgression of God's 
law is sin. "Whosoever committeth sin trans- 
gresseth also the law: for sin is the transgres- 
sion of the law." (1 John 3:4) It is further 
written: "It [that is, the law] was added be- 
cause of transgressions, till the seed [Christ] 
should com.e to whom the promise was made; 
. . . Wlierefore the law was our schoolmaster 



to bring ns [GoeVs chosen people] unto Christ, 
that wo might be justified by faith." (Galatians 
3; 19,24) Thus it clearly appears from the tes- 
timony that God commanded the Israelites to 
serve him as the only God and that it was solely 
for their benefit, that they might be safeguarded 
from the assaults of the enemy, Satan the Devil. 
The Israelites were about to begin a forty 
years' journey through the wiklernoss land. 
They -would come in contact vnth other nations 
and peoples, that practiced the Devil religion. 
They must be safeguai'ded from that Devil reli- 
gion and must remain faithful and tru(! lo ilie 
Almighty God and thereby maintain tlieir in- 
tegrity toward him. All who thus did would l)e 
l^ormitted to enter the land of ])roiniyi', and tlio 
violators of that law would die and not be jht- 
mitted in the land of promise. The Israelites, 
under the Lord's direction, would thereafter be 
making living pictures of God's purpose toward 
all who would faithfully serve him, and hence 
the experiences through which Israel j)asHed 
foreshadowed greater things to come at tlie end 
of the world. Moses then led the Israelites on 
that long journey, during which time be wrote 
the five books of the Bible, wliich God dictated 
to him, that is, the books from Genesis to i)eu- 
teronomy inclusive; and thereafter otlier sf^rv- 
ants of God w^rote down the things that came 
to pass upon the Israelites and which G od caused 
them to write, not merely as historical facts, but 
to foreshadow or foreteU far greater things to 
come to pass thereafter. — 1 Corinthians 10: 11; 
Hebrews 10 ; 1. 








Behold now an army of more than G00,000 
men, from twenty years of age upward, besides 
women and children, marching through the des- 
ert on their way lo the land of promise, taking 
with them their food and their animals, a peo- 
ple (and tlieir beasts of burden) which God had 
sei)arated from other peoples of earth. They 
were marching in obedience to God's command- 
ment. How many of those men would maintain 
their integrity toward God and reach the land 
of promise? What was the great sin that beset 
them so easily, and that was about them from 
the very time they began their journey? The 
answer clearly shoAvn by all their experiences, 
and by what is recorded in the Scriptures, is 
this : Rclis^ion and formalism, invented by the 
Devil, and whicli the people were induced to 
practice to turn them away from the Almighty 
God. Religion has ever been the Devil's chief 
instrument by which lie has beguiled the people 
and blinded them to the truth. Religion was the 
besetting sin of Israel, which sin has been the 
besetting sin of those who have professed to 
follow in the footsteps of Christ Jesus. 

Long years after that journey in the v/ilder- 
ness began the apostle Paul, of the Hebrew 
stock, wrote the epistle to the Hebrews, and 
therein he lists a number of faithful men from 
Abel to John the Baptist who had maintained 
their integrity toward God, and wherein jie 
shoAvs that it was their shunning religion and 
their unswerving devotion and faithfulness to 
the commandments of Almighty God that had 


E N n M 1 E S 

trained for tliem God's approval. Then it is writ- 
ten as an admonition to all of tlioso who have 
a,greed to do the will of Cod and to follow in 
the footsteps of Jesns that tlioy sliould have 
in mind these faithful witnossot; who went be- 
fore and slionld follow a similar course. "Wiicre- 
fore ficein;^ we also are eonlpa^^st'.d aliout with 
so f^reat a cloud of witnesso;?, let us lay aside 
every weight, n-nd the s'lu whiclh doth so easily 
hesci us, and let us run with patience the i"ace 
tliat is set before lis." — Hebrews 12: 1. 

Man's l>esetting sin, from the time of Eden 
till noAv, has been and is religion. It has been 
the means by wliich Satan has deceived man, 
and he has kept it around man and turned liim 
away from God. It was the instrument that the 
Devil used to cause the Israelites to fall away 
from God. It is so easy to fall under the scduc- 
(ivo influence of religion and thereby to violate 
God's hiw, and the Devil has seen to it that reU- 
i?ion has ever been kept before man to cause 
him to fall. 

The making of images, of beads, crosses, and 
other things of that kind, and using in 
wdiat i.s supposed to be worship of God, is a 
direct violation of God's law and shows that 
tlmse wlio thus practice are unwittingly falling 
to the Devil. The sahiting of flags or men or 
other like objects, or bowing down to them, is 
attributing protection and salvation to creatures 
or things, and that is a religions formalism and 
in open violation of God's law. No creature can 
divide his afreelions or devotion between God 
and anything. Jehovah God is his only protector 



and is the Life-giver, and he is therefore a '^jeal- 
ous G-od", or zealous for righteousness, and wiU 
not permit his name or his Word to be sullied 
by any part of the Devil's operations or schemes, 
and therefore He will not give life to those who 
indulge in things invented and xised by the Devil 
to defame Jehovah's name. The law of God which 
provides that men shall have no other god be- 
fore Him and shall make no image of anything 
in heaven or in earth and bow down to it is 
solely for the purpose of safeguarding man from 
the Devil's wickedness, "the sin which doth so 
easily beset" all creatures. 

Bef erring again to the apostle's words, 'Xet 
tia lay aside every weight, and the sin w^hich 
doth so easily beset us," which words are ad- 
dressed to God's covenant people, it is clearly 
to be seen that no person can faithfully and 
truly serve God and permit anything to divide 
his affections betAvoen God and any creature 
of creation; that he cannot practice religion, 
and at the same time serve God faithfully; that 
he must lay aside these weights, and do as the 
apostle Paul did and said: "This one thing I 
do" (Vhilippians 3:13), and that is, to follow 
in the footsteps of Jesus and obey God's com- 
mandments. Religion is clearly in opposition to 
tiie commandments of Almighty God. 

God's law is plain, and stubbornness on the 
part of anyone in obeying that law is idolatry. 
(1 Samuel 15 : 23) Every religious practice under 
the sun moans that the practitioners are indiilg- 
ing in idolatry. The use of images in worshiping 
is idolatry, and all idolatry is abominable in the 



Right of God. As God permitted .Toh to be sub- 
jected to great tnals, so lie permitted the Devil 
to tempt the Israelites, and to tempt his cove- 
nant people since, that they mij;ht xirove their 
choice bet^veen God and tlie Devil. Knowing 
that the Israelites would come in contact with 
tJiose "who ])racticed the Devil relij^ion, God 
therefore gave them this specific commandment : 
"Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves 
molten gods : I am the Lord your God." (Levit- 
icus 19:4) "Ye shall make you no idols nor 
graven imaj?e, neither rear you up a standing 
image, ncitlior shall ye set up any image oi' 
stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I 
am the Lord your God." ""And I will destroy 
your high places, and cut down your images, 
and cast your carcases upon the carcases of 
your idols, and my soul shall abhor you." (Levit- 
icus 26:1,30) "All the gods of the people are 
idols." (1 Chronicles 16: 26) Eeligion, therefore, 
clearly appears to be one of man's great ene- 
mies, which the chief enemy, the Devil, has in- 
vented to lead men into destruction. 

What followed after the giving of the law 
shows the great necessity for that law. The rec- 
ord of the Israelites daring their journey is re- 
plete with instances of turning to idols or Devil 
religion. Coming in contact with the Moabites 
they found that people practicing a religion 
called "Baal-peor", and many of the Israelites 
indulged in that religion in violation of God's 
hwv and thus exposed themselves to God's wrath, 
and many of them were destroyed: "And they 
[the Moabites] called the people unto the sac- 




rifices of their gods: and the people did eat, and 
bowed down to their gods. And Israel joined 
himself unto Baal-peor; and the anger of the 
Lord Avas kindled against Israel. And the Lord 
said unto Moses, Take all the heads of the peo- 
ple, and hang them up before the Lord against 
the sun, that tlie licrcc anger of the Lord may 
be turned away from Israel. And Moses said 
unto the judges of Israel, Slay ye every one 
liis men that were joined unto Baal-peor." — 
Numbers 2") : 2-5. 

Time and again the Israelites violated God's 
law by turning to Devil religion, and the result 
was that only a vciy few of those who left Egypt 
lived to see tlie land of i^romise, AVlien Moses 
was delivering to tlie Israelites his last exhorta- 
tion, lio said to them, ns commanded by the Lord 
God: "(For ye know how we have dwelt in the 
land of ]^igypt; and liow we came through the 
nations which ye passed by; and ye have seen 
their abominations, imd their idols, wood and 
stone, silver and gold, which Avcre among them :) 
Icsi there should bo among you man, or woman, 
or family, or tribe, whoso heart tumeth away 
this day from the Lord our God, to go and sei-ve 
the gods of these nations; lest there should be 
among you a root that beareth gall and worm- 
Avood; and it come to pass, when he heareth the 
words of this curse, that lie bless himself in his 
heart, saying, I shall have peace, though I walk 
in the imagination of mine heart, to add drunk- 
enness to tliirst: the Lord will not spare him, 
but then the anger of the Lord and liis jealousy 
shall smoke against that man, and all the curses 



that are written in this book shall lie upon hira, 
and tlie Lord shall blot out liis name from nnder 

heaven. . . . 

"Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath 
the Lord done thus unto this land? what moan- 
eth the heat of this great anger? Then men 
shall say, Because they have forsaken the cove- 
nant of the Lord God of their fathers, which 
he made with them when he brought them forth 
out of the land ot' liigypt: for they went mid 
served other gotis, and worshipped them, gods 
whom they knew not, and whom he had not 
given unto them: and the anger of the Lord 
was kindled against this land, to bring upon it 
all the curses that are written in this book." 
—Deuteronomy 29:16^27. 

God, having accepted Satan's challenge, was 
permitting him to put men to the test and was 
safeguarding them by his law so that the cove- 
nant people of Go<l liad the privilege of exer- 
cising their will or choice to serve God and live, 
or serve the Devil and die. This is God's fixed 
and unchangeable rule. 

When the Israelites, led by the faithful Josh- 
ua, reached the land of promise, they served 
God for a time. (Judges 2:6-13) They were 
God's chosen people, and were made the ob- 
jects and were the objects of continual assaults 
l)y the subtle enemy. Yielding to those temp- 
tations, the Israelites time and again fell away 
to the Devil religion. During that period of 
time there were some men wlio led the Israel- 
ites faithfuIJy to serve God, while others took 
exactly the opposite course. It was during the 



reign of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel that 
almost all the people v^'cre turned away to Devil 
religion. God sent his faithful prophet IClijah 
to deliver his mevssage of warning and to tell 
Ahab that his practice of religion was causing 
the Israelites all the trouble tliat they were ex- 
periencing: "And it came to pass, when Ahab 
saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him. Art (liou 
he that troubleth Israel? And he answered, I 
have not tronbied Israel; but thou and thy fa- 
ther's hoTiso, in that ye have forsaken the com- 
maudmcnls of the Lord, and thou hast followed 
Baalim [the Devil religion J. "-1 Kings 18: 17, 18. 
God raised up Jehu, a faithful servant and 
who slew Aliab and his household because of 
the idolatrous practice of i-eligion in which they 
indulged. "Ho Jehu slew all that remained of 
the house of Ahab in Jezreel, and all his great 
men, and his kinsfolks, and his priests, until he 
left him none remaining." (2 Kings 10: 11) AH 
the practitioners of Baalism, the Devil religion, 
in Israel were slain by Jehu, and he brought 
forth the images out of the house of Baal and 
burned them, and "thus Jehu destroyed Baal 
[worship] out of Israel". (2 Kings 10:25-29) 
These instances iiero are cited as further proof 
that religion is directly in opposition to God^s 
commandments, is devilish, and is therefore one 
of man's great enemies, and an abomination. 


Time and again the Israelites acknowledged 
their wrong and asked for forgiveness, and the 
Lord forgave tlicm. Straightway they would go 


E N E J\1 I E S 

again and indulge in the Devil religion and fall 
nndyr that wiclipd influence. The Lord there- 
fore called them "backsliding Israel". (Jeremiah 
3 : 6-14) God had put his name on the Israelites 
as his own people and was giving them every 
opjiortunity to prove their inlcgrity before him, 
that thoy might have part in })ro-,ing Satan a 
liar and that they might remain faithful to God 
and have his favor; and for his name's sake, 
therei'oro, ho was safeguarding Israel, forgiv- 
ing them and restoring them from time to time, 
giving them further opi^ortunity to prove tJieir 
integrity; therefore it is written concerniug 
Israel: "Notwithstanding the children rebelled 
against me: they walked not in my statutes, 
noitlier kept my judgments to do them, wliieh 
if a man do, he shall even live in them; they 
polluted my sabbaths : then I said, I would pour 
out my fury upon them, to accomplish my angor 
against them in the wilderness. Nevertheless I 
wi ilidrcw mine hand, and wrought for my name's 
sake, that it should not be polluted in the sight 
of tlie heathen, in whose sight I brought them 
fortli." (Kzekiel 20:21,22) The nation as a 
wliole Avas unfaithful to God, but there vrorc 
always a few Israelites that remained faithful 
and true to Jehovah, maintaining their integ- 
rity townrd him. 

Then God sent his faithful men, his prophets, 
who repeatedly prophesied before the Israel- 
ites concerning the coming of the Messiali, 
God's anointed One, that is, Christ, the Seed 
of promise accordiiig to the x^romise which God 
had made to Abraham. (Genesis 22:17,18) He 




warned the Israelites through his prophets that 
if they continued their unfaithfulness to him 
in the i«'actice of Devil religion he would de- 
stroy them, and in harmony with his warning 
he did destroy them because of their unfaith- 
fulness. Exactly at God's iixed time he sent 
tlesus, his beloved Son, whom he sent to deliver 
Iiis message of truth. The priests of the Israel- 
ites v/erc obligated, by God's commandment, to 
teacli tiio people concerning his law and the 
prophecies which referred to the coming of the 
great Messiah, the promised Seed; therefore 
they should have known about the coming of 
Jesus, and the priests in particular should have 
been ready to ]-eceive liini. 

When J((suy was born, not one of the priests 
or clergymen or other practitioners of religion 
was penuitted 1o be witness to the fact, and 
manifestly that ^\v,s because they were practic- 
ing the Devil religion. God chose as his wit- 
nesses to the birth of Jesus the meek herders 
of sheep. Go<l caused his angels from heaven 
to announce fho. lurth of Josus and to speak to 
the sliepherdrt these words: "And, lo, the angel 
of tlie Lord came upon tliem, and the glory of 
the Lord shone round aliout them: and they 
were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, 
Fear not: for, liohold, I bring yon good tidings 
of groat ;ioy, wliich shall be to all people. For 
unto you is born this day, in the city of David, 
a Saviour, whi(!li is Christ the Lord. And this 
shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe 
wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 
And suddenly tiiere was with the angel a multi- 





tude of tlie heavenly host, praisinj? God, and 
saying, Glory to God in the highest, and [Roth.] 
on earth peace, among men of good-will" (Liilre 
2:9-14) By that time almost all the people of 
Israel had turned to religion ; hut there were a 
few who were faithful to God's eommandments. 


Had the priests, Pharisees and scribes, other- 
wise known as the clergymen of Israel, been 
faithfully devoted to doing the will of God and 

obeying his commandments, they would have 
knov/n that Jesus would begin his ministry when 
thirty years of age and they would have in- 
structed the people to be ready to receive him 
and to obey his commandments. When Jesus 
readied the age of thirty years and began his 
ministry, not a single one of the clergy class 
received him and hailed liim as the Son of God. 
The reason why they did not was, because they 
were religionists and were looking for favor 
to themselves from amongst men (John 5:44), 
and they were the instruments of the Devil 
practicing his religion. Those Jewish clergy- 
men or religionists were full of guile and fraud 
and deceit. A few honest and faitliful Israelites 
were looking for Clu'ist the Messiah, and it waa 
from among such that Jesus chose his disciples, 
concerning one of whom Jesus said: "Behold 
an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile !" (John 
1:47) This was conclusive proof that all the 
religious leaders, the clergymen, were full of 
guile and deceit. 


Jesus was baxotiaed in the Jordan river and 
was anointed of Jehovah; and John, standing 
by, beheld the manifestation of God's i^ower 
upon Jesus and His approval of him. "And, lo, 
a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved 
son, in whom I am well pleased." (Matthew 
3 : 17) No Pharisee or other clergyman was there 
to witness that great event. No doubt the Devil 
looked on from some point, hut, of course, was 
invisible to men. 

Immediately after his anointing of the holy 
spirit Jesus was assaulted by the Devil, who 
made a subtle and vicious attack to bring about 
the destruction of Jesus. The Devil demanded 
that Jesus jDeriorm a miracle by making bread 
from stone, to which Jesus replied that man's 
existence docs not depend upon material bread 
alone but does depend upon his obedience to 
God's Word. The Devil then dared Jesus to 
show his superiority by jumjung from a high 
X:)innacle into the valley, to which Jesus replied: 
"It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the 
Lord thy God." The Devil, being the invisible 
ruler of the world, mockingly and sarcastically 
offered to turn the world over to Jesus if Jesus 
would bow down and worship tlie Devil, to which 
Jesus reijlied: "Get thee behind me, Satan: for 
it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy 
God, and him only shalt thou serve." (Matthew 
4:1-10; Luke 4:1-13) This is further and con- 
clusive proof that the Devil is the enemy of God, 
tbat he is a fraud, a deceiver and a liar, that 
he is the inventor of religion, and that those 
who worship any creature or thing, and fail to 



worship the Lord God, are the enemy of God, 

and the agent or ally of the Devil, whether they 
know it or not. There was not one clergyman 
of the Jews that accepted Jepns and stood by 
him; w^hich shows that all such were agents of 
the Devil. 

Thereafter Jesus hegan Ids work of preach- 
ing to the people and introducod his discourse 
with these words: "The Idngdom of heaven is 
at hand." Did any of the clergymen accept that 
as trne! Kot one. The jniests, Pharisees and 
other religious leaders were hypocrites and 
loved the plaudits and approval of men, and 
sought the worship of the people even as their 
father the Devil had done. A great multitude of 
the people "went W'itli Jesus into the mountain, 
where he delivered to them that fauious "Ser- 
mon on the Mount". From the record it does 
not appear that a single clergyman was there 
to hear that great sermon. The common people 
listened with eagerness to learn, and, amongst 
other things, Jesus said to them: "And when 
thou prayest, thou shalt not he as the hypo- 
crites are ; for they love to pray standing in the 
synagogues and in the corners of tlie streets, 
that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto 
you, They have their reward. But thou, when 
thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when 
thou hast shut tliy door, pray to thy Father 
which is in secret; and thy Father, which seeth 
In secret, shall reward thee openly. But when 
ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the hea- 
then do ; for they think that they shall be heard 
for their much speaking." (Matthew 6 : 5-8) 



Then Jesus gave to the people a model prayer, 
which is generally known as "the Lord's prayer". 
—-Matthew 6 : 9-13. 

In the foregoing text it was the priests or 
clergymen who practiced religion to whom Jesus 
referred as hypocrites making a great show- of 
their pious faces in the streets that they might 
be seen of men. Compare the conduct of those 
Jewish clergymen with the clergymen and reli- 
gious leaders of this present day. Often you 
have observed a priest or other clergyman or 
religious pracdtioner going about the streets 
with a prayer book in his hand, pretending to 
read it, or sitting in the parks doing the same 
thing. Daily those clergymen walk through the 
streets wearing peculiar garments that they 
may attract the attention of men. They stand 
in tlie church buildings, as the Jewish clergy- 
men stood in their synagogues, and strike a sanc- 
timonious attitude, and utter senseless speech in 
a language that few, if any, of those present can 
understand; and that they do that they may at- 
tract attention of men to themselves. Thus Jesus 
shows that the practitioners of religion among 
the Jews find their counterpart in the practition- 
ers of religion now on earth in "Christendom". 

The man Jesus w^as the great and true wit- 
ness of Jehovah God, whom God sent to the 
earth to tell his message of truth for his name's 
sake. If the priests and clerg^mien of that day 
had been honest and on the side of Almighty 
God they would have gladly heard the words 
of Jesus and followed his instructions, but in- 
stead they refused to believe htui and opposed 



him in every possible maimer, and this they did 
because they were the agents of the Devil and 
therefore the enemies of God. It is written con- 
cerning the sincere Jews of the common people, 
wlio listened to the jireaching of Jcsiis, that 
"the common jjoople heard bim gladly". (Mark 
12: 37) Bid tho clorgymon believe the words of 
Jcsnsf They did not, but, on tlie contrary, they 
did everything they could to induce the people 
not to believe. When a sincere man reported to 
those clergymen the wonderful words that Jesus 
hnd uttered and things he had done, they re- 
plied: "Are ye also deceived? Have any of the 
rulers or of the Pharisees believed on himf 
(John 7:47,48) Instead of supporting Jesus 
the; clergy of his time used every possible means 
in opposition to him to prevent the people from 
hearing his words of wisdom and life. Exactly 
the same condition exists today with the reli- 
gious leaders of "Christendom". 


Wliat advantage is there in now considering 
the clergy who were on the earth when Jesus 
was liere, and why should this be done at all? 
The ])urpose is to sliow that those men were 
practitioners of religion, claiming to represent 
God, but in fact were on the side of the Devil 
and were the enemies of God; and that in the 
present time those who oppose Christ Jesus 
and his kingdom are the enemies of God and 
of man; that religionists are always opponents 
of the truth ; which shows that religion proceeds 
from the Devil and is emjjloyed to deceive the 




people ; and what was true when Jesus was on 
earth is still true, to wit, that religion is against 
God and his kingdom. By his prophets of old 
God had foretold that the religious leaders of 
Israel would turn the people away from God, 
and now Jesus, the greatest of all prophets, 
told those religious teachers to their face that 
they wore hypocrites and the Devil's represent- 
atives. What Jesus said to those men applies 
with even stronger force to those of the x>roseat 
time who practice religion for gain and who 
oppose those who proclaim God's Word of truth 
concerning Christ and his kingdom. 

The religious leaders among the Jews claimed 
to be the seed of Abraham according to the 
promise and that they were the sons of God. 
Jesus had told them that God had sent him to 
the earth to bear witness to the truth, and that 
the message he was delivering was not his own, 
but that he was speaking the words which God 
had commanded him to speak; and in the face 
of these statements the clergy or religionists 
tried to kill Jesus, and Jesus remi:idod them 
of this fact. 

Mark here the words of Jesus, addressed to 
those opposing religionists: ''I know that ye are 
Abraham's seed ; but ye seek to kill me, because 
my word hath no place in you. I speak that 
which I have seen with my Father: and ye do 
that which ye have seen with your father. They 
answered and said lanto him, Abraham is our 
father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abra- 
ham's children, ye would do the works of Abra- 
ham. But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath 



told you the truth, which I have heard of God : 
this did not Ahraham. Ye do the deeds of your 
father. Then said they to him, We be not born 
of fornication ; we liave one Fatlier, even God. 
Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, 
ye would love me; for I proceeded forth and 
came from God; neither came I of myself, but 
he sent me. Why do ye not understand my 
speech'? even because ye cannot hear my \vord. 
Ye are of your fatlier the devil, and the lusts 
of your father ye will do. He was a murderer 
from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, 
because there is no truth in him. When he spealc- 
eth a lie, he speaketh of his own : for he is a liar, 
and the father of it. And because I tell you the 
truth, ye believe me not. V/liich of you convinc- 
eth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do 
ye not believe me? lie that is of God heareth 
God's words: ye therefore hear them not, be- 
cause ye are not of God." — John 8: 37-47. 

And did they show themselves to be sons of 
the Devil, as Jesus had told them? The facts 
conclusively show that they did. They practiced 
religion, based upon the traditions of men, ig- 
nored the conunandments of God, and thus made 
the Word of God of none eiTect, and therefore 
they were the enemies of God and enemies of 
the people. Mark here the words of Jesus, 
which conclusively show the difference between 
religion and obeying the commandments of 
God: *'Then came to Jesus scribes and Phari- 
sees, . . . saying, Why do thy disciples trans- 
gress the tradition of the elders'? . . . But he 
answered and said unto them. Why do ye also 



transgress the commandment of God by your 
traditio]!'? . . . Thus iiave ye made the coimnand- 
raeut of God of none effect by your tradition. 
Ye hyrsoerites ! well did Esaias prophesy of you, 
saying. This people drav/eth nigh mito me with 
their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips: 
but their heart is far from me. But in vain they 
do worship me, teaching for doctrines the com- 
mandments of men." — Matthev/ 15 : 1-9. 

Those clergymen and preachers were practi- 
tioners of "the Jews' religion" and were the 
instriunents of the Devil. Saul afterwards testi- 
fied to the same effect, as will appear at Gfala- 
tians 1: 13, 14. The Devil got those Jewish cler- 
gymen on his side because they were proud and 
sought the favor of men and taught the doctrines 
whicii men had invented and taught and they 
ignored and disregarded the commandment of 
God. From the day of Nimrod onward the Devil 
has employed religion to turn men away from 
God in furtherance of the Devil's wicked chal- 
lenge to Jehovah. The Devil works upon the 
vanity of men and induces them to adopt and 
practice formalism by which it is claimed that 
they worship God, but which in truth and in 
fact is an abomination in the sight of God. 

God, through Ms holy propliets, had an- 
nounced bis purpose to set up a kingdom which 
should rule the world in righteousness to the 
honor of God's name and for the good of all 
righteous creatures. He foretold that ho would 
send his beloved Son, the Messiah, to rule and 
bless the people. Then came Jesus in due time, 
declaring to the people that he had come as the 



ropresentativG of Jehovah God and for the gath- 
ering of men nnto himself "who wonld faithfully 
soi've Jehovah God and be witnesses to His 
name. Were there any religionists amongst those 
Jews who joined with Jesus in proclaiming the 
kingdom nnd inviting thn peojile to put them- 
selves under Jehovah "s Kin?^? Not one; Imt, on 
the contrary, they tried 1o keep tlic people out 
of tlie kingdom; concerning which Jesus said: 
''But woe unto you, seribos and Pharisees, hypo- 
crites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven 
against men : for ye neither go in yourselves, 
neither suffer ye them tluit are entering to go 
in." {Matthew 2.'-^ : 13) At this present time who 
among the religious leaders are telling the peo- 
ple of God's kingdom under Christ as the only 
hope for the world? Not a single one. On the 
contrary, they tell the people to give no heed 
to those persons who eonio to them preaching 
the message of God's kingdom. They cite human 
inventions and human agencies as the means of 
relief and salvation for the people. 

The religious Pharisees, who opposed Jesus, 
were great sticklers for formalism, tliat they 
might appear in the eyes of men as being very 
clean and riglitoous and wonderful men. They 
were following the traditions of their fathers 
who had murdered the faithful prophets of God, 
and so now tliey would seek to kill Jesus, the 
greatest of all prophets. Therefore Jesus said 
to them: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, 
liypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepul- 
chres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, 
but are within full of dead men's bonesj and of 



all uneleanness. Fjven so ye also outwardly ap- 
pear righteous unto men, but witliin ye are full 
of hypocrisy and ini(jnity. Woe unto you, scribes 
and Pharisees, hypocrites ! because ye build the 
tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepul- 
chres of the righteous, and say, If we had been 
in the days of our fatliers, we would not have 
been partakers with them in the blood of the 
prophets. Wherefore ye bo witnesses unto yoiir- 
selves, that ye are the children of them which 
killed the prophets. Fill ye up tlien the measure 
of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of 
vipers! how can ye escape the damnation of 
hellf (Matthew 23:27-33) Hero is the clear 
declaration of Jesus that religionists are the 
agents of the Devil, whether they arc aware of 
that fact or not. 

cause of murder 




All liars atirl murderers are religionists. 
"VVhonover a murderer is about to be executed, 
he lias some religious practitioner to say some 
senseless words over him, which is t^upijosed to 
save him, but which does no ;^oo<I. The Devil 
was the oria;iuator of relij];ioD, and the Devil is 
the lather of lies and a "nmrderer from the 
bof-::iit]iing"' and ever thereafter. (John 8:44:) 
Fj'om Nimrod down to the present hour the 
bj'oakers of God's everlasting covenant, who 
have opposed Gtjd and murdered human crea- 
tures, Jiave been and are religionists, practicing 
some i'orni of religi(ni. It was religionists that 
murdered the holy prophets of God, whom he 
had sent to declare his truth, and those religion- 
ififs murdered tiieni because they represented 
Gnil nnd followed the truth. (Matthew 23 : 30-32) 
M'iien Jesus, the great Prophet and Heir of the 
Afmig'hty God, came to earth the Devil pnt it 
into the min<ls of the religionists to kill liim, 
and therefore they said concerning Jesus : "This 
is the heir; come, let us IdU him, and let us seize 
on his inheritance." (Alatthew 21 : 3S) It was not 
the common people, hut tlu^ religionists, that 
oppose<l Jesus and IJiat sought his lifehlood, 
and this they did because he told the truth. 

■^rho man Josus was the only righteous per- 
fect man ever on the earth. He Avas holy, luvrm- 
less, luuleiiled and witliout sin. (Hebrews 7 : 26; 
1 Peter 1 : If)) Ho went about doing good to the 
people and never did a wrongful or harmful 
thing to anyone. He was repeatedly charged 
with crime, and on every occasion it was the reli- 




gionists who falsely accused liim. It was the 
religionists who entered into a consx:)iracy to 
have Jesus ]uit to death, because they feared 
that tlie people who followed liini would all aban- 
don the clergymen and those religionists would 
be loft without any moans of support; and in 
proof of ti)is it is written : ''The Pharisees there- 
fore said among themselves. Perceive ye how 
ye prevail notiiing"^ behold, the world is gone 
after lihn." (John 12:19) '-Then gathered the 
chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and 
said, VV'liat do we? for this man doeth many 
miracles. If we let him thus alone, all men will 
believe on him: and the Romans shall come and 
take away both our place [our jobs] and nation." 
—John 31 :47,48. 

The high priest tJien expressed liimself in 
these words: "Ye know nothing at all, . . . it is 
expedient for us, that one man should die ... he 
prophesied that Jesus slundd (.lie . . . Then from 
that dav forth they toolc counsel together for 
to put liim to death." (John 11: 4-9-53) This was 
a conspiracy to eonmiit tleliberate murder, and 
that conspiracy was carried into effect by tlie 
connnission of the overt act, 

The clergymen caused Jesus to be v/rongfuUy 
charged with the high crhne of treason, l^t was 
not tlie connnon people or the political element 
that demti.nded his death, but it was tlie reli- 
gionists, who cried out: "Crucify him," and, 
"His blood be on us." (Matthew 27 : 12-2G) When 
Christ Jesus was nailed to the tree and was 
pouring out his Ufcl)lood, the el? gy mocked 
him: "Likewise also the chief priests mocking 



him, with the scribes and elders, said, ... He 
trusted in God; let liLm deliver him now, if 
he will have him; for he said, I am the Son 
of God." (Matthew 27:41-43) The same spirit 
moves modern-day clergymen to sjioak a.^cainiit 
those who proclaim the m(\ssage oi' God's kini;- 

The clergymen or rclisponists did not see that 
the body of Jesus luad a decent burial, but it 
v-as a rich lawy^er of honorable estate who liad 
not consented to the action of the priests that 
begged for the body of Jesns that he might give 
it a decent burial. (Matthew 27: 57) It was the 
chief priests and Pharisees, tlio religious lead- 
ers, that tried to prevent the resurrection of 
Jesus, and that brilicd soldiers Avith large sums 
of money to say fah:o)y that his disciples had 
stolen the body while they slept. (Matthew 
28:11-13) Can any honest person for one mo- 
nient doubt the guilt of those religionists and 
that they, the leaders of religion, scribes and 
Pharisees, clergymen, acted as the agents and 
representatives of the Devil? As progress is 
made in this study Iceep in mind that it was 
the religionists that imirdered Jesus, and then 
compare therewith the facts which shovv that 
the murderers in modern times are leaders in 
religious practice. 


The man Jesus was the Son of God. Before 

he became a man he was known as the Logos, 

the active r.jent of Jehovah God in the creation 

Oi aU things. (Colossians 1: 16) By the supreme 



power of Jehovah God, Jesus, tlic Logos, 'was 
made flesh [a human creature] and dwelt among 
men.' (John 1:14) Jehovah God sent him to 
earth as his special representative, and the mes- 
sage which he delivered was the message from 
the Almighty God. (John 7: 16) Tlie Devil, the 
inventor of lies, the deceiver and nuirderer, for 
centuries had slandered the name of Jehovah 
God, moeh'ed him and defied him and challenged 
him to put on earth any man who would remain 
true to God when the Devil put him to the test. 
After giving the Devil four thousand years to 
carry on unhindered his wicked work Jehovah 
God sent his beloved Son Jesus to earth to prove 
the Devil a liar and to be the vindicator of Jeho- 
vah's name. In carrying out the will of God it 
was of first importance that Jesus proclaim tlie 
truth ; therefore when asked concerning his mis- 
sion on earth, he replied : "I am a king. To this 
end was I born, and for this cause came I into 
tliG world, that I should boar witness unto the 
truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth 
my voice." {John 18:37) It follows, therefore, 
that every person who refuses to hear the mes- 
.sage of tfesus is not of the truth, but that he 
is under the control of the arch liar and enemy, 
the Devil. 


The primary reason and jmn^ose of Jesms' 
coming to eai-th was to bear witness to the truth 
of and concerning Jehovah God and his king- 
dom and to vindicate Jehovah's holy name. Inci- 
dental thereto, and as a secondary reason, he 



eamo to redeem rnan from tlie condemnation 
reriiiUiiig from Adam's sin. Because of the will- 
ful violation of God's laAV Adam was sentenced 
to death, and after that all his children were 
born. The condemned Adam Mas iniporfeet be- 
cause mider sentence of death, and conld not 
produce a perfect child, and the resnlt has over 
been tliat all men liave been born in sin and 
conceived in h\"\vlos["-nepR. "Behold, I was sliapcn 
in iniquity, and in am did my motlier conceive 
me." {Psalm 51:5) "Wherefore, as by one man 
sin entered into the world, and deatli by sin; 
and so death passed upon all men, for that 
all have sinned." (Romans 5:12) Abel, Enoch, 
Noah, and Abraham wore faithful to God, but, 
being born as imperfect men and therefore viith- 
oiit ri.i2;ht to everlasting life, by reason of Adam's 
sin, they could not get everlasting life unless 
provision for the redemption were first made. 
Man must be ransomed from death by the sac- 
rifice of the perfect Inmian life, because it was 
the perfect human life Avhich God's law required 
Adam to give up as a penalty for sin. All men 
being descendants of Adam, there was no man 
who could prcs(uit a peri'ect sacrifice mito God 
in tlie place and stead of Adam. God made the 
necessary provision. 

It is the male of the human species tluit fur- 
nishes the life germ by God's provision. How, 
tlien, could a perfect man bo provided, and who 
conld become a ransom price for or deliverer 
of mankind? Jehovah the Ahnighty God caused 
Mary to conceive while yet a virgin. (Matthew 
1: IS) She conceived in her vromb by virtue of 



the power of the holy spirit of God exercised 
upon her. Seeing that God made man and wom- 
an out of f]ie elements of the earth, there would 
bo no difficulty whatsoever in God's causing a 
child to be conceived in the womb of Mary; 
whicli he did. Tlie man-child Jesus was bom, 
and was pure, lioly, undeiilcd and entirely sep- 
arate from sinners, having none of the con- 
taimnated life germ descending from Adarn. 
(Hebrews 7: 2G) Jesus therefore is always des- 
ignated in the Scriptures as "the Son of man", 
which is "'the Son of (]od". Wlien the man Jesus 
reached the age of thirty years he was quali- 
fied, under the terms of God's law, to become 
a priest unto God. It was then that Clirist Jesus 
consecrated himself fully to do the will of God, 
and liis immersion in tiio waters of the Jordan 
river was an outward evidence to others that 
he had made the covenant to be obedient to the 
will of God. It was then that his words apply: 
"Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the 
book it is written of me, I delight to do thy will, 
my God: yea, thy law is within my heart." 
—Psalm 40:7,8; Matthew 3:15-17. 

The one who would redeem mankind must 
ofror himself vohmtarily as a sacrifice, and that 
being the will of God, Jesus vohmtarily and 
gladly complied with God's will and thus offered 
himself by presenting himself wholly unto the 
Ijord God. The lifeblood of the perfect man 
Jesus could and did furnish the ransom or re- 
demptive price for sinful man. The life is in 
the blood. (Leviticus 17:11,14) The volmitai-y 
sacrifice of the perfect hmnau life of Jesus pro- 



vided tlie redemptive price, his lifeblood being 
poured out in sacrificial death. 'Without the 
shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.' 
(Hebrews 9:22) The lifeblood of the perfect 
man Jesus God could accept, and did accept, 
as tho ransom price and sin offering for sinful 
man. ( Vov detailed consideration of the redemp- 
tion of man, see book Reconciliation.) 

The perfect man, Christ Jesus, was subjected 
to all manner of assaults and persecutions in- 
ilicted upon him by the Devil and the Devil's 
reli[^ious representatives on the earth, and 
through all of such assaults and persecutions 
Jesus maintained Ms integrity toward God, 
never for one moment deviating from the path 
of loyalty and faithfulness to God. Thereby 
Jesus proved Satan a liar, and this in vindica- 
tion of Jehovah's name and word. After he had 
given testimony concerning tlic name of Jelio- 
vah and tho kingdom, which covered a period 
of three and one-half years, he was then charged 
with the capital crime of treason, was given a 
mock trial, convicted without legal evidence, 
and crucified by being nailed to a tree, thus 
being ]nit to death as a sinnttr accursed of God; 
and thus he would appear in the eyes of all 
others. (Deuteronomy 21:23) God permitted 
his enemies to put Jesus to death, Icnowing that 
Jesus would remain faithful even unto death, 
proving his integrity to God, and that God wnuild 
raise him up out of death. Jesus thus met all 
the requirements and fully showed his qualifi- 
cation to become the vindicator of God's name. 



iTiurder Jesus 

Because of his faithfulness 
God raised up Jesus oxit of 
death and gave to him life and 
iimnortality, not as a man, but 
life divine, an endless and inde- 
structible life, and exalted Je- 
sus to the very highest place 
in all the universe next to Jeho- 
vah. (Pliilippians 2:541) God 
committed to Christ Jesus, the 
immortal One, all power in 
heaven and in 
earth. (Mat- 
thew 28: 18) 
Therefore Je- 
sus said : "I 
am he that 
liveth, and 
was dead; 
and, be- 
hold, I am 
alive for 
Amen; and 
have the 
eys of hell 
and of dGiitli." 
( R e V e I a t i (J n 
1:18) Chrif^t Je- 
sus therefore be- 
comes clothed with all 
power and authority to 
act for Jehovah in all things 
as Ilia chief executive officer. 



Y)Tien with his disciples, Jesns instructed 
them tliat all creatures who will receive ever- 
lasting life and the blessing-s of Almighty God 
must willingly and faithi'uily serve CJod. Then 
of himself he said: "And whosoever will bo 
chief among you, let him be your Kervant: even 
as tlie Son of man cnine not to be ministered 
unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ran- 
som for many." (Matthew 20: 27, 28) This shows 
that the man Jef;us understood that it was the 
Avill of his Father Jeliovah not only that he tell 
the truth and become the Vindicator of his 
Father but that as a man he must die to pro- 
vide the ransom or redemptive price ''for many" 
of the human voce. For how many of the human 
race: all or only a part? Not for all, because 
the redemptive price rcRults beneficially only 
to those who believe on and obey God and 
Christ Jesus. Therefore he gave Ms life as a 
ransom for as many of the human race as take 
their stand on the side of God and Christ and 
maintain thoir integrity toward God when put 
to the test. 

It is written : "For tiic wages of sin is deatli ; 
but the gift of God is etei-nal life, through Jesu3 
Clrrist our Lord." (Romans (i : 23) Here the mat- 
ter is squarely i>ut to every man, to wit: If you 
prefer to continue on the side of the Devil and 
against God the result will be complete destruc- 
tion; but if you take your stand on the side of 
God and Christ, showing full faith in the re- 
demptive price and proving your integrity to- 
ward God, you will receive at God's hands, 
through Christ Jesus, the gift of life everlast- 



ing. In further corroboration of this, it is "writ^ 
ten : "The Father loveth the Son, and hath given 
all things into his hand. He that believeth on 
the Son hath everlasting life : and he that believ- 
eth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath 
of God ahideth on him." (John 3 : 35, 36) Other- 
wise stated, all men came under condemnation 
by reason of sin, and God's wrath against sin 
is death; if one believes on the Lord Jesus 
Christ God removes that condenmation from 
him; but if man prefers to remain on the side 
of the Devil and continue in sin, then God's 
wrath or condenmation abides on him and is 
not removed. Thus it is seen that God's intelli- 
gent creatures are made free agents to choose 
life or death after having received a Imowledge 
of God's provision for them. 

The provision God has made to give life to 
men is prompted entirely by nnselhshness or 
love on the part of God ; as it is written : "For 
God so loved the world, that he gave his only 
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Imn 
should not perish, but have everlasting life. For 
God sent not his Son into the world to condemn 
the world ; but that the world through him might 
be saved." (John 3:16,17) It necessarily fol- 
lows, then, that those who do not believe "per- 
ish", which means to be completely annihilated. 
God has no pleasure even in tlie death of the 
wiched, and certainly he could have no pleasure 
in inflicting torture upon anyone. The doctrine 
of eternal tonnent in hell is another one of 
Satan's vicious lies, which lies are taught to the 
people only by religionists, and the purpose of 





this Devil lie is to turn people away from God 
and force them into the Devil's organization, 
that is, the "religious" organizations, "Hell" 
means the condition of death, not a place of 
torture. When a man prefers to continue in 
wickedness, God mercifnlly puts liim to sleep 
in death, and that man never again awakens. 
"God is love," and he could not l)e guilty of a 
fiendish act sucli as eternal torture. The Lord 
causes to be brought to the attention of the 
people the truth, and then each one has the 
opportunity to believe or not to believe, as he 
may choose. 

While instructing those who listened to and 
believed him, Jo.^us said: "I am come that they 
[that ])elieve] might have life, and that they 
[that prove faitlii'ul unto death] might have it 
more abundantly." (John 10:10) In order for 
anyone to beliov(!, he must learn of God's pro- 
vision for man llirough Christ Jesus. Therefore 
it is written; "For whosoever shall call upon 
the name of the Lord shall he saved. How then 
shall they call on him in whom tliey have not 
believed? and how shall thoy believe in him of 
whom they have not licard? and iiow shall they 
hoar without a preacher? And how shall they 
preach, except they be sent? as it is written, 
How beautiful are the feet of them that preach 
the gospel of i3eace, and bring glad tidings of 
good tilings r — Romans 10:13-15. 

Further exercising his loving-kindness, God 
has provided that the attention of the people 
should be brought to the truth of and concern- 


ing liimself and his provision to give them life. 
He causes his Word to be proclaimed that the 
people may hear. The enemy Satan seeks to 
destroy all mankind, but the Almighty God gra- 
ciously informs man that all those who will get 
on God's side, believe upon and serve the Lord 
Jesus Christ and Jehovah and prove faithful, 
shall live. 

After the flood Satan induced men to practice 
religion in mockery of God and all the nations 
adopted and practiced the Devil religion. Jeho- 
vah God then chose the people of Israel, formed 
them into a nation, and gave them his command- 
ments and instructed tliem how they could olioy 
God and live. Thus the matter was clearly put 
before mankind. Men coidd choose to stay in the 
Devil's crowd or couJd serve Jehovah God faith- 
fully and truly. Soon thereafter the Devil in- 
vaded the camp of Israel and induced that peo- 
ple to adopt formalism, whieli formalism in an 
outv/ard way appeared to give honor to God 
but wliich in fact was against God. The Israel- 
ites soon began to use images in connection with 
their formalistic worsliip, and that was in direct 
violation of God's law. Continuing in this way, 
the nation went fully over to the Devil; only a 
few of the individual Israelites remained true 
to God. Men began the practice of formalism, 
which constituted "the Jews' religion", and that 
formalism and those man-made doctrines were 
handed down from parents to children; which 
is called "tradition". When Jesus came to earth 
the Jews were practicing religion, based ui^on 
such tradition, and which religion and tradition 



made void the commandments of God, and Jesus 
BO told thcra. 

Jesus tanglit the people fully and sincerely 
to obey the commandments of (lod, and thus 
Jesus established true Christianity. There is no 
such thing in existence as "the Christian reli- 
gion", because all religion proceeds from God's 
enemy, the Devil. "Christiati religion" is a mis- 
nomer, fraudulent and deceptive. "Christianity" 
moans the full and complete obedience of man 
to God's commandments, even as Christ Jesus 
taught and obeyed God's commandments. There- 
fore a person is a Christian only when he is a 
true follower of Christ Jesus, which means that 
he must be diligent in obeying God's command- 
ments and follow them and not the teachings 
of man. Religion is a great enemy, always work- 
ing injuiy to mankind, and this without regard 
to whether man is sincere or otherwise. Eeli- 
giou is entirely out of place in the clmreh of 
God. Wliat, then, is meant by the term the 
"church of God"? 



"Christ is the head of tht church." 
^Ephcsians 5; 23. 

TIIEPiE is but one real and true church, and 
that is God's church, which is the "church 
of the firstborn", \yhose names "are writ- 
ten in heaven". (Hebrews 12:23) Writing of 
men's names in books on earth has nothing to 
do with making them members of 'J.Mie Church, 
Jesus informed his disciples that God would 
build the church, which is not a building made 
with hands, Init consists of a company or organ- 
ization of Christians, with Christ Jesus as the 
Head or Chief One thereof. By his prophets 
God had promised to send Christ, the Messiah, 
and the devont Jews who were faith fnl to God 
were looking foi" the fulfillment of that prophetic 
promise. Speaking to his disciples, Jesus pro- 
X^oimded to them this question: "Whom do men 
say that I . . . am?" And some of the disciples 
answered : 'Some say that you are one of the 
prophets returned.' "He saitli unto them, But 
whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter an- 
sw^ered and said. Thou art the Christ, the Son 
of the living God. And Jesus answered and said 
unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: 
for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto 
thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And 
I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter; and 


3 33 


Upon tliis roclc I will build my chnrcli; and the 
giites of hell phall not prevail against it." (Mat- 
thew IG: 13-18) The Devil has seized upon these 
v.ords of Jesus and used the same to promul- 
gate one of the most deceptive lies that has ever 
been told, a lie by which millions of honest and 
sincere people have been deceived and turned 
away from Uod and led into the devilish organ- 

Jehovah Cod is designated in the Scriptures 
as the great Hock or Stone. (Deuteronomy 32:4) 
Clirist Jesus, his beloved Son, is also desi-!^ated 
in the Scriptures as a rode or stone, whom God 
makes the ruler of the world to rule in right- 
eousness. (Daniel 2 : 32-45) "Christ" means God's 
"Anointed", and his duly commissioned Servant 
and Vindicator, his Faithful and True Witness. 
When Peter, in response to the question pro- 
pounded by Jesus as above stated, said to Jesus: 
"Thou art the Christ," Jesus concurred in that 
answer and then added these words : 'TJpon this 
rock [that is, upon God's Anointed One, the 
Christ, symbolized by a rock] I [as God's duly 
eonnnissioned Servant and representative] will 
J)uild my church"; which is God's church, be- 
cau.';e wJiatwoever Jesus docs is according to the 
will of God. Upon Christ the Messiah the church 
is huilded, and Christ is the Head thereof, as 
well as the foundation. He is tlie Chief One in 
the organization. 

The inspired apostle of the Lord Jesus, who 
walked with Jesus and learned of him and who 
wrote under the direction of the Lord, said to 
his brethren that he prayed for tlicni: "The eyes 




of your understanding being enlightened [tliat 
they might receive the spirit of wisdom] ; that 
ye may Icnow . . . vWiat is the exceeding great- 
ness of his power to us-ward who believe, ac- 
cording to the working of his mighty power, 
which he wrought in Christ, when he raised 
him from tlic dead, and set him at his own 
right hand in the heavenly places, far above 
all principality, and power, and might, and 
dominion, and every name that is named, not 
only in this world, but also in that which is to 
come; and hath put all things under his feet, 
and gave him to be the head over all things to 
the church, which is his body, the fulness of him 
that filleth all in all"— Kpliesians 1:17-23. 

It is therefore made certain that "the church", 
which is the only true church, is that body of 
creatures selected by Jehovah and brought into 
Christ Jesus, and who give honor and glory to 
Jehovah God, and who serve him to the exclu- 
sion of everything; that these members are not 
confined to some earthly organization, but that 
God selects them and assigns them to a place 
in his organization as it pleases him. (1 Corin- 
thians 12: 18) "Christ is the head of the church: 
and he is the saviour of the body," and "the 
church is suliject unto Christ, . . . that he might 
sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of 
water by the word, that ho might present it to 
himself a glorious cliureh, not having spot, or 
wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should 
be holy and without blemish." (I^phesians 5: 23, 
24, 26, 27) No man or company of men has any 
light or authority to set up an organization and 




label it "The clmreh", and all men who do so 
are doing violence to God's Word. 

The church is God's organization which he 
hnilds by and through his beloved Son, the Head 
and Lord thereof: "And God hath set some in 
the church: first, apostles; secondarily, proph- 
ets ; thirdly, teachers ; after that, miracles ; then 
gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities 
of tongues." (1 Corinthians 12:28) The church 
is ''the household of God'', composed of Christ 
Jesus and the members of his body : "built upon 
the foundation of the apostles and prophets, 
Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner 
stone; in whom all the building, fitly framed to- 
gether, groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord ; 
in whom ye also are builded together for an 
habitation of God through the spirit." — Ephe- 
sians 2 : 19-22. 

God, by his prophet, speaks of the church and 
designates it by the name "Zion", which is his 
capital organization and wherein he dwells: 
"For the Lord hath chosen Zion; he hath de- 
sired it for his habitation." (Psalm 132:13) 
That church is "the church of the living God, 
the pillar and ground of the truth". (1 Timothy 
3: 15) From these plain scriptures it is certain 
that the church could not possibly consist of any 
organization on earth in which politics, and com- 
merce or trafiicking, form a part, and in wliich 
the members of such organization commit many 
deeds of cruelty and wickedness. The church is 
the temple of God, not the temple built of ma- 
terial things by human hands, but the body of 
creatures devoted wholly to the Almighty God. 

(1 Corinthians 3:16,17) As progress is made 

in the examination of what follows, it wiU be 
seen that the enemy has seized upon the name 
"the church" and used the same to perpetuate 
the great fraud uj)on man and to further de- 
fame the name of Almighty God. 


Wliat is God's purpose in having a church? 
The answer from the Scriptures is, that he 
might use it to testify to his name and to 
carry out ]iis commandments in vindication of 
his name. Here again it is needful to emphasize 
the challenge that the Devil flung in the face 
of Jehovah God, and God's reply thereto. The 
Devil declared that he could cause all men to 
'curse God to his face' if he (the Devil) were 
permitted to put man to the test, and God per- 
mitted the Devil to try that very thing. God 
replied: 'For this cause have I permitted thee 
to remain, for to show thee my power; and 
that my name may be declared throughout all 
the earth.'-— Exodus 9:1G, Leeser. 

God's judgment against the Devil was that 
he should be destroyed ; but before the execution 
of that judgment He would have his own great 
name declared throughout the earth, and then 
he would exercise his unlimited povv'er against 
the enemy. God then proceeds in his own due 
time and good v^^ay to take out from the world 
faithful men and women who prove their integ- 
rity to-vvard him, and he makes them members 
of his church under Christ Jesus and uses such 
to proclaim his name throughout the earth be- 



fore Jehovah executes his judgment against the 
enemy. God's church, therefore, constitutes his 
witness or witnesses while on the earth; and 
when elevated to heaven at tlie resurrection, 
snch witnesses are used by him for his xnirposes 
ever thereafter. 

The church was a mystery to all men until 
after God gave his lioly spirit to his faithful 
men at Pentecost, wliich was given fifty days 
after the resurrection of Jesus. Concerning that 
mystery one of the apostles testifies: "Even the 
mystery which hath been hid from ages and 
from generations, but now is made manifest 
to his_ saints: to whom God would make known 
what is the riches of the glory of this mystery 
among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the 
hope of glory."— Colossians 1:26,27. 

After Pentecost the apostles were assembled 
at Jerusalem in conference, and then it was that 
God revealed to them that his purj^ose in gath- 
ering unto Christ Jesus those who would be 
made a part of liis church was and is that 
he might have a "people for his name", which 
people must bear testimony to his name, and 
that tliis testimony must be delivered before 
God exercises power against the enemy. (Acts 
35:13-17} From the time of the ascension of 
Christ Jesus into heaven and until liis coming 
again to carry out God's pur]-) and the set- 
ting up of the kingdom, God, through Christ 
Jesus, selects from amongst the nations or peo- 
ples of the earth "a people for his name", the 
faithful ones of whom constitute his church, 
and who must declare hi^ name. Those selected 



ones, ill order to have God's approval, must fol- 
low in the footsteps of Jesus and prove faitlifnl 
unto death. (1 Peter 2:21; Kovelation 2:10) 
It is certain, therefore, that all the tme follow- 
ers of Christ Jesus, who constitute his church, 
must suffer more or less at the hands of the 
Devil, and which suffering and punishment is 
inflicted upon them by the religious agents of 
the Devil on earth, just as they afflicted the Lord 
Jesus Christ. For this reason some of tlie suf- 
ferings of Christ Avas left over for the body's 
sake, as it is written: "AVho now rejoice in my 
sufferings for you, and fill up tliat -whicli is be- 
hind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for 
his body's sake, which is the church." — Colos- 
sians 1 : 2-1. 

It was the religionists who persecuted Jesus, 
and he declared that that same class of religion- 
ists w^ould persecute all wh.o would be his true 
followers. "If ye were of the world, the world 
would love his own: but because ye ai-e not of 
the world, but I have chor,en you out of the 
world, therefore the world hateth you. Remem- 
ber the word that I said unto you, The servant 
is not greater than his lord. If they have per- 
secuted me, they v/ill also persecute you ; if they 
have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. 
But all these things mil they do unto you for 
my name's sake, because they know not liiiu 
that sent me."— John 15 : 19-21. 

The fact that Christ Jesus, the Head of the 
chm-ch, is the Faithful and True Witness of 
Jehovah (Revelation 3:14), and also the fur- 
ther fact that he stated, "Every one that ia 


of the truth hcareth my voice" {John 18:37), 
proves beyond all question of doubt that every- 
one who is of his church must be a witness to 
the name and to the kingdom of God. It is the 
faithful followers of Christ Jesus, members of 
his organization or church, that have always 
looked with eagerness for his coming again and 
the sotting up of his kingdom, and concerning 
which the inspired apostle wrote in the Scrip- 
tures : "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the 
coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our 
gathering together unto him, that ye be not soon 
shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, 
nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that 
the day of Christ is at hand." (2 Thessalonians 
2:1,2) "And the very God of peace sanctify 
you wholly; and I pray Grod your whole spirit 
and soul and body be preserved blameless unto 
the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." — 1 Thes- 
salonians 5:23. 

Only the faithful followers of Christ Jesus 
are gathered unto him and made a part of his 
church at his second coming. It is those who 
are anxious for the setting up of the kingdom 
of God tliat prove faithful and true to God and 
Christ. At his second coming it is these faithful 
ones to whom he gives the commandment: "And 
this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in 
al] the world for a witness unto all nations: 
and then shall the end come," (Iilatthew 24: 14) 
It is to this same faithful class that Jehovah 
says: "Ye are my witnesses . . . that I am God." 
(Isaiah 43; 10-32) "Thou shalt be eaJled by a 
new name [Jehovah's witnesses], which the 


mouth of Jehovah shall name." (Isaiah 62:2, 
A.R.V.) Consider tliese indisputable truths set 
forth in the Word of God, and then ask your- 
self and answer this question: Is there an or- 
ganisation on earth today that is preaching to 
the people that JchovaJj is the only true God, 
that Christ Jesus is the King and rightful Kuler 
of the world, and that his kingdom is at hand 
and is the only hope of the world? 

The church being God's organization, taken 
out of the world for His name's sake, it follows 
that the members thereof are t]ior,e who worship 
tile Almighty God in spirit and in truth. (John 
4:23) Tiiey honor God, and not man and man- 
mado organizations. Such true worsliipers can- 
not be faitliful to God and at the same time 
participate in llie political affairs of this wicked 
v/orld. Those wlio worship God in spirit and in 
truth are wholly devoted to him in obeying his 
commanfhnonts. "For the worship [mistrans- 
lated religion in the Authorized Version] that 
is pure and holy before God the Father, is this: 
to visit the fatherless and the widows in their 
afiliction, ajid that one keep himself unspotted 
from the worhl. "—James 1 : 27, Syriac Version. 

The great adversary of God and enemy of 
the church and of all its members is that old 
Serpent, Satan the Devil. It is certain, there- 
fore, that that old deceiver would inaugurate 
many and all kinds of seductive schemes con- 
cerning the cimrch in order to deceive the peo- 
ple. This he has done, and at the same time the 
Devil puts forth his great effoi't to devour tl^ose 
who constitute the true church. To those v/ho 


E N E M I S S 

are of God's church, taken out from the world 

as witnesses to his name, Jehovah has commit- 
ted the "testimony of Jesus Christ", and these 
must obey the commandments of the Almighty 
God. Against these faithful ones the Devil, that 
old Dragon, makes his assault and tries to de- 
stroy them ; as it is written : "And the dragon 
was wroth with the woman [God's woman, sym- 
bolic of his organiza-tion called Zion, the church 
(Isaiah 54:1-13)], and went to make war with 
the remnant of her seed, which keep the com- 
mandments of God, and have the testimony of 
Jesus Christ."— Revelation 12:17. 

It is also written that the church must fight 
the enemy Satan and his agents by proclaiming 
the truth; that they shall not use carnal weap- 
ons, such as guns and cannon and swords made 
of steel, and other instruments that destroy 
(2 Corinthians 10 : 4) ; that the weapons of their 
warfare are "the sword of the spirit, which is 
the word of God". (Ephesians 6:17) That is 
the reason that Jehovah's witnesses must tell 
the truth and do so amidst great opposition and 
persecution carried on by Satan and his reli- 
gious representatives. 

Do you know of any religious organization 
that engages in a war upon others and that 
calls itself at the same time "The chnrch of 
God", and which organization uses deadly weap- 
ons with which to destroy those who oppose 
them? Do you know of any organization claim- 
ing that it is the church of God, which engages 
in the politics of the world, and which organi- 
zation attempts to rule the world? Do you know 


of any religious organization claiming to be the 
church of God but which makes treaties or con- 
cordats with beastly political and eonnnercial 
powers and works with them in carrying out 
worldly schemes? If so, it is certain that such 
''religious organization" is not the representa- 
tive of God and Christ, but that it is the repre- 
sentative of the enemy Satan, who is the enemy 
of every man that desires to see righteousness 

The life of every human creature on earth 
today is in the balance, and that includes you. 
The truth is of greatest importance to you, be- 
cause you must know and follow the truth in 
order to live. If it is your honest and sincere 
desire to know what is the truth, then put aside 
any and all preconceived opinions or prejudice 
and then honestly and sincerely consider the 
indisputa])le facts tliat follow herein, together 
with the infallible Word of the Almighty God; 
and if you do so, your understanding will be 
enlightened as never before. Are you prepared 
now to rely upon God's Word, which is the truth, 
even though it makes it clear that many men 
and organizations that appear to bo good are 
devilish in the extreme? Do you want to live, 
and therefore do you want to know the truth? 
What follows will shock many persons, and 
make them angry, but such persons are prej- 
udiced and foolish, to say the least. Those who 
are really honest and sincere and desire to serve 
God and live will be delighted to learn the truth 
as set forth in what follows herein. 



"Tlie wicked workcth a deceitful work.'* 
— Provcrbg 11:18. 

RACKET is a scheme, plan, dodge or 
trie]; used for selfish gain and \yhicli de- 
ceives and -works injury to others. A per- 
version of the truth for the purj^ose of inducing 
another in reliance upon it to part with some- 
thing valuable is a racket. A false scheme or 
misrepresentation or suppression of the truth, 
which results in injury to others, and for pecu- 
niary gain to the schemer, is a racket. A decep- 
tion intentionally practiced, with a view to gain, 
is a racket. 

A racketeer is a schemer who is artful, wily 
and cunning and who uses his plan or scheme to 
gain an unfair advantage over others. The rack- 
eteer gains an undue advantage over others, and 
then uses his scheme or plan to rob or pillage 
others, and this he does for real or supposed 
gain to himself. All racketeers are public ene- 
mies and enemies of honest persons, and are 
the enemies of God. Kaekets, practiced by rack- 
eteers, work injury to those upon whom the 
trick is practiced. 

Men who are engaged in traffic that is unlaw- 
ful and that works injury to the people are 
racketeers and public enemies. The stealing of 




children or persons and holding them for ran- 
som is a racket, and the stealer or kidnaper 
is a public enemy. Men who engage in the white- 
slave trade are racketeers and public enemies. 
Kcal estate promoters who operate sclicmcs to 
defraud others are racketeers and public ene- 
mies. Those who operate a schenie by offering 
prizes to induce persons to buy or sell worth- 
less goods, wares and merchandise are racket- 
eers. Men who engage in robbery, stealing and 
murder for personal ^'ain are racketeers and 
public enemies. The man who engages in the 
Bclicmc of blackmail and thereby obtains money 
is a racketeer and a public enemy. All such 
public enemies either put the people in fear or 
fraudulently overreach them. Men who engage 
in political schemes misrepresenting the facts 
in order to induce the i)eople to support them 
that they may thcrel)y reap a personal or pecu- 
niary gain are racketeers and public enemies. 
Commercial men or corporations operating a 
scheme or schemes that result in injury to the 
people are racketeers and public enemies. Those 
who engage in any land of fraudulent scheme 
that results in loss or injury to others are rack- 
eteers and public enemies. Men who use motion 
pictures to mislead the people, and thereby gain 
any kind of profit in name, money or influence, 
are racketeers. All racketeers are agents of the 
Devil, whether they realise that fact or not. 
All wrongful schemes originate with tlio Devil, 
and that great enemy induces and iullucncos 
men to use such rackets to do injury to others 
and to bring reproach upon the name of tlie 



Almighty God. Sucli is a general description o£ 
rackets and racketeers. 


Put aside now preconceived o|)in]onp, and 
with an unhinsod mind examine the facts con- 
cerning the greatest of all rack'ots tliat lias ever 
been practiced under the sun, to understand the 
truth of which is for your own jjersonal wel- 
fare. Honest persons have some means of pro- 
tecting themselves against many public enemies 
because they are warned against such enemies, 
can see how the enemies operate, and can tfike 
stops to safeguard their own interests. The 
most dangerous and destructive kind of racltet- 
eering is that wlnich has the appearance of hon- 
esty but Avhich is operated in such a subtle, 
deceptive manner as to blind tlie people to the 
real truth. The credulous and unsuspecting are 
caught unawares in the enemy's trap and find 
it almost impossible to extricate themselves 

The greatest racket ever invented and prac- 
ticed is that of religion. The most cruel and 
seductive xmblic enemy is that which employs 
religion to carry on the racket, and by which 
means the people are deceived and the name 
of Almighty God is reproached. There are nu- 
merous systems of religion, but the most subtle, 
fraudulent and injurious to humankind is that 
which is generally labeled the "Christian reli- 
gion", because it has the appearance of a wor- 
shipful devotion to the Supreme Being, and 



thereby easily misleads many honest and sin- 
cere persons. Strange as it may seem, the two 
words "Christian" and "religion" are diamet- 
rically opposed one to the other. Most persons 
in the land called "Christendom" have been led 
to believe that tlie two words mean one and 
the same thing, and through lack of knowledge 
of the truth great injury is done to the people. 
The greatest public enemy is that which oper- 
ates with a righteous appearance but which is 
fraudulent, ])nngs reproach upon God's name, 
misrepresents his purpose, and thereby robs 
the people of their money, their peace of mind, 
their liberty of speech and thought, and the 
opportunity of life everlasting. 

Under the practice of the so-called "Christian 
religion" the world at the present time has 
reached that period described in the Bible in 
these words: "This know also, that in the last 
days perilous times shall come. For men shall 
be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, 
proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, 
unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, 
trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, 
despisers of tliose that are good, traitors, heady, 
highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lov- 
ers of God; having a form of godliness, but 
denying the power thereof: from such turn 
away. Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood 
Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men 
of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the 
faith. But they shall proceed no further: for 
their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as 
theirs also was."— 2 Timothy 3 : 1-5, 8, 9. 



Do not confuse "Christianity" 'with the so- 
called "Christian religion". The latter operates 
in the name of God and Christ but is wholly 
against Christ and his kingdom, which is the 
only hope of the hnman race, l^.■^ligion labeled 
"the Christian religion" is a racket invented 
by the Devil to defame the name of Almighty 
God and is practiced by men, soiuo of whom 
are hoiieat and practice it because they have 
been induced to believe it is right, while otliers 
know that they are wron^ and are working a 
fraud npon the people. The latter are doubly 
dangerous to the interests of the hmnan race. 
Beean^e the name of Christ has been and is 
used to work a great fraud upon tlie people, 
the racket thus practiced is the greatest of all. 
There are many sincere and honest persons in 
organiKalions known as "religious" or "church 
organizations", and it is with the hope of help- 
ing such to see the trnth that tliis publication 
is pnt forth. What is here pul)lished is not an 
attacJ^ npon men, but is an attack upon the most 
subtle and devilisli kind of frauds that ever ex- 
isted. Those who desire to know the trnth will 
be pleased to now carefully consider the origin 
o.i the so-called "'Christian religion" and how 
it lias progressed in the earth. 

Christ Jesus is the Head or beginning of 
Christianity, because he leads iuid others follow 
in obeying ("lod's commandments. Christ means 
Anointed of God, the One who is commissioned 
to carry out God's purpose. Chi'ist is not and 
never was for one moment a religionist. He 
always strictly obeys the commandments of the 



Almighty God. He instructed his faithful disci- 
ples in the Word and purpose of Jehovah God. 
After the resurrection of Josus from the dead 
the holy spirit, which is the invisible power of 
God, came upon the faitliful apostles and they 
understood the trntJi as it was not possible 
for them to understand it before that time. 
Those faithful men, in the name of Christ, went 
about "from house to house" (Acts 20:20), 
teaching the people and preacliing to them that 
the shed blood of Christ Jesns provid ^ri the 
redemptive price for man from condemnation, 
and that it is the purpose of Jehovah God to 
give life to those vdio believe on Christ and 
follow in his steps. Because those men wore 
frr'oly telling the truth to the people concern- 
ing Christ, the religionists amongst the Jews 
assaulted the apostles, brought them into the 
courts, demanding : "By what power, or by what 
name, have ye done IhisT One of those faith- 
ful apostles of Jesus Christ replied in these 
words: "Be it known unto you all, and to all 
the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus 
Christ of Nazareth, Avliora ye crucified, whom 
God raised from the dead, even by him doth 
this man stand here before you Avholo. This 
[Christ] is the stone which was set at nought 
of you builders, which is become the head of 
the corner. Neither is there salvation in any 
other; for there is none other name under 
heaven given among men, whereby we must be 
saved.'— Acts 4:10-12. 

During the remainder of the earthly career 
of the apostles they continued to preach to the 



people Christ Jesus, his emcirixion and resiir- 
roction, and the coming of his kingdom as the 
only hope of mankind, and many of the common 
people heard and believed. To offset the work 
of the -apostles of Christ, Satan tlie Devil be- 
gan to build an anti-Christ organization, into 
whicli latter organization many people Avere 
drawn. Ambitious men a^^sumed the leadership 
amongst those who started to follow in the 
footsteps of Jesus, and those ambitious and 
sellish men became tlie teachers and leaders of 
the organization (Acts 20:29,30), and then 
was the organization labeled as "the Christian 
church", and the doctrines and practices thereof 
wore from that time forward called "the Chris- 
tian religion". The Lord had warned Ms disci- 
ples of the eoming ol* the anti-Christ, that is, 
those who should deceive the peox)le in the name 
of Christ. (2 John 7) Such deceivers were mani- 
festing themKelvcs even in the days of the apos- 
tles. (2 Thessalonians 2:7) In this day (1937) 
the religious organization that has its headquar- 
ters at Vatican City, Italy, and wliieh calls itself 
"the Christian church" or "Christian religion", 
dominates the religion of the nations called 

As heretofore shown, religions organizations 
began with Babylon and extended to all parts 
of the earth. When Rome became a world power, 
and which is known as Pagan Rome, that world 
power practiced the Devil religion ; and in time 
Pagan Rome blossomed into what is Imown as 
Papal Rome, wliich from then til! now practices 
what is called the "Christian religion". The fol- 



lowing indisputable historical facts should be 
read with real interest, since they disclose that 
Borne completely fell under the Devil religion. 

The quotations following are from The Ency- 
clopedia Americana: 

KOMAN RKTJCilON. From the time that the Roman 
religion appears within the ptile of traditional and re- 
corded history it seems to have heen constantly and 
progressively subjected to varying influences, both inter- 
nal and externa], and to have passed through many 
changes. . . . Fundamentally the primitive religious 
ideas of all the Indo-Eurojican jieoples were quite simi- 
lar. Even the Komaii religion, in the days when Home 
was governed by kings and had already begun to evolve 
complicated rituals and complex myths, still retained a 
suggestive similarity to that of Intlia. . . . The early 
Romim gods were the personillcatinn of the elcmonta of 
nature. The old Roman deities and supernatural beings 
of their nomadic life, the patrons of the chase and the 
guardian spirits of Ihe mountainR, the rivers, the earth, 
the sky and the upper lieavens grn(UiaIly assumed more 
dofinite attributes . . . The deities and religious customs 
and practices of all the tribes of Italy of Indo-European 
origin, which were quite similar, gradually became do- 
mesticated in Rome. Naturally as the Roman Enijnre 
broadened and became more cosmopolitan, its religious 
system also became broader and more all-embracing. 
Having absorbed the deities of tlic Italic Peninsula, the 
habit of absorption became, with Rome, all-hnpclling, 
and the pantheon of the Imperial City, reaching out its 
octopus arms in every direction throughout the already 
wide confines of the rapidly extending Roman domain, 
and even beyond it, brought new creeds, new deities and 
new religious philosophies into Rome. Under such con- 


E f] E M I E S 

ditions as these little or no religious dogma conld exist ; 
nor did it. . . . Thus ecclesiastical Rome became as cos- 
mopolitan and eclectic as the Eoman Empire itselt. This 
is but another way of saying, however, that the religious 
life of the Roman community was constantly shifting 
as tliG process of broadening continued. 

. . . Diana, the moon goddess, under one name or 
another and with somewhat varying attributes, the favor- 
ite deity of so many nomadic peoples given to the 
chase, and in all probability the chief deity of the 
nomadic Romans, gave place to the earth mother, the 
producer, the characteristic deity of an agricultural jico- 
ple. . . . Jupiter, the god of the sky, ol the upper regions 
and of thunder, usurped the foremost place primitively 
held by Diana, the moon mother, becoming the tit'jlar 
deity of the Romans and the supreme god of the Latin 
races united under the imperial sway of Rome. . . . 

. . . Juno, the female counterpart of the supreme deity 
[Jupiter] himself, and .the definition of the supposed 
female qualities of the sky. In other words, she is but 
a subdivision of Jupiter himself, whose sister and wife 
she is represented, in Roman mythology, to be. . . . 

Ne,\'t to Jupiter and Juno, his regal consort, the 
greatest of the Roman state gods, waa Mars, ... the 
patron of war, . . . Mars, who was especially honored 
in March and October, was the patron of the opening 
and closing of the war campaigns and of the sports con- 
nected therewith. . . . 

... At this early period in the life of the Roman peo- 
ple, the superior priesthood seem to have been almost 
inseparably connected with the nobility and the kingly 
rulers, the latter of whom had already begun to lay claim 
to descent from the gods. The seeds of ancestor worship 
had also already been planted, a custom which was later 



on to deify kings and emperors, as the legal and de facto 
representatives of the gods upon earth. . . . 

... It looked very much as if the old religion were 
about to go by the board when the establishment of the 
[Roman] empire saved it for the time being. The em- 
perors claiming to rule by divine right and direct descent 
from the gods, it was very nmeh to their interest to up- 
hold a state religion; which they did on a magnificent 
scale, bringing into the national church all the officers, 
employees and dependents of the government. The state 
church, at this latter stage, was an immeiLse fraternity, 
all the members of wdrich were bound, by virtue of tlieir 
office, to support it. This revival of the ancient Roman 
religion was, therefore, less religious than political . . . 
Babylonian, Greek, Assyrian, Egyptian and Eastern reli- 
gious ideas found welcome in Rome. The Great Earth 
Mother of Asia Minor [therefore of Babylon] and Isis, 
the mother goddess of Egypt, were not only introduced 
into Rome but their worship, which was accompanied 
with elaborate ritual and ceremonial, became almost uni- 
versal throughout the Roman Empire ; and such a fn-m 
root did it take among the masses of the Roman people 
and the Eastern nations under the domination of Rome 
that the early Christian missionaries found great diffi- 
culty in eradicating it. 

, . , This craae for foreign deities v/ent to unheard-of 
extremes, going so far afield as Persia, from which waa 
introduced the great sun god, Mithras, with his elaborate 
mystical worship, which became very popular in the 
Imperial City itself. . . . Thus Rome, bathed in philos- 
ophy, scepticism, mysticism, emotionalism and stoicism, 
with nothing solid to which to anchor, drifted upon the 
rocks of national religious shipwreck. In this condition 



she was founG ... for the devclopmeut of the Catholic 

The Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 23, pages 641-645. 

The "gods" mentioned in the foregoing are 
Gog and the wicked demons, which inhabit what 
is known in the Scriptnres as "the land of Ma- 
gog". The faithful apostles of Jesns Ciirist saw 
the anti-Christ religion advancing in their day 
and forewarned the people against it. Soon after 
they parsed from the earth the Devil saw to it 
that wliat began as the Christian organization 
was corrupted and turned into what has since 
been called the "Cliristian religion", and which 
has since operated in the earth under the name 
of tlie 'Roman Catholic religious system'. The 
following historical facts, taken from Lord's Old 
lioman World, are here appropriate: 

"In ihe First Century not many wise or noble 
were called. .. .In the Second Century ... It v.^as 
a disgrace to be a Christian in the eye of fashion 
or power. . . . the church . . . was a small body 
of pure and blameless men, who did not ai^xjire 
to control society. But they had attracted the 
notice of the government and were of sufficient 
consequence to be pcri-ccnted." During the sec- 
ond century "bishops had become influential, 
not in society, but among the Christians". Then 
"ecclesiastical centralization commenced; . . . 
The Church was thus laying the foundation of 
its future polity and power". 

It is certain that the Lord God had not marked 
out such a policy. It is equally certain that it 
was the Devil who was planting and cultivating 



the seeds of selfishness to accomplish his wicked 

The historian above mentioned continues: 
"The Third Century saw tlie Church more pow- 
erful as an institution. . . . doctrines were sys- 
tematized [into creeds and confusion]. . . . great 
bishops ruled the growing church. . . . The Church 
was rapidly advancing to a position which ex- 
torted the attention of mankind [tlie world, to be 
sure]. It was not till the Fourth Century — when 
imperial persecution had stopped; when Con- 
stantino [the emperor of Pagan Rome] was con- 
verted; when the Church was allied with the 
State ; when the early faith was itself corrupted ; 
when superstition and vain philosophy [prompt- 
ed by the Devil] had entered the ranks of the 
faithful; . . . when synods were brought under 
political influence; . . . when politics and dog- 
matics went band in hand, . . . that men of rank 
entered the chnrcli. When Christianity became 
the religion of the court and of the fashion- 
able classes, it was used to support the very 
evils against which it originally protested. The 
Clmreh was not only impregnated with the er- 
rors of Pagan philosophy, but it adopted many 
of the ceremonies of oriental [Devil] worship, 
. . . The clergy, ambitious and worldly, sought 
rank and distinction. . . . They became lazy, arro- 
gant, and independent. The people were shut 
out of the government of the Church. The bishop 
became a grand personage who controlled and 
appointed liis clergy. . . . The mission of the 
[true] Church was lost sight of in a degrading 
alliance with the State." 




The Lord God gives warning to men in tlio^e 
words : "The fear of man bringeth a snare ; but 
wlioso pntteth his trnst in the Lord shall be 
safe." (Proverbs 29:25) The man who fearr, 
that he may lose some honor or other thing that 
he regards as vaJnable unless he pursues a com- 
promising course is certain to fall into Satan's 
trap. Ambitious men are easily led into Satan's 
trap. No doubt the early leaders in what is 
known as the Catholic Church organization were 
sincere, but some of them, particularly bemg 
ainbitious for honor amongst men, and fearing 
they might lose what they had, quickly fell to 
the flattery of the Devil, who saw to it that they 
had plenty of it. About 400 years after the death 
of the apostle Peter the Homm Catholic "Hier- 
archy of Jurisdiction" was organized. After still 
further centuries had passed,- and the people 
had been kept in ignorance of the truth, it was 
then an easy matter to induce tlie living ones 
to believe that a nian whom they had been taught 
to honor as pope and the head of the Hierarchy 
is the successor of the apostle Peter. The people 
■wore thus induced to believe a great and injuri- 
ous falsehood. 

There is no reason to say anything about the 
man who fills the ofiice of pope, and tlierefqre 
nothing is here intended to apply to an individ- 
ual, but what is said is against the oliice. That 
office of pope had no existence in the days of 
the apostles. It was created by men at the in- 
stance of Satan, and the first man elected to 
that office was elected in the year 440 (A.i).). 



— MeCIintoclc & Strong's Cydopmdia, Vol 7, 
pa«:e 629. 

The Catholic Church did not exist until Ion"- 
centuries after the days of the apostles of .Tesus 
Chnst, and yet that organization today claims 
to be the church of Christ, and millions of sin- 
cere persons believe that falsehood. Neither 
Christ nor any of his apostles had anything 
whatsoever to do with bringing into existence 
the Catholic organization. Oniy'the t^evil could 
conceive the idea of organizing a great religimis 
system and labeling it the "Christian Church" ; 
and his purpose, in keeping with his name, was 
and IS to deceive the people and keep them in 
Ignorance of the truth concerning the church of 
God The church of God, of which Christ Jci-ais 
IS the I-Iead, la the only true church, and the 
names of those who are in it are written in 
heaven and not on earth. (Hebrews 12: 2.3) TJe- 
eauKo that religious organization assumed the 
name of Christ and stealthily ami gradually put 
forth Its false doctrines, it has become the most 
far-reachmg and destructive racketeer that has 
ever been in existence, and works to the great- 
est injury to the people and to the defamation 
ol Gods name. It operates upon false pretenses 
and false teachings. 


A pretense is the act of laying clami to some- 
thing or holding out to others some teacliing 
or doctrine to induce such others to take a 
course consistent with such pretense. The Catli- 
ohc organization, commonly called the "Catholic 



clmrcli", is made tip of the pope, bishops, car- 
dinals, priests and others called "clergyinen" ; 
and all those who support that organization or 
■who are adherents tliereof are known as the 
"'Catholic population", but which "Catholic poj)- 
nlalion" are not me]nl)ers of the church. In the 
Catholic or^^ani/alion Ihoro are the high and 
the low clergymen, tliat is to say, the Hierarchy 
of autliority, composed of men in high positions ; 
while tlierc are many humbler men in the priest- 
hood who obey the commands of the higher-nx)S. 
The Catholic organization lias long held out and 
continues to hold out to the peox^le certain claims 
or doctrines for the manifest purpose of induc- 
ing people to become adherents to or "children" 
of that organization. Among the doctrines so 
taught and held out is this one, to wit: That 
the Roman Catholic Church is the one true and 
only church. The following quotation is from 
the Vv'cU-known Catholic authority: "The true 
Church must be Apostolical. Hence in the Creed 
framed in the first Ecumenical Council of Nicfea, 
in the year 325, we fmd these words: 'I be- 
lieve in the One, Holy, C!atholic and Apostolic 
Church.' "-The Faith of Our Fathers (Gibbons), 
page 38. 

Credulous persons, who hear this claim and 
rely upon tlie same, are induced to act, and 
therefore millions of sincere persons have been 
induced to believe that the Boman Catholic or- 
ganization is the Church of God, and for that 
reason they have submitted themselves to the 
organization which is ruled by the Hierarchy. 
If the claims or pretenses made by the Catholic 



organization are false, then it must be conceded 
that tile people are being imposed upon to their 
injury and that those ■who are responsible for 
such pretenses or false claims are therefore 
racketeers. By what rule shall these claims be 
measured to determine whether or not they are 
true or false? The sincere person who believes 
in God and in Christ, and wlio is of good will 
toward God, will quickly answer this question 
in these words: "The AVord of God is the only 
true guide by which we must determine the 
truth or falsity of such claims." 

Is the Roman Catholic Church organisation 
the true church of the living God? The answer 
must be. No. Refer now to the foregoing chap- 
ter four of this book, wherein are given the 
scriptures showing that tlie true church is the 
touiple or organization of Jehovah God and that 
the one and true Foundation Stone or Rock 
thereof is the Lord Jct'us C'hrist, who is the 
Head and Lord of the church; and tliat all 
otliors in the temple or church are members 
of his body and that such must be transformed 
into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ, faith- 
fully following in his steps, and that these are 
the witnesses of Jehovah God, who are com- 
missioned to bear testimony to his holy name. 
The ofhce and mission of the church of God 
under Christ Jesus, compared with that of the 
Roman Catholic organization, show that the 
two take exactly ojiposite courses, The Roman 
Catholic organization is now and for centuries 
has been engaged in religion, polities and com- 




merce for gain, and is therefore the enemy of 
God and the enemy of all men. 

In the Scrijjtnres a "tree" is iised as a sym- 
bol of a creature or of an organization com- 
posed of creatures, and the fruits borne by that 
tree symbolically stand for -what creatures or;ani?;alions hold before the people as spirit- 
ual food for their sustenance and growth. Jesus, 
speaking of the same, says : "A good tree can- 
not bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt 
tree bring forth good fruit. . . . Wherefore by 
their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one 
tlmt saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into 
the kingdom of heaven ; but he that doeth the 
will of my Father which is in heaven." — Mat- 
thew 7:18-23. 

Jehovah God has covenanted to give to Christ 
Jesus and his faithful ones who follow liiin, and 
who are made members of his church, his king- 
dom, which kingdom shall in time rule in right- 
eousness and minister blessings to the people. 
(Lul?e 22: 28-30) The kingdom of God has noth- 
ing that is commercial, and has nothing in com- 
mon with the harsh, cruel and wicked system 
that rules the world now and wliich present 
rule is under the Devil and his rc]>resentatiyos. 
Concerning this world Jesus said: ''My lang- 
dom is not of this world." (John 18:36) "The 
prince of this world [Satan] . . . hath nothing 
in mo.*' (John 14: 30) The Scriptures then show 
that Christ Jesus takes his kingdom and rules 
at the time of his second coming, at which time 
he gathers imto himself his church.— 2 Timothy 
4:1; 2 Thesoalonians 2:1, 




Jesus addresses himself to religionists of his 
time and of Uio present time, and to them he 
says : "The kingdom of God shall be taken from 
you, and given to a nation bringing forth the 
fruits thereof." (Matlliew 21:43) The Roman 
Catholic <ihurch organization has never at any 
time brought to tlic people the fruit or message 
of God's kingdom, but, on tlic contrary, that 
organization has at all times co-operated with 
politicians, militarists, commercial giants, and 
other gangsters to rule and control the nations 
of thn earth. Instead of bearing before the peo- 
ple the fruits of God's Word, which sustain 
them, that is, the fruits of God's kingdom, the 
Catholic organization has bitterly opposed the 
k'ingdom under Ciirist. Every religious organ- 
ization on the earth indulges in politics and in 
commerce, more or less, contrary to the will of 
God, and all these organizations ill-treat and 
persecute the men and women who boar the 
message or fruits of and concerning the king- 
dom of God before the people, 


The Scriptures lay down the unchangeable 
rule tliat everyone who is made a member of 
the church of God faitlifully follows in the foot- 
steps of Jesus, and therefore must do as Jesus 
does. ''For even hereunto were ye called: be- 
cause Christ also sulfored for us, leaving u3 
an example, that ye should follow his steps: 
who did no sin, neither was guile found in his 
mouth." (1 Peter 2:21,22) Again Jesus says: 
"Every one that is of the truth heareth my 


E N e M 1 E S 

voice." (John 18:37) All such must ohey his 
commandments or eho suffer destruction. (John 
14 : 15 ; Acts 3 : 23) To lay claim to the high office 
of the representative on earth of Jesus Cluist, 
and then to take the course exactly opposite 
to what Jesus took, is wholly inconsistent and 
shows that the claims or pretenses of the Cath- 
olic organization arc false. Contdder now the 
well-known facts in the light of the above and 
supporting serix^tures, and by such scriptures 
determine the trntli or falsity of the claims of 
the Catholic organization. 

Neither Jesus nor his apostles owmed any 
real estate, houses or other property. Of Jesua 
it is written: "[He] hath not where to lay his 
head." (Lulve 9:58) Jesus and his apostles did 
not build cathedrals and draw the people into 
them to serve them, but the Lord and his apos- 
tles went about "from house to house" preach- 
ing the truth to the people and instructing them 
in the way of God. (Matthew 10: 5-15) All true 
followers of Christ Jesus have ever pursued 
the same course. Constantine, tlie politician and 
emperor of Rome, who was a pagan or heathen, 
claimed to adopt "CUiristianity". lie became a 
'■'Catholic". Constantine was ricli and doubtless 
had been induced to believe that he could buy 
his salvation. 

The following is quoted from Cardinal Gib- 
bons' The Faith of Our Fathers, page 134 : '''Con- 
stantine gave to the Roman Church muniliccnt 
donations of money and real estate, which were 
augmented by additional grants contributed by 
subsequent emperors. Hence the patrimony of 



the Roman Pontiffs soon became very consid- 
erable." From that time onward the Roman 
Catholic Church organization became very rich 
in material things. Thus it is seen tliat it pur- 
sued a course wholly inconsistent with that pur- 
sued by Christ Jesus. The religious organiza- 
tion, in the Fourth Century, had bishops and 
rulers, many of them, and then the bishop of 
Rome was elected to the office of pope. That was 
the real beginning of popedom, and was more 
than 300 years after the days of the apostles. 
— See The Encyclopmdia Britannica, Volume 2, 
page 81. 

Soon thereafter the pope, as the head of the 
Roman Church organization, began to exercise 
political or temporal power. Pepin, king of 
France, after defeating the Lombards in the 
war, placed the pope as temporal ruler of the 
conquered provinces. Thus the pope came into 
existence as a teni]>oral power by means of a 
war of conquest; v/liich is contrary to the Word 
of God, Says Cardinal Cibl)ons: "'CJharlemagne, 
the suceeysor of Pepin, not only confirms the 
grant of his father, Imt increases the temporal 
domain of the Pope by donating him some addi- 
tional provinces. Tlris small piece of territory 
the Roman Pontiffs continued to govern from 
that time till 1870, with the exception of brief 
intervals of foreign usurpation." — The Faith of 
Onr Fathers, page 137. 

In the exorcise of his political power the pope 
has maintained his ambassadors at the courts 
of almost all the nations of "Christendom". Such 
a course is, entirely inconsistent with and at 



variance with Clirist Jesus, the Head of the 
cliurch of God, who declares that he has nothing 
■whatsoever to do Avith the political affairs of 
this world because Satan controls them. 

From 1870 till 1019 the pope was almost com- 
pletely shorn of liis temporal power, as will ap- 
pear from the liistorical facts Biibseqnently set 
forth herein. (Sec pages 254--2(i2.) Dnring the 
period of time from 1848 to 1919 the Roman 
Catholic Church or,^anization continued to dab- 
ble in the politics of the world, however, and 
to seek to gain political recognition and power 
amongst the nationR of the earth. Immediately 
following the World War the pope sought a i-xvdt 
at the conference of tlie League of Nations that 
ho might engage in dividing up Europe when 
the League of Nations was foi'med. The pojio 
was prevented from gaining a seat at that con- 
ference; but after the League of Nations was 
formed and began to operate, the Devil saw to 
it that the papal organization got on top of the 
League, and it has been riding it ever since. 
Mussolini became a friend of the pope, nnd 
since then they have operated togetlier. "In 1929 
the Lateran Treaty adjusted the relations of 
church and state in Italy, fcliortly thereafter 
Mussolini and the l*ope, strong characters both, 
clashed over the education of Fascist youth; in 
1932 the Duce went to the Vatican, bielt in 
prayer, and, it is believed, took holy conunuuion. 
lie was an avowed atheist, like his father, in 
youth; latterly lie has become very religious." 
— Inside Europe^ page 195. 



The ambition of Mussolini is to become a 
great war lord and to rule the whole world hj 
force. The Eonian Catholic organization, work- 
ing wdth him, fidly sujjports his ambition. When 
Mussolini began and carried on his bloody con- 
quest against tlic poor blachs of Abyssinia, and 
in which war raany lives were destroyed, the 
pope and the Catholic organization backed up 
Mussolini and 'Hjlessed" his murderous assaults. 
Now the dictator of Italy attempts to compel 
men and women to breed like dumb beasts for 
the purpose of producing men to be later sacri- 
ficed in war, and in this the pope backs up 
Mussolini. A press dispatch from Rome, pub- 
lished by the United Press and broadcast over 
many radio stations, under date of March 4, 
1937, says: "Xtal/a Fascist loaders agreed to- 
day on a vigorous effort to increase the birth 
rate and provide more soldiers for the army of 
the future. A seven-point program was ado]otod 
for iinmediatc ayipliealion ])y the Fascist grand 
coimcil, sui^reme advisory body, in anothcir of 
its closely guarded night sessions under Premier 
Benito Mussolini. ... It was reported that Pope 
Pius would instruct Roman Catholic clergymen 
to give full support." 

Such a course is clearly in violation of God's 
everlasting covenant concerning hmnan life, mid 
the so-called Roman Catholic "Cliurch" is guilty 
under God's law. (Cenesis 9:8-13) Does it ap- 
pear that such an organization represents G'od 
and Christ, or that such organization fraudu- 
lently uses the name of God and Christ as a 





camouflage beliind wliidi it carries on its dev- 
ilish anti-Kingdom work? 

Tlie scarecrow held up tliroiigliont the lands 
now is that of Communism, and it is tho papacy 
that is hehind that scareerow movement. Every- 
one who dares toll the truth about the Roman 
Hierarchy is hy that organization denounced as 
a Communist. The facts are that Communism 
has been encouraged by the Jesuits, tlie secret 
order of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, and 
then used as a camouflage or scarecrow to 
frighten the people to unite in a movement con- 
trary thereto, and which latter movement is 
clearly controlled by the papacy. In this man- 
ner the Nazis of Germany, with Hitler as th.e 
leader, were organized and now carry on a ruth- 
less, cruel and murderous rule in that land ; and 
which class of Nazis delight to persecute those 
who faithfully represent God and Christ and 
who bear the flints of his kingdom before the 
people. Many of Jehovah's witnesses in Ger- 
many have recently been put to death, and thou- 
sands of others imprisoned, merely because 
they had in their possession Bibles and books 
explaining the Bible, which enable the people 
to see God's provision for suffering humanity. 
The Hitler government is in full accord with 
the Vatican of Kome. Would the Lord Jesus 
Christ approve such as the rule of Hitler f Cer- 
tainly not; and since the Roman Church backs 
up Hitler, that is persuasive evidence that the 
Roman Catholic organization represents the 
Devil and is the enemy of God and Christ. 


At one time the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
controlled Spain, during which time she pros- 
ecuted the wicked Inquisition, compelling peo- 
ple to become Catholics or suffer cruel torture. 
The people rebelled against the highhanded 
racketeers of Catholicism and organized a re- 
public. Then the Roman Catholic militarists be- 
gan prosecuting a rebellion against the republic 
of Spain, carrying on a cruel and vicious war 
for the purpose of again placing the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy in control of that country. 
The Hierarchy wrongfully obtained possession 
of millions of money obligations of the Spanish 
government, concealed the same in their cathe- 
drals, and used it to prosecute a rebellious war, 
in which hundreds of thousands of persons have 
been cruelly murdered, many of them killed by 
Catholic priests. Mussolini and Hitler have sup- 
ported the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in the 
prosecution of that rebellious war. Surely no 
representative of God and Christ on earth could 
engage in such a warfare, which is in open vio- 
lation of God's everlasting covenant concerning 
the sanctity of human life. 

Since the World War, and since the Roman 
Catholic organization has regained temporal 
power, she has become bold and aggressive as 
never before. A person would have to be men- 
tally blind who does not now see that the pur- 
pose of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy is to 
gain control of the political affairs of the world 
and rule the people with dictators. The papacy 
has made an alliance with the political rulers 
of Japan, who make no pretense of being Chris- 



tians, and she there prosecutes a campaign to 
silence everybody that speaks the truth against 
Catholicism, Tlie lioman Catholic Hierarchy is 
vigorously pushing its campaign to gain control 
of the offices and political affairs of the British 
Commonwealth of Nations, but her greatest 
effort is now pnt forth to gain control of the 
United States of America. A book published in 
1935 by a former Roman Catholic Jesuit, who 
manifestly was sick of the duplicity practiced 
by the rulers in that wicked religious organiza- 
tion, amongst other things says: 

In theory, Catholic Action is the work and tiervice 
of lay CathoUcs in the cause of religion, under the guid- 
ance of the bishops. In practice it is tlie Catholic group 
fighting tlicir way to control America. . . . 

There was a time — it is now past — when only pious 
Catholics took part in the work of the Church. But to- 
day many Catholics who cannot qualify as pious are 
biLsy about Catholic Action. Catholicism, in America at 
least, has ceased to be a matter of religious observance. 
Catholiciam now is something that partakes of clannisli- 
ness, and that is constituted in large part by social and 
political and "club" affiliations. Among the hundreds of 
Catholic leaders who arc outstanding for their loyalty 
to the cause are to be found quite a few who have little 
if any regard for Catholic doctrines or observances. 
Catholic Action would be a far less serious factor in this 
coimti7 were its only agents pious and devout Catholics. 
The starting point of the wave of Catholic Action in this 
country may be traced back to the inauguration of the 
National Catholic Welfare Conference in 1931. On that 
occasion Archbishop Ilanna declared : "We have co-ordi- 
nated and united the Catholic power of this country. 



It now loiows where and when to act and is encouraged 
l>y the consciousness of its unity. We feel ourselves power- 
ful because our reunion has become visible." From that 
day Catholic strength has grown apacej and Catholic 
organizations have niultiplied, . . . 

New organizations spring into existence every month. 
Only last May (1D35) a "Catholic War Veterans Asso- 
ciation" was c;-:tablishcd under the patronage of Bishop 
Molloy of Brooklyn. Already it has several "posts" and 
it aims at becoming not only a nation-wide but an inter- 
national organization. \Yonicn auxiliaries are attached 
to the "posts" under the s]iapi)y miuu! of ''Yeomancttos". 
"I am sure," announced the chaplain, Kiither Iliggins, 
"that we will have the holy backing of Cardinal Hayes 
and that the entire hierarchy will likewise approve." 
Coiitemporaneou-sly with the Catholic War Veterans, the 
Catholic College Graduates felt inspired to do more than 
they were doing for Catholic Action and to set up a new 
organization, so that their lcndor:^hip in Catholic life 
might become more eftective. Father Pnrrions S.J., ex- 
plaining the new move, writes: "... Organize! Pool 
the intellects and the wills of as many of the grndualea 
as can be got together. Give them a con-iraon objective. 
Fire their imaginations with the vi^don of a great move- 
ment which takes its roots from deep within the tradi- 
tions that formed our Western oivilizalion. Lei them he 
daring. Lot them he even revolutionary if the need he 
for that." 

. . . "Catholic men/' he Knid, "should unite in order 
to be able to tell legislatures that they must not intro- 
duce bills which are inimical to the ideals of the family 
or the ideals of the Catholic Church. They should or- 
ganize so as to be strong enough to insist that school 



teachers who teach 'pernicious doctrines* be removed/' 
— Home Stoops to Conquer, pages 15-18. 

Space will not permit to call attention here 
to the clivers means employed politically and 
otherwise to push forward "Catholic Action", 
and ther(:hy gain control of America and other 
nations. Tlie purpose here is to call attention to 
the fact that a religious organization that in- 
dulges in such political, commercial, military 
and other wicked methods as those employed 
by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy could not pos- 
sibly be the representative of Christ on earth, 
and that therefore the claims or pretenses oi 
the Roman Catholic organization concerning its 
being the clmrch of God are wholly fraudulent 
and false. Such alone should be sufficient to 
prove to every honest and sincere person that 
the Roman Catholic organization is the instru- 
ment of the Devil and therefore inimical to the 
welfare of humankind. If a person desires to 
jeopardize his eternal welfare by holding on to 
and supporting that wicked organization, which 
is the enemy of God and man, such is his privi- 
lege; but this is a warning, that he may have 
no excuse for later saying that he did not know 
the organization represenled the Devil. The pur- 
pose of this publication is to aid honest and 
sincere persons, whether Catholic or otherwise, 
to see the truth, that they may seek and find 
the only place of security. 

The Roman Catholic Hierarchy church organ- 
ization is the most perfectly organized political 
body on earth and is the most powerful one of 
all organizations. The British Commonwealth of 



Nations holds the distinction of being the great- 
est world power tliat ever existed. Its claim is 
that its x^ossessions are so far thmg that the 
sun shines on some part thereof at all times. 
Made np of many peoples, Idndreds and tongues, 
tlio Dritish Commonwealth of Nations is truly 
cosmopolitan. Many good people of England 
are beginning to see the great danger that now 
threatens the Commonwealth and that such dan- 
ger is the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. 

In practically all of the colonies or subor- 
dinate portions of the Commonwealtli, Roman 
Catholic officials are in control, and those offi- 
cials utterly disregard the rights of any noii- 
Catholies. In both Northern and Southern Rho- 
desia, in West Africa, in the Fiji Islands, in 
Quebec and many other parts of the Common- 
wealth, political, religious Roman Catholics un- 
der the domination of the Vatican control the 
public offices. They manifest an outward alle- 
giance to the British Commonwealth, but at 
heart those Catholic officials are loyal only to 
the Vatican. They suppress the truth and for- 
bid the importation of publications that would 
enlighten the people in these colonies, par- 
ticularly the natives, and thus keep them in 
ignorance. If the people perchance get into pos- 
session of literature that enlightens them con- 
cerning God's Word and his Idngdom, Roman 
Catholic officials take immediate steps to pre- 
vent the further publication of such literature 
and the promulgation of the truth. Those Cath- 
olic officials do not hesitate to promulgate lies, 
charging true Christians ^vith crimes, which per- 



E N E M I n S 




sons are in no wise guilty. Such lies are told 
to furnish an excuse to ijrohihit the people from 
possessing anytliing that explains to them the 
Word of G-od, which Word of God exposes the 
duplicity and crookedness of the Roman Cath- 
olic organization. 

From the suhoi'dinate parts of the Common- 
woalth pressure is being brought to bear, on 
England in particular, and it is only a question 
of time, and that a short time, until the British 
C!ommonwealth of Nations will be dominated 
and controlled by the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy. Such a course of action is wholly incon- 
sistent with that of true followers of Christ, 
and these facts are cited here to prove that the 
Roiuan Catholic organization does not represent 
God and Christ but represents the Devil. 


In the United States alone, it is claimed, there 
arc twenty million of the Catholic laity, that is, 
"children of the church" or "Catholic popula- 
tion", which population is dominated by thirty 
thousand clergymen. The Catholic Cliureh or- 
ganization in America holds title to property 
vahied at more than two billion dollars. The 
E-ii. cyclopedia Americana, in aji article published 
in 1927, shows that at that time the Catholic 
church had within its organization through- 
out the earth 294,583,000 persons. The material 
wealth of the Catholic organization is to be 
found in great sums on every continent and 
country of tlie earth, aggregating many billions. 
Whence does its tremendous wealth come! Yfhat 


representations and claims have been made by 
the Roman Catholic Ilicrarehy to induce the 
people to put themselves under the dominating 
control of that organization and to so greatly 
enrich that religious, political organization? 


Without a doubt the source of revenue of the 

Roman Catholic church organization, that which 
has brought the greatest amount of money into 
the coffers of the Vatican, is the doctrine of 
"purgatory". Millions of persons have put their 
trust in the clergymen and by the clergymen 
have been induced to believe that when a man 
dies it is only the body that dies, but that the 
soul of that man continues to live and that every 
soul goes immediately to one of three places, 
that is, the righteous to heaven, the willfully 
wicked to eternal torment or hell, and those 
who have died in venial sin and who have not 
been cleaned up go to "purgatory", there to 
remain for an indefinite period of time, the 
duration of whieli may be shortened by money 
contributed by living friends and paid into the 
hands of priests of the Catliolic Church to say 
prayers on behalf of the dead. Also it is repre- 
sented the money thus contributed results bene- 
ficially to those vvho are living and that after 
death their time in "purgatory" might be short- 

Sincere people, believing such representations 
to be true, have rushed into the Catholic organ- 
ization and have freely given up their money, 
hoping thereby to gain for themselves and their 






beloved dead great l)enefits and to relieve their 
dead friends from suffering the "fires of pur- 
gatory''. The result has been and is that billions 
of dollars of money have been poured into the 
Eoman Catholic organization's treasury, wliicli 
has been used and is being used by the Hier- 
archy, to carry forward its ambitions and cruel 
purpose, and for the ^'higher-up priests" to live 
wantonly and fare sumptuously daily, while the 
common people suffer for the necessities of life. 
If the Catholic doctrine of "purgatory" is false, 
then it must be considered by every honest per- 
son that the Roman Catholic Hierareliy is oper- 
ating the greatest racket ever known, by which 
racket the people are robbed of their "money, 
their peace of mind, and their prospects of a 
knowledge of God's pizrpose; and this alone 
brands the Catholic organization as the instru- 
ment of the Devil and the cnerny of God and 
of man. It is also furtlier proof that the claim 
made that the Catholic church is the church 
of God is another of the Devil's lies, told for 
the purpose of deceiving the people and turn- 
ing them away from Jehovah God. 

That no one may have reason to say, as many 
Catholic priests have said, that their doctrine 
of "purgatory" is misrepresented to the people, 
the following is quoted from the book of Car- 
dinal Gibbons, a renowned Catholic authority: 
"TliG Catholic Church teaches that, . . . there 
exists in the next life a middle state of tem- 
porary punishment, allotted for those who have 
died_in venial sin, or who have not satisiied 
the justice of God for sins already forgiven. 

She also teaches us that, although the souls 
consigned to this intermediate state, conunonly 
called purgatory, cannot helx^ themselves, they 
may be aided by the [prayers] of the faithful 
on earth. The existence of purgatory naturally 
implies the correlative dogma — the utility of 
praying for the dead— for the souls consigned 
to this middle state have not reached the term 
of their journey. They are still exiles from heav- 
en and lit subjects for Divine clemency. 

"... His soul \vill be ultimately saved, hut 
he shall suffer, for a temporary duration, in 
the purifying flames of Purgatory. This inter- 
pretation is not mine. It is the unanimous voice 
of the Fathers of Christendom."— T7ie Faith of 
Our Fathers, pages 205-208. 

This is a plain statement that the doctrine 
of "purgatory" is based upon tradition and not 
upon the Word of God, and according to the 
rule laid down by Jesus this doctrine makes 
void the Word of God, because it is false. (Mat- 
thew 15:3,6) For the purpose of laying the 
foundation for the doctrine of "purgatory^' the 
same authority, on page 217, says this : "For 
what is death? A mere separation of body and 
soul. The body, indeed, dies, but the soul lives 
[on] . . . ' It continues after death, as before, 
to think, to remember, to love." 

Such is the teaching of men in the Catholic 
Church oi'ganization, handed down for genera- 
tions by tradition. You may choose to believe 
tradition or the Bible. Which are you Avilling 
to believe? The Bible proof is now here sub- 
mitted, showing that the "purgatory" doctrine 



is wholly ffilse and therefore of the Devil. The 
Douay is the Catholic Vcrtion of the Eihle, and 
has the full endorsement of the Hierarchy. That 
Version says concerning the seal: "The pouI 
tliat sinneth, the same shall die." (Ezechiel]8: 4, 
Do'uay) By thoiir own version of the Bible the 
Catholic doctrine of "piirp;atory" is proved false. 
AAHiat is the sonl"? It is a living, hroatliing crea- 
ture. Every man is a soul, hut no man posscsr^ies 
a soul. In Genesis 2:17 it is written: "But of 
tlie tree of the knowle<lgc of good and evil, thou 
shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou 
eatest thereof tliou shalt surely die." By what 
auUiority is the claim made that death is merely 
the separation of the body and soul and tiiat 
the soul lives on? That claim is based wholly 
on the Devil's lie. God declared that man should 
die if he sinned. The Devil says there is no 
death; and Jesus says the Devil is a liar. {Gen- 
esis 3:4; John 8 : M-) "All tlicy that he fat upon 
earth sliall eat and worship: all they that go 
down to the dnsl shall bow lief ore him: and 
Eone can keep alive his own sonl." 22 : 29. 
Catholic tradition says: 'The dead continue 
to remember, to think and to love.' The Catho- 
lic Bible says: ''For there is no one in death, 
that is mindful of thee: and who shaU con- 
fess to thee in hell [the grave [Auth. Ver.)]V' 
(Psalm 6: G, Doiiay) This same scripture in the 
A'utliorized Version says: 'Tor in death there 
is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who 
shall give thoe thanks?" (Psalm G : 5) "The dead 
praise not the T-ord, Tieiiher any that go down 
into silence." (Psalm 115:17) ''For the living 





know that they shall die, but the dead Imow 
nothing more, neither have they a rov.'ard any 
more: "for the memory of them is forgotten. 
. . . Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it 
earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor 
wisdom, nor knowle<lge shall be in hell [the 
grave], whither thou art hastening." — Eccle- 
siastcs 9:5, 10, Catholic Douay Version. 

Seeing that the Scriptures conclusively prove 
that the dead are not conscious anywhere and 
not undergoing punishment or suffering in "pur- 
gatory", it is clear that the "purgatory" doctrine 
is another of the Devil's lies employed by men 
to deceive and to rob the people, and to turn 
them aw^ay from God, and to carry on the most 
subtle, devilish racket on earth. Note now, the 
Koman Catholic Hierarchy has always invoked 
the rule that the common people must not study 
the Bible by themselves but must receive only 
whatsoever the Catholic Church teaches. See 
The Faith of Our Fathers, page 74, where it 
is said that "God never intended the Bible to 
be the Christian's rule of faith, indcspendently 
of the . . . authority of the [Catholic] Church". 
On the contrary, the Scriptures, written in the 
Bible at the command of Almighty God, w^ere 
written to be mans true and unfailing guide 
that the man of God might be fully equipped. 
(2 Timothy 3:16,17) There is no text in the 
Bible that supports the theory of "purgatory"; 
and, knowing this to be true, the clergy of the 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy tell the people that 
they must not attempt to study the Bible inde- 
pendently, but must take the interpretation of 



the priests. "Purgatory" is a religions doetrine, 
invented by the enemy of God and man for the 
purpose of turning men away from Grod. 

Any kind of scheme or trick that is operated 
to cause others to unwittingly part with their 
money is a racket. Three-card monte, tlic shell 
game, the lightning-rod scheme, the real estate 
schemes, or the prize-contest scheme, or any 
other sclieme that is used to improperly take 
away from the people their money, is a racket. 
Inducing people to invest their money in lottery 
schemes or suchlike is a racket; all of which 
are bad and are strictly avoided by honest and 
careful persons. When a man or organization 
gains the confidence of others and then takes 
advantage of such others and thereby wrong- 
fully causes them to give up their money, that 
is a vicious racket, because the one robbed has 
no way of protecting himself. When a man or 
organization induces the people to believe that 
their dead friends are conscious and suffering 
in a place called ^'purgatory" and that contri- 
bution of money by the living can help such suf- 
fering ones, and the people are thereby induced 
to part ■v\dth their money to the priests, such is 
the meanest, crookodest, most damnable racket 
that could be practiced. No man has ever re- 
ceived the slightest benefit for money given over 
to priests to say prayers for the dead or for 
the living; therefore the obtaining o? money by 
the priests or clergymen upon the claim that 
they can benefit the dead is obtaining money 
under false pretenses and should be punished 
lilve all other similar crimes. 



The Catholic Hierarchy makes it a regular 
business to call upon the Catholic population 
for money to supply what is called the "pur- 
gatorial purse" and suggests the contribution 
of specific sums for each person for whom 
prayers are made. The amount received for 
each name submitted is almost always sug- 
gested according to the ability of those who 
contribute. Twenty-five cents a name is some- 
times used, and sometimes far greater sums. 
But suppose twenty-live cents per name is con- 
trilvated by each of the twenty million "Cath- 
olic population" in America, and that this con- 
tribution is made once a week, that makes a very 
large sum of money that is wrongfully extracted 
from the pockets of the people. But suppose 
the amount is a dollar a week per person, on 
the average; that would mean for twenty mil- 
lion persons one billion and forty million dollars 
per year. Persons of moderate means or much 
means, who are permitted to have an audience 
with the "august" clergy, contribute much more 
than a dollar per week each. The claim is made 
that the Catholic population of the world to- 
day is upward of 300,000,000, and if each of 
these is held up for twenty-five cents j}ev week 
for the "purgatorial purse", that alone would 
amount to the enormous sum of $3,900,000,000 
per year. Add to that the other contributions 
that are regularly made to the Hierarcliy, and, 
too, the weekly collections that are gathered in 
by the nuns from the laboring class, and it 
appears that there is a fabulous sum of money 
that continues to flow into the coffers of the 



Hierarchy as a result of tlie operation of tlie 
great racket, a racket that is greater than all 
other rackets combined. 


Radio stations frequently broadcast programs 
calling attention to the various rackets or fal^es 
that are now being imposed upon the people, 
by \v]iich large sums of money are collected 
from i^eople who are credulous. For instance, 
a puzzle sclieme is advertised by which the pub- 
lie arc told that those who successfully solve 
the puzzle will receive so many votes, and there- 
after, by expending more money, they may draw 
a very large prize. By this racket great sums 
of money are collected, and the prize is never 
paid; and then the police malce a raid on the 
racketeers and arrest them. The United States 
post-oi^lce dcipartment is^ueK an order prohibit- 
ing the use of the mails to carry ou such a 
racket, and properly so. C-ontrast this with the 
"purgatory" racket. A Catliolic priest publishes 
a letter telling Catholics that by contributing 
ro much -money they can aid their suffering 
dead in "purgatory''. This letter advises the 
people that for each name submitted a certain 
pum should be contributed, The money is sent 
in regularly, ])aid over as a result of a false 
and fraudulent representation that it will result 
beneficially to the people. The United States 
government has a E-oman Catholic as post- 
master general and in control of the x)ost-ofiiGe 
department, and who is in fact an agent and 
representative of tlie Vatican. Has anyone ever 



Inward of his issuing an order forbidding the 
use of the United States mails to cany on a 
racket of collecting money from the people 
upon the representation that it is for tlie bene- 
fit of the dead? 

'Vho "purgatory" racket is much more rep- 
rehensible than the prize racket above men- 
tinned, lieeause the people laiow they are gam- 
bling on the prize racket. As to the "purgatory'' 
racket the credulous are taken advantage of, 
kept ia ignorance of what the Scriptures teach, 
aiid prevented by the racketeers from knowing 
the truth, and then they are robbed of mil]i(jns 
of money, and the post-ofiice department piously 
folds its hands and says: 'This is doing a good 
work-.' Does any sane and honest person believe 
that an organization or religious system that 
carries on such a racket could at the same time 
be the representative of God and Christ on 
earth? The proof is overwhelming that the 
claims and pretenses made by the Boman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy organization that it is the church 
of God are a monstrous lie, a great defamation 
of the name of Almiglity God, and that the 
same are made for the piui)ose of robbing the 
people and turning them away from Qod. 


Another erroneous doctrine of the Roman 
Catholic church system is that the clergy of 
that system can forgive sins. The ored'nloua 
Catholic pojjulation believe that the priest ])os- 
sesses such power from God, and, so believing, 
they go to the priest at regular intervals and 



confess their sins that they may receive remis- 
sion or absolution. One who commits the most 
hcinoiis crime may do that and then straight- 
way go out and commit another crime. A strik- 
ing example is tliat of Mussolini. Until he made 
I)cace with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy he 
was an avowed atheist and a common gangster, 
but afterwards he went to the Vatican and made 
an alliance with the papal system and then went 
forth and committed greater crimes than ever 
before. He carried on a cruel war of conquest 
of Abysf^inia in utter violation of God's law, 
ami no doubt received what the papacy calls 
"absolution'* from the pope, because that "au- 
gust official" attempted to "bless" Mussolini's 
war activities. Men who believe that the pope 
or the ]Miosts have pOAvor to forgive sins em- 
lirace and practice that religion to ease their 
conscience and to steel their conscience for fur- 
ther crime. Says the Catholic authority: "It 
follows, first, that the forgiving power was not 
restricted to the Apostles, but extended to their 
successors in the ministry unto all times and 
places. The forgiveness of sin was to continue 
while sin lasted in the world; and as siu, alas! 
Avill always be in the world, so wdll the remedy 
for sin be ahvays in the Church. The medicine 
will co-exist with the disease."— TAe Faith of 
Our Fathers, page 333. 

The Roman Catholic church system has as- 
sumed to perform this great act of forgiving 
of sins for a money consideration, and still 
does so. The foregoing authority further says: 
"Nor did the Pope exceed liis legitimate powers 



in promising to the pious donors spiritual favors 
in exchange for their donations. For if our sins 
can be redeemed by alms to the poor, as the 
Scripture tells us, why not as well by offerings 
in the cause of religion f — Page 370. 

"Ajid the Church having power to remit the 
greater obstacle, which is sin, has power also 
to remove the smaller obstacle, which is the 
temporal punishment due on account of it." — 
Page 3G5. 

l^jvery person familiar with the Papal his- 
tory needs only to Iiavo it called to his mind 
that one John Tetzel, a Dominican monk, be- 
came famous through Qemumy and other parts 
of Europe by reason of the fact that he sold 
indulgences i"or largo sums of money whereijy 
the pur(;haser was authorized to commit any 
or all kinds of crime with impunity. This racket 
has been carried on for so long a time that even 
the priests are convinced it is their inherent 
right to receive donations of money from the 
poor and from the rich upon the pretext that 
the priests have power to grant absolution or 
forgiveness for the commission of sin. 

It is not at all surjjrising that the political 
and commercial rulijig element of Italy, Gei'- 
many, Austria and many other countries are 
supporters of the Vatican. Those men are 
steeped in crime, and they must have some- 
thing to ease tiieir conscience, and they are 
willing to pay for it. They are induced to be- 
lieve that regardless of the crime committed 
they may receive absolution from the Papal 
Hierarchy. This racket, practiced by the Papal 



Hierarchy, has brought millions of money into 
the coffers of the Vatican; particularly the poli- 
ticians are induced to believe that they nmst 
do their part by liberally contributing to the 
Catholic purse. It is not surprising that many 
of the officials of the ruling element and the 
commercial giants of Groat Britain and America 
are adherents of the Catholic religion and that 
they pay large sums of money in the nature 
of insurance premiums against loss by reason 
of their deliberate wickedness. Thus it is seen 
that the racket enlarges and that the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy has no real competitors any- 
where in the field of racketeering. If the priests 
or clergymen of that system have no power to 
forgive sins, then tlieir course is nothing else 
than a subtle scheme to filch money from the 
pockets of others and to bring reproaches upon 
tlie name of Almighty God. Now lot us look at 
the real authority and see who can forgive sins. 
The Scriptures show that God alone, through 
Christ Jesus' merit, can forgive sins. If a man 
does not believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ 
and that his shed blood is the basis for the for- 
giveness of sins, then God will not hear his 
prayer or forgive him, but the wrath of God 
continues to abide upon that person, as it is 
plainly stated in John d ; 30. It is written : "The 
blood of Jesxis Christ his [God's] Son cleanseth 
us from all sin." {1 John 1:7) "Without shed- 
ding of blood [the blood of Jesus Christ] is no 
remission [of sin]." (Hebrews 9: 22) Again it is 
written: "In whom we have redenii)tion through 
his [Jesus'] blood, even the forgiveness of sins." 



(Colossians 1:14) Jesus conferred upon his 

faithful apostles speeifjc authority concerning 
remission of sins, as slated in these words: 
"Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remit- 
ted unto tlicm; and whose soever sins ye retain, 
they are retained." (John 20:23) This author- 
ity, however, is limited only to those failhrul 
ax^ostlos, and applies to no one else before or 
after.— 1 John 1:9; 2:1,2. 

No wonder the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
advise the "Catholic population" to refrain from 
reading the Bible, but to take only what ''the 
church'" says. When honest and sincere people 
know the "Word of God, they will break away 
from the Catholic system; and the racketeers 
know that, and when that liappens their racket 
is done. The claim that the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy priests have power to forgive sins 
is extremely blasphemous and is another part 
of their racket or scheme. Surely this racket 
coiild not be carried on with sensible and rea- 
sonable people if they were first informed in 
the Scriptures and believed in God and Christ 
Jesus. Tliis is further and conclusive proof that 
the Roman Catholic church system is not the 
church of God, biit that it is a Devil I'cligions 
organization, carried on to the reproach of God's 
holy name, and works great injury to the people. 


The Roman Catholic religious organization 
performs certain ceremonies or mere formal- 
isms. On entering the cathedral the finger is 
dipped in what is called "holy water", and the 


E N E M 1 1^ S 

people are inflnced to believe that, even if that 
water had been pumped out of a pond, some 
man could make it holy. Then the man entering 
makes the sign of a cross upon himself; the 
priest then sprinldes the congregation with the 
same kind of water, reciting at the time parts 
of the Fiftieth Psalm, or some other scripture; 
then he proceeds according to the mass book 
(but not according to the Bible) by saying or 
repeating certain words in Latin, which prob- 
ably no one present can understand. While do- 
ing this the priest wears peculiar clothing and 
continues to perform other acts, such as the 
above. Such is a religious practice, wholly un- 
authorized by the Scriptures, and a reproach 
upon God's name, but another means to induce 
the credulous to believe here is where they get 
their protection and salvation. 

Hoping to find some authority for these sense- 
less ceremonies the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
cite the ceremonies performed by the Israelites 
in connection with the tabernacle. They ignore 
entirely, however, the Bible statement that tliose 
ceremonies performed by the Israelites were 
merely moving or living pictures performed 
under the direction of Jehovah, particularly 
foretelling tilings to come to pass in the fu- 
ture. (Hebrews 10:1; 1 Corinthians 10: 11) Such 
types performed by the Jews were no authority 
for anybody to perform those ceremonies after- 
wards, because they pertained to the law and 
Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and nailed it to 
his tree. (Colossians 2: 14) The ceremonies per- 
formed in connection with the tabernacle in the 



wilderness particularly foretold the coming of 
Christ Jesus and his great sacrifice to provide 
the ransom price for the remission of the sins 
of men, and the presentation of his blood in 
tliG Most Holy, that is, in heaven itself, there 
to make satisfaction for the sins of the people. 
—Hebrews 9:20-24. 

Christ having fulfilled the law, then the Devil 
institutes a ceremony in mockery of what the 
Lord has done, and causes his agents, the clergy, 
to carry on senseless ceremonies to overawe the 
people, falsely claiming the same find authority 
in the ceremonies performed in Israel. He puts 
it in the mind of selfish and sinful men to arro- 
gate to themselves the power to do what Jesus 
alone had authority to do. When Christ Jesus 
came and performed his work, all such cere- 
monies as were practiced in God's law to Moses 
ended with His crucifixion. "Wherefore the law 
was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, 
that we might be justified by faitli." (Galatians 
3:24) "For Christ is the end of the law for 
righleou.'^ness to every one that bclieveth." — 
Konmns 10:4. 

Tiiose ceremonies pei'formed by the Hierarchy 
]n'iests result in great reproach to the name of 
tiie Lord God and in furthering the practice 
of their racketeering upon the people. Neither 
Jesus nor his apostles after him indulged in 
any kind of formalism or ceremonies. Jesus in- 
stituted the Memorial of his death, which is 
celebrated once each year as a reminder that 
those who have covenanted with God to follow 
in the footsteps of Jesus must be broken with 


him and suffer as he suffered (1 Corinthians 
11:23-26; 10:16,17); and then the Catholio 
priests bhisphemously attempt to change the 
emblems of wine and bread into the actual 
blood and body of Christy and to induce the 
credulous ones to believe it, to the end that 
they may be further overawed and submit them- 
selves to racketeering schemes. 

Fixed and formal ceremony is entirely con- 
trary to v\diat Jesus instituted with his disciples. 
Such formalism is vdiat the prophet of God re- 
ferred to and v/hat Jesus subsequently repeated, 
to -wit : "Ye hypocrites I well did Esaias proph- 
esy of yon, saying, This people draweth nigh 
unto me with their mouth, and hononreth me 
with theij- lip;^; but their heart is far from me. 
But in vain thoy do worship me, teaching for 
doctrines the comm-andments of men." (Mat- 
thew 15:7-9) This is further proof that the 
Eoman Catholic Hierarchy organization is not 
the church of Gfod, but represents God's enemy. 


In the ceremonies performed by the Eoman 
Catholic organization they employ images. A 
CathoUc authority says: "The Christian reli- 
gion [not the Bible] has allowed the use of 
[images] statues and paintings to represent 
the incarnate Son of God, the saints, and angels, 
and these hnagcs are a legitimate aid to devo- 
tion/-' [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12) 
This practice of the Catholic church is diamet- 
rically opposed to God's law. Jehovah God ex- 
pressly coimnanded that no image shaU be made 




and used. (Exodus 20:3-5) The use of images 
by the Hierarchy, therefore, further shows that 
tlie Catholic organization is not the church of 
God, because His church does not openly vio- 
late God's law. Jesus alv-^ays obeyed God's com- 
mandments, and the members of bis church must 
do likewise. To his people God gives this com- 
mandment : "Every man is brutish in his knowl- 
edge : every founder is conf ormded by the graven 
image: for liis molten image is falsehood, and 
there is no breath in them. They are vanity, and 
the work of errors : in the time of their visita- 
tion they shall perish." (Jeremiah 10:14,15) 
Of course, the Hierarchy would not wish the 
Catholic population to know that these texts 
are in the Bible, because that knowledge would 
rnin their racket. 

But one says, 'How about the statue showing 
Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross ? Sliould 
not we have that kind of statue in our place of 
worship f .Jesus was not crueiticd on a cross. 
God's law provided that the accursed sinner 
should be hanged upon a tree. The Catholic 
priests know this, because their Bible so states. 
(See Galatians 3: 13, Douay Version.) (Deuter- 
onomy 21:22,23) Jesus died in the place and 
stead of a sinner, and therefore as a sinner, 
altliough holy, pure and undefiled; and his death 
complied with God's law, and therefore must 
take place by his being nailed to a tree, and the 
facts show he was so nailed to the tree. "Clirist 
liath redeemed ns from the curse of the law, 
being made a curse for us: for it is written. 



Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree." 
— Oalatians 3:13. 

The wooden cross and shrines were used in 
the practice of religion by the heathen long 
before the birth or death of "the man Christ 
Jesus". The practice of the Catholic system in 
connection with a cross vras borrowed from the 
pagans. A well-known authority says: 

The cross was worshipped by the Pa^'an Celts locg 
before the [birlh] and flcath of Christ. "It is a fact/' 
says Maurice, "not less rcraarknble than well-attested, 
that the Dniitla in their groves; were accustomed to select 
the most stately and beautiful tree as an emblem of the 
deity they adored, and having cut the side branches, they 
afRxcd two of the largest of them to the highest part of 
the trunk, in such a manner that those branches extended 
on oach side like the arms of a m;iii, and, together witli 
the body, prorionted the appearance of a hugs ceors, and 
on the bark, in several places, was also inscribed the letter 
Thnii [Greek]." It was worshipped in Moxieo for age:? 
bcfoie the Koman Catholic missionaries set foot there, 
large s!;ono crosses being erected, probably to tile "god 
of rain." The cross thus widely worshipped, or regarded 
as a sacred emblem, was the unequivocal symbol oi 
Bacchus, the Babylonian Met--.siah, for he was represented 
with a hcaf!-banr] covered with crosses. This symbol of 
the Babylonian god is reverenced at this day in all the 
wide wastes of Tartary, where Buddlusm prevails. — The 
Two Balylona, page 199. 

"The adoration of the statues of the Buddha and of 
his relics is the chief external ceremony of the reli- 
gion. . . . The central object in a Buddhist temple, 
corresponding to the altar in a Roman Catholic church, 
is an image of the Buddha, or a dagoba or shi'ine con- 




taining his relics." . . . The form of reb'gious worEhip 
contains many points (veneration of relics, auricular con- 
fession, beads, processions, etc.) which bear a strildng 
resemblance to practices of the Roman Church, acknowl- 
edged by all, !)ut explained dilterently. ... In the land 
of its birth, India, Buddhism had to endure a long- 
continued persecution, and was at last entirely driven 
out, after it had flourished there about twelve hundred 
years. The time of its introduction into the other coun- 
tries is as uncertain as its early history in general. — 
McClintoek & Strong's Cyclopaedia, Vol. I, pages 907-910. 

To boAv before an image made of a cross is 
contrary to the Word of God, in violation of 
his law above cited, and is further proof that 
the Catholic church organization is not the 
church of God. Why pray publicly before an 
image of Christ and pretend you arc praying 
to Jesus, when Jesus himself is fully alive in 
heaven H Teaching his followers to pray, he 
said: "But thou^ when thou praycst, enter into 
thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, 
pray to thy Fatlicr which is in secret; and thy 
Father, wliich seeth in secret, sliall reward thee 
openly. But when ye pray, use not vain repeti- 
tions, as the heathen do ; for they think that 
they shall bo heard for their much speaking." 
(Matthew G:(), 7) Jesus then proceeds to out- 
line a model prayer. (Versos 9-13) But the 
Hierarchy does not wish the common people to 
follow that. 

The followers of Christ Jesus, who are of the 
church of God, therefore pray to God in the 
name of Christ Jesus, their Lord and Head, 
as directed by the Lord. (Matthew 6:9; John 



14:13,14) "If ye abide in me, and my words 
aljide in you, v'e shall ar:;k what ye AviU, and it 
shall be done nnto you/' (John 15:7) Praying 
■with beads and before statues and images is 
false worsliip. God is pleased with those who 
'■'worsliip liini in spirit and in truth". (John 
4:23,24) Religionists are tlic enemies of God, 
because tliov Iiave I'ornis of protended worship 
of God but'tliey have no real devotion to God 
and to liis liinf-dom. AVliat is here said is not 
an attack upon men, but an expose of a devilish 
system, cremated and ]mi in operation by God's 
enemies, which reproacJi his name and work 
injury to the people. 

The forcsoing evidence proves conclusively 
that religion is a racket and that those who 
practice U for gain are racketeers, and that the 
chief 031CS among all racketeers are those who 
m.-ke up and form the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy, wlio rob tlie ])eople of their money, take 
away their liberty of thought and action, and 
put in joo]-)ardy their lives. It is against such 
deceivers of the people that God speaks those 
words: "The wicked worketh a deceitful work." 
(Proverbs 11:18) The wicked are those who 
once had God's favor by being placed in a, 
position to know bis Word, and who then era- 
ployed what knowledge they gained to use for 
selfish or pecuniary gain. Since Satan's world 
has reached its climax, the tiine has come for 
the people to liavo a chance to know the truth 
and to determine whether or not tliey want to 
folloAv their worst onemiefi or render themselves 
in obedience to the great God of the universe. 



The nation of Israel had God's favor because 
they were his covenant people, and that na- 
tion departed from the commandments of God, 
and their clergy taught them religion instead 
of God's comnnxn(huents. Likewise in the early 
days following the deatli of the apostles of 
Jesus Christ, men who learned oL' God's pur- 
pose were greatly favored by him with some 
knowledge of his truth. It was then tliat ambi- 
tious men in the organization departed from 
the connuandments of God and adopted and 
taught the doctrines of men aiul formed wliat 
is now called "the Christian religion", used and 
practiced in the nations callo<I ''Christendonr'. 
Within such religious organizations, and par- 
ticularly withiu the Catholic organi/iation or 
under it, there are many persons who desire 
to Imow and to serve God faithfully; and God 
will now give them an opportunity. 

By hJa }n'0]ihcts Jcliovah foretold the condi- 
tions which now exist and tlie record of which 
appears in the Catholic Douay Version of the 
Bible, and a part of it in tliat Bilile refids: 
"For among my people are found wicked men, 
that lie in wait as fowlers, setting snares and 
traps to catch men." (Jeremias 5:26, Douay) 
These words of the Lord specifically descril)e 
the Roman Catholic "Hierarchy of Jurisdiction", 
which rules the underpriests and the "Catholic 
Ijopulation", and which Hierarchy lays claim to 
being God's people. The honest people mnler 
the Hierarchy must now hear the truth, that 
they may flee from that wicked organization 
and fmd refuge mider Chiist Jesus, the Head of 


Jehovali's organization. For that reason Jeho- 
vah sees to it that all such persons of good will, 
who desire to know and to obey him, shall have 
an opportunity to hear the truth. 

Further describing those selfish, arrogant, 
boastful, cruel clergymen, the racketeers in the 
organization {or '"liouse") which they rule, the 
Lord says to them : "Your iniquities have turned 
these things away, and your sins have with- 
holden good things from you. For among my 
people are found mcked men, that lie in wait 
as fowlers, setting snares and traps to catch 
men. As a net is full of birds, so their houses 
are full of deceit: therefore are they become 
great and enriched. They are grown gross and 
fat: and have most wickedly transgressed my 
words. They have not judged the cause of the 
widow, they have not managed the cause of the 
fatherless, and they have not judged the judg- 
ment of the poor." — Jeremias 5:25-28, Douay. 

The Roman Catholic Hierarchy have "houses" 
all over the earth within which they practice 
fraud and deceit, carrying on their racket, and 
by which the credulous, honest, sincere people 
are induced to wrongfully give up large sums of 
money, which has greatly enriched that organi- 
zation. The money, therefore, has been obtained 
by fraud and in the name of God. Aside from 
the honest and sincere people of good will under 
the Catholic organization, there are millions of 
others clauning to be Christians, but who are 
not, and who use their religion for selfish gain. 
Those include priests, politicians and other rack- 
eteers and prognosticators of what shall come 

KtLlGIC.iN "iUKNlNO MAN IKmW i,i"l.t — iiciiesis 11:1-9 




Kt:Lliiin., i n,i_.- 'j iic NAlluI.:, 

.i^liiull 1 7: j-5 



to pass. Those men indal-^'C in what is a horrible 
aboinination unto God, and therefore he contin- 
ues to pay to them: "Shall I not visit for these 
tilings, saith the Lord 1 or shall not my soul 
take revenge on such a nation? Astonishing 
and wonderful things have been done in llie 
land. The prophets proi)hesied falsehood, ai:d 
the priests elapiicd llieir hands: and my people 
[my pretended i^eople, who practice religion for 
gain] loved such things: what then shall bo done 
in the end thereof I" — Jeremias 5 : 29-31, Donay. 
The Roman Catholic Hierarchy have told the 
conmion people, or the "Catholic population", 
that they must not read tlie Bible; and clearly 
such is for the purpose of keeping the peo]-)le 
in igTiorance. It nui;-;t now be apparent, to all 
honest people of earth who have any knowl- 
edge, that the Roman Catholic organization is 
a religious political organization, indulging in 
a selfish work, which blasi^hcmes the name of 
Almighty God, falsely and fraudulently repre- 
sents him, carries on a racket in the name of 
Christ, and is the great enemy of God and of 
the people. Carefully now consider what fol- 
lows, and the Scriptures in supi:)ort of the same, 
by which the Almighty God foretold exactly tlio 
conditions existing in this very day showing 
how the Roman Catholic Hierarchy is a selfish 
and devilish organization, operating under the 
misleading title of "Christian religion", and des- 
perately attempting to gain control over all the 
peoples of the earth in order to satisfy its self- 
ish and ambitious desires. 


"SONG or 


"Take a hai-p, go about the city, thou 
harlot that hai^t been forg-otteii: sing 
well, eing majiy a song, that thou mayst 
be remembered." — IsaJas 23: IG, Douay. 

IT IS WRITTEN in tlie Scriptures: "Known 
unto God are all liis works, I'rom the begin- 
ning; of the -world." (Acts 15: 18) Necessarily 
that means that from the time of the begimiing 
of the wicked world, over which Satan has hocn 
and is the invisible niler, Jehovah Grod knew 
exactly what would come to pass and he made 
a record thereof in advance, and which record 
is called 'God's propliecy, written down by holy 
men of old, as God dictated to them'. {2 Peter 
1:20,21) There is no limitation to God's fore- 
knowledge and power, and, of course, he could 
and did write prophecy exactly as it shall come 
to pass. Satan had flnng the challenge into God's 
face, and that challeuge was accepted (Job 
2:1-7), and therefore God from the beginning 
purposed what should come to pass In his own 
due time, and so lie caused to be written in his 
prophecy these words: "I have spoken it, I will 
also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will 
also do it." (Isaiah 46:11) To that end God 
caused his chosen people, the Israelites, and 
those who had dealings with that people, to 





make certain motion pictures foreshadowing or 
foretelling what should come to pass in the 
future. God caused his faithful prophets to 
make a record thereof, writing the same in 
symbolic or cryptic phrase, of what the future 
would bring forth. 

All prophecy was dictated by Jehovah God 
and is written in such a manner that no crea- 
ture, not even the prophets who wrote, could 
understand the meaning thereof until God's 
due time to make the meaning clear. The out- 
working of God's purpose, as recorded in the 
prophecies, will bring salvation to all men who 
remain faithfully on the side of Jehovah God, 
maintaining their integrity toward him, and 
thereby they will participate in proving that 
Satan is a liar. As proof that the prophets and 
others did not and could not understand until 
due time, it is written : "Of which salvation the 
prophets have inquired and searched diligently, 
who propliesied of the grace that should come 
tinto you: searching what, or what manner of 
time the spirit of Christ which was in them did 
signify, when it was testified beforehand the 
sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should 
follow. . . . which things the angels desire to 
look into."— 1 Peter 1: 10-12. 

With the coming of the end of Satan's world, 
and when his rule should bo first interrupted, 
the time came for unfolding these prophecies. 
This coming takes place at the time of the sec- 
ond coming of Christ Jesus, the Bightful lluler 
who comes to the temple of God, and through 
whom God makes knoA^Ti the meaning of his 



prophecies, tliat those who love and serve liini 
may understand them. For centuries most of 
the Bible has been a puzzle to all persons, al- 
though the clergy have arrogated to themselves 
the sole authority to understand and interpret. 
It is quite evident that the clergy today have 
no understanding of the prophecies, because 
their hearts are removed from the Lord. But 
now the prophecies can be understood by those 
who really love and serve Cod, for the reason 
that God's due time has come for them to under- 
stand it: "Now all these things happened unto 
them for ensaraples : and they are written for 
our admonition, upon whom the ends of the 
world are come."— 1 Corinthians 10:11. 

Exercising his sovereign will, God caused his 
prophets, who were true and faithful men, to 
write the prophecy: "For no prophecy ever 
came by the will of man ; but men spake from 
God, being moved by the holy spirit." (2 Peter 
1 : 21, Revised Version) By His prophets Isaiah, 
J'lzekiel, Jeremiah and otlicrs God foretold that 
there would arise in the earth a great religious 
organization, which would falsely claim to be 
God's representative on earth, but which in fact 
would be and is God's worst visible enemy; and 
that said religious organization is and for a 
long time has been the instrum-jnt of Satan, the 
great enemy, which he has employed and used 
to deceive and mislead the people and turn them 
away from God, and to bring reproach upon 
God's holy name. By his same prophets God 
foretold the means by which that great religious 
organization would carry on its work of rackct- 



ecring and blaspliomy, and what would be the 
end thereof. At this particular point attention 
is called to the twenty-third chapter of Isaiah's 
pr(.'|3)iecy, an exniaination of which will disclose 
that fraudulent and wicked religious organiza- 
tion, which has deceived the people for so many 
years and robbed them of their money and their 
happiness. It will be well to liere carefully read 
from the Bible that twenty-third chapter of 
Isaiah and consider it in connection with what 
follows herein. 

Jehovah, in the prox)hecy, is described as the 
great Father or Life-giver, and bis organiza- 
tion on the earth is called "Zion"; and tliat 
organization is the "mother" of the children of 
God who maiiitain their integrity toward him: 
"And all thy children shall be taught of the 
Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy chil- 
dren." (Isaiah r)4: 13) The good "woman", Zion, 
symbolically stands for the universal organi- 
7-ation of God. (Isaiah 54:1-12) The head or 
highest part of God's organization is 'the house 
of sons', of which Christ Jesus is the head. 
— Hebrews 3 : 6. 

Satan, the great adversary, also lias an 
organization, wliich is entirely wicked, always 
opposed to God, and brings reproach upon his 
name, and is designated under the symbol of 
a bad v^'oman or "harlot". Satan's organization 
is also called "Babylon". The De\drs "woman" 
or organization, called Babylon the 'old whore' 
or "harlot", gives i)irlh to all that are opposed 
to God, and for that reason all her ofi'snring 
are called the 'cLildrcu of the Doyir and oT the 



harlot. (John 8:44) "And the woman was ar- 
rayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked 
with gold and precious stones and pearls, hav- 
ing a golden cup in her hand full of abomina- 
tions and filthiness of her fornication : and upon 
her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, 
THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken 
with the blood of the saints, and with the blood 
of the martyrs of Jesus; and when I saw her, I 
wondered with great admiration." — Revelation 
17 : 4-6. 

All organizations on the earth that are in 
opposition to God and his Idngdom, therefore, 
necessarily take the name of "Babylon" and 
"harlot", and those names specifically apply to 
the leading religious organization, the Roman 
Catholic church, which claims to be the mother 
of the so-called "Christian religion". That 
mighty religious organization, foretold in the 
Scriptures, uses the method of harlots to induce 
politicians and commercial traffickers and others 
to fall into her arms and yield to her supposed 
charms. In the Scriptures this organization is 
likened unto a "strange woman", "which flat- 
tereth with her words," and which entices the 
credulous persons that are void of understand- 
ing to yield to her influence, (Proverbs 7:5-18) 
In the prophecies the "harlot" or religions or- 
ganization is pictured as bedecking herself in 
gaudy and showy clothes, peculiar hats, lace 
and silk skirts, and other gaudy apparel, and 
she is reprcseuted as sauntering forth and in- 



diilging in singing seductive songs to inveigle 
others into her trap, that she might have per- 
sonal adulation and praise of men and at the 
same time reap also pecuniary gain. 

The prophecy of Isaiah here considered dis- 
closes the great religious organization operat- 
ing in the earth ; and from about the bcginnmg 
of the fourth century onward and until the 
year 1848 (A.D.) that religious organization 
attained to great and commercial power and 
occupied a prominent place amongst the tem- 
poral powers of the earth. She was for a time 
deprived of her temporal power and lost much 
prestige, and then the prophecy discloses that 
later she goes forth wearing her harlot gar- 
ments and deports herself as a harlot, smging 
seductive songs lilce a harlot, by which she hopes 
and expects to regain her temporal power and 
influence amongst the nations of the earth; and 
the prophecy shows that for a time she succeeds. 
Then, when she appears to have reached the 
zenith of her glory, she boastfully says: 'Now 
I am at "peace and safety"; I need nothmg.' 
That boastful declaration is followed by com- 
plete destruction of that wicked system, but 
the destruction is performed by the hand of 
Jehovah God through Christ Jesus. That great 
prophecy is now in course of fulfillment, and 
when we set the prophecy itself alongside the 
physical facts well known, everyone who loves 
God and serves hmi can understand the proph- 
ecy and will study it with the keenest interest 
"Harlot" is properly defined as a female com- 
mitting adultery or fornication indiscriminately. 



In the Hebrew the word is used as applying to 
things spiritnal, that is to say, going after idols, 
the committing of idolati-y, thereby departing 
from the tme worship of Jehovah God and en- 
gaging in religion or the worship of various 
wicked deities, all of which tends to turn men 
away from God and Christ. 

That part of the prophecy here specifically 
considered related to Tyre; which name is used 
symbolically. Satan the Devil is designated in 
prophecy as "the king of Tyrus [or Tyre]". 
(Ezekiel 28:12) The visible ruler of the city 
bearing that name was merely, as the Scrip- 
tures state, "the prince of Tyre." (Ezekiel 28: 2, 
A.R.V.) Satan rebelled against Jehovah and 
therefore de])artcd from the true faith toward 
God that he, Satan, might traffic in humankind. 
To do that, Satan employed religion, as herein- 
before stated. Satan began by telling doctrinal 
lies respecting Jehovah God, hence religious 
lies, and such lies constitute the main stock in 
trade of all religions ; and which doctrinal lies 
are uttered by tJie word and authority of the 
Devil, and not on tlie authority of the Word 
of Jehovah God. Satan introduced his lying doc- 
trines to Eve when he said : "Ye shall not surely 
die; for God [as yon, Eve, call him] doth know 
that in the day ye eat thereof then your eyes 
shall be opened; and ye shall be as gods, know- 
ing good and evil." — Genesis 3:4,5. 

Eve desired religion, and the Devil saw to it 
that her desire was fulfilled. She wanted Adam 
and herself to become mighty ones, "as gods," 
and not be limited to knowing just Jehovah 



God's Word. She wanted her 'eyes opened' and 
to loiow good and evil'. The mere worship of 
God by obedience to him was made to appear 
as extreme and too much in restraint of the 
liberty of Eve and Adam. As "gods" they would 
not be restrained, but would be independent and 
hence not subject to the "Higher Power", Then 
they could do what seemed right in their own 
eyes, even to compromising between "good and 
evil". That was the first introduction of reli- 
gion to mankind. Thus Satan, "the king of 
Tyrus," created and used religion as the means 
of gaining control of and commercializing the 
human race. Therefore God said to the Devil, 
"the king of Tyrus": "By the multitude of thy 
merchandise they have filled the midst of thee 
with violence, and thou hast sinned : therefore 
I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain 
of God: and I will destroy thee, covering 
cherub, from the midst of tlie stones of fire. 
Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty; 
tliou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of 
tliy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, 
I will lay thee before kings, that they may be- 
hold thee." (Ezekiel 28: 16, 17) The practice of 
religion had its beginning with Adam and Eve. 
Thereby they expressed the selfish desire to 
have that which their Creator had not given to 
them. The Devil's purpose in introducing reli- 
gion was to alienate the devotion of man from 
God ; and tliis is conclusive proof that the Devil 
is the author and father of all religion. 

Adam's son Abel was never religious, because 
he was fully obedient to and received the ap- 



proval of God the Creator. At the beginning the 
children of Adam wero not commercial. Then 
Cain began to practice religion, in this, that he 
adopted a form of worship, bnt without faith in 
God. He had no love for God, nor for the true 
worship of God. He brought unto God an offer- 
ing for which offering God had no respect. Cain 
was not 'doing well', and Jehovah said to him : 
"Sin lieth at the door." (Genesis 4:3-7) Then 
followed the great crime of murder committed 
by Cain, and which was induced by religion. 
Since then religion and murder have gone hand 
in hand. There never has been a war but that 
the religionists attempted to bless the warring 

Politics and commerce or trade were quickly 
developed through religion, and this for selfish 
gain. Cain built a city and named it for his son 
Enoch, meaning "dedicated [to selfishness]". 
Then the grandson of Cain became "an in- 
structor of every artificer in brass and iron", 
which were and are cornraercialized and used 
for military purposes. (Genesis 4:8-22) Due to 
religious practices in defiance of Jehovah God 
the human race became fi'ightfully degenerate. 
Tlie flood came and destroyed all practitioners 
of religion. Noah and his household remained 
true to Jehovah God, and they were the only 
survivors of the great deluge. Noah was "a 
preacher of righteousness", but never a religion- 
ist— 2 Peter 2:5. 

In obedience to God's commandment Noah 
and liis sons, following the flood, began to "mul- 
tiply, and replenish the earth". (Genesis 9:1) 




Soon after the flood religion again came prom- 
inently to the fore. Nimrod, the great-grandson 
of Noah, becnme the visible religious leader, and 
"he began to be ... a mighty hunter l^efore the 
Lord". That was the practice of religion, be- 
cause it put Nimrod, a creature, "before" or 
superior to God, tlic Creator, and it was a reli- 
gion to all of Nimrod's admirers and supporters. 
The purpose was to turn creatures away from 
Jehovah. With Nimrod religion began to be 
practiced after the flood. After religion politics 
was quickly employed and the political rule by 
Nimrod the religionist began. "And the begin- 
ning of his kingdom [political rule] was Babel." 
Then commerce quickly developed, which is evi- 
denced by Nimrod and his sons* building cities 
and bringing together many people, which again 
required trafTie amongst them.-Genesis 10 : 8-1 2. 
The building of the city and tower of Babel 
was induced by religion, and this is clearly 
shown by the language of the builders. "And 
they said. Go to, let us build us a city, and a 
tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and 
let us make us a name, lest wc be scattered 
abroad upon the face of the whole earth." (Gen- 
esis 11 : 4) 15ab-el, Babil and Babylon, all mean- 
ing the same thing (Genesis 10:10, margin)^ 
from the beginning stood tor religion, politics 
and commerce, because the very express pur- 
pose was to turn men away from God in defiance 
of his commandment. The name Nimrod means 
"rebel" or "rebellious one" that rules. He named 
the beginning of his political kingdom Tiah-el, 
which meant to him and his followers "The 


E N 13 M I E S 




gate to God"; therefore a religion. In defiance 

of the religious aspect of this organization the 
AJmight.y God iiiteriered and brought about the 
confusion of ton^ies or language, and there- 
fore the Hebrew word for Bah-el means "con- 
fusion". Ueligiona liuve always brought confu- 
sion to the people. Tlio word "Babylon" means 
the same as "Babel". The deity or one wor- 
sliiped by that people was "Bel'' or "Baal", 
which means tlie Devil, the covetous one. (See 
Prophecy, pages 127,123, and the scriptures 
there cited.) This is further proof that religion 
is the product of tbe Devih Politics and com- 
merce, added to religion, form the elements 
of Satan's organization. Jehovah God, by his 
prophet Ezekiel, designates Babylon as "a city 
of merchants", "a land of traffic" or commGrce. 
—Ezekiel 17:4,12. 

The far* that Jehovah named Satan the Devil 
"the king of Tyrus" and said to the Devil, "By 
the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled 
the midst of thee with violence," is conclusive 
proof that the city of Tyre or Tyrus stands for 
or symbolizes the Devil's organization, which is 
made up of religion (the chief element or bind- 
ing tie), politics, and traffic or commerce. All 
these things recorded in the Word of God were 
written aforetime for the aid and comfort of 
those persons now on the earth who love and 
serve Jehovah God as he has commanded. 

deferring now to the foregoing Scriptural 
definition of harlot: Wliat religious system 
exactly fits the prophecies recorded in God's 
Word? There is but one answer, and that is, 


The Roman Catholic Church organization. It 
is a religious organization. It claims to be the 
motlicr of the "Christian religion", so called. 
All other religious organizations that take the 
name "Christian religion" are the offspring of 
the Roman Catholic organization, and there- 
fore all are a part of Babylon. No one will even 
attempt to dispute the fact of the relationship 
of all so-called "Christian religions" to the Cath- 
olic church organization. 

The Roman Catholic organization is ruleci by 
the Hierarchy, and that organization indulges 
and participates in the political affairs of all 
tlie nations of earth. The Roman Catholic church 
is also a great commercial organization. It eon- 
tains all the elements of the religious organiza- 
tion which began with Nimrod and of which the 
Devil is the father. This must not be construed 
to mean that all the people who are dominated 
by the Roman Catholic organization, or who 
support the same, are the willing servants of 
the Devil. Great numbers of Catholics have been 
misled and woefully deceived. The millions of 
people -who hold to the Catholic church organi- 
zation, aside from the clergy, arc designated 
as "the Catholic population". Great numbers of 
these people are sincere, and it appears to be 
the Lord's will to now give them an opportunity 
to see the truth and take their stand on the 
side of God and righteousness. Nothing herein 
must be construed as an expression of ill will 
toward individuals or persons. The purpose of 
this publication is to expose the Devil's deceit- 
ful methods, in order that honest and sincere 





persons may escape his clutclies and find the 
way to life and happiness. 

The prophecy concerning Tyre applies to the 
Koman Catholic religious system. Zidon, being 
a neighbor city, pictured other religions that 
consort vnth and operate with the Eonian Cath- 
olic organization. Tlic term "Christendom" is 
a word applying to those countries or nations 
wherein the so-called "Christian religion" is 
practiced. All religious systems called "Chris- 
tian religion" properly take the name of the 
mother "harlot"; therefore the terms Babylon 
and Tyre apply to the lands known as "Chris- 
tendom". Zidon, having been built before Tyre, 
would well picture other religions practiced 
prior to the beginning of the Boman Catholic, 
and which co-operate with the Roman Catholic 
organization. With this introductory a detailed 
examination of the prophecy appearing at the 
23d cliapter of Isaiah proceeds ; and those who 
really love God will pursue this study with a 
keen interest and, it is to be hoped, with much 
profit If repetitions appear at different places 
you will see that such repetitions are necessary 
in order to drive home the point. 


The prophecy of the 23d chapter of Isaiah 
is introduced with the words "The burden of 
Tyre". That means something heavy to be borne 
by ancient Tyre and foreshadows a greater bur- 
den to be borne by modern Tyre. The prophecy 
applies in a miniature way to ancient Tyre, and 
it applies on a far greater scale to the Koman 


Catholic religious system and in that system 
will have its fulfillment in completion. God has 
his own way to conceal the meaning of a proj)h- 
ecy until his due time to reveal it to those who 
love him. It often fippeavs that the prophecy 
is recorded in the inverse order, that is to say, 
that whicli applies last to the fuUillment of the 
prophecy in completion appears in the record 
I'lrst, while that which applies first appears in 
the divine record last. At this point it seems 
well to examine some hi.storical facts as they 
appear in the Bible, and wliich relate to ancient 
Tyre and the cities associated witli her. 

'Zidon was a sister city of ancient Tyre. Men 
who built cities immediately following the flood 
named them for their sons, as it appears at 
Genesis 10 : 1-6, 8, 15-19. From the Scriptures it 
appears that Nimrod was a cousin to the Zido- 
nians and also to the Tyrians. Both cities prac- 
ticed the religion which the Devil pronmlgated. 
It is written: "Ashtorcth the goddess of the 
Zidonians'^ (1 Kings 11:5); also, "the gods of 
Zidon." (Judges 10:6) The Zidonians' religion 
dates practically from the same time as the 
building of Babel.— Genesis 10:10,19; 11:1-9. 
Tyre was built by the descen<lants of Canaan, 
the cursed one. ("Genesis 9:25) The Hebrew 
word for "Tyre" is "Tsore", and means "rock". 
The city was built on a rock island, like a point 
in the sea, a short distance from the mainland 
of Phoenicia. It became a world-iniportant cen- 
ter of commerce or traffic upon the seas. Doubt- 
less the Devil chose this place, a rock, on wluch 
to build Tyre, in mockery of and as a mimic 



of Jeliovali God's organization to rule, wliieli is 
built upon the Sock (Christ Jesus) taken out 
from Jehovah's universal organization, Jehovah 
himself being the Great Eock.— Daniel 2 : 34, 45. 

The first mention of Tyre is at Joshua 19 : 29, 
wherein it is called "the strong city". It was 
included in the territory assigned to the tribe 
of Asher of the people of Israel. (Joshua 
19 : 24-31) Both Zidon and Tyre maintained reli- 
gious tem]3lGs wherein they practiced the Devil 
religion and where they invoked the demon gods 
to bless their commercial traffic, (Joel 3:4,5) 
The Devil was the invisible "king of Tyrus", 
and the spiritual father of the visible ruler of 
the ancient city, which city was ruled by the 
representative of the Devil. That representa- 
tive is caUed "the prince of Tyrus", (Ezekiel 
28:2,12) Note that the "imnce of Tyre" said: 
"I am a God, I sit in the seat of God, in the 
midst of the seas [hence, as a soa god]." Also 
note that Jehovah said to him: "Thou art a 
man, and not God." — Ezekiel 28 : 2. 

The Devil said of himself: "I will be like the 
Most High" (Isaiah 14:13,14), and thus he 
declared himself to be equal to the Almighty 
God, Jehovah. Satan the Devil is designated in 
the Scriptures "the god of this world" (2 Corin- 
thians 4:4), that is, the invisible, spiritual ruler. 
"The prince of Tyre" therefore prophetically 
pictures the visible representatives of the Devil 
who claim to be as gods. Such a claim is made 
by the head of the Boman Catholic religious 
organization. The x)ope of Rome or the Koman 
Catholic organization is designated by the liier- 


archy a god, as it is stated in history, A Roman 

Catholic authority, Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dic- 
tionary, says : "The pope is of such dignity and 
highness that he is not simply a man, but, as 
it were, God, and the vicar of God. . . . Hence 
the pope is crowned with a triple crown, as 
Idng of heaven, of earth and of hell. . . . What- 
soever the pope does seems to proceed from 
the mouth of God. . . , The pope is, as it were, 
God on earth, the only prince of the faithful of 
Christ, . . , The pope can sometimes counteract 
the divine law." 

While this high-sounding claim is made by 
the Roman Catholic organization for the pope, 
mark that it does not say of what god he is the 
representative on earth. The fact is, he is the 
representative of "tlie god of tins world", who 
the Scriptures show is the Devil. (2 Corinthians 
4:4) It is quite certain that the sincere ones 
of the "Catholic population" would not willingly 
class any creature as equal to Jehovah, the 
Almighty God. They have been deceived and 
misled by the claims of the Hierarchy. 

The Devil has caused the people to be very 
superstitious or religious. Paul came in contact 
with the people of Athens, who were practicing 
the Devil religion in ignorance of the fact that 
they were paying homage to the Devil. To them 
Paul said: "Men of Athens, in all things 1 per- 
ceive that ye are very religious." (Acts 17: 22- 
29, R.V.) Another translator renders the text in 
this v>'ise; "liow . . , reverent of the demons 
ye are, I perceive." [BoiJi.) "Men of Athens, I 
perceive that you are in every respect remark- 




albly religions." {Weymouth) This is further cor- 
roborative proof that religion is of the Devil 
and is in exact and complete opposition to the 
commandment of Almighty G-od. "The man of 
sin" practices religion, acting contrary to the 
commandments of God. "That man of sin . . . , 
the son of perdition; who opposeth and esalt- 
eth himself ahove all that is called God, or that 
is worshipped; so that he, as God, sittcth in 
the temi-)lG of God, shewing himself that he is 
God. Even him whose coming is after the work- 
ing of Satan, with all i^ower and signs and lying 
wonders, and with all deceivableness of unright- 
eousness in them that perish; because they re- 
ceived not the love of the trnth [the very op- 
posite of religion is the truth], that they might 
be saved. And for this cause God shall send 
them strong delusion, that they should believe 
a lie [religious teaching]." {2 Thessalonians 
2: 3, 4, 9-11) That company of persons forming 
or composing the "man of sin" relies on the 
teachings of men, or tradition, wldch make void 
the Word of God.— Seo pages 303-305. 

Ancient Tyre, as shown by the Scriptures, 
did in fact control the conrmcrce of the sea. 
"The sea" symbolically stands for the people 
that bear up and give sn'pport to the Devil's 
religions organization. Therefore Tyre pictures 
religion commercialized, that is to say, religious 
doctrines and ceremonies and superstitions used 
for commercial purposes for the enrichment of 
a few at the expense of the credulous people, 
who are kept in subjection and under control. 
Eeligion trafiics in humankind, selling the gul- 

lible and credulous people to the professional 
politicians and militarists. The religious insti- 
tution know^i as the Eoman Catholic Hierarchy 
claims that the head of that organization is in- 
fallible and can spiritually do no wrong, and 
yet it uses and practices religion and reli- 
gious ceremonies to commercially gain material 
wealth and to wrongfully control the people. Its 
subjects, that is, the "Catholic population", must 
worship the religious institution, and at the 
same time those people are forced to contribute 
or pay money for the up-lreep of the institution. 
J! "Organized Christianity" so called, or "organ- 

ff ized religion", is generally understood to em- 

'i brace the Homan Catholic Church, the Greek 

C.ihodox Church, and the Protestant Church; 
1 iit the Roman Catholic organization claims to 
be the original church, the mother of the so- 
called "Christian religion", and that the other 
religious systems are her daughters. 

The Eoman Catholic Hierarchy, the ruling 
power of "Christian religion" so called, is the 
modern "prince of Tyrns", the members of the 
Hierarchy even giving themselves the title "the 
princes of the church". Modern Tyre, therefore, 
is organized religion, visibly ruling the people 
under its father the invisible ruler, "the king 
of Tyrus," who is the Devil. Jesus gave this 
plain statement concerning the practitioners of 
religion founded upon tradition: "Ye are of 
your father the devil, and the lusts of your 
father ye will do. He was a murderer from the 
beginning, and abode not in the truth, because 
there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a 



lie, he speaketh of his own : foi- he is a liar, 
and the father of it."— John 8 : 44. 

Today Protestantism is dead so far as the 
protest against the practitioners of Catholicism 
is concerned, and the Protestant clergy, to- 
gether -with the rabbis of the Jewish religious 
organization, follow the lead of the Eoman 
Catliolic organization and act in harmony there- 
with. All such practice religion, of which the 
Devil is the author. Ancient Tyre was an oppo- 
nent of Jerusalem, God's typical organization. 
Modern Tyre is the enemy and opponent of 
the true spiritual Jernsalem, God's people on 
the earth.— Ezeldel 26 : 2. 


Says Jehovali by hisprophet: "Howl, ye ships 
of Tarshish." (Isaiah 23: 1) Ships are vessels, 
implements or instruments, such as were used 
by ancient Tyre to carry on its commerce and 
trade upon the seas, and to establish colonics 
in the lands ronnd about, to be itsed for com- 
mercial purposes. Also its religion was thus car- 
ried and spread to other places in the earth. 
Tarshish appears to have been one of the col- 
onies of ancient Tyre where traffic was carried 
on. Tarshish was built at the far end of the 
Mediterranean sea opposite from Tyre and in 
the land since known as Spain. "Tarshish was 
thy merchant by reason of the multitude of all 
kind of riches: Avith silver, iron, tin, and lead, 
tliey traded in thy fairs." (Ezekiel 27: 12) Jler 
ships or vessels would carry the merchandise 
in wliich she trafficked. As a greedy enemy of 




Jerusalem it appears that Tyre used the ships 
under its control to carry on a slave trade: 
"Yea, and what liave ye to do with me, Tyre, 
and Zidon, and all the coasts of Palestine? will 
ye render me a recomponco? and if ye recom- 
pense me, swiftly and speedily will I return 
your recompencc ux)on your own head: because 
ye have taken my silver and my gold, and have 
carried into your temples my goodly pleasant 
tilings: tlio cliildren also of Judah and the chil- 
dren of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Gre- 
cians, that ve might remove them far from their 
border."- Joel 3:4-G. 

Applying tlie prophecy to modern Tyre, the 
Koman Catholic Hierarchy organization, the 
"ships of Tarshish"' well picture the under- 
priests and subordinate organizations worldng 
under the command of the ruling Hierarchy, 
which is designated "The Hierarchy of Juris- 
diction". The underpriests or orders under the 
Hierarchy, such as missionaries, Jesuits and 
others, are sent to all parts of the earth by the 
"Hierarchy of Jurisdiction" to perform the more 
direct work witli the peoijle, which is called 
"missionary work", and to conmiercialize the 
people and carry on a commercial work or trade 
in gathering in money for the up-kecp and sup- 
port of the Hierarchy. The monks, Jesuits, mis- 
sionaries, priests, and all like agents work under 
the command or direction of the 'TliGrarchy of 
Jurisdiction", and thus such are in symbol rep- 
resented as "mariners" of the sea, and the wise 
men are the pilots directing the movement of 
these symbolic ships ; "The inhabitants of Zidon 


E N n M I E S 

and Arvad were thy mariners: thy wise inon, 
Tyrus, that were in thee, were thy pilots." 
— Ezekiel 27:8. 

Sucli vessels or instruments of the Hierarchy 
are used to hoodwink the common people and 
to deal with them and to keep them in slavery 
to the ruling power of tlie organization. Such 
underlings do the work of manipulating the com- 
mon people or so-eailed "Catholic population", 
who pay the bills, and tlie "Hierareliy of Juris- 
diction" reaps tlie commercial benefits. In his 
book entitled The Faith of Our Fathers, pub- 
lished first in 187G, Cardinal Gibbons says : "The 
number of Catholics in the world is computed 
at three hundred millions." (Page 10) The claim 
is now made tliat there are more than 20,000,000 
of the "('atholic population" in the United States 
alone. Such constitute that which is symbolically 
designated "the sea", who bear up and support 
the organization ; and the work of gathering the 
"Catholic population" under the organization 
and collecting the revenue from them is done 
chiefly by the underlings or underpriests, which 
vessels or "ships" ride upon the sea. 

The following is a sample of what is con- 
stantly being done by the priests: A Catholic 
priest known as "Anthony O.M.C .", operating 
from Kentucky, sent out a letter to the cred- 
ulous and superstitious believers in the false 
"purgatory" doctrine of the CathoUe religion, 
which letter is dated Louisville, Kentucky, Sep- 
tember 21, 193G. That letter calls upon the cred- 
ulous ones in those words, to discharge 'your 
duty towards your dear departed, who, helpless 




in their purgatory prison, crave the relief only 
Masses and Prayers can bring them, . . . Your 
offering will help to complete the Purgatorial 
Purse'. Attached to that letter is a paper or 
blank to be filled out and signed by all receiv- 
ing it, setting forth the amount of money con- 
tributed for the purgatorial purse, and on that 
paper appear these words : "It is suggested that 
you send out or pledge an offering of 25c for 
each name listed." The paper or slip contains 
upacio for more than twenty names. Many of 
the "Catholic population" will contribute a much 
larger sum than that suggested. J3ut suppose 
each one contributes 25c; that, according to the 
number of Catholics in the United States, would 
moan five million dollars, and, according to Car- 
dinal Gibbons' estimate of the number in the 
world, would be more than fifty million Ameri- 
can dollars annually. A very unique commercial 
scheme. It has been well said that the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy is the richest in material 
wealth of any institution on earth. Religion, 
commercialized, is truly the Devil's scheme, and 
God declares it so.— Ezekiel 28:16-18. 


The word 'Oiowl", as appears in the prophecy, 
clearly shows that a great calamity will come 
upon modern Tyre, that is, the Roman Catholic 
Ilierarchy organization. A howl means a wail 
of great distress or despair. When is that howl 
to begin? From the Scriptures it seems certain 
that the complete fulfillment of this prophecy is 
at the beginning of Armageddon, that is, the 



begiiming of tlie "strange act" of the Almighty 
God. (Isaiah 28:21) The reason for this con- 
clusion is stated as follows: It appears that 
Jehovah caused his prophecy to be here re- 
corded in a manner to conceal the meaning 
thereof until his dne time for the understand- 
ing to be given to his people. In the prophecy 
here under consideration the command to 'liowf" 
(verse 1) is rocord(Kl in the proplieey before 
mention is made of the "seventy years*' and the 
singing of "the song of the haiiot" set forth in 
Isaiah 23, verses fifteen and sixteen. That does 
not mean, however, that in the complete fulfill- 
ment of the prophecy the liowling must precede 
the ''seventy years", nor that the howling must 
continue for a period of seventy years either 
before or after. 

As an example of how Jehovah causes proph- 
ecy to be recorded and revealed, attention is 
called to the drama of Ahab and Jezebel, both 
of whom were slain before the seventy sons of 
Ahab and also before the worshipers of Baal 
were slain (2 Kings 9:1-37; 10:1-28); but not 
so in the complete fulfillment of that prophetic 
picture. The fuIfiUment sliows the acts last re- 
corded picture that which was first fulfilled. 
(See Vindication, Book Three, pages 41-53.) 
The prophecy of tlie "seventy years" mentioned 
by Isaiah, in 23:15, corresponds with a like 
prophecy of "seventy years" prophesied by Jere- 
miah. (Jeremiah 25) What is there described 
by Jeremiah as coming to pass at the end of 
seventy years, is actually fulfilled in completion 
prior to Armageddon. Attention is called to this 




here merely to show tliat the prophecy at verses 
1-14 is not necessarily fulfilled before that part 
of the prophecy mentioned in verses 15-17 in 
Isaiah 23. 

Some time after the destruction of ancient 
Jerusalem in 606 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar laid 
siege to and seriously damaged ancient Tyre. 
Tlicre was then some howling. (Ezckiel 21): 18) 
"For thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I will 
bring upon Tyrus Nebnchadrexzar Idng of Baby- 
lon, a king of kings, from the north, with horses, 
and with chariots, and with horsemen, and com- 
panies, and much people." (K/ekicl 26:7) "Be- 
hold, I will send and take all tlie families of the 
nortli, saith the Lord, and Nebuchadrezzar the 
king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring 
them against this land, and against the inhab- 
itants thereof, and against all these nations 
round about, and will utterly destroy them, and 
make them an astonishment, and an hissing, 
and perpetual desolation, . , . To wit, Jerusa- 
lem, and the cities of Judah, and the kings 
thereof, and the princes thereof, to make them 
a desolation, an astonishment, an hissing, and 
a curse; as it is this day; . . . and all the kings 
of Tyrus, and all the kings of Zidon, and the 
kings of the isles which are beyond the sea." 
(Jeremiah 25:9-35) This great distress men- 
tie aed by the prophets above quoted clearly 
applies to Armageddon, — Kevelation 16:13-16. 

In the year 1848 distress came upon the 
Koman Catholic organization; also in 1870, and 
continued more or less until 1918; but such as 
then occurred could in no way compare with 



■what will come to pass at Armageddon. Tlie 
snarling or howling that took place in those 
years could in no way compare with the howl 
that will go up when Jehovah lays waste mod- 
ern Tyre. Wlien Jehovah, by his prophet, says : 
"Howl, ye ships of Tarshish, for it [Tyre] is 
laid waste"; when that comes to pass, such will 
cause modern Tyre to really howl. That howl 
will come when the Greater-than-Nebuchadnez- 
zar, Christ Jesus, the Executor of Jehovah's 
purposes, the Mighty Warrior, goes into action 
at the beginning of Armageddon. It is true that 
there was an attempt by world powers in 1848 
and 1870 to lay waste the Koman Catholic Hier- 
archy organization, but that did not succeed. 
The permanent laying it waste will be such as 
to produce a mighty howl, and that will be at 
the beginning of Jeliovah's "strange act". — Isa- 
iah 28:21. 

It is the command of Jehovah given to the 
ships of Tarshish to "howl, ... for it [Tyre] 
is laid waste, so that [in Tyre] there is no house, 
no entering in". According to Rotherham the 
text is rendered thus : "For it is laid too waste 
to be a haven to enter." In other words, there 
is no haven to enter Tyre, because Tyre is de- 
stroyed. Tlie howl is because incoming ships 
or vessels of Tarshiyh, laden with merchandise, 
could find no berth nor wharf, nor warehouse 
in which to put the merchandise intended for 
Tyre. Such is due to the fact that Tyre and her 
once favorable position in commerce and inter- 
course with other countries are ruined and the 
markets thereof wrecked. This is further proof 



tliat Hhe prince of Tyrus is a man and not a god*. 
(Ezekiel 2%:d) It will then clearly appear that 
the text (Matthew 1G:18) often misquoted, to 
wit, "the gates of hell cannot prevail against it,' 
has no application wliatsoever to the Roman 
Catholic church organization, but that snch 
Scriptural text Jms been wrongfully applied by 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy to deceive the 
people, and that misapplication has resulted in 
deception and great injury to the people. No 
more will the Roman Catholic Hierarchy organ- 
ization carry on its work of 'encompassing sea 
and land to make proselytes for hell' (Matthew 
23:15), because the modern Tyre will be done. 
That of necessity will come about by reason 
of the "strange act" of Jeliovah in completely 
destroying modern Tyre, which is the Roman 
Catholic organization, so that none can seek 
her or enter her thereafter. 

The "land of Cyprus", or island sometimes 
called "Chittim", was northwest of Tyre. Paul 
sailed from Zidon "under Cyprus, because the 
winds were contrary". (Acts 27:4) It was a 
near-by colony dependent upon Tyre. It was 
originally colonized by the Phoenicians from 
Tyre and Zidon, Says the prophet of God: 
"From the land of Chittim [Cyprus (Roth.)] it 
is revealed to them." (Isaiah 23: 1) This would 
mean that the ships of Tarshish were bound 
for Tyre and laden with commerce and, wliile 
putting in at the port of Chittim or Cyprus, 
learned of the desolation of Tyre and that their 
ships -Nvere out of a job because Tyro was dbne 
for. The report of the fact shakes greatly the 



clepGiiclcnt colony. In this connection the prophet 
of Ood nays : "Thus saith the Lord God to Tyrus, 
Sliall not "the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, 
when t}io wounded cry, when the slau^'hter is 
made in the midst of thee? Now shall the isles 
tremble in the day of tliy I'all; yea, the isles 
that are in the sea shall bo trouljled at thy do- 
parinro." (Ezckiel 26:15,18) '''All the inhabit- 
ants oi' the isles shall be astonished at thee, 
and their Idngs shall be sore afraid, tliey shall 
be troubled in their countenance. The merchants 
amoii!-^ the people shall hiss at thee; thou shalt 
be a terror, and never shalt be any more."— 
Ezoldel 27:35,36. 

Applying this part of the prophecy to modern 
Tyre, the Komau Catholic organization, as it 
properly applies, it will be seen that all who 
have depended upon the Roman Catholic organ- 
ization, all who have had dealings with the Hier- 
archy for selfish gain, either political or commer- 
cial or otherwise, will be greatly grieved and 
shaken. For many years that religious organi- 
ization bas boastfully said: 'The gates of hell 
shall never prevail against us'; and now not 
only will those seeing it go down be shocked, 
but to them it will appear very slrange that 
such a calamity could come to an organization 
that claimed to represent God. This indicates 
that at the very beginning of Armageddon the 
religious organisations as' such will perishand 
others seeing it will wail. "And in their wailing 
they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and 
lament over thee, saying, "What city is like 
Tyrus, like the destroyed in the midst of the 


sea?" (Ezeldel 27: 32) "The merchants of these 
things, which were made rich by her, shall stand 
afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping 
and wailing, and saying, Alas, alas, that great 
city, tliat was clothed in fine linen, and purple, 
and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious 
stones, and pearls! For in one hour so great 
riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, 
and all the comi)any in ships, and sailors, and 
as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, and 
cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, 
saying, What city is like unto this great city! 
And they cast dust on their beads, and cried, 
weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that 
great city, wherein were made rich all that had 
ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! 
for in one hour is she made desolate." — Rev- 
elation 18:15-19. 

Religion has been a means employed by the 
Devil to build his mighty organization on earth, 
whicli has deceived millions; and religion and 
religionists, according to the prophecies of God, 
will" be tlie first of Satan's organization to be 
destroyed at the beginning of Armageddon. 


Jehovah, by his prophet, then addresses the 
supporters of Tyre, both ancient and modern, 
in these words : "Be still [silent {marrfin), dmub 
{Roth.)], ye inhabitants of the isle; thou Avhom 
the merchants of Zidon, that pass over the sea, 
have replenished." (Isaiah 23:2) This silence 
or dumbness is because of Jehovah's "strange 
act" then begun. (Isaiah 28: 21) Alany credulous 



and gullible persons, and particularly the politi- 
cians and commercial giants, now look to tlie 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy, the modern Tyre, 
to pull them through their difficulties, but when, 
tliey see Jehovah strike down that organization, 
which has claimed to be invulnerable, they will 
be greatly astonished and dumfounded. Then, 
in distress they will say, according to God's 
prophet: '"We looked for peace, but no good 
came; and for a time of health, and behold 
trouble !" — Jeremiah 8 : 14, 15. 

The words of Isaiah's prophecy here consid- 
ered, to wit, '"ye inhabitants of the isle" (vs. 2), 
manifestly mean in the fhial fulfillment those 
near the Hierarchy and who have been looking 
to the Hierarchy for help, protection and safety, 
even as Chittina or Cyprus was near to Tyre 
and depended upon Tyre. Those close or near- 
by and dependent upon the main organization, 
being of the same stripe, picture the Jewish 
and Protestant clergy and otlier allies of the 
Hierarchy who tag along behind the Hierarchy 
at the present time to do the bidding of the old 
"whore". (Eaeldel 27:8) Tliey have helped to 
replenish the coffers of the Hierarchy, and 
hence Jehovah's "strange act" is against not 
only Tyre but the Zidonians and other allies, 
as ho declares in his prophecy: "And all the 
kings of Tyrus, and all the kings of Zidon, and 
the kings of the isles wliich are beyond the sea." 
-Jeremiah 25 : 22. 

Today the so-called "Protestants" and the 
Yiddish clergy openly co-operate with and play 
into the hands of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 



like foolish simpletons and thereby aid the Hier- 
archy to carry on her commercial, religious traf- 
fic and increase her revenue. Commercial reli- 
gion is the stock in trade of all such merchants. 
The Hierarchy takes the lead, and the simple- 
tons follow. The Hierarchy is now taking the 
lead in compulsory flag-saluting, and in build- 
ing images or monuments, such as what is now 
widely advertised to be built at Washington, 
D. C; and the clergy of the so-called "Protes- 
tant" and Yiddish organizations fall in line and 
do what they are told, and when the "saekbut" 
sounds they fall down and wors^hip. (Dauiel 
3:5) Poor simpletcms! 

The Devil's purpose, and therefore the pur- 
pose of his instruments, who are "enemies", in 
thus making merchandise of the people, is to 
keep them in subjection and to build up and 
support the Boman Catholic organization on 
earth. That part of the prophecy concerning 
"liire" or "merchandise" appears "to have ful- 
iillment during the period of time when the 
harlot sings, as marked in the record at Isaiah 
23 : 15, 16. This adds further force to the con- 
elusion that prophecy cannot bo undor8t{Jod 
until fulfilled or in course of fulfillment. But 
let it be understood and kept in mind that this 
prophecy will not be appreciated by merely 
casual reading. Careful study is required. The 
fulfillment does not come chronologically in the 
order of recording of the prophecy; but it ap- 
pears better here to proceed with the study in 
the order in which the prophecy is recorded in 
the Bible, righUy dividing it in harmony with 



the fiictfi and the Scriptures, and thereby locate 
tlui time, oC the fnlfilhnont. In brief the fnlGU- 
nient of the proplieey from versos 15 and 16 
precedes the fuHillmcnt of the preceding verses 
of the same chapter. Read carefnlly the entire 
scripture text at Isaiah, twenty-third chapter. 

The peoples of earth, likened to the sea that 
bears up llie sliips of conmierce, have been used 
as merchandise and for gain by the big clergy 
of the religions systems, which are brought 
into being by Satan the god of tliis world. Says 
Jehovah by his prophet in connection herewitli : 
"And by groat waters the seed of Sihor [the 
grain of Shihor (i?o/7i.)], the han^est of the 
river [harvest of the Nile {R.V. and Rotli.)'], 
is her revenue; and she is [w\i.s (i?.F.)] a mart 
of nations." {Isaiah 23:3) The Lord said to 
Joshua: "Sihor ... is before Egypt." {Joslina 
13:3) Eg}i")t was a commercial world power. 
Tyre had dealings with Egypt, which symbol- 
izes tlie Devil's world power and which was 
brought into action and employed to reproach 
the name of Jehovah God. 

It is written concerning ancient Egypt that 
its annual revenue amounted to approximately 
$2(),(!00,000 or that \\'liich is equivalent to that 
sum. Egj'pt was a great market for the com- 
mevce of the nations. Compare these facts with 
the conmiereial traffic of the Roman Catholic 
Ilicriu'ohy. Tlie Iv03.nan Catholic Iliorarcliy lias, 
and for a long wliile has had, dealings with Big 
Business or mighty commerce of the world, 
members of tlie I-Iierarciiy being large inves- 
tors iu the conmiereial traOic of the v/orld. The 




Roman Catholic Hierarchy has been and is a 
market for all the world, dealing in and mauip- 
uhrdng the people, and particularly the "Cath- 
olic population", and doing this "for its o-^vn 
seUish gain. PoUticJans of all nations find the 
Hierarchy both politically and financially ad- 
vantageous to tliem. Dictators in particular find 
a strong ally in the Hierarchy, and it will be 
generally found that these dictators are backed 
up and supported and put in power by the 
Hierarchy. Olher religious organizations at the 
proRont, the Yiddish and Protestants, deal with 
tlio Roman Catholic Hi(!rar('hy because it ap- 
pears to them to be to their selfish advantage. 

Will the Yiddish and the Protestant clergy 
ultimately find it advantageous to link them- 
selves to the Iliorarcliy and be dictated to by 
the Hierarchy of the Catholic organization? In 
answer to that question Jeliovah says by his 
prophet: "Bo thou ashamed, Zidon [Turn 
thou pale, Zidon (Roth.)]; for the sea hath 
spoken, even the strength of the sea, saying, 
I travail not, nor bring forth children, neither 
do I nourish up young men, nor bring up vir- 
gins." — Isaiah 23:4. 

Instead of being benefited those dupes and 
allies of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy will be- 
come pale of face and grow sick wlien they see 
the power of the Hierarchy yielding to Jeho- 
vah's "straiige work", now being carried on, 
and they will be greatly sl)akcn with shame and 
humiliation when they observe the beginning of 
Jehovah's "strange act". Recently the'president 
of the United States has advised the adoption 


of the "good neighbor" policy between all reli- 
gious organizations and that they proceed in 
unity in their course of action. That -will prove 
to be very bad advice, as many will later dis- 
cover. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy now take 
the lead in an aggressive campaign against all 
who do not fall in lino with their schemes, and 
in this campaign tlio other religionists trail 
along. Everyone today who will not support 
the religionists is denounced as "red" or "com- 
munist", even Je- 
hovah's witnesses 
being classed by 
the religionists as 
such, although 
those religionists 
making these false 
charges well know 
that Jehovah's wit- 
nesses have no part 
whatsoever with 
the political affairs 
of the world. The 
Hierarchy follow 
the course of their 
father the Devil in 
making such false 





TJnder the Devil's wily and deceptive influ- 
ence the people in general, which are used to 
bear up and support the religious systems that 
engage in traffic, have been deceived and blinded 
into following such a course. The time is cer- 
tain to come, however, when the following part 
of the prophecy will be fulfilled, to wit: "The 
sea hath spoken, even the strength of the sea"; 
that is to say, the sincere people who love right- 
eousness will break away from the religious 
prison house and speak against that wicked 
organization. Those who compose the "great 
multitude" (Revelation 7:9), as waters, are first 
turned away from the support of the religion- 
ists and give their devotion to Jehovah God 
and Christ Jesus. Then will follow in due time 
the masses who will renounce and turn away 
from and against the religionists. This proph- 
ecy shows that in God's due time the relation- 
ship of the sincere people with the religionists 
will be broken off. ''The sea" {that is, the peo- 
ple used and exx^loited by the Devil to mother, 
nourish and support the religious systems, and 
who have been ruled) become the rulers or 
"Ivings" that will turn against the old "whore" 
and disclaim any relationship whatsoever to 
her.— Revelation 17 : lG-18. 

Nebuchadnezzar, after laying siege to ancient 
Tyre, invaded Egypt. (Ezekiel 29:18-20) The 
fall of religionists, particularly the Roman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy organization, will precede the 
destruction of the political and commercial ele- 
ments of Satan's visible organization, and such 
will bring great pain and astoniahment to the 



latter; as it is written: "As at the report con- 
cerning lOgypt, so f'hall tlicy be sorely pained 
at the report of Tyro." (Isaiah 23:5) The re- 
port here mentioned is concerning tlio begin- 
ning; of Jehovah's "strange act". This text, ac- 
cording to tiie Revised Version, reads: "Wlien 
the report conioth to Kgypt, they shall be sorely 
pained at the report of Tyre." The fall of the 
Bonian Catholic Hierarchy, the religious organ- 
ization, will h]'ing great pain to the remaining 
portions of Satan's visible organization, because 
they will observe the ability of Jehovah's Exe- 
cutioner to pcrforra Jehovah's "strange act" at 
Armageddon, and it will be evident to the re- 
maining ones that they have no power to pro- 
tect th(;niselves and that their turn for destruc- 
tion is next. This conclusion is abundantly sup- 
ported by other scriptures -Revelation 18:9-19. 
Today Jehovah's witnesses in every part of 
the earth are being persecuted by the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy and allies, and the Hier- 
archy religious organization is the chief visible 
instrument of the Devil which brings into action 
against Jehovah's witnesses the political and 
commercial elements, and together they seek to 
make the burden great upon the back of tliose 
who love and serve Jehovah. And now in this 
hour of great distress the true people of Jeho- 
vah God greatly rejoice because, true to the 
promise of the Almighty God, greater hope and 
strength is given to them by revealing to them 
an understanding of his prophecy. "The Lord 
will give strength unto his people; the Lord 
will bless his people with peace." (Psalm 29 : 11) 


Those who now devote themselves entirely to 
Jehovah and his King, and who continue to 
maintain their integrity toward God, rejoice to 
be counted worthy of suffering some of the re- 
proaches that came upon Christ Jesus. They 
arc fully advised that Christ Jesus the King 
is upon his throne and has gathered unto him- 
self those of his royal house, whom he leads 
and comforts. Now Jehovah through Christ 
Jesus is revealing to his people a knowledge 
and appreciation of his prophecies hidden in 
times of old, and by this knowledge the faith- 
ful have increased hope. 

Jehovah's due time having arrived to make 
clear the moaning of such prophetic pictures, 
he grants to those who love and serve him the 
privilege of seeing the meaning thereof. This 
privilege is not given to the selfish and super- 
critical ones, but to those who love God. lu 
those "perilous times" God grants this favor to 
tiiose who faithfully serve him, that they may- 
have comfort and that their hope may be strong. 
The Roman Catholic organization, the mother 
and leader of religious organizations, is very 
arrogant, boastful, scornful and vicious, and 
acting in utter deliance of God's commandments. 
The vessels or instruments employed by the 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy who do the Hier- 
archy's bidding likewise act viciously and with- 
out regard to the rights of others and wholly 
contrary to the Word of God. The proxihecy 
at the 23d chapter of Isaiah, at this point, con- 
tinues to speak of the conditions of the Hier- 
archy and their allies, and the time is imjue- 



diately before and at the beginning of Arma- 

Chittira was tlie island nearest to Tyre, while 
Tarshish was at the opposite end of the Groat 
or Mediterranean sea. To get from Tyre to Tar- 
shish one must travel the full lengtli of the Medi- 
terranean sea. It is nnderstood that Tarslnsh 
was a colony piUiated on the coast of Spain and 
belonging to Tyre and Zidon. Jonah took sliip 
for Tarshifih, in order to flee far away from his 
assigned dnty. (Jonah 1:3) Says the prophet 
(Isaiah 23 : G) : "Pass ye over to Tarshish ; howl, 
ye inhabitants of tlie isle," "Pass ye over to 
Tarshish, howl, ye inhabitants of the coast." 
• — Rotherham. 

In the fuliiUmont of tlus part of the proplieey 
the lesser and dependent parts of the Catholic 
organization, whether far from the mother or- 
ganization or near thereto, would have reason 
to howl and lament over the destruction of the 
Catholic Hierarchy, the modern Tyre. Mission- 
ary establishments, operating in the most dis- 
tant parts of the earth from Rome, will be 
searched out and reached by the hand of Jeho- 
vah, because Jehovah declares he will search 
out all his enemies. The fJierarchy is the enemy 
of Jehovah and of his organization: "Thine 
hand shall fmd out all thine enemies; thy right 
hand shall find out those that hate thee. Thou 
Bhalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of 
thine anger: the Lord shall swallow them up 
in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them. 
Their fruit slialt thou destroy from the earth, 
and their seed from among the children of men. 



For they intended evil against thee; they imag- 
ined a mischievous device; which they are not 
able to perform." (Psalm 21:8-11) At the be- 
ginning of Armageddon Jehovah will execute 
that hypocritical organization. 

The prophecy is then addressed to the sub- 
ordinate parts of the enemy organization, the 
modern Tyre: "Is this your [Tarshish's] joy- 
ous city [mother organization], whose antiquity 
is of ancient days? her own feet shall carry her 
al'pr off to sojourn." (Isaiah 23: 7) The Catholic 
Hierarchy is not at all joyous in Jehovah, al- 
though hypocritically and falsely claiming to 
represent God. It is joyous in its own mer- 
chandise and profits in the gay markets dealing 
in humankind. The Ilierarcliy and allied clergy 
employ all kinds of worldly schemes to entice 
the people and cause them to give up their 
money. In the church buildings they have, at 
stated intervals, concerts, Christmas cantatas, 
bazaars, socials, dances, athletics and like things 
in order to attract the people to join their church 
congregations and to relieve themselves of their 
money for the benefit of the religionists. 

The words of the prophet are in the nature 
of a question addressed to the smaller parts of 
the Roman Catholic organization, calling direct 
attention to the vanity of the Ilierarchy. To 
tliese smaller ones the prophet, in substance, 
says : *Have you anything to exult in now, see- 
ing that modern Tyre, the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy and allies and dupes, is in a wrecked and 
spoiled condition? You boasted that it was so 
solidly built and fortified that nothing could do 


it serious damage. You boasted in its strength 
and relied upon it for protection and salvation 
and therefore automatically did its bidding. 
Modern Tyre, the Eoraan Catholic organization, 
has failed yon.' Therefore says the prophet con- 
cerning Tyre: "^Vhose antiqnity is of ancient 
days." Tyre was preceded by Zidon, this latter 
city being mentioned in Genesis the tenth chap- 
ter in connection with Babel, and it may well 
correspond to the religionists of Pagan Rome, 
which merged into Papal Eome. Tyre, even in 
the days of Joshua, v/as called a "strong city" 
(Joshua 19:29), and must have been founded 
on its rocky ground before the time of Joshua. 
The Roman Catholic Hierarchy claims that 
theirs is the oldest, the mother and the true 
church organization, because it is the oldest reli- 
gious organization of "Christendom", and they 
cite in support of this claim that its antiquity 
dates from the time of Christ. It claims an un- 
broken chain of apostolic successors back to the 
apostle Peter; it calls itself "the Eternal City'\ 
But what shall be the end of the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy organization, that is, mod- 
ern Tyre? Jehovah, by his prophet, says: "Her 
own feet shall carry her afar off to sojourn." 
(Verse 7) Rome thinks she is too ancient to 
ever have to move; that she is so thoroughly 
and completely entrenched in her position that 
no storm can move her bulwarks; and for this 
reason she claims to be invulnerable. Further 
speaking by his prophet, Jehovah says: "Be- 
hold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, 
which, as a tempest of hail, and a destroying 


storm, as a flood of mighty waters overfloAving, 
shall cast down to the earth with the hand. The 
croAvn of pride, the drunkards of Ephraini, shall 
be trodden under feet. . . . When the overflow- 
ing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall 
be trodden down by it." — Isaiah 28 : 2, 3, 18. 

Her arrogance and boasting attitude will 
bring her no good. Modern Tyre has existed 
for a long vvliile and has practiced her wicked- 
ness with little hindrance, and in the minds of 
her mighty men is entirely secure in her posi- 
tion; but, according to tloihcrliam: "Though 
from ancient days is her antiquity, yet shall 
her own feet carry her away, far off to dwell," 
that is, to remain permanently, by being re- 
moved from her place of existence into destruc- 
tion, and there shall she remain for ever. 

By his prophet Joel Jehovah speaks of the 
ill-treatment to v/hich his covenant people have 
been subjected by modern Tyre, the Hierarchy 
of Rome. In this prophecy "Judah"' and "Jeru- 
salem" stand for the people of God's organiza- 
tion. During the \yorld War the religionists, 
led by the Roman Catliolic Hierarchy, attempted 
to rid the earth of those who are and were de- 
voted to Jehovah. Concerning this Jehovah says 
by his prophet: "irea, and what have ye to do 
with me [Jehovah], Tyre, and Zidon, and 
all the coasts of Palestine? will ye render me 
a reeompence ? and if ye recompense me, swiftly 
and speedily will I return your reeompence upon 
your own head: . . . The children also of Judah 
and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto 



the Grecians, that yo might remove them far 
from their border" — Joel 3:4-6. 

The day for the Hierarchy to pay comes, 
and the Ijord God says to that Koman, scorn- 
ful, boastful and wicked religions organization, 
which has ill-treated his faithful children : "Be- 
hold, I will raise them out of the place v/hither 
ye have sold them, and will return your rec- 
ornpence upon your own head; and I will sell 
your sons and yonr daughters into the hand of 
the children of Judah, and they shall sell them 
to the Sahoans, to a people far off: for the 
Lord hath spoken." — Joel 3 : 7, 8. 

Jehovah always makes good his word. The 
day of recompense is absolutely certain to come, 
and th.e pay-off will be at the beginning of 
Armageddon, and the Hierarchy will find no 
way to avoid it. "Thus saith the Lord, For 
three transgressions of Tyms, and for four, 
I will not tnrn away the punishment thereof; 
because they delivered up the whole captivity 
[Jehovah's people] to Edom, and remembered 
not the brotherly covenant; but I will send a 
tire on the wall of Tyrus, which shall devour 
the palaces thereof." — Amos 1:9,10. 

With the beginning of Armageddon modern 
Tyre will cease, and no more will 'her feet carry 
her' and her missionaries to the many lands of 
the earth, there to seek new markets in which 
to exploit the people, but she will go to the 
place where she will remain permanently. Of 
that crowd of religious leaders, the Hierarchy, 
priests and other clergy, Jesus said: "Serpents, 
progeny of vii:)ers! how can you escape the 



judgment of the Gehenna?"— Matthew 23:33, 
Emphatic DiagloU. 

The proselyting work of the Koman Catholic 
Hierarchy and her vessels or instruments will 
cease then for ever. The words of Jesus will 
then appear applicable and appropriate to the 
Hierarchy and her supporters and tools; "Woe 
unto you [promoters and rulers of modern 
Tyre], scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for 
ye compass sea and land to make one pros- 
elyte; and when he is made, ye make him two- 
fold more the child of [Gehenna {Diag.)~\ than 
yourselves." — Matthew 23 : 15. 

A question is then propounded by the prophet 
of Jehovah to all who have the hearing ear: 
'^Vho hath taken this counsel against. Tyre, the 
crowning city, whose merchants are princes, 
whose traffickers are the honourable of the 
earthf (Isaiah 23:8) Another rendering of 
this text is: "Who hath purposed this against 
Tyre, thebestower of crov/nsf {R.V. and Roth.) 
These words further identify the Roman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy, becanse for centuries the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy has claimed that the pope 
has the power and the authority to crown and 
to depose earthly kings. To those thus crowned 
and who have submitted to the domination of 
the religionists, the Hierarchy has been and is 
the "higher powers". 

The Hierarchy demands the full obedience 
of each one of its underclergy, as v^ell as obe- 
dience of the political rulers of many lands, and 
the Hierarchy bestows titles upon whomsoever 
that organisation chooses to honor, and there- 

n N E M I E S 

by makes men "princes of the chtirc]i", and tlieso 
"traffickers", acting at tJic behest of modern 
Tyre, are tlie "honourable [men] of the earth". 
When one of tliose Roman princes visits Ameri- 
ca, for instance, the politicians, with bands of 
mnsic and flags, meet bim at tbe sliip's dock, 
bow down, ki&s his rini^, and perform a lot of 
other senseless religions ceremonies. The Ro- 
man Catholic Jlierarchy demands that the polit- 
ical rulers of the cartli, tlie siualler priests, and 
the ''Catholic population", the common people, 
shall regard the Hierarchy and speak of its 
members as "spiritual princes", who are in no 
wise subject to political rulers. Even a king or 
an earthly monarch is permitted to kiss tlie big 
too of the so-called "holy father", the head o1 
the Hierarchy. 

_ Manifestly the question propounded at verse 
eight above quoted is to rivet attention upon 
the Hierarchy : '*Who hath purposed this against 
Tyre?" The answer to that question appears 
below, and the language employed shows that 
it is at the time when jeliovah is exercising his 
power to punish the workers of iuiqnitv,"that 
is, modern Tyre, the Devil's chief instrument 
The answer is: "The J.ord of hosts hath pur- 
posed it, to stain the pride of all glorv, and to 
bring into contempt all the honourable of the 
earth." (Verse 9) God plainly states: "I have 
purposed it, I will also do it." (Isaiah 46:11) 
Let no one doubt that God will carry out his 
purpose. Modern Tyre is made up of an arro- 
gant, boastful, proud and scornful company 
and demands and receives high esteem and the 


S3 7 

plaudits of men. Jehovah's decree upon such ia 
announced by the Lord Josus, to wit: "That 
which is highly esteemed among men is abom- 
ination in the sight of God." (Luke 16:15) 
"Whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased." 
(Matthew 23: 12) These fixed rules of Jehovah 
are not subject to change and are certain to be 
enforced against all who come witliin the scope 
thereof, and this certainly includes the Roman 
Catholic Ilicrarcliy. It is Jehovah who has pur- 
posed the destruction of modern Tyre, the great 
religious "harlot" organization. And why? The 
Scriptural answer is: "To stain [{A.R.V., mar- 
gin) profane] the pride of all glory." Certainly 
this means all glory that has been taken away 
from God, to whom it belongs, and been be- 
stowed upon creatures. 

The men composing the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy, or modern Tyre, 'clothe themselves in 
garments of glory and beauty' ind then "strut 
their stuff" in public places to be seen of men, 
that they may receive honor and glory of men. 
Tliey consider that they are granting a great 
privilege to men to kiss tlieir finger or'toe. They 
call themselves by high-sounding titles and claim 
that their glory and "holy" beauty is so sacred 
that it is a dreadful sin for anyone to profane 
or criticize their attitude or to teach the people 
anything of the Bible that calls attention to 
God's denunciation of religious hypocrisy. The 
proclamation of God's truth quoted from the 
Bible "shocks the religious susceptibilities" of 
those hypocritical clerical gentlemen and of all 
their allies. 




S3 9 

It is written concerning Jeliovali and liis 
heavenly organization: "Out of Zion, the per- 
fection of beauty, God hath shined." (Psalm 
50:2) The Hierarchy fraudulently seizes upon 
this text and misapplies it, assumes to stand 
in the place of God, and claims for those of 
the liicrarchy the beauty and glory that belong 
only to the Lord. Therefore Jehovah declares 
his purpose to '"'Immble the pride of all beauty". 
— Rotherham. 

That religious, mercantile, political, arrogant, 
extremely selfish and proud organization shall 
fall, as Jehovah God has decreed, to wit: "Say 
unto Tyrus, thou that art situate at the entry 
of the sea, which art a merchant of the people 
for many isles, Thus saith the Lord God, 
Tyrus, thou hast said, I am of perfect beauty." 
(Ezekiel 27 : 2, 3) The Hierarchy thus poses be- 
fore all nations of earth. Her allies and her 
dupes sing of her glory and beauty, whether 
the singers believe it or not ; the politicians do 
it because they want political sux:)port. All these 
vessels or instruments supporting the Hierarchy 
fall in line and shout of her glory and beauty. 
To them Jehovah says : "The ships of Tarshish 
did sing of thee in thy market; and thou wast 
replenished, and made very glorious in the midst 
of the seas."— Ezekiel 27:25. 

But the day is not far distant when those 
singers and glorifiers of the Hierarchy and all 
her allied religionists will come to a sorrow- 
fnl end, because Jehovah says : "Thy riches, and 
thy fairs, thy merchandise, thy mariners, and 
thy pilots, thy ealkers, and the occupiers of thy 


merchandise, and all thy men of war, that are 
in thee, and in all thy company which is in the 
midst of thee, shall fall into the midst of the 
seas in the day of thy ruin. The suburbs shall 
shake at the sound of the cry of thy pilots. And 
all that handle the oar, the mariners, and all 
the pilots of the sea, shall come down from 
their ships, they shall stand upon the land; atid 
shall cause their voice to be heard against thee, 
and shall cry bitterly, and shall cast up dust 
npon their heads, they shall wallow themselves 
in the ashes. And they shall make themselves 
utterly bald for thee, and gird them with sack- 
cloth, and they shall Aveep for thee with bitter- 
ness of heart and bitter wailing. And in their 
wailing they shall take up a lamentation for 
tliee, and lament over thee, saying. What city 
is like Tyrns, like the destroyed in the midst of 
the sear— Ezekiel 27:27-32. 

To all the peoples of this world, vdio stand 
on the side and see the fall of the mighty reli- 
gious organizations, it will seem S'ery strange' 
that God would expose and destroy such, or 
that which the clergy have called by the name 
of the Lord. For many centuries the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy lias assumed the name of 
God and Christ, and claimed to be the only true 
organization of the Lord. Ent the Lord God 
marks their hypocrisy and says concerning that 
hypocritical organization : "Therefore will I do 
unto this house, which is called by my name, 
wherein ye trust, and unto the place which I 
gave to you and to yonj" fathers, as I have done 
to Shiloh." (Jeremiah 7 : 14) God completely 


E N E AT 1 E S 




destroyed all religious practices at Sluloli which 
bore Ills name. 

Who on the earth today claims the excliiHive 
right to use the radio and to speak to the people 
thereby, and to tell the people what they shall 
or shall not believe and do? Wlio are the ones 
claiming to be "the hononvahle [men] of the 
earth", entitled to the praise, honor and acclaim 
of all others? What class of men scorn Cully 
push aside all tlioso Avho dare spoak of Ood's 
Word without first obtaining their permission? 
To these questions the answer is, The Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy, and tluoir allies or close as- 
sociates. Jehovah declares that it is his x^nrposo 
to "bring into contempt all [these] honourable 
of the earth", or "to make of little esteem" such 
exalted ones. {Hoth.) The Hierarchy, the main 
organization, the Jesuits, the Nazis, the Fascists, 
the allied clergy, are the ones of whom the Lord 
Bj)eaks when he says: "^Vhose traffickers are 
the honourable of the earth," — Verse 8. 

And Avhat means will Jehovah employ to bring 
such "honourable" men into contempt? Sucli 
so-called "lionourable" men are the instruments 
of Satan and therefore enemies of God, and in 
the battle of the great day oF God Almighty, 
in the day of his wrath, he will destroy them. 
"Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the 
time of thine anger: the Lord shall swallow 
thcin up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour 
them. Their fruit shalt thou destroy from the 
earth, and their seed from among the children 
of men. (Psalm 21 : 9, 10) Jehovah's "strange 
work" is now exposing the duplicity and hypoc- 

risy of those self-styled "Tionourable" ones; and 
Iiis "strange act", at the beginning of Armaged- 
don, will rid the earth of tliat hypocritical reli- 
gious organization and will proceed to the com- 
plete wrecking of the entire organization of the 
Devil. As Armageddon bcghis, the destruction 
of religionists will appear to all who are not on 
the side of Jehovah and his King as "strange", 
very "strange". — Tsaiah 28:21. 

The Eoman Catholic I-Iiorarchy, that is, "the 
Hierarchy of Jurisdiction," which rules, claims 
to be the mother organization. Her supporters, 
agents, tools, vessels and instruments used, are 
her offspring or "daughters". Jehovah, by his 
prophet, now addresses the "daughter" class 
and says : "Pass through thy land as a river 
[as the Nile {R.V. and RoUl)], daughter of 
Tarshish: there is no more strength." {Isaiah 
23 : 10) The river Nile passes through the entire 
length of Egypt and from time to time over- 
flows its banks and floods the country round 
about; so Jehovah says to those addressed: 
"Pass through," that is to say, make complete 
inspection of the "work" and "act" of Jehovah 
ancl its effect; go and see for yourselves and 
verify all that his "strange worit" does con- 
cerning the Hierarchy and other clergy. 

Jehovah has called his people to "rise up 
against her in battle" (Obadiah 1) and to pro- 
claim God's judgment against the religious or- 
ganization; and in the prophecy of Isaiah such 
is called "tliy land", that is, meaning the organ- 
ization to which the supporters or vessels give 
service and support. The parent organization 


Ms colonizedj supervised and appropriated to 

its service and exploited tliosc dcsL^nated in 
tlie prophecy as the '''daughter". The fact tliat 
Tarahisli should bo told to pass through her 
own land on a sight-seeing or inspection jonr- 
Ecy to ohserve the efToct of God's purpose as 
executed, indicates; that God's "strange aet", at 
tlie beginning thercol', vail destroy the Hier- 
archy^ organization, that is, the inanimate cor- 
poration, and that some of tlie clergy under or 
boncaih the "Hierarchy of Jurisdiction" will re- 
main alive for a time and see the effects before 
they themselves arc destroyed in the battle as 
it progresses. 

To tliose survivors, for a season at the begin- 
ning of the battle of the great day, the Lord 
sayR: "There is no more strength [girdle {mar- 
gin)]." The v/ord hero rendered "strength" is 
different from the word translated "strength" 
at verce 14- follo-\ving. Says tlie Eiiglisli Revised 
Version: "There is no girdle about thee any 
more," that is, from the mother organization, 
modern Tyre, the "Hierarchy of Jurisdiction", 
because that system is laid low in the dust and 
can give no more support to its vessels. This 
is proof not only that the lower order of the 
clergy, which remain, which have been used as 
tools of the Hierarchy to do menial service to 
the 'organization of jurisdiction', will be made 
to drink of the cup of the bitter wrath at the 
Lord's hand, but also that the highest ones in 
the Hierarchy, including the ".supreme pontiff", 
shall drink deeply, "spue [out], and fall."— Jere- 
miah 25 : 27. 



Another translation of this text reads : "There 
is no restraint any more." {A.U.V,) The Hier- 
archy now puts I'cstraint upon those who tell 
the truth about her and who inform the people 
about God's kingdom as the only hope of man- 
kind. Jehovah's witnesses have now been com- 
manded by the Ijord to "rise up against her in 
battle", and in obedience to this command the 
faithful go forth amidst great oi')position to 
declare tlie message of God of and concerning 
his pm'x^ose. Restraint does not stop them. 
The Eoman Catholic Hierarchy brings to bear 
all its influence and power exorcised by and 
through religionists, politicians and commercial 
men, and the courts, to restrain Jehovah's wit- 
nesses and to jn'event them from telling the 
truth. Wlien Arinageddon begins, that restraint 
v.'ill be removed, and "no restraint any more" 
will be upon Jeliovah's witnesses, because the 
"Witness work in the earth will then be finished 
and the marking and gathering of the "great 
multitude" by the Lord to himself will be com- 
pleted.— Revelation 7 : 9-17 ; Ezekiel 9 : 4-6. 

Until that time, as it is written, the "four 
angels" to wliom it is given to "hurt the earth 
and the sea", continue to hold back the storm 
of the Lord. {Revelation 7: 1-3) The time comes 
when the restraint ends, and then there will be 
*no more restraint' upon the "ten horns" of "the 
beast", the political ruling classes, which shall 
turn upon the Hierarchy religious organization 
and rend it at the will of God (Revelation 
17:16-18), and then Jehovah's groat Execu- 
tioner shall completely wreck every part of 



Satan's organization. Eeligion, wliieli has for 
so long brought reproach upon Jehovah's name, 
and the religions organizations and their polit- 
ical and eonunercial laws shall completely pass 
away in the battle of the great day of God 
Almighty as it progresses. 

As ancient Tyre built her commerce upon the 
sea and the coastlands round abont, even so 
modern Tyro, the mightj'' religious system, has 
built hor commerce upon the peoples all round 
about lier, situated in her supposedly invulner- 
able place at the Vatican in Rome. The time 
com;?H for Jehovah's "strange act" to be exe- 
cuted, and, looking back upon the effects there- 
of, his prophet says: "He stretched out liis 
hand over the sea; he shook the kingdoms; 
the Lord hath given a commandment against 
the merchant city, to destroy the strong holds 
thereof." (Isaiah 23:11) The religious organi- 
Kations boastfully claim both the sea and the 
land, but the claim thereof is false. "The sea 
is his [God's], and he made it; and his hands 
formed the dry land." — Psalm 95: 5. 

At Armageddon, Jehovah, by his Executioner, 
rids the sea and the land of all of Tyre's trade 
ships, that is, her instruments, vessels and tools, 
supporters and dupes. He reaches out to the 
most distant established settlements of modern 
Tyre and wipes them out. Says the Lord by 
his prophet: "He shook the kingdoms," that is, 
all the ruling powers of the earth, whose kings 
committed fornication with Tyre, the old whore, 
for mutual benetit to enrich themselves. Those 
kingdoms will not be able to stand up under 


Jehovah's shaking, but will be shaken to pieces 
and destroyed. (Haggai 2 : 21, 22) The old whore 
goes first into the ashcan, and then the others 
follow. "And there came one of the seven angcla 
\vhich had the seven vials, and tallccnl with me, 
saying unto mo, Come hither; I will show unto 
thee the judgment of the great whoro that sit- 
teth upon many waters; with whom the kings 
of the earth have committed fornication, and 
the inhabitants of the earth have been made 
drunk with the wine of her fornication. And 
the ten horns which thou sawesi upon tlie boast, 
these shall hate the whore, and shall make her 
desolate and naked, and shall eat her [Jesh, and 
burn her with i'lre. For God hath put in their 
hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give 
their kingdom unto the beast, until the words 
of God shall be I'ulfilled. And the woman which 
thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth 
over the kings of the earth." (Ptevelation 17:1, 
2,16-18; ]8:3) "The kmg of Tyrus," the Devil 
himself, and all of his kingdom shall be com- 
pletely shaken down and destroyed.— Ezelciel 

Jeliovah gives command to his higli officer, 
Christ Jesus, to execute the wicked organization, 
and concerning this the American Revised Ver- 
sion (Isaiah 23: 11) reads: "Jehovah hath given 
commandment concerning Canaan [merchant- 
men {E.R.V., margin)]," that is, the coast of 
Canaan occupied by Tyre and Zidon. According 
to Rotherham the text reads : "Command against 
the PhoDnician coast." The command to Christ 
is given to "destroy the strong holds thereof". 






One of the most powerful strongholds of the 
coast of Canaan was Tyre, and Tyve was spe- 
cially mentioned in the command to destroy. 
(Jeremiah 25:22) Modern Tyre, the Roman 
Catholic organization, is one, and probably the 
strongest one, of the strongholds of Satan's vis- 
ible organization. No stronghold is so strong, 
Jtowovor, as to bo able to withstand the assault 
of Jehovah's Executioner. Christ Jesus pos- 
sesses the keys to hell (Revelation 1:18), and 
hell shall not prevail against him and his or- 
ganization. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy has 
wrongfully adopted and applied the words spo- 
ken by Jesus concerning his organization, to wit : 
"The gates of hell shall not prevail against it" 
(Matthew 16 : 18) ; but tlie day is not far distant 
when the Hierarchy will see her complete end 
and will fully know the day of deceiving others 
has come to a final end. To those who love and 
faithfully serve Jeliovah he now gives this in- 
formation in advance of the fall of that hypo- 
critical and wicked organization, to the end that 
such faithful may be comforted and have in- 
creased hope. 

Vievv'ing the prophecy of the twenty-third 
chapter of Isaiah as a whole, it appears that 
the period of rejoicing by the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy precedes Armageddon, and just a 
short time before the beginning of Armageddon. 
The time arrives when the rejoicing of that reli- 
gious system must cease, because "^Jehovah has 
so decreed; and therefore he caused to be writ- 
ten: "And he [Jehovah] said, Thou shalt no 
more rejoice, thou oppressed virgin, daugh- 


ter of Zidon; arise, pass over to Chittim; there 
also shalt thou have no rest." (Isaiah 23:12) 
Since the prophecy is "the burden of Tyre", it 
appears that it is Tyre that is addressed as the 
"oppressed virgin, daughter of Zidon". The city 
of Zidon was Jiuilt first, and Tyre would bo 
viewed as a daughter. Zidon had a devil reli- 
gion. Pagan religion preceded the papacy, and 
many of the devilish practices of paganism wore 
adopted by the papacy, and both originated with 
and are the children of the Devil. 

Tyre would be viewed as a "virgin" daughter 
because not legitimately married but unclean 
from fornication, her cliastity having been "vio- 
lated". {RotherJiam) To that violation of her 
chastity she consented, and she therefore would 
be the "oppressed". The Roman Catholic reli- 
gious organization has practiced whoredom with 
"all the kings" or ruling powers of the earth 
of Satan's visible organization, but the time 
comes, just preceding the beginning of Arma- 
geddon, when the Lord convinces the "ten kings" 
or ruling forces of the nations, which turn on 
the harlot religious system, and that system 
becomes greatly oppressed, God puts it in the 
mind of the ruling powers to fulfill his will. 
—Revelation 17:16,17. 

The time arriving for her gi'oat oppression 
to begin, the Hierarchy system will seek rest 
somev/here, and, because thus seeking, Jeliovah 
says to her: "Arise, pass over [the sea] to 
Chittim," *and see if you can find rest there." 
Chittim, being near to Tyre, would represent 
any subsidiary or auxiliary organization where 




the old woman miglit seek rest and relief and 
find none. This would seom to indicate that the 
Roman Catliolio Hierarchy system will be scok- 
ing a place of consolation and therefore abasing 
herself by going to some lesser organizalion, 
seeking a way to escape the deepest abasement, 
which is certain to come upon lier by reason of 
being cast into Gehenna. (Matthew 23: 12) Will 
the Hierarchy system find rest there? Jehovah 
replies: "There also shalt thon have no rest." 
From time to time the Hierarchy system lias 
had some setbacks or losses of temporal power, 
bnt she has always claimed that snch setbacks 
were only temporary. Slie claims that she is eter- 
nal, cannot suffer destruction, and therefore she 
can afford to wait out any temporary setbacks 
v.hile she schemes to advance her position. The 
abasement or ox^position to her in the past the 
Hierarchy has claimed to be that "little season" 
during which Satan is loosed, at the end of "which 
she will triumph. (Revelation 20 : 3, 7) Again she 
is wrong in her conclusion. The time for her 
complete humiliation is near at hand, and there 
is no way for her to stop it now, and therefore 
there is no way for her to escape. Not even 
the individual members of that religious clergy 
crowd will be able to disguise themselves by 
putting on overalls and thus hiding their iden- 
tity. (Zcchariah 13:4-0) They will not escape 
the scrutiny of others, and certainly not God's 
executive olTicer. There is no rest short of com- 
plete destruction, from which she shall never 
again rise. 



Jehovah used the Chaldeans, of whom Neb- 
uchadnezzar was the king, as llis executioner, 
who thus foreshadowed CJlirist Jesus, the great 
executioner of Jehovah who shall execute the 
devil religion, and particularly the Roman Cath- 
olic system. (Ezckiel 20:744; Jeremiah 25:9, 
17, 22) Therefore Jehovah says to the observ- 
ers: "Behold the laud of the Chaldeans; this 
peoi)le was not till the Assyrian founded it for 
them that dwell in the wilderness; they set up 
the towers thereof, they raised up the palaces 
thereof; and he brought it to ruin." (Isaiah 
23:13) The words "Behold the land of the 
Chaldeans" manifestly direct the attention to 
his executioner tliat executes the judgment of 
Jehovah upon the Hierarchy system. Then the 
prophet says: "This people [that is, the people 
of ancient Tyre and of modern Tyre, the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy] is no more." — E.R.V. 

The word "till", as appears in the AutJiorized 
Version, is an interpolation, and the correct ren- 
dering appears in the Revised Version. There- 
fore, as stated in the text, the ships of Tarshish 
calling at the port of Chittim, the island near 
Tyre, would have no reason to proceed on to 
Tyre because of the information received at 
Chittim that Tyre no longer existed. Likewise 
in the antitype or fulfillment, the underpricsts, 
missionaries and other subsidiary organi/.ations 
arc told that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy sys- 
tem is no more, that is, "the Hierarchy of Juris- 
diction" is done for and hence there would be 
no occasion to further seek her. It is i)lainly 
written by another prophet that the end of the 



Hierardiy wdll he complete destruction ; that is, 

"they shall be as though they had not been." 
— Obadiah 16. 

Since the word "till" is an interpolation, and 
therefore improperly in the text, that part of 
verse thirteen following the word "till" is no 
part of the precedinj^ sentence. Therefore the 
words after "till" read: "The Assyrian [Assbiir 
(Leeser); Assyria {Rotlierham)] founded it." 
The word Asshur ajjpearing in this part of the 
text means "suceessfnl one", as in Genesis 10 : 11. 

In Isaiah's day the Assyrian world power still 
held the upper hand over the Chaldeans; but 
in Jeremiah's time, and eighteen years before 
the fall of Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar had be- 
come king of Babylon and established the Baby- 
lonish empire. {See Isaiah 39:1-8.) Therefore 
the words in Isaiah 23 : 13, to wit, "The Assyr- 
ian founded it," clearly mean the Chaldeans 
or Babylonians. "The Assyrian" pictures God's 
Executioner, Christ Jesus. Note that "the As- 
syrian" as a nation did not establish or found 
"the land of the Chaldeans". Babylon preceded 
Assyria. It ia said in connection with Nimrod: 
"And the beginning of his khigdom was Babel, 
and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, In the land 
of SHnar. Out of that land went forth Asshur 
[he went out into Assyria (mar^w)], and build- 
ed Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah." 
Another author (Hislop) renders the text: "And 
he, being strengthened, went out of the land 
and built Nineveh," the capital of Assyria. 

With this explanation, note that the English 
Revised Version of the text (vs. 13) reads: 



"The Assyrian hath appointed it [{Autli. Ver.) 
founded it]," that is to say, appointed "this 
people" of Tyre, Appointed the people of Tyre 
for Avhat or for whom? The prophecy answers : 
"For the beasts of the wilderness." {E,B.V.) 
Clearly this means that God's Executioner, pic- 
tured by the Assyrian, hath "appointed" modern 
Tyre (that is to say, the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy organization and its clergy and allies) 
to a place or condition uninhabited by persons 
but wholly for brute beasts, hence for desolation. 
In support of this conclusion, note the words 
of Revelation 18 : 2, 3 : "And he cried mightily 
with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great 
is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation 
of devils [wild goats, satyrs], and the holdof 
every foul spirit [stinking vapors arising like 
apparitions out of a marshy, foul and corrupt 
land], and a cage of every unclean and hateful 
bird [a place frequented by birds decreed by 
the law of God unfit for human habitation]. For 
all nations have drunlf of the wine of the wrath 
of her fornication, and the Idngs of the earth 
have committed fornication with her, and the 
merchants of the earth are waxed rich through 
the abundance of her delicacies." This text, with- 
out a doubt, applies to Satan's religious organ- 
ization, the Roman Catholic Hierarchy being 
the principal part thereof. Therefore the proph- 
ecy of Isaiah discloses that Jehovah's Execu- 
tioner has "appointed" that Devil religious 
organization for desolation in accord with the 
decree or judgment heretofore written at the 
dictation of Jehovah. 



The proplict continiics to RpoMlc of the siio- 
ecssiiil Clialdeaiis and symJjoIicnlly refers to 
Jehovah's Exomtioner, saying: "They set up 
the towers tlicrcof [their towers {R.V'.) ; siege- 
towers {UoUi.}], they raised np [{R.V.) they 
overthrew; (Tlo/Zl) demolished] the places there- 
of." The siep:e to-u'ers were set np, and tlms the 
walls of ancient Tyre were surmounted and the 
palaces of her merchant princes were demol- 
ished. Applyhjg the prophecy to modern Tyre, 
the F-omau Catholic llierarcliy organization: 
God's Execniioner, Christ Jesus, sets np siege 
towers against the Devil reli.i^ions system and 
the princes of the Roman Catholic organization 
that trafiic in liunian creatures, and destroys 
their strongholds, and the system falls, includ- 
ing the so-called "hoiy father" and all of the 
trafficking princes. And the result is what? 
Says the prophet in ansvv-er: "He hrouglit it to 
ruin," {EM.V.) 'Hie made it a rnin"; that is, 
Jehovah's ExecuLioner at the beginning of 
Armageddon brings the Devil religious system 
to ruin. 

The bulwarhs of the Eoman Catholic system, 
which for long has reproached the name of 
Ahniglity Cod, will completely crumble to the 
dust, and then the individuals who continue to 
live for a time will have reason to lament. 
Therefore, says the prophet of Jehovah : "''Howl, 
ye ships of Tarshish, for your strength [which 
is modern TyreJ is laid waste." (Isaiah 23: li) 
The statement is similar to the words used in 
Isaiah 23: 1 and shows that the "howl" is raised 
at the beginning of Armageddon and when the 



Iliorarehy falls. Says the Revised Version, Y&v^e 
fourteen : "Howl, ye ships of Tarshish ; for your 
stronghold is laid waste." The "llierarcliy of 
Jurisdiction", which operates in and out of Vati- 
can City, Italy, is by the Lord Jehovah's decree 
certain to be laid waste; and that "Hierarchy 
of Jurisdiction", the central government of the 
religious system that for centuries has deceived 
the peo]jle and blasphemed God's name, will go 
doY^n. When that stronghold does go down its 
supporters can do nothing but howl. Arma- 
geddon will mark the complete fulfdlment of 
the foregoing prophecy of Isaiah twenty-three, 
verses one to fourteen. 


It has been suggested that verses one to four- 
teen of Isaiah 23 describe certain adverse ex- 
periences to which the Roman Catholic Mier- 
ai'chy has been subjected during a period of 
seventy years, from ISIS to 1918, and during 
which time she is forgotten and her howl is 
heard; that at the end of that period the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy again comes to the fore; 
and hence that the latter part of the prophecy 
recorded in the 1:wenty-tbird chapter applies 
after the fulhllmcnt of the first part of the 
prophecy. The facts do not fit that conclusion, 
for the reason that the "howl" of Tyre clearly 
refers to what comes to pass at the beginning 
of Armageddon. There is, however, an apparent 
fulfillment of the prophecy concerning the 'howl- 
ing of the ships of Tarshish' or supporters of 
Tyre, within the seventy-year period above men- 



tioned, from 1848 to 1018; but instead of being 
a rulfillment it would better he termed an agree- 
able parallel on a minor scale to that stated in 
tbe prophecy. 

It seems well to here set forth certain perti- 
nent historical facts that came to pass during 
the seventy-year period from 184.8 to 1918, in 
order that the student may consider the same 
in studying the prophecy; and which considera- 
tion may remove some doubt that might other- 
wise exist. Such historical facts here inserted 
arc quoted from well-known and recognized au- 
thorities. They relate to the lloman Catholic 
reli?rious system from 1848 to 1918 and are as 
follows : 

184-S. January: Revolutions in various states 
on Italian peninsula. February 22-24 : Kevolu- 
tion in France; Iving Louis Philippe out; re- 
pul>lic is proclaimed. March ; l^evolutiou in 
Austrian lJ]mpire. Revolutionary movements in 
Ci ermany. Insurrection at Rome ; the poiDU- 
lace demand a democratic ministry and the 
proclamation of Italian nationality; the pope 
[Pius IX] hesitates; the Romans surround the 
palace, and a conriict ensues. The pope accepts 
a popular ministry (Cardinal Palma, the pope's 
secretai7, shot in this conflict.) . , . Novem- 
ber 16. November 20, a free Constitution pub- 
lished. November 24, the pope escapes in dis- 
guise to Oaeta. November 28, protest of the 
pope against the acts of the provisional gov- 
ernment (of Rome), 


18-19. February 8, the Roman National As- 
sembly divests the pope of all temporal power, 
and adopts the republican form of government. 
February 18, the pope appeals to the Catholic 
powers (of the world). "He now enjoyed the 
sympathy of the reactionists all over the world 
who had looked so coldly upon his early efforts 
at reform, but gained, of course, the execrations 
of the liberals, whose cause he had abandoned. 
Rome, left without a ruler, bloomed into a repub- 
lic. The pope protested against all its acts, and 
summoned the Catholic world to put it down." 
(McClintoek & Strong Cydopezdia, Vol. VIII, 
"Pius IX") June 3, the French under Marshal 
Oudinot commence an attack on Rome. June 30, 
after a brave resistance, the Romans capitulate 
to the French army. July 4, the Roman Assem- 
bly dissolved, and an officer from Oudmot's camp 
arrives at Gaeta, to present the pope with the 
keys of Rome. 

1850. April, the pope arrives at Rome; Car- 
dinal Antonelli becomes foreign minister. "The 
pope returned in April, 1850, surrounded by 
the bayonets of a French army. . . . His first 
act was the perfidy of destroying the constitu- 
tion of chartered rights which he had guaran- 
teed to his subjects, . . . The Inquisition re- 
commenced its sacred labors the Bible was 

prohibited." (McClintoek & Strong Cijdopcedia, 
Vol. VIII, "Pius IX") September 24, he issues 
the bull estahliphing a Roman Catholic hier- 
arcliy in Fngland. 

18G1. March 27, Cavonr claims Rome as cap- 
ital of Italy. June, the emperor of France de- 





clinea a union with Austria and Spain for tlie 
maintenance of tlio pope's temporal pov^^er. "In 
1808, the Austriaiis broke the eoncordat and 
declared their spiritual emancipation. The year 
after, Queen Isal)e]la was driven out of Spain, 
and the government of the people refused to 
be bound by any previous treaties v-dth the 
papacy [Septomher 29, 30]." [Februaiy 1GJS73, 
the first Spanish republic is proclaimed at 
Madrid, Spain].— PlcOlintoek &, Strong Cyclo- 
pcccUa, Vol. Via, "Pius IX." 

1870. Sepicmber 11, the pope refuses terms 
offered him by the kin^f^- of Italy (sovereignty 
of tlio Leonine city and retention of his income). 
September 20, after a brief resistazicc from the 
fovei;4'n papal troops, stopped by order of the 
pope, the Italian troops under [General] Ca- 
dorna make a breach and enter Rome. Septem- 
ber 21, Cardinal AntonelJi issues a diplomatic 
protest acjainst the Italian occupation of Rome. 
September 26, protest of the pope (Pins IX, 
stiil). September 29, circular letter from the 
pope to the cardinals complaining of the inva- 
sion and of his loss of liberty, and interference 
with his post liaff. October 2, plebiscite: out of 
1G7,M8 votes, 133,GS1 for [Rome's] union with 
the kin!j;dom of Italy. October 8, result of the 
plebiscite sent to the king [of Italy]. October 9, 
Rome and its provinces incorporated with the 
kin.pfdom by royal decree. 

"In 1S70, finally, the war with Prussia de- 
stroyed the empire in France, and with the fall 
of [Ijonis] Napoleon not only the French re- 
fused to be bound to Rome, but the gates of the 


Eternal City opened to all Italy. , . . Notwith- 
standing all efforts of [King] Victor Emmanuel 
for peace, the pope sternly persisted in his firm 
protest against the inevitable change of things. 
... He lived retired in the Vatican, and called 
himself a prisonor.-McClintock & Strong Cyclo- 
pcedia, Vol. VIII, "Pius IX." 

1871. May 13, law guaranteeing to the pope 
full personal liberty and honors, a revenue of 
3,225,000 livres, &c.; rejected by the pope in his 
allocution, May 15. October 27, allocution of 
the pope, appointing some Italian bishops; 
still rejecting guarantees. — Ilaytln's VicUonary 
of Dales, under "Rome", "Popes," "France," 
"Spain," &c. 

1878. ]^\^bruary 7, Pope Pius IX dies. "On 
Feb. 7, 1878, he died, after a protracted drop- 
sical illness. . . . The missions of the Church 
were also strengthened, being carried forward 
in parlibus infideliwn, and great hierarchies, 
in lands formerly heathen or Protestant, were 
added to the vast clergy that owned 'the Latin 
obedience.' Thus he provided by brief of 1850 
for tlie ecclesiastical government of England, 
, , . exulting in the supposed triumph of Ms 
Churcli in the land which had been the home 
of the Reformation for three centuries. Then 
he created in this couNTny [U. S. A.] a vast 
Roman Catholic hierarchy by elevating to the 
cardinalate the archbishop of New York in 1875, 
and prepared the way for the re- establishment 
of the hierarchy in Sooti-awd, which was effected 
in 1878. . . . One of the foulest blots on the 
pages of history regarding his reign is the for- 



eible conversion of the Jew boy Mortara, and of 
a piece with this is the abject condition of the 
Hebrews at Rome, where the walls of the Ghetto 
were only removed with the establishment of 
the Italian power,"-McClintock & Strong Cyclo- 
pcEdia, Vol. VIII, "Pins IX." 

''lie also established fonr new dioceses in the 
United States at Albany, Buffalo, Cleveland 
and Galveston, all in 1847. In later years he 
established nearly 50 others in medimn-sized 
American cities. . . . Matters were now going 
too fast and too far for Pins, who refused to 
countenance the revolutionary movement, , . , 
The popo now entirely lost tiie favor of the 
lioman populace. Threatened by the mob in his 
own palace he fled to Gaeta, and a Roman re- 
public was_ proclaimed in February 1849, with 
Maszini at its head. Louis Napoleon, determined 
to restore the po])e, sent an expedition to Rome 
under Ondinot, by whom the Italian patriots, 
led by Garibaldi, were overpowered. Rome sur- 
rendered on 3 July ; but the pope did not return 
to liis capital till April 1850 

"The pope himself now bestowed his whole 
attention upon the church. He rec/j^led the 
Jesuits, canonized saints and defined two dog- 
mas. ... in 1854 ... In 1870. Previous to this 
time the pope's temporal dominion had become 
sadly shrunken in extent, owing to the gradual 
nnification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel. 
The temporal power of the pope, however, was 
still secured by tlie presence of a body of French 
troops at Rome, ... On 20 September 1870 the 
Italian troops entered Rome, and the tempobal 


powEn M^As AT AN END. The Vatican was left to 
the pope; and free diplomatic intercourse, the 
honors due to a sovereign, and a civil list of 
£129,000 yearly, secured to him. But these he 
declir.ed, and conlhicd himself to the Vatican 
and its garden, declaring that he was under re- 
straint and a prisoner in bis own palace." — The 
Americana, Volume 22. *Tius IX," page 137. 

J 878. March 4, Romanist hierarchy revived 
by pope; archbishopric of Glasgow, bishop of 
Duukcld, ^e. This was about a month after the 
death of Pius IX, pope for ahnost 32 vears. 

"In November, 184S [the year of the fliglit of 
Pius_IX to Gaeta], the German bishops of the 
Romish body assembled at Wiirzburg, to con- 
sult together concerning the best means to pro- 
ceed in this critical period. . . . Shortly before 
this, hoAvever, an organization of far-reaching 
significance had been effected, in which also— 
and prominently — the laity were to co-operate, 
viz., the Pins Society, a Roman Catholic coun- 
terpart of the Protestant Church Diet. . . . 

"In Octobei", 1848, at Maycnce, . . . the first 
union of this kind was formed under the name 
of Pius Society. Here all the single unions were 
formed into a great collective union under the 
name of 'Catholic Union of Germany'; although 
in practice the shorter name of Pius Society 
has been preferred. ... A second assembly was 
held at Breslau, where the papal letter was re- 
ceived, and whore the assembly openly expressed 
it that 'a U-Nited Germany was only possible 
wiTiii a CATiiOT^ic Ci-rrjsTTAHiTY.' Horc a new 
society was also organized, the Vincentius So- 



ciety, for missionary work at home. ... In the 
United States there is hardly a large town in 
which one or the other of these societies is not 
to be found. The tendency is the same, altliough 
the name may be different. The purpose of these 
organizations in the United States is to bring 


the political arena is the field of labor. Already 
they influence the legislatures, school-boards; 
yea, we may say they fonn a state within the 
STATE." — JicClintock & Strong Cyclopcedia, Vol. 
VIII, "Pius Societies." 

1914. September 3, Cardinal dolla Chiesa was 
elected the successor of Pius X and took the 
name of Benedict XV. 1017. August 1, Bene- 
dict XV issued his "famous peace note", "which 
President Wilson answered on behalf of the 
Allied and Associated powers, saying that the 
ideals which the pope had expressed were tlieir 
ideals, but that the Central Powers appeared 
unwilling to acknowledge or accept them." — The 
Americana, Vol. HI, "Benedict XV." 

1918. November 11, bcgimiing of great war- 
chest drive in the United States, in which seven 
organizations participate. "There is, of course, 
widespread dissatisfaction with the arrange- 
ment — most especially because the Catholic War 
Council, which includes the Knights of Colum- 
bus, will receive $30,000,000. Tlie position is 
taken by those who object to the united budget 
that the Knights of Columbus, as an organiza- 
tion, has no more right to cantonment and trench 
privileges than have other secret societies, and 




that the Catholic church should have no privi- 
leges in the camps and on the field that are not 
extended to other religious bodies. . . . The Cath- 
olic church, in particular, vrill stand out in the 
open as a political organization wliieh, during 
the entire length of the war, left no stone un- 
turned to advance papal interests. . . . And 
among the charges to be preferred against the 
Catholic church after the war will be her pecu- 
liar participation in cantoiunent and trench 
privileges, and the mandatory method by which 
she secured a place in the war chest." — The 
Apostolic Eeviciv, November 19, 1918, 

1918. November 30, the New York Evening 
World says the pope desires to attend the peace 
conference in order that he may gain some "tem- 
poral power", and adds tlmt the Vatican is seek- 
ing to establish a private telegraph office in the 
Vatican with private wires to all governments, 
so as not to have to use the Italian telegraph 
lines. — The Watchtowcr, Jan. 1, 1919, pages 4, 5. 

1919. January, Benedict XV completely frees 
Italian Catholics from all inhibitions against 
participation in Italian political movements. His 
relations with the royal court of Italy were more 
cordial than those of any pope since 1870, and 
the celebrated "Homan Question" was left by 
him in a fair way of settlement. At the begin- 
ning of Benedict XV's "reign" about 20 nations 
had formal diplomatic relations with the Vati- 
can. At its close, in 1922, there were more than 
31. Puelations with France had been restored, 
and the British Empire had taken steps to have 
a more intimate representation. Negotiations 




were pending for an excliang'e of envoys with 
Tokyo, Jaiian. — The Americana, Vol. Ill, "Bene- 
dict XV." 

1919. March 11, an Associated Press dispatch 
from Paris read as follows: 

*'lt has become known that pope Benedict has 
addressed an appeal to the powers emphasizing 
tlie urgency of the speedy conclusion of peace 
with Gormany. It is understood that the pontilf 
states that the Vatican possesses reliable infor- 
mation that the situation in Germany, socially 
and economically, is very grave, and that he 
fears tlic tipread of Bolelievism with such rapid- 
ity that it might result in the establishment of 
a Bolshevik state, which, in tuni, might become 
allied with Bolshevik Iinssia."~y/i(3 Watchtoiver, 
April 1, 1919, pages 100,101. 

1919. March 23, the first meeting of Fat^cists 
in Milan, Italy. May, Adolf Hitler attends his 
first Nazi meeting in Munich, Germany. Septem- 
ber, the National Catholic Welfare Conference 
[Council, formerly] [NCWC] is organized in 
the United States. 

At the close of the World War, in 1918, the 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy realized the oppor- 
tune time had arrived to begin efforts toward 
regaining temporal power previously had by 
that institution. The Hierarchy did begin her 
efforts then which culminated successfully on 
February 11, 1929, when it was publicly an- 
nounced that the papacy's temporal power had 
been restored. 

Now it is important to detennine, if possible, 
what is the meaning and application of the "sev- 



enty years" mentioned in the prophecy (Isaiah 
23:15); what is meant by the harlot's being 
forgotten, and what is the meaning of "the song 
of tlie harlot^'. Suffice it to say at this point of 
the study that tlie prophecy appearing at verses 
10 and 16 has fulfillment before the beginning 
of the 'liowF', as mentioned in verses 1 to 14, 
wliich "howl" clearly marks the beginning of 
the battle of the great day of God Almighty. 
'Jehovah's day' is a term used in prophecy 
and relates to the time when Jehovah enthrones 
his commissioned King and sends liim forth to 
rule. (Psalms 2:G; 110:2) It is also ref'eri'ed 
to in the Scriptures as "that day". It marks the 
time when Christ Jesus the King began to in- 
terrupt the rule of Satan which he had so long 
carried on iinhindered. It is marked by the be- 
ginning of the "war in heaven", which resulted 
in the ousting of Satan and his angels from heav- 
en and casting them down to the earth. (Rev- 
elation 12:7) Practically at the same time the 
World War began on the earth. It is the time 
of the beginning of Satan's overthrow, which 
will ultimately culminate at Armageddon. Ref- 
erence to that time is made in the prophecy of 
Isaiah 23: 15, where it is written: "And it shall 
come to pass in that day." At this point the 
prophecy in fulfillment moves back from a con- 
sideration of the things that will come to pass 
at the beginning of Armageddon and gives con- 
sideration to things or causes directly provok- 
ing that conflict. The time for the beginning 
of the fulfillment of this part of the prophecy 
in Isaiah 23:15 is in the year 1914 (A.D.), 



when tlie war began in heaven. (Revelation 
12:7) As sliown by the historical facts, in the 
year 1914, and for several years prior thereto, 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy did not rate as 
a temporal rnling poAver in the earth. During 
that period of time it was claimed tliat the pope 
was "the wliite prisoner*' at the Vatican. 

Seeing that ancient Tyre pictnred the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy organization as it now ex- 
ists, and which is therefore modern Tyre, it will 
be of aid in the examination of the prophecy 
if we keep in mind the objective or chief pnr- 
jiose of the Hierarchy, which inirpose is, to wit: 
To mle over the nations of the earth as the 
claimed reprot:-Gntative of Clirist, with the false 
slogan "Chriiitns Res", that is, Christ the King, 
meaning, in fact, the pope, the head of the 
Roman C'alholic ''Hierarchy of Jurisdiction" on 
the earth. Such has been the objective of the 
Roman Catholic organization from the begin- 
ning, but she lias received setbacks from time 
to time, which the organization attributes to 
the opposition by her enemies. 

Says the prophet of Jehovah: "It shall come 
to pass ill tliat day, that Tyre [modern Tyre, 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy organization] 
shall be forgotten." Forgotten by whom? By 
her former illicit paramours who have commit- 
ted fornication with her. She is forgotten for 
a time as a temporal power. The political rul- 
ing powers counted her out as regards temporal 
power, viewing the pope as merely a spiritual 




adviser, without much influence, not to be feared. 
It does not necessarily follow that the Hierarchy 
is "forgotten" for seventy years. The prophecy 
clearly fixes the time when she is forgotten, by 
saying: "In that day . . . Tyre shall be forgot- 
ten." A comparison of the language of verse 15 
with that of verse 17 more clearly shows this: 
That there is a period of time in which the harlot 
is forgotten and Jiat time of forgetting her of 
which the i)rophecy takes notice is "in that day", 
that is, the day of Jehovah ; and that it is at the 
end of seventy years that the Lord will visit 
Tyre. The Lord's visit to Tyre manifestly is not 
for her upbuilding, but for her adverse judg- 
ment, which visit begins with Jehovah's "strange 
work" and concludes with the beginning of Jeho- 
vah's "strange act".— Isaiah 28: 21. 

because of religion 






Tho prophecy of Tsaiah lioro considered was 
paralleled by the prophecy uttered by Jeremiah, 
in which latter prophecy the "seventy years" 
was associated with the seventy years of deso- 
lation of Jerusalem. Concerning this Jehovah's 
propliot Jorc^niiali said : "i3ehold, I v/ill send and 
tahe all the i'aniilies of the north, saith the Lord, 
and Nebuchadrezzar tho king of Babylon, my 
servant, and will brinj:^ them ajijainst this land 
[Jiidah and Jerusalem], and against the in- 
habitants thereof, and a.a'ainst all these nations 
round about [including Tyre], and will utterly 
destroy them [in the type, for seventy years], 
and make them an astonishment, and an hissing, 
and perpetual desolations. . . . And this whole 
land [Canaan] shall be a desolation, and an as- 
tonishment; and these nations [including Tyre] 
shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. 
And it shall come to pass, when seventy years 
arc accomplislicd, that I will punish the king of 
Babylon, and that nation [by ousting Satan 
and his angels from heaven; which began in 
A.D. 1914], saith the Lord, for their iniquity, 
and the land of the Chaldeans, and v/ill make 
it perpetual desolations." What "nations" will 
God make "perpetual desolations"? (Vss. 9, 11) 
Certainly Tyre is ineluded, because it is writ- 
ten: "And all the kings of Tyrus, and all the 
kings of Zidon, and. the kings of the isles which 
are beyond the sea." — Jeremiah 25: 9-22. 

God's prophet Zechariah speaks of the anti- 
typical fulfdlment of this prophecy upon spirit- 
ual Israel as pictured by Jerusalem, and the 


lime is clearly marked out. (See Zechariah 
14:1,2; Book Preparation, page 281.) It was 
not necessai-y for spiritual Israel to be deso- 
lated the full, literal seventy years in order to 
fnllill the typical picture of ancient Jerusalem's 
desolation. The desolation of spiritual Israel 
was accomplished between 1914 and 1919, or 
within a period of about four years. After that 
period of time spiritual Israel, that is, the 
remnant, to whom the testimony of Jesus Christ 
is committed (Eevelation 12:17), fuUilled the 
picture of the return of the captivity from Baby- 
lon to Zion, and thus the seventy years of deso- 
lation antitypically was counted as completely 
fulfilled. The important thing was tho desola- 
tion, and not the mere length of time thereof. 

Note now that Jeremiah counts Tyrns' deso- 
lation of seventy years as running concurrently 
with the seventy years of desolation of Jeru- 
salem; therefore, as in the case of spiritual 
Israel, bo with Tyre in the modern fulfdlment, 
that is, as applying to the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy. The "desolation", or absence of temporal 
jjower or tlie time in which the "harlot" is 
"forgotten", would not require literally seventy 
years. The important point hero is the deso- 
.lATioN, and not the exact length thereof. Fur- 
thermore the foregoing period of desolation is 
"in that day", hence could not begin until the 
beginning of the day of Jehovah, to wit, in 1914. 

In the type or picture the two equal periods 
run concurrentlj^ ; and likewise the symbolic 
period of seventy years upon jnodeni Tyre, 



the Roman Catholic Ilierarcliy, wliicli would 
be counted as ended at approximately the same 
time as the desolation upon the remnant of New 
Jerusalem came to an end, wliich was about the 
end of 1918 or beginninfi; of 1919, It would there- 
fore not bo at all necessary to measure back 
from November 24, 1918, to "November 24, 1848, 
in order to locate the time of the fulfillment of 
this part of the prophecy. It suiTices, then, that 
the Koman Catholic Jiierarchy was forgotten 
and neglected "in that day", that is to say, Jeho- 
vah's day, which began in 1914 ; and which period 
of forgetting ended in 1919; and that the for- 
getting was by her former political associates 
who had committed fornication with her, class- 
ing her as a temporal power. If the physical 
facts show that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
was forgotten or neglected by the political pow- 
ers from 1914 to 1919, that would be a further 
corroboration of the conclusion that the fulfill- 
ment of the symbolic or prophetic seventy-year 
period is as hereinbefore stated, to wit, from 
A.D. 1914 to 1919. 


The Roman Catholic Ilierarcliy tried to seat 
herself in a prominent temporal position dur- 
ing the World War, but failed. During that time 
the pope was generally under susi>icion, by the 
Allies in particular, and that with good reason. 
Although the pope tried to screen himself by 
claims of being neutral and mnintaining strict 
neutrality during the World War, his claims 
naturally were not considered sincere. Note the 



following historical fact: "London, Treaty of 
(1915). A secret agreement concluded between 
Italy, France, Great Britain and Russia on 
2G April and finally signed on 9 May 1915, de- 
claring the terms under which Italy agreed to 
enter the war on the side of the Entente Allies. 
'By the future treaty of peace' Italy was to re- 
ceive the Trentino, the whole of SoiUhern Tyrol, 
as far as its natural and geographical frontier, 
tlie Brenner Pass; . . . The Holy See was not 
to bo pennitted to intervene by diplomatic action 
in regard to peace or questions arising from 
tlie W3.i\"-Tke Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 17, 
pages 632, G33. 

There was a secret agreement of the Entente 
Allies to ig-nore or forget the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy as a tcmiDOral power, and specifically 
the head thereof. A publication issued at Wash- 
ington, D. C, in March 1929, known as The Prot- 
estant, Volume 9, Number one, page one, para- 
graphs tliree and four, says: "Throughout the 
World War diocesan periodicals of the Hier- 
archy in this country [the United States] urged 
the papal ambition to sit in judgment on the 
belligerents as arbiter of peace. It was Italy that 
defeated that aspiration. In the pact of London 
[Treaty of 1915 above mentioned] that country 
executed a covenant barring the pope from any 
part in the conduct of hostilities or the terms of 
peace. Italy had excluded the papacy from both 
peace conferences at The Hague. But the Con- 
cordat [of 1929] removes that obstacle. Instead 
of tlie resolute adversary of the Roman See, 
Italy becomes its foremost confederate." 



This proves that the pope tried to have illicit 
relationship with the political powers of the na- 
tions dni'ing the World War period but was 
pushed to the side and "forp;otten" during that 
period, that is, between 1914 and 1919; _ and 
this corresponds exactly with the time spiritual 
Israel was under restraint by Satan's organiza- 
tion. The old whore's charms did not allure the 
greedy nations just at the time of the war, be- 
cause\hey wanted all the prospective pie. These 
facts exactly fulfill tbo propbeey concerning the 
'forgotten harlot'. The old woman was hanging 
down her head and wearing long, blacis clothes 
during that time. But, behold, she woke up at 
the end of that period, as the prophecy fore- 
told she would do. 

Says the proplicey (verse 15) : "According 
to the days of one king." In tlie type the "one 
king" was the Babylonish line of kings, from 
Ncijuchadnezzar to Bclshazzar, of the land of 
the Chaldeans. But in the antitype or fulfill- 
ment of the prophecy "in that day", from 1914 
forward, Christ Jesus, the enthroned King of 
Jehovah, began and has continued his reign, 
'T^ike the day.s of one king" (Leeser); "accord- 
ing to the days of a certain king." {Bofherham) 
These two latter translations belp to clarify the 
matter and manifestly refer to the "King of 
the Chaldeans" and the antitypical desolalion- 
period fulliUed from 1914 to 1918 as above 
stated. The World War closed November 11, 
1918, and it was shortly al'ter that time that 
the tight position of the pope began to be lifted 
and the "forgotten" period began to end. 



AVhen the peace conference began to be dis- 
cussed the pope immediately got bnsy and tried 
to get a seat at that conference. On Novem- 
ber 30, 1918, the New York Evening World pub- 
lished a statement to the effect that "the pope 
[then Benedict XV] desired to attend the peace 
conference in order that he might gain some 
temporal power". The publication stated that 
the Vatican sought to establish a private tele- 
graph office and linos at the Vatican, "with pri- 
vate wires to all governments, so as not to have 
to use the Italian lines." (See The Watcktoiver, 
January 1, 1919.) The Italian government up 
to that tim^e had kept the 'old lady' in the back- 
ground. The peace conference o'i)ened on Jan- 
uary 18, 1919, at which conference the League 
of Nations compact was presented, and later 
adopted, and at that conference the pope made 
efforts to gain a seat on a par with the political 
governments or nations, but failed. All these 
facts show that in that period of time above 
mentioned the old "harlot" was forgotton, 

The events above mentioned were approx- 
imately seventy years after November 24, 1848, 
at which latter date the pope, in disguise, fled 
from Rome. On February 8, 1849, the ItaUan 
government divested the pope of all temporal 
power. But these facts appear to be merely in- 
cidental to the prophecy, and not in fuUillment 
thereof. These facts would help to conceal the 
true meaning of the prophecy for a time and 
until God's due time for it to be understood. 

The prophecy further says: "After . . . sev- 
enty years [of desolation typical and antitypi- 



cal] sliall Tyre sing as an harlot." Otlier trans- 
lations render this part of tlic prophecy in this 
manner^ to wit: "It shall he unto Tvre as in 
the song of the harlot" (R.V.) ; "shall it befall 
Tyre according to the song of the harlot" {Both- 
erham) ; "tliere shall be unto Tyre as the song 
of a harlot" [Douay) ; "shall it happen to Tyre 
as in the song of the harlot." [Leeser] Note that 
it is not a song by the harlot, but "the song of 
the harlot"; and that appears to be the reason 
why Leeaer in translating this text puts verse 
sixteen in quotation, and tlius verse sixteen is 
"The Song". That "Song of the Harlot" must 
be and certainly is a prophecy of the Lord con- 
cerning the harlot religious system, that is, the 
Koman Catholic organization, allies and sup- 
porters; and which prophecy foretells her eon- 
duct immediately folIo-\ving tlie end of the period 
in which she is forgotten. The Roman Catholic 
system sings songs, like other harlots, to attract 
attention to herself. The song begins to revive 
her traflic and patronage and her efforts to 
gain her chief objective, to wit, to rule the na- 
tions of the earth as the vicegerent of Christ 
and in a dictatorial way. 

The words of "the song of the harlot" are 
addressed to the harlot herself, that is to say, 
to the Koman Catholic Hierarchy, and at the 
period after the end of the World War in 1918, 
and which is after the enemy Satan and his 
wicked crowd of angels liad been cast out of 
heaven and down to tlie earth and when Satan 
began to gatlier his forces, visible and invisible, 
to Armageddon. (Bevelation 12:7-9; 16:13-10) 



In tliia action or work Satan brings forward 
and piits into action his religious institution, 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. This also marks 
the time when the Lord builds up Zion and sends 
forth 'the remnant of the seed of his woman' 
as Ills witnesses to proclaim his name and king- 
dom throughout the earth. (Revelation 12:17) 
The words of "the song of the harlot" are these : 
"Take an harp, go about the city, thou harlot 
that hast been forgotten : make sweet melody, 
sing many songs, that tliou mayest be remem- 
bered." (Isaiah 23:16) This song is not sung 
to magnify the name of .leliovah, but for the 
contrary purpose. "And the harp and the viol, 
the tabret and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts ; 
hut they regard not tlie work of the Lord, nei- 
ther conKicier the operation of his hands." — 
Isaiah 5 : 12. 

The harlot is a "street-walker", and she decks 
herself in her best wearing ai^parel, paints her 
face, and sallies forth to accomplish her busi- 
ness of enticing and seducing others. She resorts 
to "an harp", that is, instruments to make a 
pleasing sound to the ear of her prospective 
paramours, including those she once had, and 
also new suckers, such as the United States 
and tlie professional politicians who run it. 
She adds whatsoever she can to her attractive 
charms and carries on her seductive work, and 
in doing this she stages a hypnotizing hack- 
ground of entrancing sound. 

The "harp", as used in the prophecy, pictures 
the eiiuipment or instrumentality of the old har- 
lot hy which she would add power and influence 


to her rcli.;!;ionR squawks or doctrinal lies in or- 
der that she might inveigle olbors into her trap 
and gam control over then). Those instruments 
antitypieaJly are such as the Jesuits, Fascists, 
NaziR, ''Holy Year'' fiasco, Holy Name Society, 
Catholic Action, Knights of Columbus, anti- 
epmnmnist schools, the Catholic press, the Na- 
tional Catholic Welfare Conference, the Legion 
of Decency, controlling moving pictures and 
moving-picture censorship, feigned and bypo- 
cntieal patriotism exhibited in compulsory ilag- 
saluting, the building of monuments and images 
at the expense of religionists, ixnd all auohlilte 
movements, by and through which she "sti-uts 
her stufr and bamboozles and hoodwinks the 
credulous population, hoping thereby to further 
her cause and gain hor great objective, to wit, 
to rule the nations of the earth by dictators 
Smee the World War the old harlot has daily 
increased her boastful, scornful attitude and 
arrogance in parading herself before the peo- 
ples of Uie earth. 

The harlot, that is, the Roman Catholic or- 
ganisation, goes up and down the earth with 
her instruments of sound unrlor the leadership 
of the Devil and in opposition to the faithful 
followers of Christ Jesus, who are now sinking 
the praises of Jehovah and his King. The har- 
lot puts forth her best endeavors to crush every- 
tliing that makes known the truth as God has 
put It m his Word. In striking contrast to the 
conduct of the harlot Jehovah pictures his faith- 
ful witnesses with the Lord in this beautiful 
symbolic plirase: "And I saw as it were a sea 




of glass mingled with fire; and them that had 
gotten the victor> over the beast, and over his 
imago, and over hiy mark, and over the number 
of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having 
the harps of God. And they sing the song of 
Moses tlie servant of God, and the song of 
the Lamb, saying. Great and maiveilous are 
thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true 
arc thy ways, thou King of saints." — Eevehi- 
tion 15 : 2, 3, 

Tlic song of praise to the Most High an- 
nounces that his kingdom is the only hope of 
the world and that Christ will now roign in 
righteousness and will destroy all hypocrisy 
and wickedness; and this song greatly disturbs 
the old "whore", and she whangs her harp with 
all her power and energy and u^es .ill her power 
and influence to get the harpers of the Lord 
out of the way. The songs by the harlot announce 
that the Roman Catholic system is the hope of 
the world; and while she sings, sueh fanatics 
as Mussolini and Hitler applaud and lend their 
support. Her persecution of Jehovah's witnesses 
in every country is conclusive proof of this 
statement. The facts well known, and which are 
coming to pass in this day, exactly fit the proph- 
ecy, and this shows that now is the time, from 
and after the end of the World War, that the 
old "whore" is employing all her "harlot charms" 
to draw the nations and the people under her 
control, that she may rule to the satisfaction 
of her selfish and wicked ambition. She works 
with Mussolini and his lilce to accomplish her 






And where does she go to sing the harlot 
song? The prophecy answers: "About the city, 
then harlot that hast been forgotten." She once 
had temporal power, then she was forgotten 
during the time that the political crowd thought 
best to ignore the old woman ; and again, fol- 
lowing the war, conditions are changed, and it 
is the appropriate time, as she thinks, for her 
to go out and round up her old, and some of 
her iie\7, paramourS; putting on her most at- 
tractive air, and thereby inducing political for- 
nicators to turn again to her. And in what "city" 
does she parade? Not amongst Grod's faithful 
people, not in the temple of Zion; but she goes 
about the city symbolically designated as "Chris- 
tendom", the nations that are willing to have 
the name of Clnist indirectly attached to them 
for commercial purposes. Such is the city of 
the "ten kings". 

As a "street-walker" the old and experienced 
harlot accosts each "king" or ruling power of 
the nations, and sings her songs; that is to say, 
she puts on a shoAv before them by which she 
expects to daz:^le the kings. Since the end of 
the AYorld War the harlot, the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy, has been exhibiting herself, clothed 
in her peculiar garments by which she is iden- 
tified, appearing with painted face and flatter- 
ing words and at nmch expense, which expense 
money she collects from the "Catholic popula- 
tion", and thus she goes on her campaign of 
enticement and seduction. She calls it "Catholic 
Action''. It eoTild be dubbed also "Devil's visible 
action". The Jewish rabbis and the so-called 

"Protestant" clergy fall right into the old har- 
lot's arms, receive a few lessons from her, and 
then take their place in the show, attempting 
to make the politicians and the commercial men 
believe that their best interests require that they 
associate themselves with the religious, that is, 
the "harlot" organization. She is making prog- 
ress in her seducing business, that is, the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy system. 

The old harlot, since the World War, has 
gained complete control of Italy and Germany; 
and wherever in those nations her paint and 
enticing words fail, she uses force of arms. 
She poses as though she were lionest, and hypo- 
critically says she represents God and Christ, 
the great Prince of Peace, and at the same time 
she organizes and launches a rebellion against 
the govermnent of Spain because that govern- 
ment kicked her out and refused to yield agam 
to her seductive charms, and J/Inssolini and 
Hitler send soldiers into Spain to help murder 
the poor innocents. Her priests and other under- 
lings, wearing clerical robes and armed with 
sword and gun, go forth to murder the people 
of Spain in order to carry out the harlot's M'lcked 
design to gain control of that nation. Just at 
the present time the old 'liarlot" is putting on 
her big show at Washington, D. C, endeavoring 
to establish diplomatic relationship between the 
United States and the Vatican, and Washington 
is getting quite drunk with the "wine of her 
fornication". The United States is quite a youth, 
not so fully acquainted with the harlot as the 
other nations, and is well lilcened in the proph- 



eey to a young man gatthig hh eyeteetli cat. 
Oi'tcn a young man -who is simple yields to the 
sodiietive influence of an enticing harlot who 
Kings songs and exhibits herself in public places. 
The United States appears to be in the class 
of such simpletons. 

Jehovah God, foreknowing the present-day 
conditions and the activities of the harlot reli- 
gious organisation, caused an appropriate prov- 
erb to be recorded long ago, and which now is 
applicable, to wit: "For at the window of my 
house I looked through my casement, and be- 
hold among the simple ones, I discerned among 
the youths a young man void of understanding 
[Unlfed States], passing through the street near 
her corner; and he went the way to her house, 
in the t^'illght, in the evening, in the black and 
dark night; and, behold, there met him a woman 
with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart. 
(She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not 
in her house; now is she without, now in the 
streets, and iieth in wait at every corner.) So 
she caught him, and kissed him, and with an 
impudent face said unto him, I have peace offer- 
ings with me; this day have I paid my vows: 
therefore came I forth to meet thee, diligently 
to seek thy face; and I have found thee, t have 
decked my bed Avith coverings of tapestry, with 
carved works, with fine linen of Egypt. I have 
perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinna- 
mon, pome, let us take our fill of love until the 
morning; let us solace ourselves with loves: for 
the goochnan is not at home, be is gone a Jong 
journey; he hath taken a bag of money with 



him, and will come home at the day appointed. 
With her much fair speech she caused him to 
yield, with the flattering of her Ups she forced 
liim. ITe goelh after her straightway, as an ox 
goeth to the s^augliter or as a fool to the cor- 
rection of the stocks; till a dart strike through 
his liver, as a bird hasteth to the snare, and 
laioweth not that it is for his life."— Proverbs 
7 : 6^23. 

Will the United States yield to the harlot's 
blandishments and fall? It so appears. The old 
"harlot" has her instruments everywliere in the 
land working overtime to get control of the 
United States and every branch of the govern- 
ment, and the politicians are falling to her en- 
ticements, and many of the people who are 
dupes and easily deceived are likewise yielding. 
Faf^eists and Nazis are one and the same crowd 
and are instruments employed with great effect 
by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy to gain con- 
trol of the nations. Each day the strength of 
that organization grows in the United States. 
The people in general appear to be asleep to 
the danger. The harlot even controls the moving- 
picture business in order to keep the people's 
thoughts on everything except the danger that 
besets the nation. An agent of the Vatican is 
the moving-picture dictatorial censor, and he 
approves pictures which magnify the Catholic 
system, loose conduct of the sexes and many 
other crimes. It is indeed a frightful lime. It is 
the nighttime, and the people slumber. Darkness 
covers the land, and gross darkness is upon the 
people. (Isaiah GO: 2) The harlot organization 


E N H m I E S 



and lier in5itrnments are busy daring all liours 
of this dark "night". 

The old "harlot", according to the propliecy, 
sings; as it is written: ''Alake sweet melody, 
sing many songs, that thou mayest he remem- 
bered." This she does in order to add to her 
charms and her power. Her endeavor is to in- 
duce the political crowd to believe not only that 
she is their spiritnal guide, but that she should 
exercise temporal power and snprema,cy over 
all the political organizations. Inducing the poli- 
ticians to yield to her blandishments, she will 
do business with them and through them and 
thereby gain control of the people and rule as 
a counterfeit Clirist over the nation and ulti- 
mately over all the nations of "Christendom". 

The aggressive campaign of tlie Roman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy of the present time is called by 
that organization "Catliolic Action" and shows 
beyond all doubt that the pr(>scnt is considered 
the time fo;- the old "harlot" to gain temporal 
control of the nations of the earth. She there- 
fore sqnaAvks her songs, which songs are lies, 
of course, because that is her stock in trade, 
as God foretold. Now she boastfully says, as 
the prophet foretold: '''We have made lies 
our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid 
ourselves"; notliiug can "prevail against" us,' 
(Isaiah 23:15) With glaring, brazen hypocrisy 
she calls attention to her supposed attractive- 
ness and desirability. 

Hiding the real facts from others, she poses 
as the rightful censor of the truth. She tells 
the Federal Communications Commission, and 


the owners and operators of radio stations, 
what thoy shall and shall not broadcast. She 
tells the people what tliey shall and shall not 
hear or read. She dictates to legislative bodies, 
to the judges of the courts, and to the other 
political ofiieials of the laud. She takes the lead 
in compulsory saluting of flags, contrary to the 
fundamental law of the nation, and directly in 
violation of God's law. (Exodus 20:2-5) She 
poses as very patriotic and insists on the school 
teachers' taking an oath, whicli never before 
was thought of in America, and she bluffs the 
legislative and judicial powers to compel them 
to sustain her. Claiming to be patriotic, she is 
a traitor to every country under the sun. She 
takes oaths of allegiance to governments, with 
a mental reservation that it is all right to quickly 
violate them. She poses as the guardian of the 
people to insure a clean social condition, and 
underneath and behind the scenes carries on 
all manner of uncleanness. 

Amongst her instruments that she uses are 
nltrasclfish men called "Jews", who look only 
for personal gain, and who therefore readily 
yield to and join with the Hierarchy in any 
unrighteous schemes. The Catliolic organi:;ation 
in fact controls the moving-picture business, 
and on every possible occasion in the exhibition 
of pictures 'attempts to magnify the "merits" 
of the Roman Catholic Plierarchy. She raises 
a great hue and cry about Comnumists' being 
a danger, and this she does in order to attract 
the people's attention away from her own crook- 
edness and to enable her to take advantage of 


the people and slip her own instruments into 
positions oi' power. Her instruments and her 
songs seem to be endless, and therefore, in fui- 
filhnent of tlic prophecy, she sings "many songs", 
and tlie political dupes with gaping mouths are 
led right into her snare. The prophecy is now 
being rapidly fullilled. 

And what is tlie real purpose of the Roman 
Catliolic Llicrarcliy action? Says the prophet: 
"That thou mayest be remembered"; that is, 
that she miglit get back her position of tem- 
poral power, ller great ambition is temporal 
j)o\vor and rule of the natioiis of the world, 
and tlierefore slie must be remembered by her 
])olilical paramours. Religion, which she wrong- 
fully claims is '^Christianity", is used by her to 
gain political power. She is determined now to 
have to do with the treaties and make treaties 
with the nations and to bring all religions prac- 
tices under her control and to suppress everj-- 
one wlio does not declare that she is the repre- 
sentative of Gotl on earth. She is determined to 
Kupnress evervone who dares declare the truth 
of God's Word. 

Johovali's witnesses arc commissioned to 
speak the truth, and therefore Jehovah's wit- 
nesses constitute a stinging thorn in the flesh 
of the old ''harlot" because they lift high the 
banner of the Lord, pointing the people to the 
declaration of Jehovah that his kingdom and 
his King are the hope of the world and that 
there is none otlier. The kingdom of God under 
Christ, as proclaimed by Jehovah's witnesses, 
is the only thing the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 




now really fear. The old "harlot" is now very 
diligent to hide from the people her long and 
bloody record as inquisitionist and the many 
crimes she has committed, and when lier activ- 
ity and lilthy record, as recorded in history, 
are mentioned and the truth of God's Word is 
told about her, she hoAvls and with great croc- 
odile tears says: "That speech is shocking to 
onr religious susceptibilities." The facts conclu- 
sively prove the fulfillment of the prophecy. 


The "ahomination of desolation", spoken of 
by Daniel the prophet, and by the Lord Jesus, 
is that which claims to rule in the place and 
stead of God's kingdom under Christ Jesus. 
(Daniel 11:31; 12:11; Matthew 24:15) The 
League of Nations was set up for that very 
purjpose, claiming the right and power to rule 
the world. Bnt have in mind what constitutes 
and controls the League of Nations. At the very 
beginning of the organization of the League of 
Nations the Roman Catholic Hierarchy sought 
a place or seat in that conference, and she there 
began to put on her show to get into it and to 
dominate the League. When that "beast came 
up out of the pit' (Revelation 17 : 8) immediately 
following the end of the World War, the old 
"harlot" climbed on the back of that "beast" 
and has been riding arrogantly since (Revela- 
tion 17:3,7), and exercising the guiding con- 
trol of the League of Nations, claiming the 
right to rule and vigorously attempting to rule 
tlie world in the place and stead of Christ Jesus. 






Therefore the "abomination that maketh deso- 
late" is the League of Nations and is labeled 
by organized religion "the political expression 
of God's kingdom on earth". Organized religion, 
with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in the lead, 
is the binding tie and the chief part constituting 
the League of Nations, which claims the right 
and which attempts to rnie the world in the 
place and stead of Christ.-See Light, Book Two, 
page 103. 

The Roman Catholic Hierarchy, the leader 
of organized religion, subtly exercises its power 
and influence in the League of Nations, and she 
expects to exercise even greater power, and 
doubtless will, in the very near future, regard- 
less of what tlic combine is called. The old "har- 
lot" is riding on the back of the 'T)east" and 
therefore is the dominating part thereof. The 
objective of the League of Nations is to rule 
the world contrary to God's purpose, and there- 
fore the League of Nations and the Hierarchy 
are one, constituting the "abomination that mak- 
eth desolate"; wliich abomination is the enemy 
of God, and it stands "where it ought not" to 
stand. (Mark 13 : 14) This is a warning to every- 
one who loves God and Christ to flee to God's 
organization under Christ.— Matthew 24: 15, 16. 


Is the Roman Catholic organization a friend 
of this wicked world, of which Satan is tlie in- 
visible ruler? There is but one answer to this 
question, and that must be in the affirmative. 
The Roman Catholic Hierarchy is a part of the 


world, and the chief part thereof. The profes- 
sional politicians and commercial traffickers are 
a part of that organization. The Hierarchy is 
pushing forward the radical element of Fascism 
and Nazism to gain complete control of the na- 
tions of the carlli. The Iliorarchy violates God's 
law in order to make friends with the other 
wicked elements of the earth. She employs dif- 
ferent schemes in different countries to meet 
the necessary condition.s, which will enable her 
to gain temporal power. Jet^ns Christ declared: 
"My kingdom is not of this [wicked] world"; 
because Satan is the prince or invisible ruler 
of this wicked world. — John 18:36. 

In view of the indisputable facts, does it ap- 
pear that the Roman Catliolic Hierarchy or 
church organization is the enemy of God and 
his kingdom under Christ? Let the Scriptures 
answer that question clearly and emphatically: 
"Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not 
that the friendship of the world is enmity with 
God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of 
the world is the enemy of God." (James 4:4) 
This text, together Avith the physical facts, 
proves beyond all doubt that the Roman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy is tlie greatest visible enemy of 
God and Christ; and the reason is, because that 
religious organization is the chief visible instru- 
ment of Satan in carrying forward his challenge 
to turn the people away from God. The 'adul- 
tery' referred to here is not that of illicit rcla- 
tiouKhip between the sexes, but means the illicit 
relationship between the organization claiming 
to represent God, and symbolized by a "woman", 



■witli the political, commercial and gangster pow- 
ers of tlie world ; and wliich proves that the 
orf^aiiization is God's enemy. By the nse of fraud 
and deceit the Roman Catholic religions or- 
f^'jxnization leads the people into Satan's trap, 
thus proving that sneh religious organization 
is man's worst visiljle enemy. Jesus emi^hati- 
cally declared tliat no man or organization can 
nerve two masters. He cannot serve God and 
the Bovil.— Matthew G:24. 

The doctrines of the Eoman Catholic 'Tlier- 
archy of Jurisdiction" and tlie practices in which 
(bat organi^,ation indulges show that she is the 
eliicr servant of the Devil and the arch enemy 
of God. The unchangeable rule of God is an- 
nounced in these words: "Know ye not, that to 
whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his 
servants ye are to whom yc obey; whether of 
sin unto death, or of obedience unto right- 
cousnessf (Romans G:1G) From all the evi- 
dence tlie conclusion is irresistible that the 
Ivoman Catholic Hierarchy organization serves 
tlie Devil and is therefore the enemy of God, 
the enemy of man, and the very personilication 
of imrighteoiisncss. 


The prophecy then declares that Jehovah 
visits Tyre, and surely tliat visit is not in her 
favor, but for judgment against that wicked 
organization. When docs the Lord visit her? 
The prophecy answers: ''And it shall come to 
pass, after the end of seventy years, that the 
Lord will visit Tyre, and she shall turn to her 





hire, and shall commit fornication with all the 
kingdoms of the world upon the face of the 
earth." (Isaiah 23:17) Other translations of 
this text are : "And it shall come to pass after 
the end of seventy years, that Jehovah will 
visit Tyre." {A.R.V.) "So shall it be at the end 
of seventy years that Jehovah will visit Tyre." 
{Rotherhom) "And it shall come to pass after 
seventy years, that the Lord will visit Tyre." 
— Douay. 

This shows that it is from and after 1918 
that Jehovah visits Tyre, and during the time 
in which the Lord is restoring his remnant from 
Babylon and using them for his purpose. As 
Jehovah permits the Devil to remain, so for a 
time lie permits the old "harlot", the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy organization, to remain in 
existence for a time and to operate against his 
kingdom and his witnesses. First Jehovah visits 
her with the proclamation of the truth against 
her, and, in doing this, he commands his wit- 
nesses to "arise ... up against her in battle". 
(Obadiah 1) This is Jehovah's "strange work"; 
and, tJiis strange work being completed, he visits 
her and executes judgment upon her, and that 
marks the beginning of his "strange act", which 
is the second part of his visit. (Isaiah 28:21)_ 
During the first part of his visit, as in ease of 
his visit to Soduni, Jehovah gathers the evi- 
dence against her as to her activities as a harlot 
operating with a harp and song. During the 
first part of the visit, says the prophet, "she 
shall turn [{U.V.) shall return; [Roih.) will 
return] to her hire." She returns to her hire as 



a liai'lot and uses that hire with which to com- 
mit fornication with the rulers of the earth. 

Note tills part of tlie prophecy says: "And 
shall commit fornication with all the Idngdoms 
of the world upon the face of the earth"; ac- 
cording to the Revised Version: ''Shall play the 
harlot with all the kingdoms of the world." Such 
is exactly what the Koman Catholic Hierarchy 
organization is doing and has been doing from 
and after 1918, and will continue to do until 
the beginning of Armageddon ; and while she 
is doing that, Jehovah is doing his "strange 
worlc" of exposing her wickedness. The activity 
of tJjo old "whore" in committing harlotry with 
all the kingdoms of the world appears to be 
more than merely establishing diplomatic rela- 
tionship witli all nations and being recognized 
as a temporal power. It surely means the carry- 
ing out of the objective of the Eoman Catholic 
Hierarchy to set up a Fascist government con- 
trolling the nations of the earth, that the Hier- 
archy may arbitrarily rule the nations in a dic- 
tatorial manner, 


The League of Nations is the cliild of the 
Devil by his "woman", "organized religion" 
and wliich is brought forth in opposition to 
Jehovah's "man-child", which shall rule the 
world. (Rovolation 12:5) The combination of 
the League of Nations is made up of religion, 
politics and commerce, religion being the bind- 
ing tie and riding on the back of the "beast" 
and claiming the right to rule. The old "whoro" 





gains her dominating position in this combine 
when she 'returns to her hire' or traffic and 
'plays the harlot with all the kingdoms of the 
world upon the face of the earth'. This is fur- 
ther proof that the combine is "the abomination 
that makcth desolate". Corroborating this con- 
clusion, note Revelation 17:1,2: "And there 
came one of the seven angels which had the 
seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto 
me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the 
judgment of the great whore that sittcth upon 
many watei's [as ancient Tyre did] : with whom 
the kings of the earth have connnittcd forni- 
cation [which the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
has done since 1018, while rejecting the king- 
dom of God, the 'Stone laid in Ziou'], and the 
inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk 
with the wine of her fornication." 

During the past few years the Fascists and 
Nazis have grown at a tremendous speed, thus 
showing that the inhabitants of the earth are 
made drunk with the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy's lying, poisonous doctrines, her "wine"; 
and the fornication and drunkenness continue 
to increase : "For all nations have drunk of the 
wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the 
kings of the earth have committed fornication 
with her, and the merchants of the earth are 
waxed rich through the abundance of her deli- 
cacies.'* — Revelation 18:3. 

The combine of the nations, under the influence 
of organized religion, was lined up behind the 
Hague International Arbitration Court, which 
went out of sight during the World War but 



quiddy eame up out of the pit following the 
World War: "And the beast that was, and is 
not [during the World War], even he is the 
eighth [world power; namely, the combine of 
the League of Nations with i)evil-religion rid- 
ing], and is of the seven [previous world powers, 
existing before the World War], and goeth into 
perdition [at Armageddon, the harlot being first 
unseated and destroyed]." — Revelation 17: 11. 

WJiile tlie old "harlot" rides the beast and 
thus symbolically is in control of it, the Prot- 
estant clergy drag along in the procession and 
shout: "This is the political expression of God*s 
kingdom on earth"'; and the deluded and igno- 
rant populace yell, and for what reason they 
know not. The old "harlot" returns to her hire, 
that is, uses her stock in trade to induce others 
to commit fornication with lier, and with her 
blandislunents as a harlot thereby gains the 
upper hand of the nations and rides on the back 
of the combine, and thus "the abomination of 
desolation" is complete. 

It was the Fascists' leader, Mussolini, Avho 
during the World War opposed the pope's being 
recognized as a temporal power, and it was the 
same Mussolini who saw to it that the pope 
regained his temporal-power position in 1929; 
and since then the pope has not been knoAvn to 
seek a seat in the League of Nations, and the 
reason is, because he has pursued a more subtle 
policy, thereby obtaining a seat as the rider of 
the entire "beast" and has the whole gang kiss- 
ing his big toe. 


The United States is not supposed to be 
a member of the League of Nations; but the 
prophecy (E.F.) says: *''She . . . shall play the 
harlot with all the kingdoms of the world upon 
the face of the earth" and this necessarily in- 
cludes the United States of America. It is well 
known, by every person in America who really 
thinks, that the determination of the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy is to gain control of the 
United States and make it a government sim- 
ilar to that of Germany and Italy. Just pre- 
ceding the election in the United States in 1936 
Cardinal Pacelli, Papal secretary of state of 
the Vatican, visited the United States, and the 
result was that practically every Roman Cath- 
olic in the United States voted for Mr. Roose- 
velt, the man who had said previously that 
'diplomatic relationship would be established 
with the Vatican as soon as the Americau peo- 
ple could be brought around to it'. 


No one on earth can tell exaeily what will 
come to pass; but those devoted to the Lord, 
and according to the divine rule of applying 
the woU-hnown facts to God's prophecy now in 
course of fuihllment, can well reach a reason- 
able conclusion as to what shall come to pass. 
The question is, Will G-rcat Britain and America 
become Fascist under the dominating control of 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy! The Scriptures 
and the facts appear to fully support that con- 
elusion. V/ithin the borders of the British Com- 
monwealth of Nations and the United States of 



Amenca the truth of God's kingdom has had its 
greatest proclamation and witness, and that is 
exactly what the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
hates. It is the truth of and concerning the 
kingdom of God when proclaimed that "shocks 
the religious susceptibilities" of the Hierarcliy 
crowd, hecanse they hate that which lets God's 
light shine and which exposes them. For that 
reason the Hierarchy attempts to suppress the 
use of the radio and all other moans of publi- 
cation of God's kingdom message. 

The prophecy of the Lord shows that mod- 
ern Tyre, the Catholic organization, commits 
fornication with all the nations and gains her 
desire. When the Hierarchy has gained com- 
plete temporal power of the earth, that will 
in her mind fully establisli the conclusion that 
her desire has been fully accomplished, and 
then she will say "Peace and safety'' (1 Thes- 
salonians 5:3); and then the "ten horns", that 
is, all the ruling powers of the nations, "receive 
power . . . with the beast," the League of Nations 
combine being in fact a league of Fascism or 
combined Fascist governments, dominated by 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. "And the woman 
[Devirs visible religious organization, the har- 
lot] which thou sawest is that great city [the 
Hierarchy organization], wliich reigneth over 
[combined Fascism,] the kings of the earth." 
—Revelation 17:12,13. 

What was the real inducement that caused 
King Edward VIII to abdicate may be better 
imderstood in tlie near future. That Fascism 
now is gaining at an alarming rate in Britain, 





there is not the slightest doubt. Also the Fascists 
and Nazis are rapidly increasing in the United 
States. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy is con- 
fident of putting to silence through its instru- 
ments everything and every activity that ex- 
poses the crookedness of the Hierarcliy and 
makes known Jehovah God's purpose. It is 
nighttime, so far as most of the people are 
concerned; and the old "whore", while the peo- 
ple slumber, moves forward with greater con- 
fidence. A complete fulfillment of the prophecy 
draws nigh. God caused the apostle Paul to 
write authoritatively concerning this very time, 
to wit: "But of the times and the seasons, breth- 
ren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For 
yourselves know perfectly that the day of the 
Lord so eometh as a thief in the night. For when 
they shall say. Peace and safety; then sudden 
destruction eometh upon them, as travail upon 
a woman with child ; and they shall not escape." 
— 1 Thessalonians 5 : 1-3. 

Jehovah is now carrying on his "strange 
v;ork", which serves to enlighten the people of 
good will and to show them the only way of 
escape; and only those who hnd that way will 
escape. The old "whore" sitting upon the back 
of the beast may soon be expected to say: 'Peace 
and safety; vre have silenced all opponents.' 
Then Jehovah's "strange act" will begin, and 
sudden destruction comes upon her "as travail 
upon a woman with child". There begins the 
howl, described by Isaiah 23 : 1-14, and the end 
will be the destruction of Satan^s religious sys- 
tem, by which he has hoodwinked the people 





and made merchandise of them. The old harlot's 
ti-iumpli will l)e short, and her destruction com- 
plete.— Ezekiel 27:12-34:; Revelation 17:16,17. 


The Koman Catholic Hierarchy's "refuge of 
lies" will funuKh no protection to her, but her 
bulwarks will be completely swept away when 
lier doctrines are knoAvn to be false. (Isaiah 
28: 17) At some time in the fulfillment of this 
prophecy it \rill come to pass as it is written: 
"And her mercliandise and her hire shall be 
holiness to the Lord: it shall not be treasured 
nor laid up; for her merchandise shall be for 
them that dwell before the Lord, to eat suffi- 
ciently, and for durable clothing.'-Isaiah 23 : 18. 

Surely the words "her merchandise and her 
hire shall be holiness to the Lord" could not 
refer to material merchandise, such as the an- 
archists might seize and confiscate; because it 
is written in God's law: "Thou shalt not bring 
the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into 
the bouse of the Lord thy God for any vow; 
for even both these are abomination unto the 
Lord thy Gnd." {Dentcronomy 23:18) A\Tiat, 
then, could bo meant by "her merchandise and 
her bire"? Jehovah's proi^het speaking con- 
cerning unfaithful Samaria says: "And all the 
graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces, 
and all the hires thereof shall he burned with 
tliG lire, and all the idols thereof will I lay des- 
olate: for she gatliered it of the hire of an 
Imrlot, and tlicy shall return to the hire of an 
harlot,"— Mieah 1 : 7. 


The Roman Catholic Hierarchy with an air 
of superiority, and with great claim of power 
and authority from God, have approached the 
kings of the earth and said to them in effect: 
"We bestow upon you the divine right to rule, 
we give you holy sanctions and heavenly bless- 
ings; and by reason thereof your positions as 
political rulers are sacred and are ordained of 
God, and therefore, so far as the people are 
concerned, you are viewed as constituting the 
'higher powers'; and we who compose the Hier- 
archy are the spiritual 'higher powers' and 
superior to all other earthly power." (Romans 
13:1) The true "Higher Powers" are Jehovah 
and Christ Jesus. The claim that earthly organ- 
izations are "the higher powers" is therefore 
false. In this fraudulent representation and 
claim made by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, 
the harlot proceeds to gain control over mil- 
lions of gullible men. Such constitutes the "mer- 
chandise" and "hire" of the harlot by which she 
draws men into her clutches. The Roman Cath- 
olic Hicrarcby has fraudulently posed as the 
representative of God with full divine authority 
to bestow blessings on kings, while in truth and 
in fact she is the representative of the Devil. 
The Hierarchy uses 'the hire of the harlot' to 
induce tlie political powers to believe that she 
should dictate the policy of the world, and thus 
carry out her purpose to set up a dictatorial 
rule of the earth. 

But now the time arrives when Jehovah turns 
the tallies on the old wench. Jehovah does not 
bring the 'merchandise and hire of the harlot' 



into his temple, but by carrying on and doing 
liis "strange work" Jehovah exposes the wick- 
edness of the Koman Catliolic Hierarcliy, the 
religionists ; and thus he counteracts the effects 
of her merchandise and hire and causes the 
same to work against the religionists, and the 
result is beneficial to those who love righteous- 
ness and hate iniqiiity. This Jehovah does by 
causing the people to have their eyes opened 
to the truth and to clearly see that the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy, the leader of religionists, 
is a part of Satan's organization; and those 
people of good will, who thus see and identify 
the Roman Catholic organization as a part of 
Satan's organization, separate themselves from 
that wicked organization and hasten to Jeho- 
vah's city of refuge, the place of holiness. 
(Numbers 35 : 11-32) Therefore when 'Tier mer- 
chandise and her hire" are fully exposed and 
revealed by the truth, these truths turn those 
of good will to "holiness to the Lord". 

Jehovah's witnesses have a part in this 
"strange work", in this, that as his commis- 
sioned servants they carry God's message of 
warning to the people of "Christendom", and 
which message of truth is the true guide to all 
the people in or outside of "Christendom" who 
desire to take the right course. When the peo- 
ple of good will see and understand the truth, 
then the false doctrines which they have been 
taught by the Hierarchy work against the or- 
ganization of Satan and to the glory of Jeho- 
vah, the Holy One, and thus become ''holiness 
to the Lord". 








Says the prophet : "It shall not be treasured 
nor laid up." Her merchandise and Ijdng shall 
not be brought into the temple of Jehovah, but 
it shall be used against and operate against the 
harlot. As to the "merchandise" and "hire" of 
a material kind, that is, all the material wealth 
of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, that, to be 
sure, shall be left behind by the old harlot when, 
at the beginning of Armageddon, the religious 
system shall be destroyed. It all in truth belongs 
to the Lord, because the earth and the fullness 
thereof are his. (Psalm 24: 1) At all times such 
material things have belonged to the Lord,_but 
have been misused and abused by the religion- 
ists. Those who survive Armageddon will find 
better use for such, because they will use ma- 
terial things to the glory of God in his service. 
"Ij'or her merchandise shall be for them that 
dwell before the Lord." The word "dwell" as 
here used in the prophecy means 'to abide and 
remain as a remnant'. (Isaiah 7:3, margin; 
Psalms 27:4; 61:6,7) The promise of Jeho- 
vah is that those persons of good will who 'seek 
righteousness and meekness' may be "hid" dur- 
ing Armageddon and dwell thereafter on the 
earth. It is such that the Lord Jesus leads unto 
the fountain of life, feeding them and fullilling 
their desires, and those are the ones that praise 
Jehovah day and night. (Revelation 7:9-17) 
They abide in his organization and under his 

During the "World War, when spiritual Jeru- 
salem, that is, God's faithful remnant people 
on the earth, seemingly had come to the end 



of tlieir way, the clergy of modern Tyre, the 
religionists aforementioned, exulted and felici- 
tated each other; concerning wlueh the Lord 
caused to be written: "Son of man, because 
that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, 
she is broken that was the gates of the people; 
she is turned unto me; I shall be replenished, 
now she is laid waste." (Ezelriel 26: 2) But soon 
and in God's due time he turns the tables on 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, and that wicked 
oi'ganization is laid waste, and Jehovah's wit- 
nesses are shown as praising the Most High 
after the Hierarchy goes down. (Revelation 
19:1-3) When that calamity befalls the reli- 
gionifiits, the persons of good will, composing 
the great multitude who have proved their in- 
tegrity by obeying Jehovah's commandments, 
will then 'dwell in the presence of the Lord' 
and will sing his praises for ever: "Surely the 
righteous shall give thanks unto thy name; the 
upright shall dwell in thy presence." — Psalm 

Again, says the prophecy (Isaiah 23 : 18) : 
''For her merchandise shall be for them that 
dwell before the Lord, to eat sufficiently." The 
so-called "spiritual and religious" foods, which 
are false and which are provided by the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy for the people, and which 
are "her merchandise", being exposed by the 
liglit and unfolding of Jehovah's Word, these 
truths of God's Word become x>i"ophGtic food 
for those who are fed at Jehovah's table, which 
includes, to be sure, those of the great mul- 
titude, which the Lamb of God shall feed. 


(Revelation 7:17) The revelation of Jehovah's 
prophecy stripping bare the religious frauds 
and disclosing Jehovah's judf*Tnent against such 
fraudulent merchandise becomes spiritual "meat 
in duo season" for those who love Jehovah. 
Prophecy in fulfillment and being understood 
proves to be their spiritual nourishing food and 
is profitable to those who love God. AVlien the 
people of good will see these things, then no 
longer is the old "harlot" and her allies, by the 
use of her "merchandise" and lying, able to keep 
those who love and serve Jehovah from eating 
and filling suflicioutly, and they do eat sufli- 
ciently of God's spiritual food and are greatly 
satisfied arid rejoice. 

Further the prophecy says: "And for durable 
clothing," "stately clothing" {R.V., margin). 
Clothing symbolically stands for identification. 
AVlien those persons of good will hear and act 
upon tlie tnitii, seeing that the "liire" and "mer- 
chandise" of the old "harlot" is a fraud and 
snai-c, they immediately wash up, that is, they 
'wash their robes and make them v/hite in the 
blood of the Lamb'. (Revelation 7:14) They 
are clothed with stately "white robes" and thiis 
identify themselves as servants of Jehovah God. 
They get on the Lord^s side and no longer have 
anything to do with the harlot organization. 
Their devotion, service and praise is to Jeho- 
vah and his King, who sits upon the throne 
and who shall for ever rule the world in right- 
eousness. The faithful "great multitude" then 
have a "stately" appearance. 




Briefly snmmiTig up the prophecy of the 23d 
chapter of Isaiah, this appears as its mes&age 
to those who love Jehovah and who joyfully 
obey his commandments: 

Ancient Tyre represented commercialized reli- 
gion and religionists, to wit, the Roman Catho- 
lic Hierarchy, which is modern Tyre and leads 
in the religions of the world. "The king of Tyrus" 
means the Devil himself; while "the prince of 
Tyre" stands for the visible, religions represent- 
ative of the Devil on earth, 

"Zidon" also stands for Devil religion, includ- 
ing both 'Tieathen religion" so called, or pagan- 
ism, and all other religious allies of the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy. 

"Ships [that is, vessels] of Tarshish" stands 
for the various subordinate organizations of 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, which support 
and do the bidding of the Hierarchy and carry 
on her menial work. 

"Harlot," an unchaste woman, stands for Sa- 
tan's organization, of which religion is the most 
subtle part visible to man and is used to seduce 
others from Jehovah God. 

The purpose or the objective of the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy is and ever has been to gain 
control of and rule the nations of the earth. 

For many years the Roman Catholic Hier- 
archy organization was recognized as a tempo- 
ral power ruling over the kings of the earth. 
She lost that power for a time, and regained 
it in 1929. During the World War the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy, the harlot, sought a place 



among the nations in matters pertaining to war 
and peace, but was east to the side and for- 
gotten. At the close of the World War, in ful- 
fillment of the prophecy, the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy began her activities to regain tem- 
poral pov\'er, and, as the once forgotten harlot, 
she goes about the nations singing the song of 
the harlot, that is, using seductive means to 
induce the political rulers of the nations to rec- 
ogi]ize her and to restore her to her former 
position as a temporal power. 

Fascism and Nazism mean one and the same 
thing and are the instrument of the Roman 
Catholic Hierarchy, the child of the Devil, to 
gain control of the earth by the Hierarchy and 
turn all people against God and his kingdom. 
The Roman Catholic Hierarchy classes every- 
one that is opposed to her as "red" or "commu- 
nist", and this is done to incite the people 
against those who stand for whatsoever is right. 
The Hierarchy is particularly opposed to and 
persecutes Jehovah's witnesses because they 
proclaim the truth of God's name and king- 
dom and point to God's kingdom as the only 
hope of the world.— Matthew 12:18-21, A.R.V. 

The prox^hecy seems clearly to indicate that 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, operating its 
organization of Fascism, together with other 
religious allies, will gain control of the leading 
nations of the earth, including Britain and the 
United States, and then that hypocritical reli- 
gious organization will cry out, as prophetically 
written, "Peace and safety." This part of the 
prophecy is set forth in Isaiah 23 : 15-13. 


"Wlicn tlie Hierarchy has reached her zenith 
of glory and is supposed to be in absolnte secu- 
rity, then God, througli Christ Jesus, completely 
wrcclis the old-liarlot organization, and that 
marks the beginning of Armageddon. This great 
"burden" or woe coming to the relip;ioniat ele- 
ment of Satan's organization strikes terror into 
every one of her supporters, and these, by the 
prophecy, are shown as wailing and howling, 
hccanse they clearly see that they are next in 
line for the expression of God's wrath against 
them. Tliis part of the prophecy appears in 
verses 1-14 of Isaiah 23, and shows that the 
woe comes upon the religious organizations at 
the end of her very short period of seeming 

Now Jehovah is carrying forward in tlie earth 
his "strange work", exposing to view the wicked 
organization of Satan. lie lays upon his wit- 
nesses the duty and gives to them the privilege 
and opportunity of proclaiming his name and 
liis Icingdom in the earth, and thus they have a 
part in this strange work. (Revelation 12:17) 
When that strange work is done, then begins 
his "strange act", which is the battle of ^ the 
great day of God Ahnighty. During the period 
of his "strange work" the great multitude must 
take their stand on the side of Jehovah and his 
kingdom and prove their faithful obedience and 
maintain their integrity toward God, Jehovah 
now makes known these precious truths to those 
who love him that they may be comforted and 
have greater hope in this time of peril. Let all 
who claim to love Jehovah God prove their love 




for him and his King by now joyfully obeying 

the oommandmcnLs of the Most High. "Ai'ise 
ye, and let us rise up against her in battle." 
^-Obadiah 1. 


Jchovahj in his Word, describes his ideal 
man that is pleasing to him. (Psalms 1,8,16, 
111, and 113) Ho designates the ideal man as 
"my servant", "mine elect." (Isaiah 42:1-6, 
19, 20 ) That ideal man or elect servant is 
Christ Jesus and the members of his official 
house, his church ; and although composed of 
many members, they are all one and are desig- 
nated "a perfect man". (Ephesians 4: 13; 1 Co- 
rinthians 1 : 17 ; John 17 : 21 ) Exactly opposite 
to that ideal man, and opposing God's elect 
servant, is an enemy designated in the Scrip- 
tures as the old "harlot" and as "the man of 
sin", "the son of perdition," (2 Thossalonians 
2: 1-3, R.V.) and which also is a composite body 
made up of many persons who indulge in a work 
of opposition to God's kingdom and in persecut- 
ing all those who faithfully serve God. That 
"man of pin" is tlie servant of the Devil, the 
enemy of God and the enemy of mnn. 

Some in that composite body were once in 
line for the kingdom of God, having entered 
into the covenant to do the will of God, follow- 
ing in the footsteps of Jesus. Such by reason 
of becoming unfaithful have fallen away from 
God and Christ, and these are designated as 
"the evil servant" and may well be classed as 
the head or chief ones of the "man of sin". 



''the son of perdition." Tliat ''evil servant", 
onee looking for the Lord, says in his heart, 
"My lord delayeth his coming," and then be- 
gins to smite those who serve God. — Matthew 

All of the "man of sin" company are reli- 
gionists, and inclnde many priests, clergymen, 
"elective elders," and others, who willfnlly in- 
dulge in persecnting the faithful witnesses of 
Jehovah, to whom has been committed the testi- 
mony of Jesus Christ, and who obey God's com- 
mandmeiits; and all of these persecutors act 
as the instruments of tlie Devil. (Kevelation 
12 : 17) In this present time those enemies mani- 
fest themselves by pronmlgating lies leveled 
against those who are proclaiming the king- 
dom of God. They attempt to induce persons 
to join some organization that is religious, and 
in doing so they employ fraudulent and lying 
means, which clearly shows that they consider 
that "gain is godliness"; and concerning which 
it is written : "If any man teach otherwise, and 
consent not to wholesome words, even the words 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine 
which is according to godliness, he is proud, 
knowing nothing, but doting about questions 
and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, 
strife, railings, evil surmisings, perverse dis- 
putings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute 
of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness; 
from such withdraw thyself." — 1 Timotliy 6 : 3-5. 

If they find someone seeking the truth of 
God's Word they straightway make an attempt 
to inveigle such persons into their trap. They 





use outwardly 'good words and fair speech to 
deceive the hearts of the simple'. (Romans 
IS: 18) Judas Iseariot, who undertook to fol- 
low Jesus Christ and then betrayed him, was 
an ensample or type of such enemies, and of 
him Jesus said that he was lost and that He 
had lost none except the son of perdition. (John 
17 : 12) Judas, therefore, foreshadov/ed the "evil 
servant" company, "the man of sin," "the son of 
perdition." Such composite company is spoken 
of in the Scriptures in these words (2 Thessa- 
lonians 2:9): '^Vhose coming is after [that is, 
according to] the working of Satan, with all 
power and signs and lying wonders," and who 
carry forward Satan's schemes to oppose God 
and his kingdom. The "evil servant" class and 
the "man of sin", "the son of perdition," are 
at the end in one and the same company, al- 
though pursuing a somewhat different course 
until they are joined together in opposition to 
the kingdom of God. 


To aid the reader to more readily compre- 
hend, the specilic enemies of God arc here briefly 
named, to wit: Satan, the Devil, "the god of 
this world," the invisible ruler of man; Gog, 
the chief officer of Satan in command of the 
Devil's organization visible and invisible; all 
the wielded angels, who have rebelled against 
Jehovah God. All of such enemies are invisible 
to the natural or human eyes. 

The visible enemies of God, that is, those on 
earth and who also are the enemies of men, 


are tlioso, to wit: Religion, rdigious organi- 
zations, and practitioners of religion (in these 
relig:ious organizations sre inclnded thieves, 
robbers, liars, whoremongers, muixlerers, inan- 
stealors or kidnapers, frauds, cheats) ; and all 
suchlike religion and religious practices being 
the means of blinding the people to the truth, 
and using a great mountain of liey behind which 
the racketeers hide themselves. These enemies 
are influenced and controlled by the DoviJ and 
his invisible associates, the wicked spirits who 
cause men to conmiit all manner of wicked 
crimes. 01' Satan it is written that he is a subtle 
or wily opponent, and be teaches all his instru- 
ments to be subtle and wily foes. The visible 
enemies of men on earth, therefore, are all who 
indulge in wrongdoing and wlio are moved by 
hatred, ill will, and malice and extreme sellish- 
ness. All these enemies work against the intei'- 
ests and to the detriment of every honest and 
sincere person wlio desires to serve God and 
follow a course of righteousness. 

By the facts and the scriptures that appear 
in the foregoing it is clearly seen that there 
are two great opposing organizations, one right- 
eous, which is God's organization, and one 
wicked, which is the Devil's oj-ganization; the 
two pitted against each other. If Jehovah God 
is_ to win the controversy raised by Satan's 
wicked challenge, there must come a time when 
the climax is reached and tbe linal conflict is 
indulged in. What, then, is to be the fate of 
tlie enemy? 




"Thino hanci shall find out all thine enemies: thy 
riglit hand shall find out those that liate thee. Thou 
shalt make tliem as a fiery oven in the time of tJiine 
anger : the Lord shall swa'u nv them up in his wrath, 
and the fire shall devour them." — Psalm 21:8,9. 

M EN are often deceived, and many of 
J\ them become deceivers. Ooncorning "the 
* ^ last days", which is a time ol" greac peril, 
it is written: "But evil men and seducers sliall 
wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being de- 
ceived." (2 Timothy 3:13) AH the evidence 
phows that the present is a time of greatest 
deception ever practice<l upon the people. No 
man can deceive God at all. God knows even 
the secret thoughts of man. At all times he 
IvHOWs who are Iiis enemies, afid in liis duo 
time he will search them out and duly recom- 
pense them for all their v/ickedness. By what 
means will he do so? and who will act for 
Jehovah in dealing with his enemies! 

Jesus vi-as l3orn in the month of October; and 
that is generally understood to mark the begin- 
ning of the year 1 A.D. At the time of his birth 
a company of shepherds vrcre guarding their 
flocks near the town of Bethlehem, when they 
heard the voice of angels from heaven proclaim- 
ing this glad news : 'Glory to God in the highest, 
on earth peace toward men of good will.' {Luke 
2:14, llotherham) That meant that the great 




Pnneo of Peace was born and that in cine time 
Jig would be God's instniniont to bring peace 
on earth toward all who are of good will to- 
ward God; and also means that he will brin'^- 
about tJie end of God's enemies and that all will 
be to the glory of tlie Most Iliob. Jesus is the 
Vindicator of Johova!'-'s lioly name. Today all 
persons of good will arc keenly interested in 
the eommg of Christ Jesus, his kingdom, and 
the vindication of God's name. 

Exaolly thirty years after the birth of Jesus 
Ins oflicial work began on the earth, and his 
first uiterance on that occasion was, "The king- 
dom of heaven is at liand"; meaning that Jesus 
the chosen King and rightful fiuier of the world, 
was beginning his work preparatory for the 
kingdom, which shall rule the world in right- 
eousness. This proves that the kincfdom is the 
means by which God will completely vindicate 
his name. For three and one-half years, and 
until his death, Jesus taught the commandments 
ot God, and the faithful Jews heard him, for- 
sook religion, and obeyed God's commandments. 
Throughout that period of time Jesus stressed 
the fact of the coming kingdom, and the end of 
the unrighteous world. Jle taught his disciples 
that he must go away first and receive from 
Jehovah's hand the kingdom authority, and that 
then he would return and set up his kingdom. 
(John 14:3) Jesus was "put to death in the 
flesh , and God raised liim out of death a "spirit" 
and exalted him to the highest place in the uni- 
verse. (1 Peter 3: 18, R.V.; Philippians 2:8-11) 
Jesus was duly coimnissioned then to rule the 




world as King, but it was not then God's due 
time for that reign to begin. God's purpose was 
to permit tlie enemy Satan to have full time 
and opportunity to carry out his boastful chal- 
lenge, and therefore He said to Jesus: "The 
Loan said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right 
hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool." 
—Psalm 110:1. 

For more than 1800 years Jesus must wait 
for his reign to begin, and within that period 
of time Jehovah, by and through Christ Jesus, 
has gathered out I'rom the nations "a people 
for his name", which people God uses specifi- 
cally to declare his name in the earth jnst pre- 
ceding the overthrow of his enemies-Acts 15 : 14. 


*'The world" means the peoples of earth, or- 
ganized into nations and under the supervision 
of an invisible overlord, and wliich overlord 
for centuries has been Satan the Devil, who, 
together with a liost of wicked angels, lias in- 
fluenced, controlled and ruled the world without 
interruption. "The end of the workl," therefore, 
means the beginning of the period of time when 
the rule of Satan must be interrupted prepara- 
tory to his overthrow. The coming of the Lord 
Jesns, the rightful King, would necessarily in- 
terrupt Satan's rule of the world and would 
mark the time when there should be a final show- 
down between Satan and Jehovah God. 

To Jesus liis discii^les propounded this ques- 
tion: "WHiat shall be the [proof] of thy coming, 
and of the end of the worldf (Matthew 24:3) 






Jesus i mm p(l lately answered the qnostion in 
these cryptic words: "For nation shall rise 
against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; 
and there shall be famines, and i^estilences, ancl 
earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the 
beginning of sorrows." (Matthew 24:7,8) The 
beginning of the interruption of Satan's rnle, 
it is seen, therefore, would be a time of sorrow 
upon the wicked one and upon his allies and 
agents, visible and invisible, and sorrow to peo- 
ple under Satan's power. That prophecy of 
Jesns began to have fulfillment in the autumn 
season of 1014, which marks tlie beginning of 
the end of Satan's wicked world. For furtlior 
proof that tlie end had come, marking the time 
when there should be a change, Jesus said: 
"Upon the earth distress of nations, with per- 
plexity; . . . men's hearts failing them for fear, 
and for looking after those tbinsis which are 
coming on the earth." (Luke 21:25,26) Every- 
one obsoi-ves that such conditions have obtained, 
particularly since the World War began, in 
1914; and shice 1018 the woes and troubles 
upon peoples and nations have increased. 

The Scriptures give further and corrobora- 
tive evidence of Christ's coming and the end 
of the world, which evidence is recorded in 
these words : "Thou hast taken to thee thy great 
power, and hast reigned. And the nations were 
angry." (Revelation 11 : 17, 18) That also marks 
the date 1914, as shown by the indisputable 
facts. Up to that time Satan had the privilege 
of appearing in heaven. (Job 2: 1) AVlien Jesus 
was cnthroued, the conflict immediately began 

Iietween Christ Jesus and the Devil, that old 
Serpent and Dragon. That war in heaven marks 
specifically the beginning of the end of the 
world, and concerning which it is written : "And 
there was war in heaven ; Michael [who is Christ 
Jesus] and his angels fought against the dragon 
[that is, the Devil] ; and the dragon fought and 
his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their 
place found any more in heaven. And the great 
dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called 
the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole 
world; he was cast out into the earth, and his 
angels were cast out with him. And I heard a 
loud voice saying in heaven. Now is come sal- 
vation, and strength, and the kingdom of our 
God, and the power of his Christ; for the 
accuser of our brethren is cast down, which 
accused them before our God day and night." 
(Revelation 12:7-10) Thus the Devil and the 
wicked angels were excluded from heaven and 
cast down to the earth. I3oth the chronology of 
the Bible and prophecy show that it was in 1914 
the world ended, marking the time when Christ 
Jesus took power and began his reign, and his 
first work was to cast Satan and the wicked 
angels down to the earth. 


The beginning of the World War marked the 
"beginning of sorrows" on the earth, as Jesus 
stated. The World War ended in 1918, but the 
troubles upon the nations have continued to 
increase since. In the lirst chapter herein a 
number of questions are propounded concern- 



ing the great increase of sorrow and trouble 
in the earth, and now those questions shall be 
answered according to the Scriptures and in 
harmony with the Scriptures. The clergy have 
told the people that the increased woes upon 
the nations are due to the fact that the people 
have been unfaithful to their religious organi- 
zations and for that reason God has sent trou- 
ble upon them. That claim is entirely wrong 
and a defamation of God's holy name. The cor- 
rect answer is set forth in the Bible in these 
words: "Woe to the inhaliiters of the earth, 
and of the sea! for the devil is come down 
unto you, having great wrath, because he know- 
eth that he hath but a short time."— Kevela- 
tion 12 : 12. 

Being cast out of heaven and compelled to 
confine his operations to the earth, Satan knows 
that his time is very short until the final con- 
flict which will determine the question of su- 
premacy and his own existence. The purpose 
of Satan the Devil is to turn all men away from 
God and bring about their destruction. There- 
fore Satan the enemy brings greater woes and 
sorrows upon the peoples of earth and causes 
his agents, the religionists, to falsely charge 
Almighty God with the responsibility therefor, 
Jiis purpose being to turn the people against 
God and cause them to curse God and die. 

You will now readily call to mind that there 
has been a great increase of crime and woe 
and suffering since the end of the World War, 
all of which is due to the operations of God's 
enemy the Devil and his wicked allies. As fur- 




ther corroborative proof, note it is written in 
the Scriptures, to wit: "This know also, that 
in the last days perilous times shall come. For 
men shall be lovers of their own selves, covet- 
ous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient 
to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural 
affection, trucebreakers, false occusers, incon- 
tinent, fierce, despisers of those tliat are good, 
traitors, heady, hi.^^hminded, lovers of pleasures 
more than lovers of God; having a form of god- 
liness, but denying tlie power ther(^ol'; from 
such turn away." (2 Timothy 3: l-(3) Those who 
take the lead in the wickedness doscribed in this 
scripture are the relij^ionists, who are now car- 
rying on their religious racket. This is further 
proof that these are the last days for Satan 
and his wicked agents and that soou the end 
thereof will come. 


In connection with the Bible record of_ the 
war in heaven and the ousting of Satan, it is 
written: "vVnd the temple of God was opened 
in heaven." (Revelation 11:19) What is meant 
by the term "the temple of God"? It does not 
mean a house or liuilding erected by human 
hands, but means the composite body of faith- 
ful followers of Christ, the Head of God's or- 
ganization. In proof of this statement note the 
scriptures addressed to the faithful foUowei's 
of Jesus (;!h]-ist: "Know ye not that ye are the 
temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwell- 
eth in youf If anv man defile the temple of 
God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of 






God is holy, wliicli temple yc are."— 1 Corin- 
thians 3:16,17. 

Those who compose the temple of God are 
not reUgionists, but must be separate ar.d dis- 
tinct from every part of Satan's organization, 
sliowiiig full obedience to God's commandments : 
''And_-vvlmt agreement hath the temple of God 
with idols? for ye are the temple of the living 
God ; as God hath said, 1 will dwell in them, 
and walk in them; and I will be their God, and 
Ihey shall be my people. AVherefore come out 
from among them, and be ye separate, saith 
the Xjord, and touch not the unclean thing; 
and I will receive yon, and will be a Father 
unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daugh- 
ters, saith the Lord AImighty."~2 Corinthians 

The temple of God is the house of sous, of 
which Christ Jesus is the Head. It is the church 
of God; and concerning which it is v,'ritten: 
"Ye are ... the household of God; ... In whom 
all the building, fitly framed together, groweth 
unto an holy temple in tlie Lord; in whom 
ye also are builded together for an habitation 
of God through the spirit." {Ephesians 2:19, 
21,22) The names of those who compose that 
temple company are not written in books on 
the earth, but are recorded iu heaven: "[The] 
church of the firstborn, which are written in 
heaven."— Hebrews 12 : 23. 


It is to the temple company, his faithful fol- 
lowers, that Jesus Christ says: "And if I go 

and prepare a place for you, I will come again, 
and receive you unto myself; that where 1 am, 
there ye may be also." (John 14: 3) God caused 
Solomon to "build a temple at Jerusalem, which 
was a mere type of God's organization, his spir- 
itual temple, of which Christ Jesus is Head. 
Solomon, who was a type of Christ Jesus, be- 
gan to build that temple in the fourth year of 
his reign. (1 Kings 6:1) When Jesus was on 
earth it was in the fourth year of his ministry, 
or exactly three and one-half years after the 
beginning thereof, that he offered himself to 
Jerusalem as king. As shown by the foregoing 
evidence, it was in 1914 that Christ Jesus was 
enthroned by Jehovah as King (Psalm 2:G); 
and three and one-half years thereafter, that 
is, in the fourth year of his reign, Jesus Christ 
comes to the temple of Jehovah God; that is to 
say, he began to gather unto himself his faith- 
ful followers, first those who are dead being 
resurrected, and then those on earth were gath- 
ered. During the 1900 years of his waiting many 
of the faithful had died and must sleep iu death 
until the coming of the Lord. Doubtless some 
of those faithful ones had been Catholics and 
some of them non-Catholics, but all of tlie tem- 
ple company must be wholly devoted to God 
and to Christ. The faithful dead are first res- 
urrected and gathered unto the Lord ; and that 
marked the beginning of gathering the temple 
company.— 1 Thessalonians 4:ir3-17. 

The second coming of the Lord and the be- 
ginning of his reign must precede by three and 
one-half years his coming to the temple and 





gathering -unto liimself his faithful ones. "Now 
we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of o-ur 
Lord Jesns Christ, and by our gathering to- 
gether unto liim, . . . Let no man deceive you 
by any means; for that day shall not come 
except there come a falling away first, and that 
man O'' sin be revealed, the son of perdition." 
—2 Tlietssalonians 2:1,3. 

Those on the earth and alive at the coming 
of the Lord, and who were found faithful, are 
gathered unto him, and form or make up the 
temple class. Before the coming of the Lord 
Jesus there must be, as the Scriptures point out, 
a preparatory work done concerning Christ's 
second coming. The facts show that for forty 
years prior to 19.1S the Lord caused his faith- 
ful followers to proclaim throughout the earth 
the second coming of the Lord, to the end that 
those who are faithfully devoted to him might 
be prepared to receive the Lord. That was worlz 
under Christ Jesus preparing for the coming 
to the temple. Concerning this matter Jehovah 
caused to be written: "Behold, I will send my 
messenger, and he shall prepare the way before 
rae ; and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly 
come to his temple, even the messenger of the 
covenant, whom ye delight in; behold, he shall 
come, saith the Lord of hosts." — Malachi 3 : 1. 

The matter of the coming of the Lord to his 
temple is considered more in detail in Vindica- 
tion, Book Three, beginning with page 101. The 
proof shows that the time of his coming was in 
1918 and that he has since been at the temple. 


Those who deny this are against God and his 
kingdom, regardless of what they may claim. 


The primary purpose of the coming of the 
Lord Jesus is the vindication of Jehovali's name. 
The Scriptures show that at his coming there 
would be some who would remain faithful and 
true to God when put to the most severe test. 
Those who successfully withstand the test re- 
ceive the Lord's approval. Have in mind now 
that Jehovah said to the Devil that He would 
first have his name declared throughout the 
earth and that then he would show forth his 
supreme power. (Exodus 9:16) The temple 
company constitutes 'the people of God taken 
out for his name'. (Acts 15:14) Such are the 
ones who must be witnesses for Jehovah.— 
Isaiah 43 : 10-12. 

Those faithful ones on earth at the second 
coming, and who prove faithful unto God, are 
called "the remnant of her seed" (Revelation 
12:17); meaning tliat they are the remaining 
faithful ones who are the children born of God's 
woman or organization, and which takes place 
at the temple judgment. At the time of the com- 
ing of the Lord to the temple there were many 
who had made a covenant to do God's will, all 
of whom must be put to the test by the Lord 
Jesus, to determine who are faithful and unself- 
ishly devoted to God and his Idngdom. That 
marked the beginning of judgment. Therefore 
concerning his coming to the temple, and the 


pTirpose thereof, it is written : ''But who may 
abide the clay ol* his coming? and who shall 
stand when he appearoth'l for he is lihe a re- 
finer's fire, and like fullers' sope; and he shall 
eit as a refiner and purifier of yilver; and he 
sJiall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them 
as gold and silver, that they may ojler unto 
the Lord an offering in righteousness."— Ma,l- 
aehi 3 : 2, 3. 

All jnd,p:inent ]ias hecn committed to Chrint 
Jesus, and now ho sits as the f!:rcat JmV^Q to 
render and to exccuto jud^ient. (John 5 : 22, 27) 
He tries all wlio have made a covenant to do 
God's will, and those who recoivo liis approval 
thereafter 'offer unto God an offering in right- 
eousness', which offorin;? in rigliteousness is^'tho 
unselfish devodon to God in the proclamation 
of his messa.Q^e of his ldn<:^dom, and sounding 
the praises of Jehovah. (Hehrcws 13:15) It is 
vvith tliose who have made a covenant witli the 
Lord that judgment begins at the temple. "For 
the time is come that judgment must begin at 
the house of God; and ifit first begin at us, shall tlie ena be of them that obey not the 
gospel of Godr (1 Peter 4:17) At that judg- 
nient the approved ones the Lord Jesus desig- 
nates collectively as "a faithful aad wise serv- 
ant", and then adds: "'Blessed is that servant, 
vrhom his lord, wlien he cometh, shall find 
so doing. Verily I r=ay unto you, that he shall 
make him ruler over all his goods."— Matthew 

"His goods" here mentioned means his king- 
dom interests, that is to say, the proper proc- 




lamation of tlie testimony concerning Christ 
and his kingdom. The faithful approved ones 
are made witnesses for the Lord and receive 
instruction from him at the temple (which is 
called the 'secret' or 'dark' place, hidden from 
the world), and such witnesses are then com- 
manded to go forth and proclaim from the 
housetops, that is, publicly, what they have 
learned. (Matthew 10:27) Because they faith- 
fully obey the Lord's commandment in pro- 
claiming the testimony, the old Dragon, the 
Devil, desperately attempts to destroy them; 
and concerning which it is written: "And the 
dragon was wroth with tiie woman, and went 
to malce war with the remnant of her seed, 
which keep the commandments of God, and 
have the testimony of Jesus Christ/'— Ficvela- 
tion 12:17. 

It is those of the temple company remaining 
on the earth, the people taken out from the 
world for the name of Jehovah, that are com- 
manded by the Lord to go to tlio people and 
tell them of the kingdom, and to warn them of 
the destruction of Satan's organization that is 
coming upon the world and to inform them of 
the great l)lesslugs that shall come to the peo- 
ple after Satan's organization is destroyed, The 
Lord therefore gives this commandment: "And 
this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached 
in all the world for a witness unto all nations; 
and then shall the end come. For then shall be 
great tribulation, such as was not since the 
beginning of the world to this time, no, nor 
ever shall be."— Matthew 24;;4,2l. 



Jehovah's witnesses delight to obey this com- 
mandment, regardless of all opposition on tho 
part of Satan and his religions agents. As the 
Lord's -witnesses they have no alternative; tliey 
must obey. (Acts 3: 23) The Lord at the temple 
is sending forth his witnesses to proclaim this 
glorious message of the kingdom, and wliich 
they must do as a witness to the nations and 
as a warning, and this work must be done be- 
fore the execution of God's enemies. It is being 
done now, 


"Wliile the witnesses of Jehovah are, in obe- 
dience to God's commandment, proclaiming his 
name throughout the earth, the judgment of the 
nations, and particularly of the religious organ- 
isations, is in progress. One of the purposes of 
the /preaching of this gospel as a witness to the 
natmns' is to furnish the opportunity to the 
peoples of the nations to identify themselves 
and make known to others wliether they are on 
the side of God or on that of the Devil. The 
judgment of the nations is now taking place; 
and concerning which it is written; '"When the 
Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the 
holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon 
the throne of his glory; and before Mm shall 
be gathered all nations; and he shall separate 
them one from another, as a sheplierd divideth 
his sheep from the goats ; and he shall set tlie 
sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the 
left."— Matthew 25 : 31-33. 


r A T E 


Tlio animals, goats and sheep, are here used 
as symbols denoting the bad and the good. 
Goats are used as a symbol of those people 
who show an ugly, cruel and persecuting spirit 
in opposition to the kingdom of God and against 
God's witnesses. The persons of good will to- 
ward God and his kingdom are symbolized by 
"sheep". The division of the people into two 
general classes, that is, goats and sheep, is 
now in progress. 

The "faithful servant" class, who, as Jeho- 
vah's witnesses, carry the message of the king- 
dom to the people, are counted by the Lord 
Jesus as a part of himself, because they are 
menilycrs of his ofiieial house or body. Whatso- 
ever is done unto Ids faithful followers, whether 
that be good or bad, Jesus marks up as done 
unto himself. The facts and scriptures show 
that the Devil hates God's faithful witnesses 
and tries to destroy thcTn. All those who join 
the Devil in tho persecution of the faithful 
followers of Christ Jesus are of the Devil, 
and hence are pluced by the Lord in the goat 

Consider the facts now: Wlio are the ones 
in the earth that ill-treat, persecute and cause 
to be arrested and imprisoned the faithful wit- 
nesses of the Lord, who go about from house 
to house to exhibit to the people this gospel 
of the kingdom and to tell them about the 
kingdom? There is but one answer. It is the 
religionists, the loa(l(!rs in the religious organ- 
izations, that cruelly persecute the faithful fol- 
lowers of Christ, and tho ones that take the 



kad in that cruel persecution are those of the 
Koman Catholic Hiorarcliy. They are the ones 
•svho urge the people to destroy books which 
explain the kingdom or kingdom message. It is 
those religionists, who are children and agents 
oi' the Devil and therefore enemies of the Lord, 
that are desperately trying to keep the people 
in ignorance of what is writte.. in the Bible. 
They not only cause tlie arrest of these wit- 
nc^sses, but lioap indignities and punishment 
upon them after they are thrown into prison. 
To tliat wicked, persecuting, goat class of reli- 
gionists Jesus, the great Judge, says: "For I 
was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: 
I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drmk : I was 
a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and 
ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye 
visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, 
saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, 
or atlnrst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or 
in prison, and did not minister unto thee ? Then 
yhall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto 
you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of tlie 
least of tliese, ye did it not to me." — Matthew 
25 : 42-45. 

The facts well known clearly identify the 
religionists, and pai'tieularly the Eoman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy, as the "goats"' who persecute 
Jehovah's witnesses, and this they do because 
Jehovah's witnesses are faithfully serving the 
Loi'd in obedience to his commandments. A few 
instances are here cited: In the state of New 
Jersey, where the Roman Catholic Hierarchy 
is exercising great political power over the 


politicians and the courts, hundreds of Jeho- 
vah's witnesses have recently been arrested and- 
throAvn into prison for no reason whatsoever 
except the fact that they preach the truth of 
God's kingdom to the people. They are arrested 
on the ground that they are preaching the gos- 
pel without a police permit. It is worse than 
ridiculous to conclude that a policeman, an im- 
perfect and unrighteous man, could grant a 
permit to do wluit the Almighty God has com- 
manded shall be done; and for the same reason 
neither the police nor the courts have any right 
to prevent or even attempt to prevent what the 
Almighty God has commanded his witnesses 
now to do. Their conduct is 'fighting against 
God', and thus they identify themselves as God's 
enemies, who will receive due recompense. 

In many of the other states like persecutions 
of the Lord's faithful followers are carried on 
by religionists, ])articularly by the Roman Cath- 
olic Hierarchy. In Catholic Quebec many of the 
faithful followers of Christ Jesus are charged 
with the crime of sedition and are convicted 
upon the sole testimony that they are going 
about preaching the gospel of God's kingdom. 
In Germany, which is outwardly ruled by the 
fanatic Hitler, but which is secretly ruled by 
the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and the Devil, 
thousands of faithful and true witnesses for 
the Lord are imprisoned, cruelly beaten and 
some of them foully murdered because they 
have in possession a Bible or books which ex- 
plain the Bible. In Italy, which is outwardly 
ruled by the gangster Mussolini and secretly 




dictated to by the Vatican, the tme and faith- 
ful followers of Chri,st Jesus are crnelly per- 
secuted. In Northern and Southern Rhodesia, 
in West Africa, and many islands of the sea, 
and, in fact, in all the lands of so-called "Chris- 
tendom", tlie religionists, and particularly the 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy, carry on a -wicked 
persecution of the faithful followers of Christ. 
By this means tliose persecutors identify them- 
selves as "goats", that is, enemies of Gfod and 
of Christ. 

Roman Calholic 
religious hiquisition 

The Lord, the great Judge at the temple, 
takes note of this and divides the nations by 
placing the '"goats" on his left hand, which 
means the place where they will receive a just 
punishment. And what will be the punishment 
of such wicked goats'? Jesus announces his de- 

F A T B 

cree, to wit: "Depart from me, ye cursed, into 
everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his 
angels. And these shall go away into everlast- 
ing [destruction]." (Matthew 25:41,46) In the 
judgment which the Lord is now conducting at 
the temple he is 'finding out his enemies' and 
making them identify themselves and duly mark- 
ing them for destruction. — Psalm 21:8,9. 


The faithful members of the body of Christ 
he designates as his "sheep", who are made 
members of his royal house. Then says Jesus : 
"And other sheep I have, wlilch are not of this 
fold; them also I must bring, and they shall 
hear my voice ; and there shall be one fold, and 
one shepherd." (John 10:16) Those who com- 
pose this company designated as "other sheep" 
are also designated in the Scriptures as those 
persons of good will toward God, and as Jona- 
dabs (2 Kings 10:15-23), and who, continuing 
faithful, shall form the "great multitude" and 
receive life everlasting on the earth. In the judg- 
ment now in progress at the temple those "other 
sheep" identify themselves by the course they 
take, and these are the ones of whom the Lord 
says that he puts them on his right hand, that 
they may receive his favor. 

Wlien Jehovah's witnesses go about the coun- 
try carrying the message of the Idngdom and 
come in contact Avith the people of good will, 
they are gladly received by such persons. When 
these "other sheep" find some of Jehovah's wit- 
nesses sid;, suffering and in prison, they do 



what they can to relieve tliem of such suffering, 
and tliey do so because they love righteousness 
and hate iniquity and desire to be pleasing? to 
God and to Christ Jesus; and thus they iden- 
tify themselves. Therefore it is written concern- 
ing them: "Then shall t)ie King say unto them 
on Ms right hand, Come, ye blessed of my 
Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you 
from the foundation of the world : for I was an 
hungred, and ye gave me moat: I Avas thirsty, 
and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and 
ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I 
was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, 
and ye came unto me. Thou shall the righteous 
answer him, .saying. Lord, when saw wo thee 
an hungi'ed, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave 
thee drink? When saw we thee a stra.nger, and 
took thee in? or naked, and clothed tliee? or 
when saw we thoe sick, or in prison, and came 
unto thee? And the King shall ansv;er and say 
unto them. Verily I say uuto you, Inasmuch as 
ye have done it uuto one of the least of these 
my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Mat- 
thew 25:34-40) Those faithful "other sheep" 
receive the blessings of everlasting life. 


While the Lord Jesus Clirist at the temple is 
conducting judgment, and while his faithful fol- 
lowers and witnesses are eanying the message 
of the kingdom to the people, Satan is moving 
with all his power to assemble all the enemies 
of God preparatory for the final battle at Arma- 
geddon. Tiic word "Armageddon" means the 



place of assembly of troops, that is, where God's 
people are, and Satan gathers his i'orces to- 
gether to destroy them. Knowing his time is 
short, Satan is hurrying his forces on for the 
conflict; and concerning this it is written: "And 
J. saw three imclean spirits lilie frogs come out 
of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth 
of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false 
prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, work- 
ing miracles, wliich go forth unto the kings of 
the earth and of the whole world, to gather them 
to the battle of that gr^at day of God Almighty. 
And he gathered them together into a place 
called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon." — 
Revelation 16:13,14, Ifi. 

The term "beast" here used symbolically 
stands for the governments of the nation.s of 
the earth, particularly of "Christendom", which 
are beastly and cruel. The "false prophet" is 
composed of those oi' the ruling clement of the 
nations of "Christendom" which falsely prog- 
nosticate that the remedy for the present ills 
is found in the League of Nations or other like 
comi)inations of men and nations. They ignore 
and oppose God's Idngdom and look to man for 
support and protection and blessings. The word 
"dragon" is one of the Devil's names, and he 
it is who is directing the enemy's forces. All 
are marching forward and taking their position 
ready for the great conilict. 


The climax comes at the battle of Armaged- 
don. It is "the battle of that great day of God 


n N E M I E S 

Aliniglity'', and at that battle the disputed ques- 
tionoi" supremacy -will be settled for ever, The 
Devil boastfully and egotistically expects to win. 
He is certain to lose. Jehovah has been waiting 
for this time, and he has let the Devil go on, 
and for tliat reason he addressed the Devil in 
these words : "But for this cause have I allowed 
thee to remain, in order to show thee my power." 
(Exodus 9:1G, Leeser) The power of Jehovah 
God is unlimited. He is the Almighty God, his 
purpose shall bo accomplished, and' none can 
prevent it. The enemies of God having been 
identified, and the wickedness thereof disclosed, 
and the warning given, the time for execution 
is at hand. Those who believe that God's Word 
is true may expect to find in the Scriptures the 
correct and true statement as to the execution 
of God's enemies. It is even so. 

The chief virable enemy of God, and there- 
fore the greatest and worst public enemy, is 
the Roman Catholic religious organization. For 
centuries that organisation scornfully and arro- 
gantly has ridden upon the backs of the peoples 
and nations and robbed the people of their just 
earnings. The day of that wicked institution 
must come to an end. That organization, that 
is to say, the Roman Catholic "I-Iierarchy of 
Jurisdiction", for years has boastfully said and 
still says : "The gates of hell shall not prevail 
against [us]." These words of Jesus Christ con- 
cerning his own organization, wliieh is the hab- 
itation of Almighty God, are misapplied by the 
Roman Catholic Hierarchy; and this is further 




evidence of the presmnptuous sin of that reli- 
gious organization. 

Jehovah foretold that the Hierarchy would 
make such boastful claims, and long ago he 
caused his prophet to record a prophecy con- 
ceraing the Roman Catholic religious organi- 
zation, in which that devilish organization is 
represented as saying: *ycs, Armageddon is 
coming, but the overflowing scourge shall not 
come unto us, for we have made lies our refuge, 
and under falsehoods have we hid ourselves. 
We have made a covenant with deatli, and 
with hell we are at agreement. We are safe and 

Jehovah God replies to that declaration of 
the boastful and scornful men who for long 
have ruled the "Catholic population" and other 
people, and his answer is in these words : "Your 
covenant with death shall be disannulled, and 
your agreement with hell shall not stand; when 
the overflowing scoTirge shall pass through, 
then ye shall be trodden down by it." (Isaiah 
28: 14-18) Do you care to believe God or to be- 
lieve those scornful and arrogant menH You 
must make your choice. 

Have in mind also that the Roman Catholic 
Hierarchy, the religious system, is designated 
by the Lord God in tliese words: "The harlot," 
and old "whore", and "Bal)ylon", "Babylon the 
groat, the mother of harlots and abominations 
of the earth." For centuries that wncked organ- 
ization has ridden upon the back of the beastly 
governments or ruling political and military 
130wers, and now the time approaches when 



God will put it into the hearts of those who 
rule to fulfill his will, and thoy "shall make her 
[the old harlot] desolate and naked, and . . . burn 
her with fire". {Kovelation 17:1547) That will 
mark the beginning of Armageddon. It is that 
religious crowd, together with their chief allies, 
that have for centuries oppressed the people; 
and therefore says the Lord Jehovah eoucern- 
ing them: '"Tlie Lord of hosts hath purposed it, 
to stain the pride of all glory, and to bring 
into contempt all the honourable of the earth." 
—Isaiah 23 : 9. 

It is the Roman Catholic "Hierarchy of Juris- 
diction" that lias falsely and fraudulently as- 
sumed to shepherd the "Catholic population" 
and rob them and fleece tliem. Claiming to be 
shepherds, they have really been wolves; and 
to that wicked crowd Jehovah says: "Howl, ye 
.shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in 
the ashes, ye principal of the flock; for the days 
of your slaughtei- and of yonr dispersions are 
accomplished; and ye shall fall like a pleasant 
vessel." — Jeremiah 25: 34. 

The Roman Catholic "Hierarchy of Jurisdic- 
tion", the religious system, is hypocritical in 
the extreme; and God liatcs a hypocrite, a 
racketeer and a liar, all of which that gang is. 
'The hope of hypocrites shall perish.* (Job S : 13) 
That hypocritical crowd of religionists carry 
on their racket concerning "purgatory" by which 
they rob many widows and orphans; and by 
means of false pretenses and the making of 
long prayers they are enabled to deceive and 
practice their racket; and to such Jesus Christ 




says: "But woe unto you, scribes and Phari- 
sees, hypocrites 1 for ye shut up the kingdom 
of heaven against men; for ye neither go in 
yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are en- 
tering to go in."— Matthew 23:13. 

They viciously assault and persecute those 
men and women who faithfully serve God by 
carrying to the people his message of the king- 
dom; and like vipers which hide in the grass 
they hide behind the police and other officers 
to sting and otherwise injure the Lord's little 
ones, and to them the Lord Jesus says: "Ye 
serpents, ye geueraLion of vipers! liow can ye 
escape the damnation of lieUt Wherefore, be- 
liold, I send mito you prophets, and wise men, 
and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill 
and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge 
in your synagogues, and persecute them from 
city to city."— Matthew 23 : 33, 34. 

That proud, scornful, arrogant and presump- 
tuous crowd of religionists think tluiy are fool- 
ing the Lord; but even their sacrifices are an 
abomination unto him. (Proverbs 16: 5; 21: 27) 
Even their prayers arc an abomination in the 
sight of God.— Proverbs 28:9. 

And when wall the end of tliafc hy])o critical, 
religions organization come? At the beginning 
of Armageddon. 'Roman Catholic Action,' as 
the selfish, political nioveniont of the Hierarchy 
is now called, will soon convince themselves and 
others that they have put to silence all who tell 
the truth and who thereby expose the wicked- 
ness of tlie Hierarchy, Having spread their in- 
fluence politically and otherwise throughout the 


E N E Al 1 E S 

eartli and destroyed tlie freedom of speech and 
the iTeedora of worship, and regarding thom- 
selvcs as secure from all opposition, that wicked 
crowd is represented as saying: *We are now 
at peace and safety; we can go on without in- 
terruption and carry forward our racket to suit 
ourselves.' Concerning this matter the Lord's 
Word says: "For when they shall say, Peace 
and safety; then sudden destruction conieth 
upon them, as travail upon a woman with 
child; and they shall not escape." (1 Thessa- 
lonians 5:3) The religious systems that have 
for long defamed God's name shall be the first 
to fall at the hattie of the great day of God 

The Scriptures and the facta show that there 
arc those who covenant to sarve God, and who 
break their covenant, deny the Lord's coming, 
and begin to smite their brethren, and these 
the Lord designates the "evil servant". (Mat- 
thew 24:48,49) One of the disciples of Jesus 
foresha(lowed that "evil servant", and his name 
was Judas Iscariot. lie was an enemy of God 
and of Christ. Wliile Judas was professing to 
be the servant of Christ, he was conspiring with 
the enemy to have Jesus put to death and to 
have Jesus and his brethren betrayed into the 
hands of the enemy. For this reason Jesus called 
Judas "the son of perdition". (John 17:12) 
Some men of modern times have been greatly 
favored by a knowledge of the truth, and by 
having a part in God's organization, and have 



then broken their covenant and become wicked, 
denied the presence of the Lord, and have gone 
about smiting those who do serve God and 
Christ Jesus. That wicked class, called the "evil 
servant", is the most reprehensible part of "the 
man of sin"' and is described in the Scriptures 
as "the man of sin", "the son of perdition," of 
which Judas was a type. 

Those composing the "evil servant" arc the 
enemies of God and of Christ and his kingdom, 
and the fate of such is announced by the Lord 
in these words: "And shall cut liim asunder, 
and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites; 
there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." 
(Matthew 24:51) And again concerning that 
same crowd it is written : '^Vliom the Lord shall 
consume with the spirit of his mouth, and 
shall destroy with the brightness of his coming." 
(2 Thessalonians 2:8) Concerning siich "evil 
servant" class, "the man of sin," "the son of 
perdition," it is written: "But these, as natural 
brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, 
speak evil of the things that they understand 
not; and shall utterly perish in their OAVn cor- 
ruption."— 2 Fetor 2: 12. 


Jehu -was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ 
and pictured him as the great lOxeeutioner of 
Jehovah. John slew all the practitioners of the 
Devil religion who practiced in the land of 
Israel. Those people professed to serve God 
hut had turned to Devil worship. Those reli- 


E N E Al I C S 

gionists were tyj^ieal of "Christendom", pro- 
fessing to serve God but serving the Devil. At 
the commandment of Iho Almighty God Jelni 
annihiJated those Devil worshipers; and that 
foreshadowed and foretold that Christ Jesns 
will completely wipe out all religion and reli- 
gious practices, becanse such defame the name 
of Almighty God. (2 Kings 10:1-28) Religion 
has always been the ehiei' mean,s of dceoiving 
men and reproaching God, because the DeviJ 
fonnd it the best moans by which he could do- 
ceivo. Religion and religious practitioners will 
be the first to be destroyed at Armageddon. 
Christ Jesus, the great Executioner, will exe- 
cute them and then proceed with the other olo- 
nients of Satan's organization. -See Vindication, 
Book Three. 

Symbolically the religious systems are lik- 
ened unto a great city. That organization or 
"great city" is certain to fall in the near future, 
and the political, military and judicial and other 
supporters of the religious system, which have 
proiited by that system, will see that they are 
next, in order for punifduucnt at the hand of 
the Lord, and then they will weep and wail: 
"The merchants of these things, which were 
made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the 
fear of her torment, woojjing and wailing, and 
Raying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was 
clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, 
and decked with gold, and precious stones, and 
pearls 1 for in one hour so great riches is come 
to nought." (Revelation 18:15-17) Then they 
will attempt to burl their armies and navies 



and all other forces into battle, but they will 
perish at the hand of the Lord. 


The governing elements that rule the world, 
because of harshness and cruelty, are desig- 
nated under the symbol of a "beast". Those 
elements of the visible organization of Satan 
which prophesy that the world can be recov- 
ered and the peopie blessed by the puny efforts 
of man are designatetl "the false propliet". Now 
behold Jesus Christ pictured as riding upon a 
war mount and going forth to war wii'h all the 
enemy forces, and lieing followed by liis armies 
in heaven, before whose onward march the 
"l^east" and "false prophet" will be utterly un- 
able to stand: Armageddon will proceed. "And 
lie was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood; 
and his name h called The Wor<i of God. And 
the armies whicli wore in lieaven followed him 
upon white horses, clothed in fhie linen, white 
and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp 
sword, that with it ho should smite the nations; 
and he t^hall rule tliem with a rod of iron; and 
he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and 
wrath of Almighty God. . . . And I saw the 
beast, and the kings of the earth, and their 
armies, gathered together to make war against 
him that sat on the horse, and against his army. 
And the boast was taken, and with him the false 
prophet tliat wrought miracles before him, with 
which he deceived them that had received the 
mark of the boast, and them tliat worshipped 
his image. 'J'hesc both were cast alive into a 



lake of fire burning with brimstone/' (Eevela- 
tion 19: 13-21) Tims is described the execution 
of tlie rulers of the nations of the earth. 

Every part of Satan's wicked organization 
shaJl be destroyed, including all who work any 
kind of iniquity, such as frauds, cheats, thieves, 
robbers, kidnapers, rapists, murderers, religious 
racketeers and other racketeers, and all suchlike. 
Says the Lord God concerning all those v/icked 
ones of the world: "Therefore wait ye upon mo, 
saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to 
the prey; for my determination is to gather the 
nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to 
pour upon them mine indignation, even all my 
fierce anger ; for all the earth shall be devoured 
with the fire of my jealousy." — Zephaniah 3:8. 

The execution of all of those will be done by 
the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom Jehovah says: 
"Ask of me, and I will give thee the nations 
for tlune inheritance, and the uttermost parts 
of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break 
them with a rod of iron ; thou shalt dash them 
in pieces like a pottei-'s vessel." (Psalm 2: 8, 9, 
R.V.) Armageddon will not be a fight between 
the members of Satan's organization, but, as is 
plainly stated in the Scriptures, It is the battle 
of God Almighty in which he, through Christ 
Jesus and his army, mil wreck Satan's entire 
wicked organization, that the earth may be 
cleansed from all iniquity. "The nations are sunk 
down in the pit that they made ; in the net which 
they hid is their own foot taken. The Lord hath 
made himself known, he hath executed Judg- 
ment; the wicked is snared in the work of his 



own hands. The wicked shall return to Sheol, 
even all the nations that forget God. For the 
needy shall not always be forgotten, nor the 
expectation of the poor perish for ever. Arise, 
LoKD ; let not man prevail ; let the nations be 
judged in thy sight."— Psalm 9 ; 15-19, E.U.V. 

"Upon tlie wicked he shall rain snares; fire 
and brimstone and burning wind shall be the 
portion of their cup." (Psalm 11:6, E.R.V.) 
"But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies 
of the Lord shall bo as the cxceUency of the pas- 
tures ; they shall consmne ; in smoke shall they 
consume away." (Psalm 37: 20, E.R.V.) "Morn- 
ing by morning will I destroy all the wicked 
of the land; to cut off all the workers of iniq- 
uity from the city of the Lord." (Psalm 101:8, 
E.B.V.) "The Lord preserveth all them that love 
him ; but all the wicked will he destroy."— Psalm 
145 : 20. 

The earth is full of wickedness and wicked 
creatures; and when Armageddon is done, all 
the wicked on tlie earth will be dead, for God 
has declared they shall bo slain by the hand of 
Christ Jesus, "And the slain of the Lord shall 
be at that day from one end of the earth even 
unto the otlier end of the earth ; they shall not 
be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried; they 
shall be dung iipon the ground." (Jeremiah 
25: 33) "The land shall be utterly emptied, and 
utterlv spoiled; for the Lord hath spoken this 
word." (Isaiah 24:3-6') Such wiil be the fate 
of all who remain on the Devil's side. This in- 
formation the Lord now brings to the attention 
of the people, that they may, before his wrath 




r A T c 


strikes, choose wliich side they desire to be on. 
AVhat is your choice? 


The Scriptural evidence cited in a preceding 
chapter s])ows that there is n howt of Avicked 
spirit creatures who joined the Devil in hifi 
rebellion and who have since practiced fraud 
and dtjception on the human race and continue 
to reproach Ood'.s holy name. What is to be the 
J'ato of such? Tlic chief one among that wicked 
anp,-clie crowd next in order to the Devil him- 
self is desip;nated as G-o;tj, wlio, together with 
other wicked angels, has his liabitation in what 
it; called "the land [place] of Magog". "Thna 
saith the Lord God [Jehovah], Behold, I am 
U'^'ainst tlice, Oog, the chief prince of Mesheeh 
i:nd Tubal." (Ezekiel 39:1) A more detailed 
consideration of the Soriiiture:= relating to Gog 
and the other wicked angels will be found in 
Vhulication, Book Tv/o, page 311 et seq. 

Gog and the other wicked angels with Iiim 
have for centuries exercised a ruling power 
over the nations of the earth. Having destroyed 
the wicked ones in the earth, Christ Jesus leads 
his forces against those wicked spirit creatures 
and destroys them; and concerning which it is 
written: "Thou shalt fall upon the open field: 
for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God. And 
I will send a fire on Magog, and among them 
that dwell carelessly m the isles; and they shall 
know that I am the Lord." (Ezeldel 39:5.G) 
It is further written concerning the same wicked 
croYvd: "The Lord knoweth how to deliver the 

godly out of temptations, and to reserve the un- 
ju:;t unto the day of judgment to be punished." 
(2 Peter 2:9) "And the angels which kept not 
their first estate, but left their own habitation, 
he hath reserved in everlasting clmins, under 
darkness, unto tlie judgment of the great day." 
(Jude G) Their end is destruction; as it is 
written that God has prepared a place for the 
complete de;5truclion of all the wicked ones. 
—Matthew 25:41. 


It was the Devil who challenged Jehovah and 
who for centuries has defied and reproached 
him. Jehovnh gave his word that the Devil shall 
feel His power; and that word will be kept, and 
the Lord Jesus Christ will execute Jehovah's 
purposes. The Devil is compelled to stand by 
and see all of his organization first destroyed. 
This will be humiliating to him when he knows 
that he is next. The Lord Jesus then binds hira 
and easts him into "the l)ottomless pit", where 
he is completely silent for a thousand years. 
(Revelation 20:i-3) At the end of the thou- 
sand years Satan shall be released for a little 
season and then utterly destroyed.— Kevelation 

20:7-10. , ^ ., ^1- 

The complete destruction of the Devd and Ins 
organization is the decree entered by Jehovah 
long ago, and which will be executed in his due 
time: "By the multitude of thy mercliandise 
they have filled the midst of lliee with violence, 
and thou hast sinned; therefore I will cast thee 
as profane out of the mountain of God: and 

3 to 

n N n M 1 u s 

I will destroy thee, covering cherub, from 
ihe midst of the stones of fire. Thine heart 
was lifted up because of thy beauty; thou hast 
corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy bright- 
ness; I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay 
thee before kings, that thoy may behold thee. 
Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by tlie multi- 
tude of thine iniqiiitics, by the iniquity of thy 
tratlic; therefore will I bring forth a fire from 
(ho midst of thee, it shall devour thee; and I 
will bring thee to ashes upon the earth, in tho 
sight of all them that behold tliee. All they that 
know thee among the people shall be astonished 
at thee: thou shalt bo a terror, and never shalt 
thou be any more."— Ezekiel 28: 16-19. 

Destruction is tho everlasting fate of all the 
enemies of God. "His enemies shall lick the 
dust." (Psalm 72:9) "For, lo, thine enemies, 
O Tvord, for, lo, tliine enemies shall perish." 
(Psalm 92:9) "Thine band shall be lifted up 
upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies 
shall be cut off."— Micah 5:9. 

The Word of God is true; and from the in- 
disputable testimony all doubt is removed as 
to who are God's enemies and what shall be 
their fate. In view of the frightful suffering 
the Devil and his allies have brought upon the 
human race, in view of the fact that a host of 
enemies are now operating in an attempt to 
destroy all mankind, and in vicAv of the terrible 
things that shall shortly come to pass on the 
earth, as shown by the Scriptures, would you 
now care to be introduced to a real friend, in 



whom you can put complete confidence and abso- 
lute trust and who will gaiide you into the way 
of everlasting life and happiness? If so, that 
privilege is now before you. 



"A man that hath friends must shew himself 
friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh 
closer than a brother." — Proverbs 18:24. 

TRHOVAH GOD is the Friend of all who 

A love and obey him and who :l'a.i thl'i-illy do that 
whicli is right. He called Ahraham his friend 
because Abraham was faithful and obeyed him: 
"And the scripture was fuUihed which saith, 
Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto 
liim for ri^'hteousness; mid he was called the 
Friend of God." (James 2:23) This makes 
icuown Gods unchangoablo rule, that those who 
are faithful to God under the test are the friends 
of God. Who, then, is a friend? The Scriptures 
answer: "A friend loveth at all times." {Prov- 
erl)s 17:17) Love is a complete expression of 
unselfishness; therefore it is written: "God is 
love." (1 John 4:1G) Jehovah God is unselfish 
and can do nothing that is selfish. Everything 
he does is prompted by unselfishness. Even the 
destruction of his enemies is not for his pleas- 
ure, because he declares that he takes no 
pleasure in the death of his enemies. (Ezekiel 
18:23,^2) He destroys thein for the good of 
those who do right and for the honor of his 
name, which is righteous and holy. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is a Friend of all who 
Io\-G and obey God. He is the anointed King of 



Jehovah, who shall rule the world in righteous- 
ness, and all his acts are prompted by love. 
How may a man have the Lord for his Friend? 
"He that loveth pureness of heart, and hath 
grace in his lips, the king shall be his friend." 
(Proverbs 22:11, margin) That means that if 
a man has a pure or unselfish motive in what 
he does, and his words toward God and Christ 
are gracious, that person is one of good will 
toward God, and the King, Christ Jesus, shall 
be his Friend. A knowledge of what God and 
Christ have done for man j)roducos in the man 
of pure heart a great desire to have God and 
Christ for friends. Mrielly, then, consider some 
of the scriptures showing the loving-kindness 
of Jehovah and of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

By reason of the fact that Adam chose to 
disobey God and follow the Devil Adam was 
justly sentenced to death, and the result to his 
children was that they were born imperfect. 
All men, therefore, are conceived in sin and 
born in iniquity. (Psalm 51:5) "Wherefore, as 
by one man sin onti^red into the world, and 
death by sin ; and so death passed upon all men, 
for that all have sinned." {Romans 5: 12) If a 
man then cliooses to support the Devil, he could 
never have God for his Friend. God was under 
no obligation to do anything for imperfect man, 
the sinner. Because God is love, he unselfishly 
provided tlie way for imperfect nien to be rec- 
onciled to him and given an opportunity to 
obtain lil'e everlasting as a gracious gift; and 
this provision he made by and through Jesus 
Christ, tiius proving that God and Christ are 


t U T: MIES 




tlie great and everlasting Friends of all who 
want to do right. Therefore it is "written : "For 
God so lovod the world, that he gave his only 
begotten Son, tliat wliosoever believeth in Iiim 
should not perish, but have everlasting life." 
(John 3:16) "For the wages of sin is death; 
but the A'ift of God is eternal life, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord/'— Romans 6:23. 

What, then, is re- 
quired of a man that 
he may put himself 
in line to receive the 
blessings that God has 
in reservation for the 
obedient ones? The 
man must first believe 
that God exists and 
that he is the reward- 
er of them that seek 
him and serve him 
unselfishly (Hebrews 
11 : 6), and he must be- 
lieve that Jesus Christ 
is bis Kodeemer and 
Savior. If the man 
chooses to believe God 
;ind Christ, and to put 
himself on the side of 
God and Christ, instead of remaining on the side 
of the T)e\'il, that shows his heart is right to- 
ward God. That is not requiring very much of 

Author of 

any honest man. All such should want to be on 
the side of God and Christ. If God would com- 
pel men to believe on him and Christ Jesus, 
tluit would not leave the niatt(?r to the choice 
ol" man. But God does not compel man to be- 
lieve. Ho brings man face to face with His 
truth and shows man what provision God has 
made for hiin, and thus he affords man the 
opportunity to exercise freely bis choice. If the 
man chooses to turn asi<le from God and serve 
the Devil and the Devil's religions agents, he 
thereby deprives himself of CUxl's favor. His 
llrst step is to seek the Tjord nnd servo hun; 
and if he does not do this he abides under the 
Devil's rtde and the wnith of God. For this 
reason it is written: "He that believeth on the 
Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth 
not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath 
of God abideth on iiim."'" — John 3:36'. 

How differently religious organinations oper- 
ate toward man ! The Uoman C'atholie religious 
system lias a long and wicked record of torture 
inflicte<l upon men to compel them to believe 
what that religions system teaches. Falsely that 
religious system claims to represent God, when 
in fact it is God's enemy and the representative 
of the D(!vil. The man seeking consolation enters 
the building called the Catholic church "cathe- 
dral", and as lie entcu's ho is required to go 
through certain foi-nis and ceremonies and to 
put his mon(;y in the box, and then he listens 
to some harangue and is told, if he fails to do 
what the clergy tell him God will punish him; 
and for fear he obeys what the Catholic system 


E N E A\ 1 E S 

teaches. Therefore God says of such: 'TVliere- 
foro the Lord said, Forasnnidi as this people 
draw near rae with their mouth, and with their 
Upa do honour me, hut have i-eraoved their 
heart far from me, and their fear toward me 
is taught hy the precept of men.''— Isaiah 29: 13. 

Are those clergymen who teach the precepts 
of men your friends, and the friend of God? 
No, they are not; but, on the contrary, they arc 
enemies of God, as it is written: *'\Vhosoever 
therefore will be a friend of the world is the 
enemy of God." (James 4: 4) The evidence here- 
tofore examined sliows that the Catliolic system 
is a part of the wicked world and therefore the 
enemy of God. If you support an organization 
or crowd that are enemies of God, then you can- 
not have the Lord God and Clirist Jesus for 
your friends. What, then, must a man do who 
is in a religious organization 1? The Scriptures 
answer: 'Come out of her and be separate from 
her, lest ye partake of her sins and receive of 
licr plagues,' wliich shall befall her at Armaged- 
don.— 2 Corinthians G:]G-18; Kevelation 18:4. 

Christ Jesus is the Friend of everyone who 
tries to do right. He permitted himself to be 
put to an ignominious death that he might re- 
deem man from the results of sin and death. 
Prompted by love Jesus gave his life a ransom 
price for as many as believe on him and serve 
him. (Matthew 20:28; John 10:10) A sheep 
is an obedient animal and is used as a symbol 
of those who hear the Lord and obey his voice. 
Tliorefore said Jesus: "I am the good shep- 
herd, and know my sheep, and am known of 



mine. As the Father knoweth nie, even so know 
I the Father; and I lay down my life for the 
sheep. And other sheep X have, which are not 
of this fold : them also I must bring, and thoy 
shall hear my voice ; and there shall bo one fold, 
and one shepherd."— John 10:14-16. 

Thus for love and in loving obedience to 
Jehovah Ghrifit Jesus brings those who obey 
him into God's fold, the place of safety. Those 
•who thus believe on the Lord Jesus Christ he 
considers friends, and it was for those that he 
gave his life, "drcater love hath no man than 
this, that a man lay down his life for his 
friends/' (Jolm 15:13) A man may have Jesus 
for iiis friend on condition of his obedience: 
*'Te are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I com- 
mand you." — John 15 : 14. 

A time of great crisis has come, because tliese 
are the "last days" and hence the time of God's 
reckoning with liis enemies. God is therefore 
bringing to the attention of the people the truth 
as expressly sot forth in his Word, the Bible, 
to the end that all men that are of good will 
toward God whft do^^ire to do right, and who 
hate wickedness, may have the opportunity of 
brealdng away from Satan's organisation and 
taking their stand on the side of God and Christ. 
Ail the Scriptural evidence and the indisputable 
facts show that the time of the execution of 
God's veng(ianco against all wickedness is at 
hand. Satan the enemy is against all persons 
who desire to serve God, and hence all who 
take their stand on the side of the Lord are 
"not desired" by the Devil and his religious 



P R 1 E N D S 


practitioners on earth. It is against those -wicked 
ones that God is going to express his wrath. 
Therefore Joliovah says to the people of good 
will: "Gntlier yonrselves together, yea, gather 
together, nation not desired: before the de- 
cree bring forth, before the day pass as the 
chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come 
npon you, beforp tlie day of the Lord's anger 
come npon j^on." — Zephaniah 2:1,2. 

"Why gather yourselves together? That you 
may thus identify yourselves as being on the 
side of Crod. Then what must you do? The Lord 
answers: "Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the 
earth, which have wrought liis judgment [as 
commanded] ; seelc righteousness, seek meek- 
ness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of 
the I;ord's anger."— Zephaniah 2:3. 

How may one "seek righteousness"? By dili- 
gently ascertaining what is right; and this one 
docs by searching God's "Word and that which 
the Ijord has provided for the understanding 
of his Word: '"The law of the Lord is perfect 
converting tlie soul: the testimony of the Lord 
is sure, making wise the simple: the statutes 
of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the 
commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening 
the eyes : the fear of the Lord is clean, endur- 
ing for ever: the judgments of the Lord are 
true and righteous altogether. More to be de- 
sired are they than gold, yea, than much fine 
gold; sweeter also than honey and the honey- 
comb. Moreover, by them is thy servant warned : 
and in keeping of them there is great reward." 
(Psalm 19:7-11) Man must be guided in the 


right way, and the only right guide is God's 
Word ; as it is Avritten : "Thy word is a lamp 
unto my feat, and a light unto my patli." — 
Psalm 119:105. ' 

How may a man "seek meekness"? "Meek- 
ness" means being teachable and having a de- 
sire and willingness to learn. Onc_ must dili- 
gently seek to learn what is contained in the 
Word of God. Shall the man thus seeking meek- 
ness be guided l)y what other men say? No; 
because all men are im]HM"fect and no man's 
opinion or teaching Tior that taught by organi- 
zations is right. Only the Word oC God is the 
true and oori-ect guide. We are not to put our 
trust in men, but to trust in the Lord; as it is 
written: "Put not your trust in priaices, nor 
in the son of man, 'in whom there is no help." 
—Psalm 14G : 3. 

If a man is the friend of God and obeys God, 
■will God guide him in the right way? Yes; and 
the answer of the Lord makes this sure: "The 
meek will he guide in judgment, and the meek 
will he teach liis way." (Psalm 25: 9) If a man 
desires to be taught and led in the right way 
and he trusts in the Lor<l and follows the Lord's 
instructions, he is certain to receive the l^less- 
ing of the Lord. If he follows the teachings of 
some religious organization, all of which teach- 
ings are based upon tradition, that man is cer- 
tain to fall into the ditch. It is a ease of the 
blind leading the blind, and tlie Devil gets the 
whole crowd.— Matthew 15:14. 

The reason now clearly appears as to Avhy 
religionists try to keep the people in ignorance 





of tlie Bible and books that explain the Bible, 

and that reason is, because the Bible eondemna 
all religion and all traditions of men, and the 
Bible alone malres clear the pathway of right- 
eonsness. The Devil and his agents attempt to 
withhold the Bible from the peoi)le, lest the 
people shonld learn the truth and then floe from 
the Devil religions organizations and find ref- 
nge in the Lord. Those who love the Lord, and 
who are now obedient to God and Christ Jesns, 
are going from place to place carrying to the 
people books and other publications to aid the 
people of good will to learn what is God's pur- 
pose as expressed in his Word. The Devil and 
itis agents persecute all who thus serve Jehovah 
as his witnesses, because the Devil is God's 
enemy, and the Devil and religions systems are 
enemies of those who love and desire righteons- 
ncss. JehovaVs witnesses do not carry the truth 
to the people for their own selfish aggrandize- 
ment, but they do so in obedience to God's com- 
mandment; and God commands that work to be 
done because of his unselfishness, to give the 
people the opportunity to learn the truth and 
get in line for the blessings he has provided. 
Thus God is showing that he and Christ Jesus 
are the everlasting Friends of all who diligently 
try to do right. Your opportunity is now af- 
forded to choose whom you will serve. 


The battle of the great day of God Almighty 
will be so terrible that no human words can 
adequately describe it. With all the nations 





fighting amongst themselves it would be bad 
enough; but when the Lord takes part in this 
conflict and the forces of heaven fight against 
all unrighteousness, all the nations are certain 
to fall. By his prophet the Lord says of that 
time: "Come near, ye nations, to hear; and 
hearken, ye people ; let the earth hear, and all 
that is therein; the world, and all things that 
come forth of it. For the indignation of the 
Lord is u])on all nations, and his fury upon 
all their armies; he liath utterly destroyed them, 
he hath delivered them to the sla\ighter. Their 
slain also slinll be cast out, and their stink shall 
come nj) eiii ol* (heir carcases, and the moun- 
tains shall be melted with tlieir blood. And all 
the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the 
heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll : and 
all their host shall fall down, as the leaf fall- 
eth ofl' from the vine, and as a falling fig from 
the fig tree, i^'o^ my sword shall he bathed in 
heaven." — Tsaiiiii M : 1-5. 

All the wars coiubitied that have ever afflicted 
mankind cannot be compared to what Armaged- 
don will bring' ujion the world in the way of 
trouble. Concerning that time Jesus says that 
the trihnlation will lie such as never before was 
known. (Matthew 24: 21) No human power can 
provide any i)lace of sal'ety for man during that 
time, but God can provide a place of complete 
security. "Thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in 
safety." (l*sahii 4:8) It will be a real blessing 
to have such sal'ety in that t(;rrible ordeal. And 
who can have the assurance of such security? 
Jehovah answers that question in these words : 


1: N E ftl I E S 

''Seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be 
ye shall bo liid in the day of the Lord's anger." 
(Zephaniah 2:3) Tliat is a great blessing for 
which one should gladly look forward: '''The 
name of the Lord is a strong tower; the right- 
eous runneth into it, and is safe." {Proverbs 
18:10) "Whoso putteth his trust in the Lord 
shall be saf e."— I'roverbs 29 : 25. 

When God took the Israelites into Palestine 
he caused certain cities to be set aside and pro- 
vided as a place of safety for those who were 
in danger of death by reason of having unwit- 
tingly committed a great wrong, and those cities 
were designated "cities of refuge". When a man 
fled to one of those cities for safety, as long 
as ho remained within the bounds of the city 
of refuge no one could harm liim. (Nmnbers 
35:G-33j The cities of refuge were typical of 
God's great organization, of which Christ Jesus 
is made the Head. (1 Corinthians 10:11; He- 
brews 10 : 1) At the present time, when one flees 
from the Devil's organization, where he has 
unwittingly committed wrong against God and 
against man, he thus flees by taking his stand 
firmly on the side of God and Christ Jesus, be- 
lieving on and trusting in the Lord and serving 
him; and if he remains true and faithful to God 
and Christ, he has the promise of the protection 
wliieh Jehovah God has provided, and there he 
may be secure from all harm during the battle 
of the great day of God Ahnighty, and thus be 
carried through that great trouble and be in 
line for the blessings that shall be ministered 
unto the people by the Lord when that great 




and terrible storm is overpast. He must remain 
faithfully in the Lord's organization, and not 
depart therefrom; and that means, he must 
stand firmly and faithfully on the side of God 
and Christ Jesus, and love, serve and obey God. 

Peace is another immediate blessing to those 
who lake their stand wholly on the side of God 
and Christ and who continue to trust wholly 
in the Lord and to sei-ve him. Among the pre- 
cious promises written to those who serve God 
is this one: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect 
peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because 
he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Jjord for 
ever: for in the I^ord JIOHOVAH is everlasi> 
ing strength." — Isaiah 26 : 3, 4. 

When the battle of Armageddon is done and 
all the wicked are destroyed, peace will then 
abide for ever, because the great "Prince of 
I'eace" will rule and "of his government and 
peace there i^hall be no end". (Tsaiah 9:7) Those 
who are then with God's organization and under 
his righteous government will continue in peace. 

Eegeneration is one of tlic great works that 
will be porfoDiied by the Lord Jesus Christ 
during bis thousand-year reign. (Revelation 
20:4, (j) That means the uplifting of obedient 
ones of mankind and the bringing of such up 
to a state of perfection of body and mind. God 
created the earth for man, and he created man 
for the earth. (Isaiah 45:12,1.8) In order for 
man to enjoy the blessings of the earth forever 
lie must live forever in health and happiness. 
Sickness and death are enemies of man. Arma- 
geddon will destroy all the visible enemies, and 




in tlie reign of Christ sielmoss and death will 
bG_ destroyed ; as it is written : "For he must 
reign, till he hath put all enemies under his 
feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed 
IS death." (1 Corinthians 15:25,20) With all 
enemies out of tlie way, inclading death, all 
fear vn]l he gone and no one will he in dread 
of any enemy. 

Many are the marvelous blessings to flow to 
those _ of Imniaiildnd who love and obey God 


and his kingdom, and amongst those great 
ings, and that which is the chief one to ^....., 
IS hfc in happiness. *Life is tlie gift of God 
through Jesus Christ our Lord/ (Romans : 23) 
No one can receive the benefit of a gift, how- 
ever, unless he accepts the gift on the tei-ms 
given; and that means that those of mankind 
who receive the blessings of everlasting life 
from God through Christ Jesus must bo fully 
obedient to God and Christ. To have life ever- 
histing in health, strength, peace and happiness, 
and to know God and Christ Jesus and serve 
them, is the greatest blessing any creature could 
enjoy. All of those blessings will result to those 
who know, love and obey God and his King; 
as Jesus stated : '"This is life eternal that they 
might know thee the only true God, and Jesus 
Christ whom thou hast sent." (John 17:3) God 
and Christ Jesus will be the everlasting Friends 
of obedient men and will minister blessings to 
such obedient ones without end. 

All these blessings come as a gracious gift 
and are therefore prompted entirely by love. 
Only the Devil, the great enemy, and his agents, 



the religious organizations, could attempt to de- 
I>rive men of such marvelous blessings or to 
keep them in ignorance of what God has pro- 
vided for those who know and serve him. There- 
fore when all of these enemies are for ever 
removed, the obedient ones will dwell with the 
Lord, their great Prince and Helper, and noth- 
ing will interfere with their boundless blessings 
and eternal happiness. 

Jehovali God haa given his sure and unfail- 
ing Word Ihiit he will make the earth a glorious 
place, in which (lerl'cct man may dwell for ever: 
"The glory of rjubanoii shall cumo unto thee, 
the fir tree, the ])ine tree, and the box together, 
to beanlii'y the place of my sanctuary; and I 
will make tlie place of my feet [the earth] 
glorious."— Isaiah 60:13; 00:1. 

That moans that everything will be removed 
from the oarlh Ihat mars its beauty, peace and 
happiness. ,11 Im Ihe enemies of God and right- 
eonsness that make the earth now a place of 
great sorrow. Those who desire to stand by the 
enemies will go with Satan and all other enemies 
into eveilasling destruction, tmd those who re- 
main on tlie Ijord's side will l)e in a clean earth. 
All the unsiMMi cj'eatures will be clean and holy, 
and all visible ones will be clean and pure. Strife, 
liatred, ill will, malice and wrongdoing will be 
entirely unknown, and idl Ihc wicked will he for 
ever out of tlie meniory of num. (Psalm 109 : 15) 
"The name oj.' the wicked shall rot" (Proverbs 
10: 7) ; which means that the wicked v/ill not be 
remembered at nil. Concerning the wicked it is 
also written : "Therefore hast tliou visited and 



destroyed tlioni, and made all their memory to 
perish." (Isaiah 26:14) The present-day fame 
oi" dictators, great religionists, bishops, eardi- 
luUs, poises, and all lilcc scoriii'ul, haughty and 
aufiterc men who rule and oppress the people, 
■\vijl liave gone from the earth i'or ever, and the 
people will never again oven think of them. It 
is an indeseribahlo relief to now know for a 
certainty that such wicked ones can never again 
afflict the eai-th, and to ImoAv that the people 
will then be for ever free. The Lord has given 
his Word that wickedness shall never arise 
again. — Nahmn 1:9. 

Under the peaceful and blessed reign of 
Christ, the righteous Kuler, the peoples of 
earth will abide for ever and will be so joy- 
ful in the Lord that tliey will think always of 
the goodness and loving-kindness of their great 
Friends, Jehovah God and Christ Jesus: "They 
shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great 
goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness. 
The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion ; 
slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Lord 
is good to all ; and his tender mercies are over 
all his works. All thy works shall praise thee, 
Lord; and thy saints shall bless thee. They 
shall speak of the gloi-y of tliy kingdom, and 
talk of thy power; to make known to the sons 
of men his mighty acts, and the glorious maj- 
esty of his kingdom. Thy kingdom is an ever- 
lasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth 
throughout all generations." — Psalm 145 : 7-13. 

Faithful Christians, truly and sincerely fol- 
lowing in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, and 



who are obedient to the Lord's command merits, 
and who arc therefore showing forth the praises 
of Jehovah and his King, now enjoy the peace 
of God which passeth all human understanding. 
(Philippians 4:7) Other persons look upon them 
and observe with astonishment the joy and con- 
tentment that shines in their countenaiice,_ and 
wonder why such is possible wlien there is so 
much sorrow in the earth. The reason is that 
Jehovah's witnesses know that the day of deliv- 
erance iR near at luind, because Christ Josus, 
the great Deliven'r, is here, ho for whom true 
Christians liave long hKiked, hoped and prayed. 
It is the time ol' rejoicing for all sucii. There- 
fore they lift \\p their voices with singing and 
praise to Cod and Christ. Those faithful ones 
will liave ilieir otcrnal abiding place with Christ 
Jesus in hi;i l^ingdoni. (liuke 22:28-,J0; "Revela- 
tion y:i!l) Together with holy angels they will 
servo and praiso Iho Most High for ever, giv- 
ing honor in his holy name. 

True to his pi-oniise, Jehovah God, through 
Christ Jesus, is now extending *]ieace on earth 
to men of good will' (Luke 2:14); and such 
persons of good will toward God are fleeing 
from the enemy organization and hastening to 
find refuge in the organization of the Lord. 
Such aro' the "other sheep", whom the Lord 
Jesus is now galhering into his fold. They are 
called "JonadiiJiH", who have desired to serve 
God and have found the way. (2 Kings 10 : 15, 16 ; 
Jeremiah 35 : G-U), 18, 19) Those persons of good 
will are now coming from every land, kindred, 
people and tongue, and are rapidly forming the 


"great mTiItittide" that shall serve Jehovah and 

receive his blessings. They know who are their 
friends. For a long v/hile they have cried be- 
cause of the many abominable things done in 
the religions organizations in the name of the 
Lord (Ezekiel 9:4); they have hungered and 
thirsted for truth and righteonsness, and, hav- 
ing come to their Friends, now they shall be 
fed. "They shall hunger no more, neither tliirst 
any more ; neither shall the snn light on them, 
nor any heat. For the Lamb, which is in the 
midst of the throne, shall feed them, and shall 
lead them nnto living fountains of waters ; and 
God shall Avipe away at] tears from their eyes/* 
—Revelation 7 : 16, 17. 

Seeing that religion is a fraud and a snare, 
and that their salvation proceeds from God 
through Christ Jesns, they take their stand 
and identify themselves as those who serve 
God and his kingdom. They are described in 
these words: "After this I beheld, and, lo, a 
great multitude, which no man could number, 
of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and 
tongues, stood before the throne, and before 
the Lamb, clothed mth white robes, and pahns 
in their hands : and cried with a loud voice, say- 
ing, Salvation to our God which sittcth upon 
the throne, and nnto the Lamb." — Revelation 

The angels of heaven, and all the faithful 
who have been resurrected and are now with 
the Lord, rejoice with the great multitude; as 
it is written: "And all the angels stood round 
about the throne, and about the elders and the 



four bsastvS, and fell before the throne on 
their faces, and worshipped God, saying, Amen: 
Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanks- 
giving, and honour, and power, and might, be 
nnto our God for ever and ever."— Kevelation 

It is a time of joy because the Lord, Jesus 
Christ, is come and now it is clearly made to 
appear that soon he will for ever vindicate 
Jehovah's holy name. The faithful witnesses of 
Jehovah on earth now with ever increasing joy 
continue to go about proclaiming "this gospel 
of the kingdom" as commanded. They love to 
do so, because the Lord has eoimnanded that 
it shall be done, and they delight to do his will. 
The great multitude joyfully join in the serv- 
ice and sing the praises of the Most High and, 
as it is written, "therefore are they before the 
throne of God, and serve him day and night 
in his temple; and he that sitteth on the throne 
shall dwell among them."— Eovelation 7:15. 

The people nov/ on tho earth that are of good 
wiU shall know the truth, and the truth shall 
make them free. (John 8:32) Standing firmly 
on the side of God and his King, they shall 
abide in the place of safety under the hand of 
the great King. Surely every honest person who 
now hears the truth of and concerning God and 
his kingdom vail hasten to identify himself with 
those who put their trust wholly in God and in 
Christ. The remnant are now praising the Lord, 
and they, together with others of good will, are 
joyfully saying with the psalmist; 



"And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, 
Lord; thy faitlrfnhicss also in the congrega- 
tion of the saints. For who in the heaven can 
be compared nnto the Lord? -who among the 
sons ol" the niighty can be likened unto the Lord? 
God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of 
the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them 
that are about him. Lord God of hosts, who 
is a strong Lord lil^e imto Ihce? or to thy faith- 
fulness round about thee? Thou rulest the rag- 
ing of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, 
thou stillest them. Thou hast broken Rahab in 
pieces, as one that is slain: thou hast scattered 
thine enemies with thy strong arm. The heav- 
ens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for 
the world, and the fulness thereof, thou hast 
founded them. The north and the south thou 
hast created them: Tabor and Hermon shall 
rejoice in thy name. Thou bust a mighty arm: 
strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand. 
Justice and judgment are tlic habitation of thy 
throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy 
face. Blessed is the people that know the joy- 
ful sound ; they shall walk, Lord, in the light 
of tliy countenance. In thy name shall they 
rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness 
shall they be exalted: for thou art the glory 
of their strength; and in thy favour our horn 
shall be exalted. For the Lord is our defence; 

and the Holy One of Israel is our King." 
—Psalm 89:5-18. 



NOTE: Numbera refer to pages; Roman numerals, to paragraphs. 


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3C, II: EO, 1 
rejoice with great multitude, 

358. II 
spirit creatures, 25, 1; 34, 1 
that kept not first estate, 

52, II 
u.-^ed nowrr of 

materialization, 87, I; 107,1 
Angels that Sinned, caat down 
to hell, 61, I 
executed, destroyed, at 

ArmiiEOddon, 50, 1 
in chains of darlcness, 

61, 1-52, ITT 
rebelled with Satan, 

60, I; 51, I 
under auspcndod death 
sentGiioe, BO, I; Gl, I 
Animals, hunting and 
killing of, 65, I, II 
Anointed Cherub, 3.t, T 
Anointing of Jeaus followed by 

Devil's assaiilta, 100. 11 
AntUChrlst, begun in apostles' 

day, 147, I; 1E2, 1 
orgajiized; misnamed, 147,1 
Apostolic Successors, 2:il, II 
Ark, iiuod survivors in, 62, 1 

Noah builds, Jl, I, II 
Armaeeddon, after strange 

worlt, 302, IT 
tieyond comparlaon with all 

other wurs, Ur.a. I; 3G1, I 
destruction of Hierarchy at, 

217, n; 2n\ l-lilil, 11; 240, II; 

302, I; 329, 1-331, III 
Devil and rebel ane^'ls 

executed at, 60, I; 327,11 
flg:ht between Satan'a and 

Ood'3 ortjanizalion, 336.11 
flght led by Christ Jesus, 

335, 1; 330. II; 337, 11 
htddurhiR, 207, 1; 351. I; 302, I 
howling at, 215. I-21H. I 
religion destroyed (irHt at, 

221, I; 230, II; 234, II, III; 

2S9, U; 333,11 
Satan gathers forces for, 

272,1; 32C, I; 327,1 
Satan's organization 

destroyed al, 335, 1-337, n 
slain of the Lord at. 337, 11 
survivors of; praise God, 

2!)7, I, II 
witness precedes, 4B, II 
Arrest for preaching without 

police permit, 322, I 
Assyrian founded It, for 

desolation, 249. 1-251, 1 


Baal, Ahab IcartB Israel In 

worship of, 104, III 
god of Babylon, 203, I 
Jehu destroys, 105, 1 
Babel, beslnnin^ of Nimrod's 

kingdom, G7, I; 202, II 
confusion of tongues at, G3, n 
meaning of, C8, 11; 203, I 
religion induced building of, 

same as Babylon, 09, I; 203, I 
Dabylon, all religions taice 

name of, 71, 1, II 
desolation oomes on, 261, 1 
makes nations drunk, 71, II 
place of tratilc, 203, 1 
religious organization taking 

name of, 198, I 
the Devil's organization, 





69, I; 197, TI 
the Great. ^29, III 
Baptism, Gvidoiiuc of covenant 
wi'Lh Cod. 133, I 
of Jesua. 1U9. I 
Battle of Great Day of God 
Aimiglity, reliRion i;ii33e» 
tiwixy ill, 2-i:!. JI 
supremacy sf;tlled at, 327. II 
tcrrilile, 3G0, I 
Bsast, ascends out of pit, 
ES3. I; 2SD, II 
symbolic, 3i:S. I; 327, I; 335, I 
■\varg against Clii'lst; 
executed, 335, 1 
Being, Tha only, 2i, II 
Belief, Hierarciiy'a nicthoiim 
to cnjnpel. ;M5, I 
In God and Christ rirciulrt^d, 

but not compelled. ai4, I 
In aod'9 Son to i?:iln life. 

126, 1-123. I 
lunjwlodjje necessary to, 
128, I, H 
Besetting Sin, must bo latd 
aside, lOi, I 
religion, 99, 1-105. II 
Bible, can now lio vinilorsLood. 
havnionizod, 21. 1 
Catholic position as to. 

175.1: ■2no.u 

clergymen deny, discredit, 

83. I: 92. I 
contains tlis truth. 19, II; 

79. I; 81, 11; S2, I 
miai inspired to write, 7f. 11 
must be studiud for truth. 

83, 1 
not existent bcforo Moses 

wrote, 79, 1 
not for foola, GO. 1-81. II 
preserved from dostrucliun. 

92, I 
provision inadc for writing, 

92. I; 93, I 
religionists cause prejudice 

against. 21. I 
wav efforts to keep people 

ismorant of. 3-19, III 
BlessinGs of Gcd, Devil keeps 

people ignorant of. 354, II 
enjoyed unhindered, 35'!, II 
reciuirementa to receive. 

344, r; 347. 1-349, Til 
Elood, ror;i;lveneas of sin 

required sheddliig of, 

123. I; 132. I 
life in the, 123, 1 
of Jesus cleanses sin, 133. 1 
rantom by Jesus', 123, I 
Body of Christ, Jebovfth's 

witnesses are of. 331, II 
the church. 132, 11-131. I 

Britain, will it become Fascist? 

i!'^l. 11-292. II 
British (Empire) 

Commonwealth of Nations, 
ari'.:r the World War, 15. I 

Ciitliulic suppression of 
truth In parts of. 169, 1 

Hierarchy eeeks to gain con- 
trol oj:, 105. II; 16S, U-170, i 

overthrow threatens. 15, I 

Cain, murdi^rs Abel. 33, 1; 201, I 
names city for son, 202, 1 
liriietlocd religion, 201, I 
Canaan, command to destroy 

strongholds of, 245, I 
Cat'iollc Action, deceives itself, 
:i;il. III 
iniihrumeiu oi' Hierarchy, 

B73, II; 276, II; 230. II. m 
In United States, 

Ififl. T-lfi7. 11; 259, II, in; 
:;iiO. 11; 203, III 
Citholio Bible: see Donay 
Catholic Population, constitute 
symbolic asa. 314. 1 
contributions to Hierarchy 

from, 177. I; 214, I. II 
in I'nllod Slates and world. 

170. II; 177, I; 214, I 
misled, deceived, 205, 1 
not Tnember.s or part of 
church. 155. II 
Catholics, many, desire to know 
and serve God, 191, I 
trvith now heard by, 191, II 
Cejnsorahip, Hlcr.irchy 

exureUstis, 289, HI 
Cet'ernonles (Catholic), 

eondenmed by Jesvis, IRfi, I 
not uiithoriKed by Jewtsli 
ceremonies, 184,1; 1S5, 1 
not Indulged in by Jesus 

or apostles. 1S5. II 
rellfflous. 183. II 
Chains of Darkness, angels 
(lellvcred to. 51, 1-52, HI 
Chaldeans used as God's 

oyeeutloncra. 249. 1-252, I 
Challenge, el'fcct of the 
I')!ivir3, K5, U 
.Tohovah accepted. 89, II 
Cheruh, destruction of the 
covering, 333, II 
Lueifer. the anointed, 25, III; 
2,1, I; 33, I 
Chlttim, pass over to; for rest, 
247, H; 248. I 
revelation from land of, 
210. 1; 220, I; 249. H 
Choice, ns to destiny, 31. H 
Uod grants exercise of, 344, 1 


open, for life or for death, 

120. II; 127. I 
permitted, whether to eerve 

God or Devil. 104, II; 129, 1 
Christ, church fills up 

alllictions of, 136, II 
meaning-. 133, I; 146. II 
Christian, defined. 130,1 
muBt follow Jeyus' footatep.^ 

(example), 159, H 
Christianity, defined, 130,1 
Jo&U!! eslaWished, 

130, I; 14C, n 
Christian Relision, formed In 

Christendom, 191. 1 
misnamed, fraudulent, 130, 1 
mother of the. 204. II 
not Christianity, l-lil.I 
takes name of Iiai-lot, 

Babylon. 205. I 
the greatest racliet, 

144, II: 14G, I 
world condition.'^ under tho 

practice of, 145, 1 
Christ Josus, all judrrment 

committed to. 313, 1 
begins Interrupting Katnn's 

rule, EG3, I; 309, III; 310,1 
Chief Corner Stone. 134, I 
counts conduct toward 

Ciiristians as unto himeelf. 

321. II, III: 325. n 
acslroys GoK and wicked 

anseia, 333, I, H 
exalted above all, 132, II 
executes world rulers at 

Armaj^eddon, 335, I-Sas, II 
Pulthful and True Witncsa, 

137, n 
Friend to loving, obedient 

onoR. 342. IT; 316, H 
gave life for sheep. 

341!, II; 347, I 
Head of church, 132, 11; 

133, I; 197, I 
Isaac fore .gh ado wed, 

76. I; 96, 1 
Jehovah's King, 343, 11 
Jehovah's executioner, 

249, I; 333. H 
Judrjes at temnSe, 

317, H-318. H 
must wait before beginnlns 

to reign, 308, I; 309. I 
never a religionist, 146, II 
Eock upon which church is 

built. 132, I 
the promised Seed, 96, 1-97. I 
The atone, 132, 1; 140, U 
Church, a mystery before 

Pentecost, 138, I. H 
body of Christ, 13r, II; 133. 1 
built on Kock, 131, X; 132, 1 

Christ, Foundation and 

<;ornerslone of, 134, 1 
Christ Je-sus the Head of, 

131, I; 132, 11 
Devil Iric} to destroy, 139. 11 
fa.ltlifui ones made part of, 

133, I 
flplit.g by proclaiming truth, 

140, 1 
gates of hell prevail not 

agalnHt, 131, I 
God by Christ Jesus btiilds, 

131, 1; 132, I 
Cod Belecls, assigns 

members of. 133,1; 134,1 
God's purpose In having:, 

135,1-139. II 
God's wilne.ssca on earth, 

13.^, II: 13fl, 11; 137. II: 138. I 
In oiirly centurloa. 152, 1, n 
nanii' nilwipi'llfd by men. 

133, 1; 13d. It 
not a relljtlous orBanlzation, 

140, It 
not human building. 131, I; 

133. I: 134, If: 313, I 
not wrltleri en books on 

enrth. 131, I; 3H, II 
temple of God, aU, U 
worship.'; Cod, not man, 

133, T; 139, I 
Zlon, God's capital 

organization, 1.34, n 
Cities, Devil Induced 

building of. 6S. I 
Cities of RefufiB, llight to. 3E2, I 
Jehovah's organization, 

1195, ri; 353, I 
City, fall of reiif-'ion, 

that BTPat, 334. 1 
hurlot. (Hlnriu'cliy) goes 

slnglntr nhout the, 

270. I-27il. I 
CIcroy, agents of Devil, 

84, I: lOS, 1-120. T 
oomo into power, 153, 1 
did not 5*>'" Jesus in 

nreacbinpT Kinedom. 115,11 
fail to escape in disguise, 

248, r 
fall for Hierarchy. 276, TI 
full of Builo, deceit. 10«. I 
gave JeauH no burial. ]2[), I 
hoard not but opposed Jesus, 

:110, I; HI, TI 
hypocritical practices of 

modern, IJl, I 
keep people from stmlying, 

understanding EHilc. 84, I 
part of "mnn of sin", 304. I 
prevent people from entering 

Kingdom, 11.1, II 
Protestant and Jewish, help 



Hierarchy, In vain, 

E22, I, II: 235. I. II 

tried to prevent Juaus' 

resurrc'cLion, 120, I 
with worldly wisdom deny 
Bible, 83. 1 
Clothing, dunilile, stately, 290,1 
Coming of the Lord, always 
awaited by churcli, 137, II 
faillirul ones gatherDd and 
witness given at, 137, II; 
138. 1: 311, III-316. I 
foroshfidowed by Solomon, 

314, HI 
judixinent at second, 

:i17, 11; 3IS, I 
niconcd to fluod, 15, I 
preparatory work bcforo, 

3tfi, I 
procla.lmod world-wldo, 316, 1 
proor of the, 309, III 
J)1jriir>Rii at fll'Bt, 120, II 
piirTJOse of Hocond. 

3.17, 1-318. I 
tlinn of. 3J4, in-316. II 
Commandment, flrat, most 
Imiiortttiit, 91. I, II 
of the Lord nsalnst 

merchant cliy. 215, I 
religion difCeront from 
hL'opiiig Ood'a. 111. 1; HE. I 
Commerce, built up by 
Nimrod, 67. I 
opi'iaLod wiLh rellclon, 

G7. I; 202,1. 11 
uaiHl by Satan, 34, I 
Communism, Jetiiilta 
encourage, ICI. I 
used to acavo pcoiilo into 
Catbolio movemont, 
164, I; 273.11; 281,1 
Commiinlats, Hierarchy 
brands truth-tellers as, 
164. I; 225. II; 301, I 
seize Kupsia, 13. I 
Condemnation, on manUlnfl by 
luherllancc, OG, It 
roiiialnri on unbollevera, 
123. II 
Consecration of Josus, 

122, I; 123, I 
Conspiracy, of clcrpry to Iclll 
JoauB. 118. II; 119, I 
to set up dictator hi 
United States. 15, TI; 17, I 
Constantlne converted, 

enriched Roman church, 
153. I; leo, I. II 
Constitution of the Unltad 

States threatened. 15, II 
Covenant, concerninK 

sanctfty of life, 65, I 
Covenant witli Death 
disannulled, 32[l, I, II 

Creation, he^innlng of, 2i, II 
jL-hovah's active agent in, 

120. II 
of earth, why? 25, II 
o( man, 25. II, III 
order of, 24, U-2a, m 
Creator, is God, 21, I 
visible things prove 
existence of, 80. 1 
Cross, at worship violates 
God's law, 100, II 
Jesus not nailed to a, 

124, I; 1S7, I 
worshiptd by heathens 
before Christ. ISS, I. II 
Crowning City, 235. U, HI 


Darkness, chains of, 

51, I-E2, III 
DKtea, fiOS K.C, 217, I 
A.D. ly-iS, 162. I; 217. H; 
253, 1-354, U; 259. II; 
267. II; 271, II 
A.D. 1373, 257. II; 259, I; 31G. I 
A.D. 1914, 10, II; 11, I; 23, I; 
261), I; 26a, I; 268, I-3-J7, II; 

270, I. H; 30a, III; 310, I; 
314. Ill 

A.D. 1918, 11, I; 17,1; 19,1; 
1:3, I; 217, II; 2G0. II; 361, I; 
263, rV; 2GT. II; 2T0, II; 

271, I; 272. I; 2S7. 1-283, K; 
303. Ill; 311. I; SIB. I. II 

A.D. 1919, 162. I; 2GI. II- 
262. Ill: 26G, II; 267. 11; 
269. I; 270, I 

A.i>. 1929, 162. I; 269. I; 

290. n: 300. vn 

Daughter of Tarsbish inspocta, 

211, I, II 
Daughters of Men, fair, 33, I 

ROUS of God marry. 33, 1-19, I 

Day of Jehovah, bejran 

A.D. 1D14, 267. ll 

marks of the, 263, 1 

Days, of man 120 years, 

■13, 1-44. II 
Dead, are not alive anywhcro, 
GG. I; 173. Ill; 174, I 
communication by medluma 
with; deceptive, 56. II; 57, I 
Deatli, Adam sentenced to, 
23, I 
Catholic teaching 

concerning, 173, II 
Devil teaches there is no, 

66, I, II; 173, 11-174. I 
entered world by sin, 96, n 
last enemy destroyed. 353, III 
Lucife;- given suspended 

sentence of, 30, 1 
mankind ransomed from. 



121, 1-123, 1 
of huiuan houI. 173. Ill 
to those remaiiiini; on __ 

Satan's side. 31, I; 337, H 
Wi<;ked angels get auspoiided 

Hentcncc of, &0,I; Bl, I 
Deception, as to Devil's 

(existence, 33, I 
Of men by devils, 63. I-8J. 11 
time of greatest. 307, I 
Democracy, not made safe by 

World War, 11. 1-15, II 
threatened in Britain. 

France. America, 15, I, 11 
Desolation, of .lerusalum, 266, I 
of spiritual Israel, 

266, II-2G7. 11 
Destiny, how d(;termlne(l, 31, II 
Detstruction, fate of God's 

onemlca. 310. I. II 
of Watan last. 339, 1. II 
of wicki;d at Armapcddon, 

3.1G. 11-837, n 
Huddan, after Peaoe-safety 

ery, 302, 1-29;!. I; 3;il. lU 
to Devil and wicked ansTlh'. 

CO, 1-52, III; 324, I; 338, I. II 
to b'oat class, 324. I 
Devil, blinds men's minds. 80, 1 
bound, destroyed, 339, I, II 
challenecd God, 65, II 
comes Into oxlatence. 30, 1 
declared hlniRelf equal 

to God, 203. II 
destroyed after hie 

organization. 244,11; 339.1 
fraud and deceiver, 109, II 
his "woman", 197, II 
inventor of relicion, 109, II 
Uar. father of lies, 113. 11 
lies aa to dead, 56. 1-57, 1 
murderer, 113, 11 
not deprived of power 

after Hood. 61. II 
originates all niclcetn. 142. Ill 
permitted to persecute God's 

servants, 88. 1-90. I 
reHglonfsts are children of, 

IKf. I-1I4, I; 197, II 
Bet up practice of religion 

aftor Hood, 68. 1 
turned iHraolItes from God. 

85, I; 99, I-lOO, I 
unes religion for gain, 

69. 1-70,11; 200, T, II 
why permitted to live, 

B5. 1-90. 1: 136,1.11 
Devil Religion, brings God's 

curse and destruction. 

103. I; 104. I 
Israel repeatedly turned to* 

105, n 

of Rome, 149, 1-162, 1 

Devils, cast out, 52, ni 
compose principalities, 
power.s rulers, 52, I 
ca.In control of men'.'j minds, 

53, I-Gl, II 
prince of, 36. U; 52, I 
Devil Worship, Ifiraelitcs 

turned to. 102, 1 
Devotion to Jehovah gains 

God's approval, 99, II 
Dictator, conduct of a, 13, 1 
inipendiniT in United .States, 

15. II; 17,1; 291,1, IT 
method used to set up a, 
12,1; 164,1 
Dictators, put in power and 
aiiproi'ted by Hierarchy, 
224, II; 273, 11; 275, I 
ruin In Eurone after 

World War. 13, I; 14, 1 
under snlrlt Iniluence, 61,11 
Vallnan in accord with, 
102, I-1C4, I 
Douay Version Bible, describes 
Jlierarehy of Jurisdiction, . 
191. 11-102, II 
dieprovcs purgatory, 
173. nil 174,1 
Draaon, fought in war In 
heaven; cast out, 310,1 
Lucifer's name changed to, 

one of Devil's names, 327, 1 
wars on remnant of woman's 
seed, 139, ll; 318. II 
Dwell before the Lord, 297, 1, n 

Earth, cleansed, to be inhabited 

by mankind. 855. II; 355, I 
created, why? 25,11 
defined. 63, II 
reserved unto fire, 61, 1 
will be made a glorious 

place to live on, 353, I, H 
Egypt, commercial, military, 

76, II; 224, II 
oppressed Hebrews. 

76, 111-78. 1 
pained at report of Tyre, 

227. II 

Practiced religion, 71, I; 76, H 
'yre dealt with, 221, I 
Elective Elders become part of 

"man of sin". 304, I 
End of World, moaning, 309, II 
of old world, In flood, 63, I, II 
proof of the, 303. III-312, U 
Iho flood pictured, 45, I, U 
war In heaven marks 
beginning of. 310, 1 
warning given now 
concerning, 45, li 



Enemies, destruction to God's, 

aiO, I. If 
Goil will find out all his, 307, I 
InducQ foav, cause bondage, 

3]., I; 22, i 
mora vicious since 191S, 23, 1 
must 1)B Idf iiliflfid, 22, I; 33. II 
origin of, 27. 1-30. 1; 33. 1-34. I 
rncUeloi-rs nrc, 142, 11, IH 
that flglit with God's 

S(>rvant3. S6, H: 73, 11-71. 1 
vlMlblo and iiiviaUjle, 305, 1 
wicltod angels, ae, II; G2. 1; 

aOB, I 
"EnumlcB" (Book), raalccs no 

n-JfiauIt on mr.n, 72, I; 205, I 
purjioso of, 205, I 
Kiiemy, chii^f vislblf, 328, I 
rule of the. 30C. I 
Luulfrr boconies God's, 

27, 1-30, I; 33. I 
of God. 27, I; 3,1, n 
tho c.hlft. ?,:t, II 
Eltcrnfil Tormant. based on 

;-;,n'a lie. C6, I; 57, I 
God not trulUy of, 137, 1 
Eve, creation of. 25, IH 
doctMition of. 23, I 
dc!3lrcd rcllt;ion, 200, I, II 
Everlasting Covenant 

concprriln^ sanctity of liCOi 

ITicrarchy violates, 

Ifll!, I, U; ICE, I 
ninilo known, t>3, 1 
Nlmmd violated. 65, II; GC, I 
vioiaLlona of, 65, 1 
Evil SRrvniit, chief ones of 

man of sin, 303. 11-301, U; 

332, I 
covcniint bri-aker, 332, I 
(leatroycd, 3.^3. 1 
Execution of God's enemies 

at hand, J! 17. II 
Estccutlonor (Jehovah's), 

apalnst the Hierarchy, 

2-IB. 1-252, I 
ChaUlPiins used as, 

Sin, I-2fi2. L 
■wrecks rclislon, 243, IT; 245, I 

Faith, necessary to receive 
lilcMsintr, 75, I; 76, I; 80,1 
of Abraliam, 7^,11 
of Noah, I'i. II 
raithful, few before flood 
roniaiued. 41, I 
few Iflraelltea remained, 

IftS, n 
God preat^rvcs the. 88, 1 
Faithful and Wise Servant 
nifirlc ruler over Lord's 

e:oods, 318, 1, n 

Faithfulness proved by 
ro!;l!jtin?,' Devil, B3, I 
False Prophet, 327.1; 3^5,1 
Faaciam, League of Nations 
l.jor'.oino.i lea.'iuc of, 2^2, I 
Fascist, will Britain and 
TJnItod Slates become? 
2!)], 11-292, II 
Fascists, in.qtrumont of 
Hierarchy, 273. II 
make Lateran treaty "with 

pope, ]62, I; 2G9. I 
pope supports liirth- Increase 

proR-ram of, 1C3, I 
punu>bie of Hierarchy to 

guviirn hy, 2SS. I 
Fv(:!;:od Itniy, 13, 1 
will ahj'.rt; oontemnt with 
Hlorarchy, 2!0, 1, II 
Fate, of DoTll. 33il, I. U 
of Devil's orpanization, 

nun. i-3;i6, ii 

of God'!3 enemies, 340, I. IT 
of Gojf ami wicked angels, 

ass. I, II 
of wickfld, .136, 1-337, II 
Father, moaninj?, 21, 1 
pope Is called "hu!y father", 
2.1&, III 
Fear, among men foretold, 
10, I; as, II; 300. m 
enojiiifs induce, 21, 1 
of mnii brings a anare, 
r.3, T; .">■!, I;' 154, I 
Fenrs, of the nations, 
10, II; n, n 
of tho people. 5, I; 17. 1-13, II 
Flaht, mvainat God. 322, I 
not with carnal v/cnpons, 

73, I; J10. 1 
of Christiana is against 
v.'hom? 3(!, II; 73, 11-74, I 
Fire, of God'.s jealousy deatroya 
.Hatan'H orRiinisation, 333, I 
prtificnl evil world 
reserved unto, S4, I 
Flaa-SalutlnOi a religious 
formallRm, 100. II 
by compulsion in the 
United States. 15. II 
rilerarchy leads in, 
22a. II; 273, U; 2S0. in 
Flood, doafroycd old world, 
G3. 1. II 
forfiyhadowod end of Satan's 

world, 4E, I 
Cod Kave warning of the, 

■13, T-41, II 
those perishing in the. 
-lit. T-R2. Ill 
Forglvonesa of Sin, 123, I 
Formalism, Devil invented, 09, 1 
Jfsus and apostles indulged 
in no, 185, II; 186, 1 







Jews were induced to 
adopt, 12!), I 
Fornication, of Hierarchy 
with world klii{,'domM, 
286, 11-303, I 
■wine of Habylon'8, 71, II; 
2B3, II; 2S9, 1 
Fraud, practiced on tlio 

sons of God, aa, 1-40, II 
reli.^ion «:>ine Chrlat's iiamo 
IS a. t4G. I 
Friend, love;] all the time, 
313, 1; 31;!, I 
of world is Ood'a enemy, 

3-16. I 
supporter of Devil In not 
God's. 343. I; 314, I 
Friends, Christ gave life for. 
34G, II; 347, I 
of Christ Jesus, 342. II 
of God, 312, I 

proof of God and Christ as, 
343, I 
Friendship, condition of, 

312, II; 317, I 
Fruits, of Catholic church 

deny its clalmn. l&a, I-ICO, I 
of God's kingilom, lOy, 1 


Gfit^s of t-lell, Hierarchy 

inisappUf-a text on, 
328,1; 329,1 
prevail against CtUholIo 
chui-ch, 21a, 1-220, 1; 
245,1; 32!), II 
prevail not against truo 
church, ]Ul, I 
Gather together before God's 

anger comes, 317, II; 3'IS. I 
Gatherina of faithful remnant 

to the Lord, 315. I: 316, I 
Gehenna, 234, III; 233, I; 2-i7. II 
Germany, Cathullo rellF.lon 
advocated for, 250, 11. Ill 
persecution of Jehovah's 

witnosaca in. 323, 1 in, 59, I; 60, I 
Giants, in the earth, 37. I; 40, 1 
net in iho .iudnnicnt at 
l3ood, DO, I-5a, II 
Glory, 01' cleansed earth, 
35u, I, II 
of Hierarchy stained, 
profaucti, 230. l-3;!9, I 
Goats, ii;i.l,lons Kepiirttlcd aa 
ah^iep and, 320, II 
pimishcd with deslryctlon, 

S24, I 
reiisionists identify ihem- 

Eoivcs ae, 321, 111-323, I 
symbol of peraecittorB, 321, 1 
Gcd, causes people to hear 

Word. 128.1. n 
Creator, 21, 1 
Devil declared hlmnelf 

eciual to, 208, II 
Devil tries to make mon 

curse. 89, I. II; 312, I 
foreknowledge of, 191, I 
gave warning notice bofora 

flood, 43, 1-15. II 
is love, 137. I; 342. I 
jealous, 91. II; 100, H 
none other to be had 

before, 94, II; 9Q. I 
pope dOGir»''ited aa, 

20a, II; 209. T 
repenled maliinf; man, 42, H 
God of This World (wicked), 

35. I; 305. I 
pope represents, 209, I 
God's Orcnnlzatlon, rlshtcoua, 

pure, true, 72, If; ;!(.MI, I 
Goa, destruction of, 333, I, II 
fallen anKnI, 37, I 
heathen yod, 153, I 
Satan's chief deputy, 

38. II; 30ri, 1; 338,1 
Great Multitude, amjel? and 

all faithful rejoice with, 

358, II; 3.i9, I 
cat sufftcii'ntly, fed at 

God's table. 298, I 
find rcfuiro hi God's 

orsanizatfon, 8!j7, 1 
Identify themsfilvos on 

God's Bide, 211i), T; 35S, I 
now coming, 3ri7. I 
serve God continually, 

297. 1, II; 2.19, I 
survive and praise Qod. 

297. 11 
take llmir stand durlnc; 

"atranrre work", 302, H 
turned away from 

roliKionlHtH. 227, I 
Great Tribulation, 3;.0, 1; 351, 1 


Hand of God strotcliod out 

over the sea, 244, 1, II 
Harlot, doflncd, 199. II 
hh-e of a, 294. 11-295. TI 
idcntilied with the "man 

of sin", 303, I 
methods of a, 198. 1; IDO. I; 

273, I; 273, I 
name applies to Christian 

relisiori, Catholic orfiim- 

iaation. 198. I; 200. I; 300. V 
rides LeaRiie of Nations 

beast. 2f;, 1; 281, I 
Roman t^atliollc Hierarchy 

sinf^a like, 271, 111-2:12, II 
symbol of Hntan's 




organizEvtIon, 1D7. IT; 300, V 
Tj're plays Ihe, 286, 11-293, I 
Harlotry, idolatry compared to, 

199, n 

with world kingdoms, 28B, I 
Harp, harlot takes a, 

272, 1^273. II 
Heaven, deflned, e;[, II 
Heavens reserved unto 

judgraont-day flro, 04, I 
Hell, ;igreement with, 
328, 1-329, 11 
angels cast down to, Bl, I 
dead are not alive In, 

B6, I, 11: 17-!, I 
gates of, 131, I; 245, I 
Jesus has keys of death 

and, 2!5, I 
moaning, 127, 1 
no torture in, 127, 1 
the grave, IT'I, I 
Hierarchy of JurlBdiction, 
Douay Version Blblci 
describes, 191, II; 192, II 
hypocrites, 330, II: 1131, I. II 
la^cl waste at Armageddon, 

252, II 

organized centuries after 

Peter, 154. 1-155, I 
priests and other orders 

under, 155, II; 213. 1; 2H, I 
undsrclerg:y survive 

destruction of. 211, I, a 
will fail to Btrcnelhcn 

its vesiwls, 212, 1 
Higher Powers, Hierarchy 

assumes place of. 

235, II, III: 295, I 
Hierarchy ordains world 

rulers aa tomporal. 2!)G, I 
Hire, fulfilled, 223, 1 
not treasured, hrou^^ht 

Into temple, 295, I; 297. I 
of Tyre becomes hollneas, 

294, 1-296, I 
shall be for those dwelling 

before the Lord. 297.1-299,1 
Tyre (Hiorareliy) returns 

to her. 2S6, 11-200, I 
Holiness to the Lord; Tyre'a 

hire becomes, 291, I-L'90, I 
Holy Spirit, Invisible power 

of God, 116, 11 
Mary conceived by, 122, I 
moved God'a prophets. 19B, I 
Honourable of the Earth, 

235. 11-240, II 
House to House, Jesue and 

apostles preached from, 

14G, II; 160, I 
Howl, at strange act, at 

Armageddon, 21G. 1-217, II; 

253, I; 293. I; 302. I 
not before the 70 years. 

215.1; 216.1; 3i)3, T 
of iho shepherds, 330, 1 
»liili3 oi Tarshish make a, 

212, II; 215, 1-213, I; 253, U 
Hypocrites, clergy of today 

are, 111, I; 330, 1-331,1 
c-Oiuluct of, S30, I 
defjtroyed, 331, 11, III 
Jdrus called the clergy, 

111, 1; 114, I-llfi. I 


Identification, by clothing, 
29D. I 
Of God's enemies. 320, 1-324, 1 
on God's side, 299. I; 325.1.11; 
353, I; 3:59, 11 
Idtlntry, compared to harlotry, 
199, II 
religious practitioners 

Indulire in. 101, II 
fi'ubhornness is, 55, I; 101, fl 
Idols, Cod's law forbids. lUl.II 
Imcigea, employed and 
allowed in noman 
Catholicism, 186. II 
forbiddon to be worahipcd, 

91. I. II; 136, II 
Cod's law violated by 
malting and worshiping, 
95, 11; 100. II: 186. U: 

1R9, 1, n 

prove Hierarchy to be 
r.ickctccrs. 190, 1 
Imano-Worship, is idolatry, 
101. n 
laraeliLos at Sinai 
engaged in, 95, II 
Immortality, Josua at 

rosiirrection given, 125. 1 
IndliloencES sold. 181, It 
Infallibility of pope, SIO, I 
Inhabitants of isle, be still. 

221, 11-223, 1 
Inquisition, Hierarchy would 
hide record of. 2S2. II 
In Spain by Hierarchy, 1C5, J 
Inspiration of Scriptures, 

79, II; 81,11; 196, I 

Integrity, few Israelites 

maintained, 105, U 

Jesus maintained. 124, I 

Job maintained, 89, 1. II 

proved by resisting Devil, 

8S, 1-90, J 
reqiiired to enter 
Promised Land. 98, 1 
Isaiah's Prophecy, apparent 
fulllliment of, 253, I-2G2, V 
of harlot organization, 
196, 1-302, I 
Isles terrified ac Tyre's fall, 
21S. I; 220.1 

Israel, backsliding', 105, II 
chosen by God for a 

purpose. 91. I 
Jacob is named, 76, III 
received law through 

Mo.'^os, 91, II 
Israelites, beset by religion, 

9B, I-lOO, I; 102. 1-105, 11 
delivered from Egypt, 78, I 
oppressed in Egypt, 

76, ni-7S, I 
Bafeguardod by i^w 

unto Christ, 96, U-98, 1 

Jahovah, caused Mary to 

conceive, 122, 1 
Fatlier, Life-giver, 197, I 
Friend of loving, 

obedient ones, 3-12. I 

r:oodncss of, 356, 1 
nspircd prophecy, 194, I 
is love, The unselfish One, 

26, II; 342, I 
meaning, 24, 1; 77, 1 
praiae to, 359, II: 3S0, I 
provided for mankind's 

random. 121, 1-123, 1 
revealed himself to 

Mo:-:e3, 77, 1 
righteous, holy, 26, EC 
supremo: rules universal 

organization. 25, I 
the Great Rock. 132, I 
the Great Spirit. 41. IT 
Who is like Him? 360. I 
Jahovah's Organization, preat 

multitude now aeelt. 357, I 
symbolized by woman, 35, II 
the church, 133, 1-134, II 
unrighteous are expelled 

from. 26, II 
Zlon, his capital, 134, D 
Jciiovah's witnesses, branded 

as Communists by 

Hierarchy. 235. II; 301, I 
Brieve the Hierarchy. 232, II 
Hierarchy leads in 

persecution of, 223, 1; 

321, III-333, I 
no more restrained by 

Hierarchy. 243, 1 
oboy God's comm_andment 

to publish truth, 319, III 
peace and hope of, 356. II 
sheep class befriend, 335. II 
J«hu, destroyed Baalism, 105, I 
pictured Christ Jeaus as 

executioner, 333, II 
Jerusalem, desolated 70 yeara* 

266. 1-267. U 
organization of God's 

people, 233. H 

Tyre rojoloed at fall of, 

297. II 
Jesuits, encourage 

Communism, 164, 1 
Instrument of Hierarchy, 

273, 11 
made contemptible, 240, I, II 
used directly toward peoDlo 

liy Hierarchy, 213, I; 214. I 
JoGUS, anointed. 109, II 
brgan minlKtry at 30 years, 

iOS. I: 122, I 
birth of; rot witnessed 

liy clergy. 107. I 
born holy, perfect. 122. I 
clcrffy demanded death of. 

I iO. IT 
common people, but not 

'Clergy, heard. 110,1; 111, 11 
consecrated Belf to God, 

122. T: 123, I 
died as accursed sinner, 

124. I; 187, I 
oxin'oHsed not his own 

opinion. 21, I 
falsely accui-ied: conspired 

aRalnst by clergy. 

118, 1-119. I 
hringed on tree. 187. I 
maintained integrity, 324, T 
p-rrfoct man on earth. 21, 1 
I reached kingdom of 

heaven. 110, 1; 303. II 
preached to spirits In 

prison, 48, 1-49. I 
(finlined to 1)0 God's 

Vindicator. 13.1. I 
rcHurrected aa Etpirit, divine. 

immortal, 125, 1: 308.11 
Snn of man and Son of 

God. 122, I 
tonipted; resisted Devil, 

wnrshipi'd Jehovah Cod, 

109, II 
Jewish Cleroy (Rabbis), follow 

Catholic Hierarchy, 212.1; 

222, I. 11; 225. I. 11 
Jews, Hierarchy uses. 281, 1 
Job, an example of the 

rr\lthful. 88. 11-90. I 
Jonadnbs, .''.'i7, I 
Joy of the Lord; a time of, 

359, I; 360, I 
Jiidaa, foreshadowed 

"man of sin", 304. II 
foreshadowed the evil 

servant, 332. I 
Judgment, anirela that sinned 

reserved unto. 50. T-52. Ill 
at ChrisfB coming. 317. 11 
botrlns at house of God. 

318. I 
committed to Jesus, 313, I 




coneerninff all flesh at flood, 

4S. I; 48, II 
of nations now on, 

330, 11-333, II 
on mankind to 

condomniition, 9G, 11 
Jiistification, of lifp, ilO, II 
tliroufi-h faith, 75, I 


King, Christ cnthronod as, 
270. H 
Jehovah's anointed. S'lS, II 
the days of one. 270, II 
Kingdciii, Christ's, not of 
this wovlil, 23-1, II 
pr^achin;^ the B'OSIjoI Of tho, 

viujJioatcs God'B name, JiOS. I 
Kingdom Inlrarosts, 318,1,11 
Kingdom of God, jeuua 
at E^ccond cyniliin takoa, 
15S, II 
clergy prevented peoplo's 

entering, ll!i, II 
enrthly condltloiiB under, 

G53, I 
fruits of the, lED, I 
given to Christ and faithful 

fgllowerg, 158, II; 159, I 
has Tiothins in common with 

world Itingdonis, 158, II 
Jesus bore wilnesa to Iho, 
ISO, 11; 121, I 
Kinndom of Heaven, la at 

iLina, ni)3, I 
Klncsdoms, God rhaltca the, 

2U, U 
Kings, ten, turn ajrainRt 

rcllyioiia tiyt;tcniti, 227,1 

Knov/lcd[je, rcccnaary to IkiIIoC 

nnd lif.i, 123. I, TI; SFvi. I 

of truth now needed, 20, II 

Last Days, deECiibo'l. 145, 1 
proof of the, 312, II 
time ot dccaptlon, 307, 1 
Law, add^Ml til! Sued camo; 

a Ecliool master, 07, I 
coiiscquencea of vlolalins, 

J, I 
enilrd, heinj^ naflpd to JEBua' 

tree, 1B4, I; IHiJ, I 
for ina,n's benefit. 95, I; 07, I 
fundamental. 01, I. II 
given to Israel, why, S5. I: 

91, I, n; 94. I; 9u, 11-97.1 
reason for writtftn, flS, I 
wi-itten on stone, 92, I 
Lawmakers dictated to by 

Hierarchy, 259, H; 280, III 

Lcncue of Nations, a bea^t; 

eighth world power, 239, II 
aboniiaation of desolation, 

2S3. I; 2S8, 11-290, 1 
Clilld of Devil, 288. II 
deKtroyed at Armageddon, 

2S9, II 
hiLi'lot (iliorarchy) ridrs tho, 

28;i, I; 284, I; 238, 11-300, II 
laliQled as expreasion of 

God's kingdom, 283,1; 290,1 
po]ia .loURht Boat in. 103, I; 

271, I; 283, I; 200, n 
Liars are ruliglonists, 113, 1 
Lie, ,qatan told first, 32, I; 

5fi. I: 2C0, 1 
Lies, arc made the Ilierarchy'a 

refuse, 2S0, 11; 294, I 
Evu wua told reiislous. 

200. I, II 
Life, believora on Son reeeive, 

ISO, II--128, I 
by Itnowledpre of God and 

ChrlHt, a.Vl, I 
given for ranr^^om, 121, I; 

123, I; 126, I 
God's Rift ttirou^h Christ, 

9C. II; 97. I: 11:0, II; ^51, I 
Ood the Giver of everlaatins, 

Cod iinselflsli in providing, 

127. I 
Justilleiitlon to, 96, II 
no miirdertT gains, 33, 1 
only to servants of God, 

120, r, II 
to Iho luvrful, 35, 1 
Llfjht, God's Word (tho Bible) 

IH a, 81, II 
for tho rlfrhteous, 81, 1 
LoQoa, in God's universal 

or.'^auization, 26, I 
tnado flesh, why, 120, 11 
tho first creation, 2-1. U 
Love, defined, 94. I; 342. 1 
Lucifer, aiioiittcd clieiuh, 33, 1 
beautiful, corrupted himself, 

;!Q. I 
coveted oauality with God, 

27, I 
created, 25, I 
deceived Kve. 23, T 
fallen from heaven, 27, 1 
givtin authority over angels, 

33. I; 51, I; 52, 11 
given change of name. 30, I 
in Eden, 2o, lU 
ill God's organization, 

26, I: 33, I 
man's overseer, 2a, UI; 25, 1 
Benienced to death, 30, 1 
Bon of tho morning, 27, 1 




Magog, fire sent on, 33S. II 

land of. S6, U; SS, II; 338.1 

spirits in priaon in, 48, I, U 

Man, Jehovah's ideal, 303, I 

Mani<lnd, rEin^om needed to 

redeem, 121, 1-123, 1 

Sin and eondemnation 

l.aMsd on to, OB. 11; 121. 1 
to inhabit cleansed earth, 
35.1, 11; 336, I 
Man of Sin, a composite body, 

303. I 

rrafly operations of, 304, 1, II 

destruction of. 333, 1 

ovll servant class the chief 

of the, 303.11; 304. n: 333,1 
nraetices religion, 209. 11; 

304, I 

set.'i himself forth as God, 
200. II 
Matr;rlali:£ntion, of angela, 
37,1; 107,1 
of BonfJ of God, 33,1-30, I , 
of wicked angels, 37, 1: 40, T 
Meek, guided and taught God 3 
truth. 83.1; ^49. II 
identified, 20,11: £2. 1; 82 t 
Bceii Jehovah. 343. 1-3J9, III 
Meekness, how to seek, 

348, I; 349. I. II 
Men of Good Will, peace to, 

107. 1; S07. II „ , „ 

Msn of Renown, born. 40, I, H 

de.stroved in flood, 46, I 
Merchandise, made of people, 
223, I; 224, I 
not trea-'aurcd nor brought 

liUo temple, 295.11; 207,1 
of Tyre becomes holiness, 

391. I-20G. 1 
of Tyre for those dwellmg 
before Lord, 297, 1-299, I 
Ml(|hty Men, Gib'dorim, 46,1 

men of renown, 40, I, II 
Mind, Devil and demons gain 

control of, 53, I: 54. 1 
l\1l:-lonary Work broken up 
i ,- Ilierarehy's destruction, 
•lilO. II; 234, ni; 235,1 
r.loncy, defined, 70. II 

love Of, 70, 1, 11 
Mosss, bh-th, training of, 
7G, lil 
Jehovah revealed himself to, 

77, I 

led Israel from Egypt, 

78, I; 91, r 
received law from God, 

85.1; 91,1; 92,1 
wrote first five books of 
r.ible, 79, 1, II; 98, 1 
Motion Pictures controlled by 

Hierarchy, 27S, n; 270, I; 
HSO. Ill; 2ai. I 
Murder, due lo Haian'a 
liifUifnee, 33, 1; 113, I 
goes with religion, 201, 1 
Murderer, gains no eternal 
llfo, 33. I 
Ralan a, 32, I; 113, II 
Murderers are rollglonlata, 

Namo of Jehovah, proclaimed 
bttfuro lasuB is determined, 
aii, I; S7, I; I3i1. I. II 
Nations, dewtroyod by God's 
forces, 350, I 
distress of; foretold, 18. 11; 

309. Ill 
ealhcrod for destruction, 

333, 1 
given to Christ lo be 
duHtroyed, 330, Jl 
Nazis, In accord with the 
Vatican, 1(14, I 
Inf-itvutncnt of Hiorarchy, 

273, 11; 301,1 
porseciitB .Ichovah'a 

witneraEes, 1G4, I 
Jleiclislag Uro charged to, 

50, 1; CO. I 
bcIko Germany, 11, 1 
to share contempt with 
Hierarchy, 240. I, II 
Naiism, grows in the 

United Stales, 17. I: 289,1 
oriranlKed, init in power fn 

CJennany. 104.1; '^GS, Ul 
pufihod forward by 
lllerarohy, 234, II 
Nebucbadnezzar, foregha.dowed 
Christ Jeaus. 240, 1 
invaded ligypt after Tyre, 

227, II 
laid v/a!;tn to Jerusalem, 

'i'yro, etc., 217. I 
Boi Up Babylonian empire, 

250, II 
tho Greater than, 217, II 
Nephlllm, deceived daughters 
oC men, 39, 1 
helped impris'on sons of 

Gud. 43, I, 11 
moaning, 37, I 
not in the judgment at 

Hood, 50, I-G2. Ul 
wicked angela matGrialliiGd 
!iEt. 37, I 
New Namo, Jehovah's 

witni'SHes, 138. I 
New World, after end of this 

world, 6-1, 1 
Nlmrod, built NInoveh. 2:>o, n 
built up comnnerce, trada. 



fl7. 1: E02, n 
inlKhty Imiiior bnforo tho 

Lord, 60, II: 202.11 
name, SOU. l 
rellBion on canh waa set 

ui> with. GU, 1; 202. II 
took lead in jiolilicB, 67, 1: 

2(12, 11; 203. I 
violaled everlasting 

covenant, (>'■>, II; G6, I 
Noah, iic^o or, 43, I; 74. II 
directed to bufld arlt. 44, 1 
faltli or, 44, II 
not a reliEloniat, 202, 1 
proaclied to Bona of Out!, 

48. II 
pre^jcrvcil throngh flood, 

46, I; C4, I; 201i, 1,11 
remained faitlirul. 41, I; BS. TI 
Bona of, li'i, T; Hi, I 
■wnrnrjfl of Uod concernlnB 

tho llood, 44, I 
wariiod ixioiilo ooncorning 

tho flood, 4;j, 1-15, II 


Obedience, recjuirad of God's 

wItiieHHca, H20, I 
fo naln llffi. act, I 
One [Hundred Tv/cnty Years, 

man's Uayt; iin lii Hood, 

■12, I-4'l, 11; -IS, II 
Organization, Bibl':. study do'-a 

not moan JoininR an, 20, II 
Oroanlzotions, two groat 

opijoPinfe'. 35. II; 72. 11; 

3')G. I 
Organized RellQlon, besun 

after flood, liS, 11-67, 1 
operated by men under 

tlK- Devil, 72, I 
Other Slicep, preal multllinlo, 

32E, I. II; aiG, II; 357, I 
Overlord, Ijiicifcr was made 

man's, 2B, 111 
Satan the world's, 309, II 
Bllll Satan, after being 

sentenced to death, 3u, I 

Papal ilomefrotn Pagan Romo, 

143, I-ini. IT 
Peace, and safety. Hierarchy 

will cry, 292, I-2D3, I; 

331, III 
beyond understandingr 

enjoyed by Christians, 

3,^6, II 
bloBaing now and after 

Armageddon, 352, 1-354. 1 
tho po|io and the Treaty of, 

2G8, 1-271, I 
to men of good will now. 

307, n; 357. I 
People, Diivil's agents make 

merchandise of, 22'S, I; 

will inhaijit cleansed earth, 

355, U: 356. I 
People for HFs Name, 

constitute God's temple 

and witnesses, 317, I 
taken out from nations, 

136. n; 309. I 
People of Good Will, form 

gi-cat muiiitude, 357, I 
hid diirinf? and survive 

Armageddon, 297, I, II 
talte stand on Jehovah's 

side, 293, I; 209. I; 357. I 
Permit, preaching gospel 

without a poljee, 332, I 
Persecution, of Christians 

counted as done to Jesus, 

321, II, III 
cf Jehovah's witnesses by 

religionists, 321, III-323, I 
the church must suffer, 

13G, II; 137, I 
why permitted, 8S, I 
Pharaoh, meaning, 76, II 
oppressed Israelites, 

76, 111; 78, I 
represented Devil, 7G, lH; 

S6, I 
Pharisees, believed not on 

Jesus, 111, II 
followed human traditions, 

114. I; 115, I; 116, I 
received not Jesus, 108, 1 
sought favor, approval 

of men, 108, I; 110. I 
Political Pov.^er, exercised by 

Roman Hierarchy, IGl, I, II 
pope temporarily shorn of 

but regains. 162, I 
Politicians, forgot, neglected 

Hierarchy, 267, n-271, U 
Hierarchy seeks to seduce, 

entrap, 273, 1-282, I 
praise Hierarchy, 238, H 
Politics, defined, 67, I 
in United States confollsd 

by Hierarchy, 259, II; 

260, II; 231, 1 
Nimrod led in, 67, I; 202. II; 

operated with religion, 67, 1; 

202, 1-203, I 
Satan uses, 34, 1 
troubles hi, 12, 1-17, I 
Pope, and seat in League of 

Nations, 162, I; 271, I; 

2D0, n 
and the Peace Conference, 

268, 1; 263, 1; 271, 1 



boRlna exerclslner temporal 

power. 161, I 
crowned and deposed kings, 

235, II 
dcijrived of temporal power, 

266. 1-258, II; 2G3, I-BG4, 11; 

271. n 
designated as god, 208, I 
during and after World War, 

200, 1-203. II; 2C8, 1-271. I 
election of tho first, 154, I, II 
escaped In dl.igulso from 

Borne, 254. II; 253, I; 271. II 
Fascist leader opposed but 

now supports tho. 290, II 
regains temporal powor, 

2G1. n-263. IV: 290, U 
representative nf Kod ot 

this world. 200, I 
Prayer, before Imagea, with 

repotltlonH. 189. 1. II 
for dead in [lurgatory, 

171, 1-173. I 
In Eioeret, 110,1; 1H9, 1 
of hypocrites, 110, I 
to nod In Glirist'a name, 

vain repetitions In, 110, I 
Preparation of way befora 

Liord'a cominB, 316, I 
Prldo of all glory to be 

stained, 236, 1-240, IT 
Priests, conspired to Itlll 

Jesus. U8, II; 119, I 
did not receive Christ, 

lOa, I 
not witnesses to Jesus' 

birth, 107. 1 
should have known and 

tanirht of BlftBSlah's 

coming. lOG, I 
Prince of Tyre, claimed to 

l>e god. 200,1; 208. I, II 
man and not God, 218,1 
pictured Roman Catholic 

l-liorarchy, 208,1,11; 3un, 11 
Princes of the church, 235. Ill 
Prophecy, for whom written, 

195. I 
fuiniied. becomes food, EDS, I 
God caused writing of, 

194, I; IBC, I 
not understood till God'a 

time to unfold, lOli, I, II 
rovoalod, Htrencthruia Qod'a 

people, 228, I; 22!), I 
Buro of fuHHlmcnt, 104,1 
PropHotio Pictures, Israel 

was used to make, 

91. I; 194,1 
of God'a purpose. 70, I; 78. I 
Prophets, foretold rellgioua 

organization, IDS, I 

insptrca, 101.1: 19S, I; 106.1 
Protection against enemies, 

22 I 
Protes'tant Church, of organ- 
ized Christianity, 210, 1 
playa into Hierarchy's 
hands. 222,1. II; 276, H 
Protestant Clergy, acclaim 
League of Nations. 290, 1 
not advantatrcd by link 
with Hierarchy. 235, I, n 
Protestantism dead, 212, 1 
Purgatorial Purse, 214,11 
Puroatory, ijased on 

Uevil's Ue, 56. 1-57, I 
Catholic teaching 

concerning. 172, 1-175, I 
dead not alive in. 56. 1-57, I 
doctrine fa a racket, 

171, 1-179, I 
source of revenue for 

Hierarchy, 171, 1-179, I 
unacriptural. 173. 11-175, 1 
Furpose, against Tyre 

(1-liern.rchy), 236,1-240,11; 
82!), HI 
of Tjeagtio of Nations, 281, I 
of preaching Kingdom 

gospel, 320, II; 347, n 
of Satan, SI, II; 32, 1; 01, n 

Question, at issue, to be 

settled In God's favor, 87, I 
Questions, answered by 

Christ Jesus, 19, II; 20, I 
roused by fears, 18, II; 19, I 
■Scriptural answers to, 311, I 
wlilch tho reader must 
answer, 19, II; 20, 1 


Racltet, defined, 142, T; 176,1 
of purgatory not forbidden 
by U. S. government, 

178, I; 179, I 
religion is a, 190, I 
rcmisalon-of-sins doctrine a, 

179, 11-183, I 
Racketeers, defined. 1'12, II 

Hierarchy are, 171. 1-183, I 
will bo doatroycd, 336, I, n 
Rackets, kinds of, 17G. I 

orlglnalo with Devil, 142, III 
Radio, Hierarchy and the, 

240, I; 280, HI 
Ransom, for how many? 
126, I-12S, I 
Jcaus gave himself as, 1?3, 1 
needed for man, 121, 1-123, 1 
Rebel, Lucifer (Satan) 
the great, 33, 1 



Rebellion, In Siialn backed by 

HiBrarohy, nB. I; 277. I 

leads to witchcraft, GS, I, n 

Redemption, secondary purpose 

of JcBua' coming, 121, I 
Refuae, HhT.'uchy makes 

iisa its, 2K0, IJ 
of lies swept uw;Ly, 294, I 
Regeneration of iimn during 

Christ'fl relfjn, sr,a. III 
Religion, atlO[)t(:il by E!iCO(.-aalve 

world powers, 71, I, II 
against God and his 

kingdom, 112, I 
and muvdt^r and war, 301. 1 
Babylon, tlio name taken 

by all. 71, I 
bcsattinE sin. 99. I-lOl, II 
best nttaiia to flocelvo and 

to roDVonoJi Qo'l, a33. II 
Christian 0|»i)o.scd to, 144, II 
commercialized, 210, 1 
defined, 66. I 
destroyed llrflt at 

Armageddon, 221.1,11; 

2i3, ri; 3S!). U; ^33, II 
r!e\i! Inventive!, introduced, 

109, II; 200, I. 11; £0!), 11 
dilTers from keoplnK God'a 

commandinontF. 114. I; 

115, I 
fall or: bowailed, VM. 1 
human race deponcratod 

thi-oiigh, 202. I 
Inraage-makinR and wovMliIp 

is, S5, 11; ISG. 11-190, I 
indignation of Ciod .at 

Eabel asainBt, 63, 11 
instruniRnL Utiml by IJovU, 

.^4, I; GO, I; 71. TI; 90, 1 
law eivun to Hafep;unrd 

Israel from, 95. IT-OS, I 
Xieagup nf Nations' 

binding tie, 2S;j. I 
means of confiiBicn, 63, 11 
mistranslation of word at 

Jam(;s 1: 27. KID, 1 
must be laid jiHldo. 101. 1 
operated with imlltics and 

commerce, 07. I; 68.11; 

202. 1-204, 1 
practice of; boRun after 

flood, 65. II: Oti, I; 202. II; 

the fTreate,at racliot, 144,11; 

190, I 
used for L'aln, 63. 1-70. II; 

192, II 
used to gain political 

power, 2tl2. I 
used to ttu-n nion from 

God, 99, 1-300. I; 115,1 
why organlKcd, 67, I 
RellQion <The Jowa'), 

formalism. IID, I; 129,1 
Relloionlsts, accused, 

conajilred a-gainst Jesus. 

118, II; 119. I 

brcivkers OC Grid's everlasting 

covenant. 113, I 
cliallcnced the aposllea' 

prcachinEc, 146, H 
cliiUlrcn Of Davil, 113. 11; 

114, I 
clergy are. 110, 1-112, 1 
Uomanilod Jesua' death, 

119, II 

do not fool God, 331, II 
hypocrites, Satan's 

ropi-csientativeg, 112,1-114,1 
miirdovcd OocVs lirouhets, 

iKi. I; na. I 

oppofii.' truth, lis, I 
piirsccul;e Jeans' foliowora, 

137. I 
tried to Itill Jesus, 113. I, II; 

no, I; 118. 1 
Remnant, Diivll tries to 

dOHtroy. 318, II 
htivii testimony of Jesiia 

Christ. 139, IT 
of woman's seed, 317. II 
RemlDsion of Sin, apostlp'? 

received power of, 1E3, 1 
by Clad nloiie, through 

Johns' b](jod, 1S2, I 
Cfitholio cliurch clainia 

power of. 173, II-lSl, in 
claim of poT.-er of; prov.?a 

HifTiirchy aa not of God, 

IM. I 
politicians seek Hlerarcby 

for, 17U, U; ISl, III 
Rcpcntnnco of God for 

niakin;^ nirin. 42, II 
Reproach on Cod's name liy 

rclirjion, CC, I; 144. n; 3J3, II 
Requli'cmcnts, now of a man 

In rcligloiia organiHation, 

346. I 
to receivo God's bliissings, 

344. I: 347, T-;',49, III 
Resurrection, of faithful 

ChristlanH. 314,111; 315,1 
of .IcauH. 125. I; 30S, TI 
Ricliea, of Calholio church 

disjirovo oiaima, 

ICO, I-lGl, 1 
Bonrcu of Hli-^rpjchy'a 

niaUa'ial, 170, II-lSl, 111 
Riahteouanons, how to seek, 

348. I. II 
nock, C'hrist .Tomis, not Peter, 

is the, 13t, 1; 132, I 
church built upon tha. 

131. I; 132,1 
Jehovah tho Groat, 1:12, I; 

207. II 



Tvre built In mockery 

of The, 207, II 
Roman Catholic Church 

(Oraanlzation) history 

(A.n. 184S-1919) of. 

2C3. 1-202. IV 
mother of '-Christian 

religion", 204, II; 210, I 
no more ciitrance into. 

213, I; 249, U ^ ^ 

ritio and destruction of, 199, I 
ruled by Hierarchy; political, 

commercial. 205, 1 
Roman Catnolic Hierarchy, 

advise against Bible 

reading, 175.1; 1E3, I; 193.1 
appointed for desolation, 

2«0. iri; 251.1 
astonishment at destruction 

of. 230. 1-221. U: 

230. 1-249. H 
attempts to gain world 

conlrol, 165, 11-170,1; 193.1; 

202. IV; 2G4, I; 280. II: 

2S2, 1: 291, 1-292, I 
Babylon the Great, 329, III 
boaats of antiquity, 

permanence and strength. 

231, II; S30. ri; 323. I; 3-:9. I 
chief viajble enemy of (Jod. 

y:i8. 1; img. i 
clalmH of; tcKtod by God'B 

Word. IDG, I; 157, I 
claims to be spiritual 

higher powers. 291^. I 
commits foniic-ation with 

wdrld, 28S. 1-292, H 
deals with Big Euslness, 

politicians, 224, IT; 250. I 
doatroyed at beginning of 

Armageddon, 329. I-3;U, III 
destroyed before politics 

and commerce, 227, II; 

244, II 
destroyftd by "ton horns , 

329, III 
dovelopiiient of. Iii2i I-IKG, I 
J^evll conceived idea of, ICti. I 
dominates League of Nations, 

2S3. T; 2S4, I: 2S3, 11-292. I 
employs schemes to attract 

people, 231, I 
end of rowtraint from 

destroying the. 2-13, II 
enemy of God and Christ, 

i:i;(. I; 2S.1, 11-280.1; 316.1 
established in England, 

Scolland, United States, 

255. II; 257. n-259, 1 
csf'CuMon upon, 249. 1-252, 1; 

302, II 
friend of world and servant 

of Satan. 284. 11-236, I 
frulta disprove clainis ot, 

168,1-159, n; HBC. I 
has practicea llko Buddhism. 

IBS, m to move into destruction, 

232. 1-234. Ill 
honors and obedience 

demanded by the, B3G, lu 
Idi'ntified aa Roata, 

321, III-323, I 
Identity of; Do you know? 

140. II 
instruments to entrap now 
used bv. 273. 11-275, I; 
301. 1, il 
lamentation at destruction 
of. 238, III; 239, I; 21)2, U 
makes lies its refuge, 329. 1 
makes up the Catholic 

church. 155, 11 
most destructive racketeer, 

155. I; 190. I: 193, i 
mother Drganl?,atIon, 241, 1 
no rest short ol' doBtructlon 

for. 247, IT; 243, I 
not forgotten 70 literal years. 

264, II; 207. 1-271. II 
part of Satan's world. 346, I 
practices whoredom with 

rulers, 2Ifi. 1; 317, 1 
pretends to 1)0 ihe true, 

only church. 1&5. If 
previous attempts to lay 

waste the, 217, II 
prince of Tyre, 211, I 
proved to be false repre- 
sentatives of God by: 
acquiring worldly riches. 

IGO. I-lGl, I 
backing up war prosrama 

of polillcianB, 1H3, I, II 
Catholic Action to control 
world, les, 11-170, I: 
276. II; 2S0. II; 2B4. 11 
ceremonies, pecuilsir 

clothing, 181!, 11-180. I 
exercising polltieal power, 
131,1-102, 1; 1H5, II; 
254,11-255. 11; 2G1, I. U; 
262. LV; ES3. I; 284. I 
liistigating. supporting 
dictatorship, 1C4. I; 
224, 11: 273. II; 273,1 
onerating purgatory 
"racket. 171. 1-179. I 
Itclitical alilanco with 
heathen rulora, 165, Hj 
284. II 
l)ro3ecuting murderous 

rebellion. 165. !; 277. I 
racket of r'imisalon of aln, 

179. 11-183, 1 
usf> of images, oroos, etc., 



recompenBecl for ill-treating 

God'a utuplo, 233, 11-234, U 
rotm-riH to ti liarlot'e hire. 

237, I-afi!l. I 
Belf-Klorlfyiiig, but -will be 

abased, 2yG, 1-240, II 
eliiffs like fi harlot, 

271. 111-282,11; 300, VH 
to ceaso rejoicing, 246, 1 
try to ri-strain Jehovah's 

■wltneases, 2*3, I; 282, 1, II; 

801, I 
uncUircIerey sui-vive 

deatructiim of, 2'il, II 
uat!8 a liarloL'a methods, 

lUS, I; rj3, 1 
uses means to compel others 

to believe, 345, 1 
vJalted by Jehovah after 

World War, 2S6, II 
will cry I'eace and safety, 

2i)2, 1-2!);!, I; 301, II; 331, III 
Roman Empire, absorbed 

hcathori rtjligiona, 

143, I^lCl. II 
Rome, from I'aRan to Papal, 

Ua. I; ici, ir 
history (A.D. 1848-1919) of, 

201. II 
popo loscB, 2GC, I-2GS, n 
relislon of, 71. I; 149, 1-151, II 
Rulers of the World, executed 

at Armapcdcloii. 

3,15, 1-3.10, TI 
under control of 

wiclcRd spirits, 61, II 
Russia, popo fi?ars Bolshevism 

from. 2B2. II 
spiritism in, 58, 1 

Safety, Hierarchy will cry 
Pouco and, 292, 1-293, I; 

place of; during Armageddon, 

351, I; 352, I 
Salute: Bce Flag Salute 
to men and objects violates 

God'a law, 100, II 
Salvation, attributed to flags 

or men by salute, 100, ll 
attributed to God by 

Christ, 353, I 
call on Johovah for, 128, 1, II 
Devil turned men to 

creatures for, 68. I 
through Christ, 146, n 
Satan, assaulted Job, 89, 1, II 
Beelzebub, 3G, II 
cast out of hs,aven, 2G3, 1; 

272, I; 310, I 
challenged God's supremacy, 

89, 1, II 

corrupted Pelf for 

coniinorcialiam, 200, H 
eathera forces for Arma- 
geddon, 272, I; 32S. I; 337, I 
had access to heav(;n, 48, II: 

8S, U; «0, I; 310, I 
introduced religion, 20O, II 
king of Tyre, 200, I; 208, 1: 

211, I; 300, II 
Lucifer's name changed to. 

30, I 
responsible for world's woes, 

;tl1, 1-312, I 
spirit creature, 34, 1 
uses angels and men, 34, 1>s rt/Iiglon, politics, 
commerce, 34, I 
Satan'a Oroanlzation, Babylon. 
107, H 
combines tliroc visible 
Clements, G9, I; 203. I 
destroyed at Armageddon, 

335, 1-337, II 
pitted agtiinat God'a 
organlnation, 306, 1 
purpose, effort of, 72. II 
symbolined by bad woman, 
197, II 
Oau(, fell to Devil, 53, 1; 34, 1 

sought witch, 54, 1-55, n 
Sea, Catholic population, 2H, I 
hath spoken, 227, 1 
Jehovah stretches out hand 

over, 2d4. 1, n 
symbolic, 210, I; 227, I 
rcanco, di'Cfptive, 56, n 
Ceed, of Serpent, 35, II 
of the woman, 35, TI 
remnant of her. 317, 11 
the promised. 96,1; 106,1 
Serpent, Ijuclfer's name 
changed to, 30, I 
moaning, 30, I; 35. IT 
Seventy Years, howl does not 
precede, 315, 1-217, II; 
202, V 
on Tyre concurrent with 
thosd on Jerusalem, 
216, 1-217, II; 266, 1-267, H 
Tyre forgoltcn, 264, 11 
Sheep, blessed for deeds to 
Chriafs brethren, 325.11 
brought Into the fold, 

34C, II; 347, I 
nations separated as goata 

and, 320, II; 321, I 
other, 825, I, II; 346, II; 357, 1 
people of good will, 321, 1: 
325, I 
Ships of TarehlBh, howl, 212,11: 
215, 1-218. I; 262, n 
underprlesta and 
BUbordlnates of Hierarchy, 



213.1-214, IT; 300,1V 
Sickness destroyed, 353, III 
Sin, blood of Jesus cleanses 
away, 182, I 
dc.ith is wages of, 95, II 
entered world by Adam. OB. II 
transgression of law, 07, I 
Slt-Down Strikes, 17, I; 61, I 
Song of the Harlot, addressed 
to Hierarchy. 272, I 
fuirdied on Tyro (Hierarchy), 
271,111-232, IT; 300, VTI 
Songs, harlot sings many, 
272. 1-276, I; 280, 1-281, I 
of Jehovah's witnesses. 274. 1. 
Eons of God, have opportunity 
for salvation, -10, I 
imprisoned bv Devil, at 
flood. 48, 1-49, l; 61. JI 
married daughters of men, 

38, 1-40, II 
materialized, 38, II; 39,1 
misled liy Satan's fraud, 

39, I-'!0. II 

not part of Sat.Th's 

organlaation. 38, II; 49, I 
not protected against Devi! 

at flood. 47. I 
originally pait of God'a 

organization, 47, I 
presented selves before God, 
88, II 
Sorrows, World War the 

bcgiiming of, 300, IJI; 311, I 
Soul, creation of human, 25, III 
defined. 173, lU 
dies, 173, III 
Spain, first republic In, 255. Ill 
Inquisition in, 165, I 
rebellion backed by Hier- 
archy in, 106. I; 277, I 
Spirit, Johovah the Great, 
41, II 
moved men to write Bible, 

strove with men, 42, T, II 
Spirit Being, God Almighty 

The, 24, I 
Spirit IVIedlums, devils 

communicate by, 56.11; 57,1 
■witches, condemned to 
death, 54. I-G7. II 
Spirits In Prison, Jesus 

preached to, 48. 1-49. 1 
State united with false church, 

153, I 
State Religion at Rome, 

150.1V; IGl, I 
Strange Act, against Catholic 
organization. 220, 1-222, 1; 
239. 1-240. H 
against Hierarchy'e allies 

also, 222. T, II 
at Armageddon, 

215,1-218,1: 2«,n 

effects of, 224, 1-245, I 
ends Jehovah's visit to TxrrQ. 
2^4, II; 2S7, 1; 2U3, I - 

inspection made of, 241, I jj 
Strange Work, bcjjina 

Jehovah's visit to Tyre, 
2G4, II; 287, I; 288,1: 29^,1 
inspection made of, 241, 1, u 
Jehovah's witnrsscs have 

part in, 206, I; 302, U 
now cxuoHeH Hierarchy, 
240, II; 2D5, ll 
Strength, no more. In 

Hieiarchy, 212, 1-213, II 
of the sea speaks, 227, I 
Strongholds destroyed at 

Lord's command, 215, I 
Superstitious, Dovll makes 

people, 209, 11 
Supremacy, Devil raised 
question of, 85, II 

Tabernacle, ceremoniea 

prophetic, 184, I; 185, I 
Tarshlsh, colony of Tyre, 23o I 
daughter of, 241, T, II 
location, merchandislns Of 

212, II 
Pass over to, 230, 1, 11 
Temple, built by Solomon 
typical, 314, III 
composed of whom? 

313. 1-314, n 
of God is the church, 

134. I. II: 314, II 
separate from Satan's 
organiaation, 314, I 
Ten Commandmonta, given 
through Mosca, Ul, II; 82, 1 
meaning, flJ, I 
Ten Horns, receive power 
with the beast, 292, 1 
shall hate, turn on, rend the 
whore, 227, 1; 243, II; 
244. JI; 247, I; 329, III 
Testimony of Jesus Christ, 

139, U; 318,11-320,1 
That Day, day of Jehovah, 
Tyre forgotten in, 264, II: 
267, I, II 
Tower of Babel, Devil movcjd 
people to build, 68, I, U 
religion induced, 203,1 
Towers set up against Tyre. 

252. 1 
Tradition by men, defined. Si, i 
makes void God's Word, 
114,1; 115, I; 129,1 
Treason falsely charged to 
Jesus, 118,11; 124,1 



Tree, Jesua died on a, 

I'M, I; 187, I 
know-n by fruits, IfiS, I 
Trust ill the I^ord, not man, 

S'S, 11; S49, I, II 
Trutli, a warning to all of 

good will, 74, I 
God's peoples iiiyst war with, 

73, I; 74, I 
Goa's Word (Bible) is the, 

19, II; 82, I 
Hierarchy suppresses, 

282, I, II; 291, 11-292, H 
honest and sincere want to 

know. 141, 1 
Jesua' mission to witness to, 

21, I; lEO, II; 121, I 
makes free, 21, I; S5d, II 
none forcptl to believe, 

81, I; 344, I 
of R'reatCRt importance 

today, 141, I 
proved by Word of Gocl, 8", II 
religrionists are oppost;rs of, 

l]2. I-llO, I 
Tyre (Tyrus), antiquity of, 

2S1, I, II 
burden of, 206, II; 303, I 
claimed pi^rfect beauty, 

23S, II, III 
Cevil's orB'Riiization, boiina 

by roli.gion, 204, I; 211, I 
forg-otten by whom? 

264, II; 2G7, II 
forg-otten 70 years, 2G7. I, II 
her feet carry her oft' to 

sojourn, 231, I-2H1. Ill 
hire and mcrcliandise of; 

now use lor, 294, 1-299, I 
Inaiah's prophecy; how appUcd, 

fulfilled, 208, U; 2S3, I 
king of, 200, I; 208, I; 211, I; 

200, II 
laid waste, 217, II; 318. I 
lamentation at destruction 

of, 238, in 
name, relations, situation of, 

207, II 
opposed, exulted at God's 

organiaation, 212, I, li; 

207, II 
oppressed virgin daughter of 

^idon, 246, 1; 247, 1 
pictures reiifrion com- 
mercialised, 210, I; 300, II 
plays harlot with 

kingdoms, 2S3, 11-393, I 
prince of, 200, I; SOS, I, II; 

300, II 
recompensed for ill-treating 

God's people, 233, II~234, II 
remembered after 70 yeara, 

232, i 

returns to hire of a harlot, 

286, II; 287, I 

son^r of harlot fulfilled on, 

271, ITI-282, II 
strength, location, relision 

of, 303. I; 231, 11; 245, I 
the Lord p~dversely visita, 

2S4, U; 28fi, II; 287, I 
was joyous city, 231, I, II 
wise men of. 213, 1 


United Statos, a suclter for 

Hierarchy harlot, 273. I, II; 

277, 1-270, 1 
Catholic Action in, 

161), I-1G7, II; 2t!3, III; 

280, II. Ill 
democracy threatened in, 

15, II; 291, 1-293, II 
Hicrarchv'a efforts to g'et 

control of, IRS, II-1G7. 11; 

259, II; 379, I~282. II; 221, I 
hierarchy sot up hi, 257, II; 

2t)8, I 
to become Fascist under 

Hierarchy? 291, 11-292, U 
Vatican seeks diplomatic 

relations with, 277. I; 291, I 
Universal Organization of 

JeViovab, Adam and Elve 

part of, 25, III; 36, I 
designated as a mountain, 

25, III 
from crep.tion on, 25, I; 26, I 
mother of God's cliildren, 



Vatican City dominates 

religion of Christcndtim, 

147, I; 253, H; 271, I 
Vengeance, time at hand for 

executing God's, 347, II 
Vindication of Jehovah's 

IMame, by determining 

issue, 87, I 
by the Kingdom, 308, I 
JjOgos was sent for, 120, II 
purpose of Jesus' coming, 

317, I 
Vindicator, Jesus fiualiflcd to 

be God'a. 124, I; 307, II 
Visit of Jehovah adverse to 

TjTS (Hierarchy), 230, II; 

287, I 


W/alting before Jesua began 

reign, 308, Jl; 309, I 
War, relisricnlsts bless. 

163.1; 201, I 




V/zv In Hsaven, be^an, SG3, 1; 
300, in 
marked beginning of 
world's end, 310, I 
Warning, given before flood, 
42, 1-45. II 
Grivcn to enemies and people 

of good will, S7, I 
to Israel by prophets, lOfi, I 
Weapons of Christiana' 
warfare, 73, 1; 140,1 
Whore, fornicates with kings, 
238, I; 289, I 
rcbigJis over kings, 293, I, II 
rides bea^t, 289. 11-290, 1 
symbol of Satan's 

organizaticoii. 197, II 
ten horns (king's) hate the, 
227, I; 244, II; 329, III 
Wicked, destroyed at 

Armageddon, 336, 11-337, 11 
God's decree on fate of, 

31, H; 46. I; 88, I 
Who are the, 31, II; 190, I 
work deceitful v,'Grk, 190, I 
Wickedness, before flood, 41, 1 
how Satan carries on, 34, 1 
permitted, why? 41, I 
to be removed, 255. II 
V/iii left froe to choose, 104, 11 
Wine of Babylon's fornication, 

71, II; 283, II; 289, I 
Witchcraft, cases of, 64, 1-61, n 

fruit of rebellion, 55, I 
Witches, are spirit mediums, 
54, 1-57, II 
God's law condemns. 55, II 
Witness, all of church must 
boar, 137, II 
before end of world, 45, II 
before flood, 43, 1-45, I 
Jesus' mission aa, 120, II 
the Faithful and True, 137, II 
Vi/llnssses from Abel to John 

the EaDtist, 99, 11 
Witnesses of Jeliovali, new 
name, 13S, I 
not disposed to injure 

any man, 74, I 
those made, 317, 1 
Woefs). responsibility for, 
311, 1-312, n 
since A.D. 1918, 17, 1-19, I; 
3]], I 
V/oman, seed of, 35, II 
symbol of God's organization, 

35, II; 197, I 
symbol of Satan's 
oi ganiaation, 197, H 

Word of God, Christ Jesus, 

reasonable that God give 

mart His, 79, II 
sure, correct guide, 22, I 
testa validity of Roman 

Catholic claims, 166, 1; 

157, I 
traditions of men make 

void, 114. I; HE, I 
World, consists of heaven and 

earth, 63, II 
defined, 35, I; 309, U 
end of the, 309, II 
flood followed by 

another, 63, I 
friend of; God's enemy, 346, 1 
Hiorarciiy is part and 

friend of, 2S4. II; 285, I 
kingdoms of; offered to but 

refused by Jesua, 109, II 
old, destroyed in flood. 

63, I, II 
religionists are of, 137, I 
signs of end of, SOO, III 
World War, and war in 

heaven, 263, I 
beginning of sorrows, 311, 1 
did not make world safe for 

democracy, 11. 1-lfj, II 
efforts of pope dui'ins and 

after, 260, I-2S2, II; 

268, I-27I, I; 283, I 
proves end of worJd, 309. m 
Worship, of creatures begun 

after flood, 65. II; G6, I 

pure and undofllod, 130, I 

V/orshlp of God, commanded; 

Jesua upheld, 109, n 
in spirit and truth, 139, I 
V/ratli of God abides on 

unbelievers, 126, II 

Zldon, ashamed, turns pale, 
225, I, II 
before Tyre; symbolic, 

206, I; 231, II; 24G. I; 300, in 
name, relations, religion of, 

207, I 

oppressed virgin daughter 

of, 34S, I 
Zion, mother of God's 

children, 197, I 
perfection of beauty, 238, 1 
pictured by woman. 197, I 
Stone laid in, 283, II 
the church. God's capital 

organization, 134, U 

Weapons Against Your Enemies 

WITH THESE you can every time put 
tliem OH the run I Religionists are ene- 
mies of the best interests of man, and none of 
them has ever been able to stand up against 
sneh weapons as the Scriptural truths you 
find contained in the books written by Judge 
EuTHERFono, below. 

is The Truth: "Ilia {Jehovah's] truth shall 
be thy shield nnd buckler," says Psalm 91: 4. 
Studying the Bible for yourself or according 
to the religionists' interpretation won't provide 
you such defensive armor. The following non- 
religious Bil)le helps will; 

LIGHT (two books) 









Attractively bound in cloth, each book of diffei-cnt 
hua, embossed covers, gold-stamped title, inde::ed, 
352 or more pages each. If you contribute to this 
educational work, 25c, choose any book; $1.00, any 
four; 54.00, all .lixteen will be sent. Postpaid to you, 
anywhere. Mail to 


1 17 Adams St., Brooklyn, N. V., U. S. A. 


Religious Racketeers Don't Like Them 

T;iET DON'T LIKE YOU to road them 
cither. Some will even tell you to BUliN 

♦ WHY? Because they don't want you to 
"get wise" to their game. They know that if 
you read the booklets below, then, for you, their 
raftket is done; but your peace of mind and 
money are safeguarded. GET POSTED! Read: 
















Each booklet is by Judge Eutherford and contains 
C4 pages of live, eye-opening, noii-rcligious but Scrip- 
tural reading, sparkling with truth, for our day I 

ANY THIRTEEN you pick, on contributing 50c; 
any six, 25c; single copy, 5c. Sent postpaid to your 

address, anywhere. Write: 


117 Adams St., Brooklyn, R Y., U. S. A. 









Have you found that 

iaion" Is a Racket? // 


outside of "Christendom" are now rojil- 
iiiing that from sad exi^ericnce. If you 
nro one sucli, or even if you're not 
and don't believe it's so, then yon need 


BECAUSE this majjnzine publishes the truth and 
not religion, not even that kind mislabeled "Chris- 
tian religion". Adopting- the viewpoint of the in- 
spired holy prophets of old who foresaw the preF::ent- 
day passing away of this woeful condition and the 
UEherliiK in of an iinondisifj joyous time for man- 
hind "CONSOI-ATION" publishes the facts and 
ncwEi of the world from a standpoint that will be 
a real comfort to you and a priceless education. 

iKsncd every otlitir week, Wednesdays. 
Feature artioloa with nnccnsored iufur- 
malion, including regular contributions 
by that acknowledged authority on 
government and Bible questiona, Judge 
Rutherford. The subscription price is 
$1.00 a year; foreign countries, $1.25. 

Published by: 


J 117 At^itms St. Brooklyn, W. Y. U.S.A. 



Do Yoii Esijoy Friends? 

♦ IF YOU 'VE READ the last chapter of the 

book ENEMIES then you know tliat your true 
Friends, who love you all the time, are Jehovah 
God and Christ Jcsns. In a world crowded with 
racketeers and enemica, you need finch Friends. 
How well do you know them? IJow much do 
you enjoy them? You will fjurcly acqnaiiit your- 
self with them and enjoy the swceL and hearty 
couusel of their FRIENDSHIP through the 
columns of 



This magazine ignores the traditions of men, 
which traditions are from your enemies, the 

religionists. It deals exclusively with the in- 
spired Scriptures, tlie gift of your Friends, 
and regularly publishes the late:4 unfoldiiigs 
of prophecy showing the unselfish acts and 
provisions of yo^lr Friends for freeing you 
for ever of your enemies, and also what is re- 
quired of you to enjoy their Friendship for ever. 

♦ PUBLISHED the first and fifteenth of each 
month, its contents exclusively Scriptural, uo 
space for commercial advertising, Subscription 
price: $1.00 a year; for foreign countries, $1.50; 
special "terms to the Lord's poor". Send your 
subscription to 


117 Adams St., Erooldyn, N. Y., U. S. A. 



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AW oommuiil cation 3 for literature should be addroased i 

Watch Tower Blblo & Tract Society at the above ad- | 

dresses ref'>pectlv6ly, | 













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